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viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Conga not going in or the lead will entering in our lungs

Conga not going in or the lead will entering in our lungs

The transnational entrepreneurs believe that we are a banana republic, although they are right, since most of those who inhabit this territory we have forgotten that we were born here, died here and here our ancestors to our children. That here we are different people that should be visible and take charge of their history and tell those once-collar gentlemen with very white skin, which always have power and we have had enough patience to do and undo what is ours by inheritance and by reason, they have to understand that we are the majority and that this territory belongs to us and not the multinationals. If you do not see the example of the brutality that speaks the Master Sandro Mariátegui dishonoring the family name of his grandfather, a defender of the poor and indigenous peoples who believe that the plundering of our territories, we will develop, will reach work and wealth to our people. We have two different conceptions of development, while the West with the exultation of usury, as companies pursue only what is usury, theft of natural resources, enslavement of the workers, if we take the example of workers in Freedom agribusiness companies, who are given a quota of daily work, which have to labor to complete fifteen to eighteen hours of uninterrupted work, but only for the minimum living wage. We believe it is the same as in the feudal stage, in which the work of the peasants was profited by the feudal lord is now called "entrepreneur" semi-feudalism continues. Not to say that in large service companies. Here we must relate what happens in the big mall sales or spaces very spacious and extremely large, where workers have to make sales for a given amount to just have a minimum wage and not to be told what they do not pay any extra type of commission for what is done, which is a serious violation leagues his right to a dignified life and a fair payment for their efforts.
As we see, the analysis is still valid to make the great Amauta of our society, a semi feudal and semi colonial, our bourgeoisie as mentioned in previous articles, it has always been late to the story and what is more comfortable, is made of caboose of large multinationals, for not even protect the employees of our territory where still working to have the most under the pretext of doing development, which is the most convincing lie, all you need are generated that have nothing to do with the life of our brother workers, all I have to do it with the profits of multinationals settled down in our territory. Here also responsible for the organizations that say the left, but during all this time been paid to the class organizations, especially trade unions have been pulverized in this phase of uncertainty. In what is necessary to have a tool to guide the poor class to achieve their interests, we do not have and so that the wanderer fights are conducted in resounding failures can become. Some will say that the progressive forces in Cajamarca have joined, if it is true that there is unity in the struggle for the different shops, some we have seen in the struggle, we have reservations to other not only by focusing revisionism and opportunism political over the years, as being responsible for the dismantling of the accused teacher, for example, all for wanting to continue to maintain a source of income the teacher pours, which makes live very comfortably in their leaders with a range of merchandise is given each other. But we know that people warn of the slips that can commit these revisionists who are seasoned experts in traffic in the interests of the people. But in fact the people should know that Conga is not going, because the fate of the children of our children is at stake, which subsequently lead and just eat the same material to fill your lungs as we now have children of Huancayo and Oroya.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Tupac Isaac II

jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

Ollanta is a creation of Antauro

Ollanta Humala Tasso is a creation of his brother Antauro and as it has been the Trojan Horse of American imperialism. Here we have to ask the creator, in that moment it became such an instrument?. Well do not conceive that the creator was not aware in what has now become her brother, but we assume that if you have not participated in it, will now have to demarcate very strongly with his brother and fight for that most immediately out of the post he helped put in now holds. Well as a student, murderers School of the Americas, where the Lord Ollanta was one of the smartest students in the school of dictators and murderers in America. But as it was unpresentable and take power today for allegedly living a prosperous stage of democratic activity, it was not advisable to take power as in the past in taking power at gunpoint and tanks. To do this we believe that very conveniently planned once the tyranny of the dictator and genocidal Fujimori had spent abroad. So by the time the offender escaped from Vladimiro Montesinos Fujimori or believe his friend was a screen trying to get the videos, that committed atrocities in a series of financial and human rights violations. It is in these circumstances that existed a number of uncertainties about the future of the country, is that the military stands Ollanta, most of all in a pantomime that he had nothing of rebellion or uprising in arms, he had left his headquarters and wandered through the mountains of southern wandering in a sort of rebellious, but to no avail against the line of circumstances for solving problems that lived in the country.

The newspapers reported and gave no importance, because they did not influence anything to the unfolding of events that occurred in our country. But they took advantage of this to take a principled stand in defense of so-called democracy we live. I think that was the position of the Central Intelligence with respect to our country. It plays here very clearly reporting huge profits on materials that can now argue that northern country does not end up falling in the final bankruptcy.

If we see the major shareholders of both Newmont and the Barrick Gold, has its main deposits in South America. This is clear to us and even the position now taken the same as before Mr. Ollanta, which is the defense of the Great Mining predatory. The ecological damage and environmental liabilities will be incalculable, we are seeing what has happened in the same Oroya and Cerro de Pasco. There we can see what has brought mining to the environment and health of the population and the great development that results in more poverty and misery.

The same thing we already see in the communities of Santiago de Chuco, that large-scale mining, is only giving crumbs that do not translate into anything for the great development of our communities, but if the environmental liabilities that accumulate each day more and that will eventually translate into poverty and unemployment in our communities.

We therefore believe that the Lord Humala Tasso is the Trojan horse of imperialism to continue to maintain dominance in our country and the extraction of our natural resources. This is undeniable, misleading first all the old revisionists who still believe that pigs fly and APRA are immaculate and honest.

The CIA knew that would not win in the first instance, as it were, because they afraid of everything right and tell them that the CIA will not go away privileges, such as politically backward and just prefer to have the remote in your hand to feel they are privilege did not agree to that given by the CIA. It can be seen in the bark that gives the little boy in his rag Mariátegui mail and right there he writes one of the main agents of the CIA, as is Mr. Rey de Castro.

Well, the CIA had to put Alan García Thief as his undercover officer was placed more appropriate to the circumstances and could win the sympathies of the working class, and it is precisely there where the big shots of revisionism help you overcome this valley that in the second round to get the job. And so determined were rendered revisionists, who were the Lord's head Javier Diez Canseco. The rest is history we all know.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
Tupac Isaac II

martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011



In the literature of our people, which is told as an oral source, is the drama of Ollanta. It recounts the episode of heart between the daughter of the Great Pachakuti and Rune Ollanta, which I think moving to today but without the princess Cusi Coyllor or she will be the people, which has been disappointed in their aspirations by a candidate who has broken his promises again. I paint very colorful landscape, despite the lyrical songs of the far right embodied in Vargas Llosa, that peeked through the doorway to burn again to the door of the oven, the bread contained the aspirations of centuries only a small handful of words.

Many avizorábamos it was not so true so beautifully, there was something that did not fit into our consciousness despite all urged us to support this candidate. Did not believe it right, there were many signs that gave us a reason we could not explain. There was a history that began to discover the pseudonym of Captain Carlos, a murderer of his brothers in the civil war, but not a murderer either, but it was being protected seems up to the U.S. state agency. What followed is that this brave soldier to kill defenseless prisoners had been a very diligent student of the School of the Americas in North America, where they make worst dictators and murderers of its kind in the world. What in fact we had not noticed that in all well-developed program by the Central Intelligence Agency to take over territories and nations of the world, was seeping through the armed forces of each country. And therefore we can say that what happened in Locumba can be a great farce, in which the Friend Antauro have to deny the facts and determine with his brother, but this boundary must be certain and transparent as done with traitors to the fatherland, to our true homeland

The true face and intentions it is already proving true in all its breadth, so there is no reason to fight for, it is obvious that all this time has been and will continue to deceive the people. There he is showing his true essence of Misti, an enemy of all who are the Indians, one that is ignorant and worthless, just like them, we mistis qualify. Were mock his supposed paternal feelings and sympathy for the Indian masses that we are more than eighty percent, among those who should be added to those who think mestizos, but his face betrays that are like ours. Therefore they have no diplomatic or chutzpah to be conservative in their behavior, as evidenced by the attitudes of discretion that has his wife in political activities
But there is a clique of alleged leftist intellectuals who want to climb to the illusion, or is climbing to the illusion of brothers with whom we have destroyed our nations for five hundred years and give a series of explanations that have the need to have done so by Ollanta to stop the waves of protest against the mining operations or rather call it theft of multinationals to our resources, the basin headwaters are like a table with four legs, which are holding the board in the level top and said no amount that can be cut and the four legs to serve to fuel the fire, it will remain the board table and may support a higher level things, only to be done carefully so as not to leave the board level
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
Tupac Isaac II

jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011



There is a criminal organization, not only enriched and made all kinds of abuse and everything is back to usufruct bourgeois parliament that gives it the perks. But now I want to see is the answer to a reader who remains clueless light in their eyes, so I refer you to go to Congress and ask the office No 994-CI-VMT/AFF/CR-2002 , there are naked to the Thief Lord Alberto Fujimori who emptied the treasury and all the national treasury in a series of misdeeds, but for the confused reader to transcribe only the titles of the report refers to such office of the chairman of the committee researcher, research quotes and financial reports recognized, then it does not come with the question I have stolen, which may be said that this villain has stolen.

You can read the chapter on the accounts of the delinquent tax havens Vladimiro Montesinos Torres, Alberto Kenya Fujimori foreign citizens and their environment has not been able to repatriate some funds, that is another thing because we have such treaties with any of tax havens in Southeast Asia, including Japan.

Confused reader is agreed that the Lord Fujimori lived in a luxurious apartment, first in a five star hotel. Imagine all the time he was there and further its relations with the mafia Nippon, especially Yacuses. That's not free Lord confused reader.

But according to the report, you have all the chapter on human rights violations, him and all his company. That has not caught and shot, is not the issue, the main thing is that the promoted and organized human rights violations. Did Al Capone, fired it, had been mentally ill for not realizing the legal consequences, had to send to someone to make its provisions.

The report goes on as the Lord Fujimori and his cronies including those victorious generals bribes in the bidding and procurement. But collusion with drug trafficking and money laundering.

Well if the Lord does not want to read, there is no best answer. For the other on what he calls Terrorism is just a legal euphemism which took the doctrine of security implemented by the U.S. Secretary of State as part of its plan of world domination, but even for the American people but the opposite for a turn known as the Bilderberg Club.

To see the problem which means the reader clueless, is to teach the theory of law and its evolution, political theories and their evolution, but if, on its own will do. Then we are ready to discuss. It was the euphemism used by the U.S. to justify wars of invasion in Iraq and elsewhere.

For example in Iraq, control of the entire oil field was in the hands of the state. If they used it for the benefit of a few and were not distributed to the entire population by the dictator, that was another problem, that the Iraqi people themselves, without intervention of any foreign power should. But there was the ambition of the American pros companies, is also a U.S. say they are shareholders or owners as not known to what country they belong.

Well what they wanted and ambition was to become the property of the Iraqi oil. And they have done then there were those intentions, but makeup all. That the Iraqi dictator hiding people from Al Qaeda, he had weapons of mass destruction, which had chemical weapons factories. But that was discovered long after the U.S. invaded Iraq, have hijacked the country and have set in motion the expropriation of American companies for business pros.

The same has happened in Afghanistan where the U.S. wants control of hashish, a drug that consumes the majority of Chinese, imagine you have a captive market, but they do, to get fresh money which does not appear to use the money from its budget in CIA covert actions, and would remain so with many factual arguments made palpable to discover all things.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011



Many years ago, we opposed the draft Callacuyan, which until then was known as Alto Chicama Project. But we lived in a dictatorship fujimontesinista Narco, where the Narco Jets, narco ships everywhere circulated and the fortunes that have been built in the current judicial system has never condemned by these rich criminals whether they be military or financial guarantee senior officials from Congress or other branches of government. And so we were branded as crazy and subjected to a judicial system that we mercilessly persecuted. Not only that, but it was endorsed by the new bosses or landowners, be they called Juan Gabriel, Pauline and Hilda now serves comparsas officials or elected representatives of the mining that pollutes our lakes.

And I still remember the epithets of social resentment, that he saw that mining is going to address the backlog that was confined to our people. But unfortunately we are still in the backlog, even with much more verve and vigor. Only built white elephants, which have no utility, no doubt with that dark interests, which are opposite to those in our communities.
We had to make several strikes in order to build a road that we see now of dubious quality, it will be like Otuzco diversion road, Shorey that only lasted barely a year and now looks more like a log carriages.

Spill incident was already happily fuel was only near Motil, which pollutes the river Moche in the upper part of its course, but to date there is no exemplary punishment for the company that contracted the services of half transport, as always the line broke down on the weaker side.

But that is only a small pearl in the long list, since all that has happened is that the cost of living, with the advent of mining rises to the heavens and for example we pay teachers with the more miserable we can not survive, if for example a teacher works in the vicinity of the mine, you will pay as the price of your daily diet the amount of twenty sols a day, which makes staying in the community costs the sum of one hundred suns week. To which we must add the carriage with a cost of thirty soles at a time, sixty soles week. What amounts to approximately six hundred and soles, which comes to represent more than half the salary of a teacher hired.

We wonder where the development and good life, for farmers to bring their produce to consume, they must bring in small towns where the supply, which is compounded by high prices they must pay. That is development that has brought the exploitation and plunder of our wealth.
But the last thing is the last straw on responsible mining, we do not see anywhere, as we have evidence that it is not, as so pompously proclaims Mr. Military Ollanta Humala, if you do not see the link below to see that there treatment:

http://www.youtube.com/user/HUAMANPUKa # p/u/8/2Ec62quS5ow

There you corroborate what my words. And it is this memory task to me what is said in many of his lectures from the previous environment minister, when he had no political power and had not been purchased by the power of mining, but in university classrooms mentioned, that there was responsible mining, because the mere fact modify the course of the waters and if natural concatenation, and it was an attack against nature and that the damage was irreversible. After trying to disprove you, we understand their need to make money to leave their offspring to inherit. We are therefore disappointed after what was said in the classroom and in his lectures.

But what is most striking to us is the passivity of the Andean peasant patrols Libertad. Passivity is huge, it is known of the serious problems we are putting into evidence, but nobody does anything. They are as invisible and put a number of excuses, as we also know of many employees and new landowners who receive crumbs from Barrick to serve as a defense of the great interests of imperialism. Pollution does not only advances, but also to destroy other lagoons such as Laguna del Toro and others. But this outrage has not only gone there, but it has dared to Barrick to file an action under that has been accepted by a judge who is in our province, to the peasant Rounds will allow such an affront? Or do they live off the crumbs that gives them or some of its Barrick Felipillo are transmission belts?

Such is the passivity that has become an ordinance to the extent of the transnational, from which is already a betrayal of the people, but not only that, some communities have mercenerizado to support him in his follies. You expect the people of Santiago de Chuco? That within a few years the whole territory is turned into a desert filled with holes and toxic that you can not develop any agricultural activity, where will they go? Men become the new Octopus or criminal gangs or to be?

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.



Theoretical capitalism, in implementing its global dominance, especially in the South. Have you tried another way of political subjection, for all their puppets and are very widely discredited. This resort and its famous shapers hired consultants, who have learned too, many of them, from the quarries to the left of the sixties. These are what shape the political behavior of its future policy holders looters in poor countries. These functions are a number of advisers and ministers who are the ones who can claim and sustain a state of things you can not worry about capitalism. In this work we have the example of Carlos Tapia, Rospigliosi and later capitalism had to take a hand to his Nobel Prize in Literature Mario Vargas Llosa, to shape their candidate so as not to jeopardize its policy of pauperization of peoples of Peru.

Capitalism was natural that their candidates had gathered into three factions such as the Lourdes Flores Nano, a native and a former clueless leftist sorry, did not allow for more even though they had put huge amounts of money, with the most prestigious election analysts and psychologists mass, but could not despite the Indian without a college identity that has forced their teachers to work for the campaign for their candidate PPKUY renamed and even then it could strip paint of Creole that was leagues masses disgust indigenous Andean and Amazonian areas.

The same thing happened to the Indian drunk, that of being in a good position as the polls collapsed like a house of cards, it was not your mistake is that he forgot that as governor, did the opposite to what we promised . So everyone's eyes turned to the grandson of farmers, trying to believe it was not a genocide of his own brothers, at least where capitalism had to resort to a Palestinian expert on these avatars too, because the best was already in prison and could not help them, I mean, Vladimiro Montesinos, especially that she was too discredited and have been very obvious intrigue.

Imperialism Ollanta knew and knew him very well by the reports of its Agent Carlos Tapia, so this was his cock covered in the end, but has many, and some came out of the quarries on the left, as some did University huacho their source of income for your family. Then they knew that if they failed all their natural candidates, they had hidden and one was Ollanta, we did not know even though we were not cooking that has been resolved very quickly and confusing measures the positions of Madre Mia for genocide.

So the barking of his spokesman Mario Vargas Llosa to say that Keiko Fujimori and Ollanta were like AIDS and Cancer. The propaganda machinery was set in motion. The empire did not want to be near their daughter putative Ms. Keiko Fujimori was because he was disgusted by the fact the father of this, as today it said a repentant and pardoned by the government of Paniagua, that the Murderer and Thief Fujimori was in prison as a Nazi death camp, and said it was too comparable to what was done in prisons, that the Nazis were a few hotels dungeons of many stars.

And it did, then that reconciliation can speak if only extermination of prisoners by the brave armed forces and police against defenseless prisoners, but that is another matter to write another article later on to specify the crimes against humanity committed the genocide and his cronies, many of them now under grace impunity as the judicial system that is his accomplice.

Why do we say that the Military Ollanta is the last bastion of neoliberalism? The tenth to agree with the principle which is fascism, masked with the pompous title of neoliberalism, which is actually fascist stage of imperialism. Its search merciless plunder and looting of natural resources as a prelude to invasion politically and economically to our country. As we see that natural candidates, as Mr. hitman PPK was unpresentable, could not get anything more than having a third place, his daughter Keiko Fujimori was natural unpresentable in the international community that represents the most cruel and Fascism ruthless history of our Republic.

Fascism creates its own enemies, as in this case it did Ollanta in order that the people believe Mr. Ollanta was the candidate and anti favored for the restoration of the rights of the poor, as are the vast exploited masses of unemployed. But that fell apart at the same time appointed as minister of economy and the Central Bank to elements that were employees of International Banking and gendarmes in the world and it certainly could have a closer and more certain when appointed as Education Minister Patricia Salas who was the creator of our educational system, pro-neoliberal and privatization.

Then and there could be no doubt that Mr. Ollanta had been and is the capping of imperialism Gallo, who had deceived the whole world with their false positions and proposals melancholy. This allows us to think that where we see that the elections in our country are a fantasy, because we choose our enemies to our murderers to rule us.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011



With recent events in the national political scene, which undermines the struggle of women in advanced making social change, it is imperative to be well clear of its transformative role that quota to both the onset of cultural evolution human, as now apparently this is upsetting and seeing differently, but the way we should see, is not hiding behind the power over the male, if not in power to lead the masses themselves to draw a contrast . For the bourgeois world, that is the situation that gives advantages to continue to maintain its power in the form intact, especially women who make you feel the power in their hands, but in fact it is thus an apparent message of machismo; which is another monster created by the bourgeoisie to make up your system and divert the real struggle.

One of the biggest problems it faces, we refer to women, is the power of the male taboo subject and therefore to the bourgeoisie and its operating system with its consequences of consumerist behavior, have her as their best ally because it diverts the real issue facing society, which is another: the consumer desire to be injecting it through the manipulation of women, this whole system work together and their means of attachment behavior in the way programming of the life of society. It is therefore necessary to dissociate the woman as an instrument of exploitation and ideological support of bourgeois society, which injects consumerism as essentially the entire society.

The taboo is a huge and powerful instrument of subjection of individuals, the production system, without it, can not handle the mass consciousness, for this is that there is sustained power. The more mysterious and far from the reality of nature presents us, the more will its power over the masses. And is that by manipulating the consciousness can be applied to things, the nature of goods and sublime performance category to goodwill, there is also concentrated the application or development concept is none other than irrational plunder of natural resources.

According to the bourgeois conception that is also the condition of women and their role in society. The company and its processes should tend to homogenization, are not having the directionality as the ability of homogenization is broken and rather build this tremendous focus on a single small interest group and gender group. Therein lies the problem.

Let's see how they are used the media to continue to maintain vital and strong taboos in society to keep seeing clearly not the real problem. That it is not interested, we are interested in maintaining the status quo of the system, which is none other than the system of domination of one social group over another and thus bourgeois women bourgeois man.

Homogenization should start in the family in capitalist society is taken as a production unit and the father is around turning the economic and legal activity in the mother and the children emotional behavioral aspect, but the children and women are but linked production centers and conditioned by the parent, no freedom and balanced management responsibilities in the family, so she has jumped through the roof, when Mrs. Nadine Heredia has sent a message to the Minister of Energy mines and the problem of Laguna Paron near Huaraz.

It is not the role of Mrs. Nadine is doing, if not the reason that women in capitalist society it is subordinated to the dictates of men. For the subordination reaches its productive dimension, as is done in the home that is an employee without pay, as it follows that the bourgeois want our country with respect to the attitudes of Mrs. Nadine independence, it does not say that we are in favor of her husband, which we know has sided with large corporations and not like some brothers of the trade unions believe us believe he is kidnapped by them, is like some clueless still believe that Dr. Guzman Peace sign letters, a shameful capitulation and the latter body is generated. That there is no way around it, when away from the principles there is no justification to give a betrayal, well that's another matter that is irrelevant here.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Tupac Isaac II

Gorillas in the Mist

Gorillas in the Mist

As had been coming and the fear is much more evident the guise of leftist gorillas came out the very soul they are made, their essence is revealed much more. It has not mattered to betray the bugs out of their unsuspecting companions and accessories, as did Mr. Chehade has served as a buffer to try to mask the true face of retired military officer who is now in government. This had already been seeing that going to happen when the president Gorilla rid of Mr. Marco Arana and his faithful friends Patria Roja, on the awkward position of sizes was not convenient allies. It is thought that the extreme right will give his blessing, having seen how to use all its economic power from reaching the palace. And as a man without convictions and more like many fears inside and even in his past, his friend Chehade which saved him from the clutches of being convicted of crimes against humanity.

Now we see that his memory is failing and that's very dangerous too: for we began to forget their promises sharper, although I warn you when in his campaign very bitterly critical to education that was implementing the government of Mr. Garcia, and even dared to say that would be consistent with the teachers union, first as harmful to Repeal laws and give the second educational revolution. Now we see that it was not, as his great minister of education has faithfully copied the decrees of the disastrous regime of Garcia to continue implementing in the next school year. But the thrust in education has been that it will continue to implement the nefarious scheme of municipalization of education. There Patria Roja has kept the silence of the catacombs it has promised two things: remove the spills were not teaching and that those who join the new public career teachers will be included in the shed as contributors. Thus we see the silence of the Red Fatherland in the field of education.

Where there can be tweaked, but have joined the bandwagon of the anti mining, as it is called by the extreme right, and it is there, unless they support the demands of the people shall be fully unmasked and revealed his convenience, as has been seen of Javier Diez Canseco and Mocha García Naranjo. Who considered rabid leftists, but once they have risen to power, some children become insufferable capricious and other matrons of society. Are uncovered in all his ego to make us see, as they are in essence, are just a vile opportunist and traffickers. From the first moment I jumped on the bandwagon of the military, which had a very thick dossier of human rights violations, from there it was impossible to believe, or at least have some credibility. That from the point that every choice is only part of the circus mounted with the power to deceive the people, that there is democracy, that lie not always swallow every five years and it seems that people love pill tremendous which should choke.

The people still living who always hopes are betrayed in every government. They promise the change responsibly and only thing that changes is the checkbooks of all the politicking megafauna of the above, which probably changed now dream of living in the suburbs to a mansion on the shores of the northern country. That's what they want. Not otherwise seek. The same miserable pig and individualism.

Now is a time of struggle that has to start now. The awakening of the people must begin and as predicted by Gabriel Condorcanqui, the people scattered into a million pieces, you have to rejoin. Join to curb the destruction of land by the Western world and its way of thinking about development and to understand the true destiny of mankind is to live well or Sumaq Kausay, which is not the same as or Qhapaq Sumaq Nam qañama Servindi a writer, so confused the poor who could not understand many philosophical categories of the Andean world.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
Túpac Isaac II

sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

Sin ti no existo

dedicado a mi amada esposa Tanyita
septiembre 2011

Sin ti no existo

Quisiera infinitos recreos en donde me escribas
que sean infinitos como las estrellas
no existo, no existo..

Por qué veo ?
si con mis ojos ya no hay recreos
en donde tú me escribas
no existo sin ti..

Cómo extraño tus manos
cómo extraño tu ronca voz de francesa
sólo te extraño siempre !!
Sin ti no existo..

No quiero un hasta mañana..
Quiero un ahora !!
porque me ahogo en el silencio de este día y muero,
si no hay sol en mi vida..

Mi sol se aleja en el silencio de esta vida
y mi mano extendida mira su huida
sólo oigo el silencio..

No siento tus pasos..
entonces he muerto !!
no me había dado cuenta..
he muerto..

En dónde estás ?
Para mirarte y vivir !!
Dónde estás que mis ojos no te ven..
y sólo tengo en mente morir..

Mi mano extendida sólo te dice:
no me dejes morir !!
El silencio duele y asesina..
Con el silencio muero..

Miro mi cama - y es un sepulcro
lleno conmigo .. adentro
con el silencio como tapa que lo adorna.
Silencio.. dónde estás?

Mis ojos lloran tu ausencia
y ya sólo desvarío
en la puna del silencio
no vivo, muero..

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
Túpac Isaac II


miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

Are you going brother tree?

Are you going brother tree?

You're going, but not because you're dying of old, you're going because many men who do not have the color of our skin, eyes are not like ours, you do not have the heart such as Noah or Taita Taita Gerardo, you have and they tear your people, your nation to sacrifice and make pieces. Drawers do feel good Western men and many of our brothers who have lost the habits of the people and the nation they were born, and cried today as yesterday I Raoni together with our brothers, who lived in your shadow, which is water fed to always save for times of drought and you gave us little by little, to have that sow loches or peas, or wheat or potatoes or sweet potatoes. If you remember your strength when in my way under your shadow I put to rest and care for me in my childhood, my youth and respected you as an elder brother who were all runes and apus were once a people who perished under the mantle of the misti, false Huiracocha that trod our lands. What used to go around saying they were stopped, they lived in the spectacled bear, the mountain tapir, cock of the rock. As not remember when the little bear looked at me with tender eyes and his grunts saying that it was strange, but once I knew they stayed quiet and the faces made me see that it was also a brother in the great outdoors. As not to see the colors of the cock of the rock to the sound of their beaks that make us say that water is fresh, delicious breeze that your arms do move the feelings of all the runes and all the antis.

We say it is to bring more development to our peoples. If you talk a lot about development, but they understand that the development means killing with whom we have always lived, with the trees, little brothers, as the spectacled bear, tapir, or the cock of the rock, or Pachamama, water that is our food and our lives, but the tree Tata not always take care and have always respected and we have never tried to harm him and wait for it with his goodness to us something of his being to use and cook their branches to eat together with him.
We talk about development, but we are living worse than before or different than before, because before dying of hunger not, nor did we need to get water, now we do not have and that are contaminated with mine tailings say that brings much development, but we've only seen wound to our Pachamama, crying in her womb and we were starving. Strip us of our mother and take us to places where our bones the cold creek, where there is Pachamama, otherwise she is full of stones and sand that does not give anything to eat for more than watered with our sweat and tears . We in these runes llactas where we live we do not know how they despise the color of our skin and the clothes we wear. Just as the Cayapa, fought for years against logging companies in the Coipa destroying forests and lonely Tabaconas Namballe and we were put behind bars for us to learn, dial to respect the white man and the progress that brought us, then came to Coca shed our many white men, one to follow him not chewing the sacred leaf and others to make her mother of corruption. And there remember that after cleaning the ditches and streams to avoid collapse in the rainy season, we started to chew together with our brothers of coca trees to serve us freshness of breath for the rest of the day.

Today I come, not as a man with power, because I have not, I come humbly to ask us not kill us, let us live, we do not want development, we continue to live our brothers that surround us, with flowers daily smell its fragrance, we want to continue listening to the sound of birds in the trees, our elder brothers, that we follow in our land to continue to accompany our mother gives us life. Do not want your globalization, and their customs. That we are happy where you want to trample on our home. We do not want the deception of graduates, they say, for banks to bring us progress, which is false, because we pay or seek to receive, without saying that we paid and more so with interest. They want to live without killing and brutalizing developing the soul of the runes, which our women become greedy and false and our children and young people make them monsters coming to destroy our happiness. Do not make more progress killing the planet. We want to continue living, because we have no where to go, we were born here, born here and lived here our elders and we want to live, but a good life is summed up in a Kausay Sumaq.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
Túpac Isaac II

sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011



As always many often confuse the truth and trying to accommodate the particular situation of our fallacies, in order to justify or believe that we erred in our assessment and only a small error but justifies our turn.
As always Dr. Marito from the praise of the stepmother is in its origins and sees it can not justify the mess they now join the European Union, for he does not see that the problem is not just a hand, if the opposite is not the whole system is the leader in this situation where the elderly live in Europe.
Capitalism as a system has created an empire, what we know as imperialism, in its individualistic greed of a few, is leading a worldwide economic collapse as its could foresee, not that there is no scheduled, some social scientists confirming what is already more than a century ago had predicted our beloved Marx, to the delight of some and the fears of many, is that system is like a funnel, in which only a small bureaucracy and small circle of financiers can business that make the whole system, because what it allows and protects it and is not like most welfare enjoyed by few.
This has allowed the system is that it was designed that way and those few use all its military, economic and political power to continue maintaining the system to continue giving fruit, no matter even the same fate as it faces in the Today the planet, if we do not see the statements of one of the top executives and majority shareholder large mining company Yanacocha dela, who asserts that began its mining operations on one of the largest reserves of water first gives life to the city of Cajamarca, but unfortunately is on a hill of gold that is the greed of investors who have no country, but living in the northern hemisphere.

It is therefore incompatible with the profit interests of the community, it's like the old saying of wanting to bind water with oil, is a chimera, even utopian. In Utopia there is some hope that it can fulfill the aspirations, but in a dream is something that is more related to the chemistry of Paracelsus thought he could turn water into soul. The experiences are demonstrating not only in Europe, we are seeing on the side of our country, I mean that Chile was almost considered in the first world for its high economic growth, but faced that had generated a large majority could not and can not access the benefits of this great economic development so we see the answer you have taken the youth to the havoc that has generated economic neoliberalism, which is the ideology that capitalism headed to more exploitation and misery to all peoples.

The result is that the fear he now lives, people like Marito, that grow the system and are justifying their bearers and the misery of most of humanity and the conservatism of a minority that is sucking the wealth of which no longer what about those people. His opportunism is bordered to the madness, because he believes the collective must be misery for the majority and the privilege for a minority. He could not live in misery, because it belonged to upper middle class Peruvian society, which always remained in power, making alliances with anyone who would allow him to continue to accumulate wealth and power.

We must remember the sad role do you play in the investigation of the journalists killed by the army on the heights of uchurajay, but that does not matter, what matters is the shock that is taking Don Mario Vargas Llosa, especially fears that overflowing masses from their governments across Europe, as recently happened to the angry, almost no social conscience, feel firsthand the rigors of the economic system that continues to exclude and undermine his certainty in the goodness that always led to believe. But that's another story I have to analyze.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011

Miqueas Mishari Mofat. In memoriam.


Miqueas Mishari Mofat. In memoriam.

When freedom is the only thing more precious than you have, the good fight for it, because it is the only hope of every human being. The only hope to live and die in peace and quiet of our forests, or the look of the creeks and streams that surround our territory, and also gives us peace, the fight to not prey on forests our Sacred Pacha Mama. We want all beings in the universe have a place to live, because if they do not die from the bondage of capitalism and greed that the pseudo-western development brings.

Pursued the struggle as a whole the Antisuyu Kamayoq Nini, which is designed to provide the wisdom and timely advice to their struggle to free people from every yoke, call the timber they wanted and still want to wipe out all the forests they give us air, giving us life, but life not only to us but to all our younger brothers.

As also taught me to be patient and wait for the picture even though we were presented very adverse. What could we say now, now that is gone and now I miss her figure, her words and advice as an elder brother, a friend and a brother, for his respect for someone who at one time did not believe in their destiny. If I believed in my destiny, until the very circumstances of life guided me to resume a path retraced, but also learn to resign.

The main aspect of resignation as greatness, as did Micah, live in absolute poverty, except the most essential, a concept that many of our people have forgotten to absorb the concept and make it their own, such as greed and usury, evils that exist in our nations, both in it as mine and that of many others. The call entrepreneurship to greed and call it business results. If the large company, one that destroys our nature, and we see as our gaze is lost in the new deserts that are building those who call themselves entrepreneurs, as well as our brothers are infected and want to be entrepreneurs, to socialize with the new lords slavers.

You lived it in your nation, I still live in my nation. As a new mask and has become a dogma that we continue to exploit and pollute our land. Yes, now not only are on your land, are now mine, and you had many Martinillo Felipillo and selling for some glass beads, I have something very similar, but they are called Refining and Pauline Zavala, Hilda Esquivels which lend themselves to the new masters enslaving us to take away our lands and devastated them and contaminate them.

So everyone who ever met you will miss you for your humility and selflessness in the fight and went to the meeting with your ancestors after completing your duties as Kamayoq Nini, as they say the legacies of our nations since the world appeared and was founded on the vision of which we learned from our grandfathers and grandmothers, sitting together in the heat of the stove, waiting for us to tell the story of the night, which we learned what our people, as are the things are looking. You will not see it but we feel that the world of our grandparents, we will continue fighting and also other people we meet as we Abya Yala, see you soon brother Micah.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui.

A letter from the heart... or : What is life in Peru today?

A letter from the heart... or: What is life in Peru today?

I write background listening to the beautiful song of the Ecuadorian Floklore called "pottery" of our immortal Guayasamin the day of his funeral, the crowd cheered and sang that song you wrote for that day perhaps, is a beautiful song because you know, music is a vital element of human beings, and I live always attached to music because it strengthens our spirit at every moment.

You know, we prepare to attend the fourth regional conference on the fight for environmental protection of the people in La Libertad. I feel happy because some pollution reporting points have been collected in a book published in Lima, and we used to know once more that in La Libertad, Misquichilca Barrick does not bring work and progress with the exploitation gold, but on the contrary, it brings devastation and death, water and air pollution, kill fish and all the flora in our jalcas and force people to migrate to cities where they starve or otherwise turn to crime or prostitution ...
You see my dear sister, Mining a sign of death, especially when not invested consecration of nature and environmental impact studies turn out to be just rhetoric.

On the other hand I'll tell you that this new government has bowed to the Mining and instead of passing a windfall tax on mining has only a lien Revibe on that account to enter the treasury 15 billion suns, when it should be in dollars.
No, this government is a democracy makeup and good intentions, I hope that people realize for himself and takes control of their historical destiny. While working for the enlightenment of the people and intransigence in defense of their rights, so as I said our universal poet Cesar Vallejo: "There are brothers so much to do."

You know we are delighted that Chile is out of the quarries Camila Vallejo youth the leader, the granddaughter of a former militant of the revolutionary left movement, which at the time of the Pinochet dictatorship is wrapped up the organization for returning democracy to Chile and that the only organization that said I'm staying here, no one goes into exile, and had the moral authority to restore calm Chile. Now again, Camila Vallejo, leading a whole generation of young people has exposed the insanity of the Chilean regime and the need for a new vanguard.

Ecuador and Bolivia, are struggling with enthusiasm to overcome the warmth of their governments, you know, allows all asquello imperialism that does not affect them even dress in the garb of the left, has always been so in that way is Uruguay, and Brazil Argtentina. .. Yes, it warms the atmosphere in Latin America, and now I hear another beautiful song that helped us educate ourselves and to sing a lot in Chile when the masses marching against the Pinochet dictatorship, which is: "The people united will never be up, "because it's true, when the people unite and fight, no one can To halt.

You know sister, living in a South American country like ours, is a challenge, many make it easier, go into exile or asylum, but no, we, we go from here, live here and we'll be lucky enough to follow of our people, who want to find a personal comfort or solace to his soul, leaving the boat, but our people demands that all its best sons to join the great legion seeking peace and happiness for all, and that is called socialism, where one day arrive and if not we will see our grandchildren or our tatarnietos.

Do not write in time, so now I take even send these lines, and I do not get tired, but I want to give you an idea of ​​what goes on in our country.

Greetings from my wife and my child, and all friends ...

Farewell my dear sister, your brother hugs

Tanyita Yupanqui

sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

OPUS DEI took over the Education Sector. We HAVE TO LEAVE TO THE STREETS AND FIGHT

We HAVE TO LEAVE TO THE STREETS AND FIGHT. OPUS DEI took over the Education Sector

The national teachers we do not have to take to the streets, as the cabinet has appointed former military officer Ollanta Humala we are left to go to complain and demand that we take the economic hole that is our education sector and even more who implemented economic policy sector pay as the revisionist Nicolás Lynch, who ran a series of obstacles to the national teaching does not develop as a sector for the development of the people, the masses what they want them is the defense of their interests, their class, not the people, and this understanding that is beyond national teacher of the proletariat, are the new homeless within the state bureaucracy.

As is well known failed to disguise the unpresentable, wanting to appoint Idel Vexler, or Lynch, who are responsible for the prostration of education, as any system that ignores the human factor reaches the other antipode and this is the case of Peruvian education, and now we have a person who served as president of the National Education Project is now discussed:

In the introduction to the National Education Project, it was intended to take the initiative to seek the development of a true state policy in the field of education.

We are an ancient country, but the diagnosis presented by the PEN, not confirmed, so that already confirmed their myopia in the diagnosis of the real educational problems existing in our country, for this national education project, as it always was implemented by the elites who govern our country. The national education project should have begun with a real diagnosis, primarily from About Us, then go find out what we want to be? And how do we achieve?. If we start with these basic principles that have to go on any project, otherwise we would be divorced from the reality presented to us in our territory.

There is talk of a debate in twenty-six regions we do not know in which regions and with whom, as the union's various regions have not felt that we made the query, and even that we have heard, and listening involves being able to appreciate what is proposed as an alternative, but it never ever has been, always verticalism Lima and a minority who believe the elite should govern the domestic destinations, is that it always ends up imposing their point of view. We believe we are one country, multi-national, multicultural, we have different world views, we have different spiritualities despite the imposition of a single spirituality through the centuries of domination and exclusion, so the implementation of objectives that ignore the vision of other peoples of our country is like trying standardized and it has a purpose, which is nothing more than exploitation and continue in the state of misery.

The first policy terms opportunities and equal educational outcomes for all, has never met or will meet, as we have seen in this half of government since it took the PEN, as it has a conception of school that is typed in their policies from the ministry without authentic educational decentralization. Take the case of Educational Freedom in the region, where efforts to develop regional education project, but that's nothing but stay in reporting, as education authorities are only made as a political favor, without any intellectual merit or administrative body from head educational administration, until the last employee bureaucracy that have been imposed by political favoritism despite rigged public bidding for wanting to cover the obvious.

Santiago de Chuco suffer the greatest discrimination in care infrastructure and media, no new textbooks that are distributed to all schools in late May or others that did not even reach the texts, or teachers are hired after spending the month of March, probably to do with the budget savings for other purposes such as supporting congressional candidates. In this we can not be lying here in our province, because we are victims of this always. How teachers can prevent school failure, if you have students who have to go to their places of education to more than three hours away, without breakfast, because the course breakfast that does not always come, just for elementary students but this is of dubious quality breakfast at a glance, which indicates the degree of corruption at all levels of the state, we know why.

Strategic objective number two, is mentioned: students and institutions that achieve quality and relevant learning. Further and how false that is taking place this strategic objective in our region. First, the DCN does not take into account the cultural, multinational, plurisocial of our country, we are a people with one nation, we are different nations that are embedded in a geographic structure. If we see the reactions of many newspapers or television commentators to the problem of Aymara brothers in the department of Puno, where we realize we are not a uniform country. Then as the DCN, which has national national objectives can be printed, if we are diverse.

Everyone must know that we are diverse, we all know how to contact the remainder are mixed. But it does the opposite, it is intended that we lose our Anglophone and linguistic richness, before you learn to communicate with outsiders, we must learn to communicate with people living in our side, who have another culture, another form of social organization another worldview and not try to impose our culture, our own spirituality, whether as theirs is lower and the upper one of us, this is a form of discrimination that still exists even in the PEN and DCN, as only are declarative their intentions are not reflected in the development plans of its objectives in these instruments, all they allow, especially to preserve the culture of our people may say that such instruments are condensed such policies, which is not Indeed, it is a discriminatory and biased document to one culture and the preservation of the state of things.

Strategic objective number three in that: well-prepared teachers teaching professionally engaged. Their analysis only refers to the results of a discriminatory society without economic equality in which the teaching is the only alternative to the lower classes to achieve some recognition in the society. From that perspective is wrong qualified teaching career as promotion on the social scale, for the education center that trains teachers in the schools of social prestige, are very elitist and discriminatory, especially that are private. There is no standardization in our country of higher education and that has to do with the objectives as a society is to trace the higher classes by the economic boom. It will not be able to equity, where there is always social and economic discrimination, primarily because the education budget ever in the life of the republic have improved, this is the main obstacle and the other is the vision that are treated and organize educational development programs on a par with education in some instances not even have a diagnostic research work.

We have seen first hand how for example in Santiago de Chuco CGU do not even know what a PEL otherwise be too bureaucratic to meet only on paper but never taken seriously in education, such as instances and mechanism to pursue development of our peoples.

Second mechanisms of entry into the teaching profession, will always be dark and too partisan to the ruling government at all embarrassed that only those with the ruling party membership card are admitted despite showing inability to perform teaching career.

Strategic Objective Four: a decentralized, democratic, that achieves results and is financed with equity. If we analyze whether this goal is being met, all you have done is give the educational administration of the government without attracting the most skilled human elements. No established competitions for most capable to assume leadership of the destinies of the work and educational performance in these areas. This considering that the old social bonds without geographical, ethnic and cultural been established for regional territorial demarcation, and we need to finish mixed as managing the education of brothers and Wampis Awajun, with whom there is no connection or even cultural, geographic, ethnic, so there are a total divorce and we see more around here in our province, we have a citizen of the coastal region of getting into trouble Andean education, to which only begins to understand why it was by political favor for our province and who has called politically favored to help manage our education and as always are not the most skilled of our province, because the competitions are only a cover to hide what is really done.

Strategic objective five: education funded and administered fairly and efficiently. Such is the irony that most of our budget goes to the work of internal and external national security. It is said to increase the education budget on a regular basis, if before it was close to three percent of GDP, now that figure adjoins two point three, which is a percentage decline very important, is that the scheme is to impose is that say in letters is the privatization of the education sector and before a right is now becoming a service that anger to be in the hands of the market game see what they say about American education, the education model copy Chilean and which now we as students applied, although we are applying the declarative PEN.

Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui
Tupac Isaac II

sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011


For neo-liberals and ultra-conservative right-wing thinkers, democracy is civilized when the people left to enslave, exploit without grumbling or murmuring in any way for any reason, talk of dialogue, which always hold our indigenous brothers who spend their money year after year in claims useless in all political, not to take notice and more officials of yore still mocking the claims of our indigenous brothers, Amazonian and Andean countries, and now trying to subtract the copyright is no longer named as indigenous or native peoples, but that in complicity with the bourgeois sociology have designated the peasants, how ignorant of geography, because there are just fields in Europe, they are flat lands. That's what they are called fields. I've never seen vast plains as presented by the European geography, such as the philosophers would have us believe the far right.
Some people skate or confused or deliberately and his hobby is so obvious that it would be necessary for a charity be housed in the central pavilion of the nonsense Larco Herrera as nonsensical writing, such as the Constitutional Charter of 1979, it was Peru's constitution. All historians know that it was not in use have been de facto repealed once, that's another thing.
That constitutions are not given to individuals, but to the states, some dislike the constitution of the beginning of the republic, which occurred in other stages of the republic, that is irrelevant, but all were and are the was Peru, and only one is effective for the Peruvian and not just for friends of Juan Velasco Alvarado. If so, for example, Mrs. Martha Chavez swore by Alberto Kenya Fujimori Fujimori convicted for crimes of state terrorism, should be processed immediately in defense of crime. For a criminal to swear by, is making a compliment to the offenses for which he was tried and convicted offender and crime are few if not the most despicable that a person may have done.

After the Lord confused the cultivation of coca of drug trafficking and crime are very different things, such as his criticism of the speech by former Military Ollanta Humala without presenting any argument, is that right-wing ideologue uses epithets and nicknames to disqualify the person. What I do not like to talk about the more than 20 congressmen financed by large mining companies and some members of Congress or the star twice financed by drug trafficking and mining companies. That will never speak, nor speak of the money launderers of his buddies in a few large banks. As you can see there is a thorough analysis and logical argument that says the mastermind and international intelligence agent, adviser to the far right who served before the offender Alberto Kenya Fujimori and Navy, and that regardless of how Rospulgoso says, sorry, Rospigliosi is that one is wrong so my neighbors, who have a grandiose name for a European origin, you are immediately given the job and have no conditions writer. As recently devised APRA in the Ministry of Education to enter their carnetizados members for entry into the public career of teaching.

While I disagree with the speech of Mr. Ollanta Humala, I can not prove without presenting a strong case for wanting to lower it and lowering personalities like Mandela, Mariбtegui, Kennedy, whom Mr. Rey de Castro did not not even reach ankles, shows their arguments with which he began his writing in the diary of Mr Aldo.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011



It seems that the Creole world trying to impose all the negative values ​​of indigenous culture such as greed, individualism and other aberrations that are contrary to the spirit of our nations that were in this territory before the coming of the Europeans Spanish etnogenocidas .
Let us take the first example the title of discoverer genovйs genocidal embarked licensed by the Catholic Monarchs and came to our fate, 12 October, destroying all indigenous communities in what is now home to the island republic and Haiti, poblбndola originating entirely from the African continent, so did with what is now Isla de Cuba. In Cuba there are no more original than were the inhabitants of these islands.

This does not matter who was who discovered whether it was a landowner or a thief abroad, but the submission that we continue in our nations by the culture of consumerism in our communities because there is still a ruthless mбs poverty and misery, the other is the low self-esteem that we have been having as a nation, we crawl those comprising the Creole nation and currently remain in power, that we esteem, as this is true, if not look that Hiram Bingham is quiйn , is it not an adventurer who came to Peru in search of the golden citadel of gold, as always urban legends were woven in the bars north of amйrica. It is the same as garbage recyclers of Spain heard of a continent where there was gold in abundance, they decided to go in search and earn a little something to change your life miserable. The same is happening now, when the Creoles were those Spanish children born in the new continent were so despised by those born in the peninsula and decided ibйrica independence of their homeland, they did not consider at all. Liberals sought to undertake such a task, there we Bolivar and San Martin who destroyed the confederation of nations that existed when the Spanish arrived, but the Lady Liberty gave the coup de grace with the founding of Ecuador and Bolivia are limbs of a confederation for five hundred years could resist the colonial invaders ethnocide spanishman.

Everything is incongruous, because as we celebrate who has raped your mother, your daughter, your wife. I'll give many honors for the atrocities. It is inconceivable that attitude.

One hundred years of what ? That we are a scoundrel stole the legacy of our ancestors to trade with other merchants, take for example the statement by Jesus of Nazareth, the merchants who were stationed in the courtyard of the temple of the LORD was furious and threw them out those miserable traders, who are now appointing businessmen, who are the descendants of those who were miserable in the temple courtyard of selling and marketing Jerusalйn people's beliefs are the same now commercializing the heritage of the peoples of Abya Yala .

But as we explain the huge numbers of tourists to Machu Picchu, the poor Indians are the last to benefit in this endeavor. And is that as an employer is outside the country, we believe it is better not return to work as our ancestors did, we're consumed by consumerism. Йste is the biggest problem facing humanity and that is bringing its consequences for the planet and if we stop to think of everything, such as to celebrate one hundred years of dispossession and misery that is what happened with this gentleman the north.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Túpac Isaac II

sábado, 9 de julio de 2011

The people standing in the fight

We need yours support:
Each person which wish to support us, have to send complaint to the following addresses:


Dr. Enrique Javier Mendoza Ramírez
Email: ocmapj@pj.gob.pe

In the union there is the strength!
We expect your support!

Tanyita Yupanqui

The people standing in the fight
The Peasant Patrols and Santiago de Chuco, La Libertad

There is a saying: When you feel that this dying snake venom and then their cruelty get older.

In light of this proverb known in my home country would tell you more details about this snake APRA party is governing his last days in Peru.
All leaders and supporters of the party that lost the elections are like the snake - that is knowing they have left a few hours to abuse, to steal, to get rich at the expense of the poor and humble indigenous brothers, that is why we are Committee is still greater outrages!

In my husband's home region - Santiago de Chuco, several snakes that shed their poison in their efforts to hold onto power.
These people are not only the head of the Provincial Prosecutor-Gordillo Milagros Burgos, but also the judge of the Mixed Court of Santiago de Chuco, Yolanda Vereau Mirror and Mr. Murgia APRA party's regional chairman.

Seeing these people approaching the end of his irresponsible behavior,
in positions of power they occupy, they are laying off employees who have worked for years in the Education Unit of Santiago de Chuco. Authorities alleged the brothers ronderos the province of Santiago de Chuco - that is the prosecutor and the judge with Mr. Murgia want to put in places of the brothers fired a card-carrying Apristas. Thus will have support and servitude of the people newly hired APRA.

They think it can stop the wheel of history! But the long journey of humanity, to society, always has shown us that there comes a time in history, when the ex-governors who administered only in their favor and increase their property, the cost of the people sacrificed and suffered. Many tyrants lost its power and creates very clever but several times lost more than riches but also much more important things like your family or your own life / this last happened during the socialist revolutions in Eastern Europe in the last century. /

But let us return to the topic: The Peasant Patrols and the population of Santiago de Chuco, La Libertad require an audit in the Mixed Court of Santiago de Chuco, as the judge is also very biased and the prosecutor, the two should have an legal audit and resign from their position within fifteen days!

If you do not need to take urgent measures against such venal authorities covered in APRA card as it is the judge. They want their removal of these bad authorities of the judge and prosecutor for the abuses committed by them both.

For example, are accused of bias, in the complaints to the extent that they have left out important cases like the murder of a person whose prime suspect is free.

The population demanding their constitutional rights to life and decent work and deservedly paid listings desire to take more extreme measures if they are not pay attention to their just demands!

The town is still standing to fight against protests by the prosecution and the court.

But even the traitorous media will not give them the right to declare their just demands, unlike the few socks that dared to write about the issue ads have cut the news.

And aqunque in Peru today has begun to blow a strong wind changes as desired by some and unpleasant for others, even in these circumstances, APRA still govern as if they own life and dignity of our sister nations altoandinas in the region of Santiago de Chuco.

In closing let me add one more time: You want his removal of these bad authorities - the judge and prosecutor for the abuses committed by them both. The population demanding their constitutional rights to life and decent work and deservedly paid listings desire to take more extreme measures if they are not pay attention to their just demands!

Pending favorable decision

Tanyita Yupanqui

miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011


Across the country, was once home to one of the world's greatest civilizations established on 6 July as Teachers' Day. But what I remember from previous years, especially those years when teachers were fighting in the streets to reclaim their rights, how can we forget that great general strike since the end of the dictatorial government of Morales Bermudez. There are many teachers gave their lives and I still remember the young teacher who was paralyzed for life and always accompanied us on many fights to his death, never had a family who never had a partner, but who lived to the teachers' struggle to the end of his days.

In those holding a lot of sense, because the spirit was very high. Now, I wonder, do we celebrate? Did not the betrayal of hundreds of leaders who have secured their future through embedded and screw type have in the leadership of the union. What are their achievements in all these years practicing and screwed into the guild leadership? Or will they continue with their concert ever, there are no conditions, if we do it is adventurism and provocation to the class enemy, or as they always branded as childish when they want to discredit a position that is presented as clear and transparent without any doubt . And this coming from now, that was always his attitude, they would not change, if not only live with the system and become appendages of the system. For them, there came the change, just live with them to get their perks.

The teachers union is inextricably linked to the teachers' struggle and the spirit of the teacher who wants a change, it began to transform from the necessity of being an agent of transformation and this occurred from the seventies, in the given time velasquistas reforms and they want to be dismantled by the second stage of the supposed revolution in its second stage.

There are memorable fights in 1978 and 1979, which cornered the old state it had no idea that calling an election in order to stem the tide of the masses and preparing for a new period of revolutionary ferment that would have changed history, one that was truncated at the table bare, by the infiltration of the henchmen of the Central Intelligence Agency, which again cut short our historical development.

But the most significant step in strengthening the union in a single front to start in 1984 to probate the old state, but also meant the entry of the political opportunism of Patria Roja, where sticks Horacio Zevallos Games coming from other political trenches as a way of allowing cohesion and permanence of the union to meet employers, but in the long run of Patria Roja transform it and make it a more of them, his first felony is the betrayal of the strike of 1981 and which as such they began to use all the minions of betraying Patria Roja to follow the teaching and get crumbs from the employer, one of which remains the Magisterial pours from which all its leaders Fung managers.

We have to celebrate if they are negotiating with the old state, all its privileges. Now there is the teacher union and thanks to Patria Roja, earn less than you earn a laborer in construction, we do not have health insurance if they become unemployed. The devastation of our salary has been so significant that now earn only ten percent of what was gained in 1980. So: where's the accomplishment of the lords of Red country, which now also have divided the Teachers College, because I have seen the reef to take over the paltry contributions of teachers.
So what can you celebrate this July 6?
Nothing can hold, so long as Patria Roja. All teachers must bury it and our teachers and our lives.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
Tanyita Yupanqui

martes, 5 de julio de 2011

The JUSTICE is biased, through the injustice, in the Constitutional Court of the APRA party

The JUSTICE is biased, through the injustice, in the Constitutional Court of the APRA party

For very many political prisoners in Peru's prisons suffer the most painful conditions of confinement, such as being taken at midnight from their enclosures and be placed in the freezing cold and cemented areas of the callers patios and subjected to the cruelest torture by a famous military name Cajahuanca.

Forced to point caned on their backs to adjure their convictions and to eat animal feces with hot water, which resulted in the death of many of them and this without any medical attention. Many of them resisted such humiliation, persisting in defending what they believe to be true.

But these abuses are not there, then imprisoned in cellular systems of two meters by two meters, four prisoners stuck in them, without seeing daylight, no more than one day a week, Guantanamo by the Americans is only one garden of roses, what to see the food once a day, without any reading.

Cajahuanca The military was never prosecuted for any authority for crimes against humanity, with a sheet of clean living, was decorated and is alive and well, that's the irony of the Peruvian justice system, including the pardons of many government officials Fujimori's dictatorial offenders who have been forgiven his debt, supposedly humanitarian pardon. Here I refer to many brothers behind bars who courageously endured the humiliation of this illegal law who died in the same cell where they came to seek the freedom of a country that was never born.

There are three more I want to remember, because they are the most stark and where you see the insanity of our guards and those who give pardon for the real murderers of our society. Just name them, like a say the names I gave.

One was a lawyer, an old man, versed in many battles against injustice in our society, who defended hundreds of workers laid off by employers and men who sought freedom, almost without asking anything in return, his work for him was like a religion and its apostolate. He lived for the protection of his workers, his Indians were his brothers and his brothers in arms. And never charge for their services, many times I saw him eating in the truck counting their pennies, many of them approaching me and I invited him, as we advised our newly formed union at that time. As well as giving inn saw the mothers of many detainees at home and in your office, I never knew how it is financed. He walked very quickly and trying not to spend much more their already worn shoes, which I think were born with them, because even in prison I saw the same shoes and they died. The same suit patched so many times, when I met him with the same die on the cold cell where injustice confined him.

In the year of his death, his constant infirmity made her bed and put themselves on sunny days could not walk, freedom from suffering and death true cost of many brothers with whom I boot the system is on the complaints International jail terms subhuman conditions, and still ongoing. Only a tiny percentage have improved, but they follow.

At such times he struggled with the system so that the lawyer brother was assisted by the health system, was never allowed to have any specialized care, only the topic of the prison, that all he gave, as a joke we told The miracle, if not the panadol, aspirin was likely to improve all diseases. Him in a campaign conducted by the International Red Cross. He always struggled to find counsel to be treated at a hospital who can regulate their illness. It was all in vain. That is the Peruvian judicial system.

Now let's see how the Peruvian judicial system is campaigning for the genocidal sentenced to gain freedom despite not even redeemed or ten percent of his sentence to which the same court has sentenced, but rather the system Peruvian court awarding it is a comfort in his imprisonment. If we speak of equality, all prisoners should treat them equally. If not, why the prisoners rose in rebellion many of them have already died in the dungeons of the concentration camps of this system. Because Mr. Fujimori, is a prelude to his cell, that cell seems, if not the room five star hotel great, then if we talk about equality for all regardless of social or ethnic status, you can afford many amenities such criminal and political prisoners imprisoned in the dungeons are calling not criminal.
So where is the equality, no equality.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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