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miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010



In my memory bounding out to two scenes for more lurid in the lives of teachers Peruvians, which must be taken into account. The first occurs in the mourning of Fronton and Lurigancho and another of the July 18, the one or the other happens a few days of each other and the two teachers who die with their youth, were killed.lobbies to large multinational companies. We only know that and were poor, they died. Many of them left in their minds the ideal of a just society, especially for those children living in the thousands of slums that surround our large cities, because they lived and still live in those who happen to them as teachers of these children pain .

Those children who only eat once a day, and that food is only fishmeal mixture of cardboard, because it is cheaper than what is in popular markets. And this despite the triumphalism of all governments. It's just that they do not live near those areas in which millions of our brothers who are displaced from their land to big cities, they take away their land, under the usual pretext of bringing development to their people and deceive them with a miserable sun, it spends and has no more and takes refuge in the big cities to cover their misery, and that's where you only have to use the teacher as he is also poor, but it is close, too close for comfort for their sorrows. And is that the system that exploits or eats, not interested in the Master, than to invent one that thousands of laws to follow poor and miserable, so you do not see all their corruption and exploitation of teachers, invents a thousand tricks, such as evaluations and tricky laws, saying it is for exceeding the teachers, but salaries are the most miserable, most tips seem a little insulting you reach for a week's needs, while all his body-guard earns twice what our teachers earn in a month. Is that interests you save the system, but to do justice to the suffering that teach the children of the village.
Died at the Fronton If teachers without being tried by an independent judiciary, the murderer now serves as the President without ever being bothered by the crimes he committed against defenseless those teachers. And rather with bravado through his minions, like that Indian muchica believed gringo white skin and holding the post of premier of the Republic comes to threaten the freedom of thought, freedom of speech. Of course, I can not cover the ongoing atrocities committed in this his second government. And the only way to silence the voices of protest, as they always do, is bring their laws to infringe upon the right to strike, to think differently from them and do so in writing. Les hurts my soul to be told Four Corners thieves, as would a fascist candidate gamonalismo representative of modern. It is therefore no mercy to the people not to demand their rights, there came the criminalization of social protest. Bases many social leaders, is to be in jail, while offenders collars and ties continue in the streets looking where defraud or hanging on the tit of the government to do more careful, but the same is cheating the village, as the candidate APRA called Salaverry.

We must also remember those young aspiring teachers, in which a death squad led by the terrorist Fujimori gave the order to kill them, just for the crime of being young, poor and students of the University's poorest throughout Peru, which is self-management where the government are genuinely young people together with their true masters. Aside from giving every facility to those poor in the Amazon without a roof, and no money was formed to return to their villages and First Nations. But we must also remember the college boys at the National University Center where the terrorist Huancayo Fujimori and his death squads let loose from the air force planes. In one there are ten girls and a teacher, I mean the college brothers Enrique Guzmán y Valle, most commonly known as La Cantuta, and which is to write this note outflow in the hardest years of political violence in our nations.

Perhaps the Cantuta is best known for being close and in the capital, but the University suffered the insanity of state terrorists was the University of downtown where there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of students who were killed by the squads Fujimori's death. There was a crime, have the dark color that is to be Andean, Amazonian and poor, as well as students of any discipline and be talking or playing music of his people, was considered in the list appear to be missing and dead in a valley or very simply thrown from a helicopter or plane to shred your body on the rocks or rivers of Pune. And now in the paradoxical, those convicted and his terrorist organization of state are covered by the genocidal Alan García, probably to cover up their crimes in this new stage of his political life.
A fitting tribute to those teachers who died in all the genocides of Alan Garcia and Fujimori, for his example showed that despite the misdeeds go unpunished for these criminals, are they putting in the hope of the people.

Isaac II Tupac
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

domingo, 27 de junio de 2010

The LAW of Consultation is a LAW of TREASON and SPOIL

The LAW of Consultation is a LAW of TREASON and SPOIL
We reject those who support the betrayal of the peoples.

If you will be asked to enter your home, but you have no right not to let them in, then what the hell I will see if I can not prevent it from entering?
It is a paragraph without sense, but that leads to the suppression of rights to indigenous communities is what the article says 3rd in paragraph B in the last lines, there is nothing but bad faith of those who conceived this document:

THE LAW of Consultation MAKES NO THE RIGHT of PEOPLE indigenous to say: VETO !!!

In a dialogue there can be no involvement of one of the dialogues, there must be the same conditions for dialogue, but if it go, and maimed in my right to decide if my rights are affected. What comes to inconsistency in paragraph "G" in which refers to recognize participate politically and legally. If there is recognition, then it is incongruous position to veto decisions that affect their domains, both cultural, social and territorial. As there is such inconsistency in court, they have asked for fuzzy control, which won the dispute, before any demand had been made, having taken a decision contrary to those of indigenous or originating. It also goes against the principle of Liberty. The very fact of taking the right of veto to a query, the attentive and coerced corrupts these principles.

But there is a trick that nobody has been able to see and discredits the bill and as regards the technical agency that specializes in the representation of indigenous or originating is reduced to only four delegates, instead of government organizations and specialized consultants government are outnumbered, nearly seven members, with which they can pass by simple majority, any project that benefits the coffers of transnational corporations and worsens the situation of indigenous peoples or originating. The sensible thing is that every nationality has its representative native peoples in this specialized technical agency and the government has been limited only to the same representatives of the areas that represent them.

But lately it has been reported that the government saw as the union of Amazon and Andean peoples as a single force, now seeks to ignore the peoples and nationalities living in the Andean massif. That has a purpose, and is only fracture that union, so that more? The intention is to finish off all our Amazonia highest bidder, as the Andean area finished it off to friends of transnational mining cornering our brothers to the big cities to live and die as mere dogs with scabies, that's what you are doing and there are many leaders of complicity with the trembling hand that seek to lessen the indignation that suffer, those who are aware of the damage being made to Pachamama, our mother we are born we live and thousands of generations forever.

So it seemed very suspicious that the alleged probation Pizango brother, and I also suspect remains as his coming to our shores, or is in between some negotiation, as the Sandinistas are specialists in selling people's interests, as have always done, unless you tell our brothers Miskito whom they have removed the right of its territory. Well, as a candidate for the party electoral Creole, we are not to be the groups we look at these kind of circus that we want to introduce our slavers and sellers of our territories. I also have said they have postponed the discussions between the brothers, from here, hopefully not any maneuver of those in favor of the law of yore. If you move one of the brothers, this is very wrong. Then you have to understand what they are and will be the traps that we are subjecting the native governing this territory and we have been saying and if we go into the historical field. These are already being planned long before what we live in this century we were as a project of life and history of our fathers and our grandfathers and fathers fathers ancestors.

This was done by San Martin and Bolivar, who came with the plan to divide our nations, not with the desire to pursue development of our nations and peoples, but to dominate for the domain of the nascent bourgeoisie that emerged from the French Revolution. So I think the joke of the Bolivarian revolution and revolution of the XXI century, which is more than a humorous one with dreams militarejo or emperor Napoleon.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

viernes, 25 de junio de 2010



I note my disagreement with the law of consultation, which the government seeks to foist another instrument and have that strip us of our forests, our land and ultimately our lives to condemn to death. Ask you brothers are willing to be deceived again? To pretend to believe in the words of Mistis and Creoles in this battle. I do not believe in them and step by exposing the whys:

To begin any consultation is defined in parameters epistemologically equidistant between peers. Then the vision of what is going to be questioned has a value of between them. Or at least seem to have them, even if they diverge in their views, but what matters is the value it has for them. To this end both parties must agree on the rules of negotiation;

as a consultation is a negotiation between wills to obtain privileges that may be temporary at the time, like standing on it.

The law of consultation proposed by the government for Amazon Andean peoples:

Where are these pairs? For many of them are representatives, but there the same on the other side.

You can not impose conditions on a single part without having agreed them both so they are not tainted by the opportunism of the moment or circumstance.

But we can say that if we are represented, will tell us names and even mentioned to the commission of Andean and Amazonian peoples. What exists is a mode of representation, which represented not feel like yours.

From there, those who represent us, they lack the legitimacy to propose something in someone's name.

No offense, but that is the reality, as they were elected in a system that respects our world view of things, that attacks against our rights are violated to deprive us of everything. So proponents of the Law Consultation lack legitimacy and also say some representatives of AIDESEP, newly arrived from exile, the conditions did not clear his arrival in the legal aspect they have been unwrapped, which does not make clear its participation, so it would be more transparent, others take the posts and legitimize the process of the Andean peoples against the State Amazonian Criollo.

Then in a negotiation is going with good intentions and no ace in the hole, which is not the case at this time, we say, because our survival is at risk of our nations and the future of our children and their children by also coming generations.

And the brothers arrived from exile can not be legitimate on its behalf, for the same initial conditions that were placed by the state legal system and who have changed at this time, and just precisely the circumstances that there is illegal Consultation proposed law on indigenous and Amazonian.

The insight and distrust taught us the Creoles for which they have planted forever in our nations and peoples.

Or is it not true that this fledgling his famous Law of displacement, which validated the spoils to the people to further the interests of transnational corporations, but by no means that of our peoples.

But something else that discredits the Peruvian legal system, to propose a law for consultation and this part of the legitimacy of the political constitution of 1993, which arises from a state coup and tried to put on airs of legitimacy to a constitutional convention to Despite being oiled and Sacrament by the international community is spurious origin and thus become its legal consequences in illegitimate.

And even more aggravated over the uncertainty of nationality, which currently has not been resolved by having disappeared miraculously all evidence supporting the true identity of those who hold the nation's judiciary Creole. So his firm was withdrawn in the government of Alejandro Toledo, to be an affront to the same ethics and decency of those who live in this territory.

That is why we have condemned and paying their crimes in prison, which is not where it should be, because for justice there should be no privilege of any kind, but in order to not confuse the indigenous peoples their humanity, if not their crimes committed in the name of a state and a nation that does not represent or represented in any way.

If we recognize a very simple way that a document had no signature or the main firm which supports it, then we can meet it, since you have not supported the legitimate representation of a state, if it is the Creole, so Therefore this document lacks legality and can not be considered for any negotiation.

Certainly by this crime the man has not been mentioned punished with what is offered in the market to other adventurers claim to have the same intentions and attack the system that hold up the world of the Creoles.

Well that does not matter, what matters is that the consultation proposed law is framed in the doctrine that holds the entire legal system Creole, which is the same as the state holds Peruvian and Creole, which is part of a Western worldview, the only participants who are taking by assault our nations and whose descendants now rule us.

But his whole legal structure is based on Thomism inherited from the colonial period, which amounts to a renewal of scholasticism of the time. To the whole structure has led Western in all fields of human life. Is not the destruction of life itself?

But underlying the entire Western legal system, is it not the same philosophy emerged from there? Where the individual is sovereign and decides the same destination, without being linked to nature itself, which feels very alien, the same fate may have it.

It is precisely this divorce of understanding of two different worlds, who come from the entrance of Columbus in our land, have a very modern and sinister consequence immeasurably:

In our country most obvious consequence, is not foisted on us Lord Alan Gabriel Garcia Perez, a second-class citizens, which was to doubt the rationality, not just of the Amazonian peoples, but also of all communities living around the Andes, stretching from the land of fire and extends to the sources that will give the Caribbean Sea.

It is because the colonial heritage that makes them say and expose their lack of understanding of our realities as different by their lack of understanding that there is another reality of life very different from theirs. Is that they see our world as a limited and flat, is precisely to have the blinders that make them vulnerable to the adjectives, and not to save even more lofty politicians and owners of the experience of his long years of stay in Forums, as professionals, they are, to remove its merits.

Now some scholars are seeing on their value enormity of our cultures, which had a logical order and that the anthropologist Laura Laurencich Minelli, Holistic Logic calls it, that everybody could be absurd and inconsistent, as he notes recently economist Hernando de Soto in his rush to convert the First Nations in a crass huckster of neoliberalism and slaves of the market economy.

And it is opposes the proposed western linear logic and the underlying legal body. Linear logic is based on induction and deduction.

The logic of our people act in a process ameniforme, expanding into a kind of game of mirrors in which the number of gods and divine forces are added together forming a whole hog and extended but divine than the sum of the gods and of the divine forces that comprise very different from the other and it corroborates the line following the Western logic as conceptualized from Socratic philosophy from which the individualistic and mercantilist thought, bringing the concept of development is different from that proposed by native communities and we will discuss later.

But to end this led to the conclusion that Laura Laurencich ago saying that the logic of the Andean peoples or the Tawantisuyu as she puts it in his work is a harmony of thought favors a society as a whole and not as a set of people, who has to live the sacred world as populated by a myriad of deities and sacred forces, but acting as a complete all logic points to give strength to the group to the detriment of the individual ...

I can imagine the priests of the market, giving their anathemas against our holistic world and its logic.

The two Weltanschaunngs, the western Andean world as we refer to as a starting point to oppose the law consultation to be an instrument of bias and deception. This is not an adjective, but as a reality that is orchestrated by feeling the love as justification for a process of dispossession of ancestral lands of the Amazon and Andean communities.

And is that Western logic is there according to their nature, that of instrumental rationality as Antonio Peña Cabrera says in his studies of Andean rationality and continues to assert that Western rationality is not based on Greek rationality, this is only one of the elements that will constitute of them takes its relationship to permanent forms that explain the ongoing renovation of sensible things, like why the Greeks, Western rationality does not make sense to the historical processes, it does not see the sensible reality as a form of progress and Western rationality second for the reason is the contemplation of truth, or identity with reality. What leads to today's world everything that comes our way is a means, nothing is an end in itself.

After rationality it is integrated with a syncretism Scholasticism in Medieval Greek ego does appear as a bonus share in the reality, which is confirmed by the res cogito of Descartes to justify grabbing precisely according to the individual and not in the collective in which they understand to it as a whole without relations of belonging and unifying. But then listed other types of instrumental rationality, as are the operational and quantitative. It will say: But all this has to do with the law of the consultation and Amazonian indigenous peoples?

They have much to do, and do not know how much, because they think if we develop, and exploit those who govern us, here at this time, we will be able to know where such a trick that implement point and say to his face:
Hey you, here are the things you seek, do not create, or think like their ancestors with glass beads deceive us to plunder and take away what we inherited from our ancestors for hundreds and thousands of years, we recognize them as the first who came to these lands to live in harmony with them and not to predation is what you intend. And not just claim, as they have already implemented the sanbenito development.

We have many examples of atrocities committed in the holy development, as a Christian rosary we have anathematized and sent their champions in order to change his mind, and if this is not the result we send their prisons, to this end have all legal machinery and his bodyguard service

that they will find the reasons for defendants, whatever, the goal is to get us to its prisons to submit ourselves to their designs.
And a whole chorus accusing fingers to justify bring us even though they know we stand for life, but not only of our nations and communities, but also of those who vex us and trampled on.
We will say that those times when my brothers dragged with the lash and the stocks to be taken to work to large sugar plantations and locking them in barns to work as live animals and inhuman beings, for only one piece of meat and a piece of cloth covering their private parts have changed, it is lies, all lies, will have passed the calendars that what happened, only the methods have been refined and now operate with more impunity, more refinement.

To do this they have to large mining companies expropriate our pastures, our land where we grow our corn, our potatoes. Huacas destroyed all our shrines and holy sites of those destroy our peoples to push the big cities where work will seek to fleece us to work more than twelve hours of daily work, that we only barely reach to feed our families.
Here are the example of the thousands of runes Santiaguinos nations of Chuco Otuzco culli Wai, and Santiago de Chuco Huamachuco going to settle industrial belts of large exporting companies in the coastal valleys. They are the example of the great progress here in the capital say they have brought us the great lords of modernity.
But they have brought? Follow the same misery, to all my brothers, all the gold mined in the sacred hill of the peoples Shulcahuanca harvest goes to feed the gringos of Canada and North America, but I wish it was for those, is only a few, to a tiny minority who make up the lucky ones, who do not represent the people of those countries where we have brothers stripped of their lands and destroyed their nations.
Yes, they have learned well the lessons of depriving the true owners of the land to strip them and condemn them to death.

We had stopped in this explanation of what was the Western logic to make known only as they think, is how they are planning to take away what is ours.
In this case we have to assert that Western rationality is based on the union of the three rationales, which are the instruments, qualitative and operational making it change its attitude towards nature when she discovers the use of machinery in the early stages the Industrial Revolution that made him gain time, which changed its attitude towards the things that led to the production of produce trade surpluses, which turns it into an end of itself, since there is no function production for subsistence but for sale.
What is the foundation of liberalism and his followers today. What brings also the consideration of the earth as an object of exploitation, no matter the consequences, allowing the generation of excessive usury, because there are no parameters that can govern and sustain the measured output. There also appears the concept and the figure of money that disrupts human values and society which will have dire consequences many are now predicting and many are already suffering the consequences, but yet not many are aware of that situation by making the nature and operation manipulated to satisfy the greed of a few that humanity does not represent anything, but they have in their hands the power of the world.

It also resolves all quantifiable and qualitative dimension that is essentially what makes the man is considered a pure subject distancing of the same nature as something different from it. But his instinct for domination of nature predates the Jewish Christian message, but this reinforces and supports as we said at the beginning of the message of Genesis in the great book of the Bible. But the dominion exercised over nature also implies the domination of man himself, man is wolf to man himself, that is the main decision is based axiomatic that all his actions and that is what they have brought as a virus in our First Nations communities. For this search that makes Western man things do not have that value axiological quest of pleasure but of himself to himself and himself, regardless of its relation to what surrounds it.

But then I would say most people who hear or read me: Where is the Indian philosophy? I will answer with the words of a brother very knowledgeable in these matters to differentiate between Western philosophy and thought of us and we thought our philosophy because if we talked about, we would enter in the same field and of our rulers, it is not desirable nor productive to see how they have maneuvered our worldview. Our Yllayninchis, as mentioned by our brother, corroborated by the studies of John Van Kessel and summarize in his own words that he did in a lecture to students of philosophy that disbelievers claimed that the American Indians thought we did not have:

Because if not ... the reason is a myth, "the reason" Western, the only reason to exist, because they say it is a myth, a myth very sophisticated, very deep, very complicated yes, but myth finally I have not got much time now to explain this in depth, but I'll do a summary, a short, if we seek any dictionary of philosophy and see why the word means, let's see that is a synonym for "logos" and finally a synonym of "Christ" and as this is a "one true God" according to West, is the only true God, the creative unity, truth, goodness, which monopolizes all the values like love, charity etc, etc. that drive that crashed against the front Nietzsche and even "kill him" in one of his philosophical novels. Who slew him?: The ugliest men. Of course if you had done to his image. This myth of the one true God who is both "reason" that has caused us many problems here in America, and continues to cause us many problems, such as myth, we can arm and disarm, as does Levi- any myth-Strauss, "so what can we do to explain our wisdom, our deepest thoughts and we can read some writers like Arendt, Agamben, Foucault himself, who thus speak of" Greek "to assume as conscious human beings, reasonable, rational. We are told that in ancient Greece there were two life terms designated: "Zoe" life was flat, bare life, of all beings known as alive, and "Bios" is the human life when assumes the "good life" or the live well and clarifies that it is "living for the good" eye is not like the Andean-Amazonian Kawsay Sumak, or Allin kausay or Sumaq Kaman, these concepts ours, are nothing different.

So far we have confirmed that this is a struggle of thoughts and positions to which we want to foist a triumph over a law that does nothing but confirm the intentions of the Creoles perched in power. But the most paradoxical is that we also want to assume the guardianship through INDEPA, political body that is driven to the very center of power according to the commercial interests to which the subject who is in it. Then this body that is driven by the highest levels of government is the one to decide who is indigenous and who is not, if not represented by Amazonian indigenous peoples and then as we see, there is a malicious intent and that is a disadvantage for those who we are affected, whether people or nations or originating Amazon.

For all this we believe that the proposal should be discarded given by Congress and carried out other, very new to negotiations, without benefits of any kind.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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martes, 15 de junio de 2010


Not a few days ago had written an article on xenophobia that existed in the minds of many journalists and almost all the upper middle class society Lima accompanied with some coastal cities in this territory. The sentences in third-class citizens to refer to members of First Nations, not only had come from the mouth of the ruler in power,

but it is customary throughout the colonial aristocracy and big bourgeoisie to go to the members of the indigenous peoples, whether of the peoples of the Amazon or the Andean peoples. In fact, with those in government, we are different peoples with different traditions. For them, we will always cholos, if we come from the Andean region and the redskins if people come from Amazon.

How often, when entering a restaurant, of those who are considered very high level, we have extracted from paws into the street, showing us the signs on their doors: We reserve the right to refuse admission. They say it clear and enrostran us in the face. The same happens in the clubs exclusive or exclusive universities, where they can not enter the Indians or the redskins. As well as access to some scholarships, for those who are perched in them, expressing racial hatred towards us, being heirs of our First Nations. I say this from personal experience. I have personally suffered and most of this NGO, which just depends on another source of North America and is named after a former president. There are bashing me for many years, with the promise of a scholarship, but this never came, as others were graceful, I think that generally the closest to the directors of the Peruvian.
But the most blatant discrimination, is doing almost all media. In marketing programs, has never seen a person of any nation that is originally present.

Always choose Nordic model European or American origin, as well as of African descent, as if they were the only ones who populate this territory. The same scenario is when denigrate the position of women, which are treated as sex objects.
But there is also discrimination in labor, economic and cultural, as we have been mentioning and stressing. That is why we venture to say that there are very many nations found: A governing, having on hand the economic power, military and political power reassurance and many other nations who are content to be slaves of the absolute power that hold that social class, European and Spanish descent, who ruled over the colony and which overwhelmed our territory to plunder

as we are doing now and in our faces. Thus let us perish in an area where serious environmental problems that leave us. And if we object, we come up with the argument of the third class people, as well, that will take into account their opinion, if people do not represent anything, though we are all people, and intimidate us to drive us to our own brothers who serve in the bodyguard of another nation that has appropriated our territory. And people do not see that the death of many who belong to the bodyguard, is by its very need for such employment, then they are the same ones responsible for his death, not the people who barely defend their rights. We say and shout, as if we were savages who are to blame. The bodyguard is solely responsible for what they do, they defend the indefensible. Because they protect the invaders and thieves of our peoples. Then we will have mercy, who come to humble ourselves to defend those who sell our lands, to pollute our Pacha Mama, our cars, washing his hateful gold. And still we go we're third class citizens, just because we defend the lives of future generations of our children's children.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

viernes, 4 de junio de 2010


If we talk about past and current model, we can not argue that education has remained unchanged in the contemporary nature of a historical cycle of the republic of what denomination Peruvian nation. As we are affirming the existence of two models, which are denying our claim further.

What if it is true that the consequences of school management, is what she sees in the development and social movement, is a truth perogullo, no doubt, but that's what you are looking for the prevailing social system. The latter also we can not deny and will maintain to be developing my arguments as in the study and analysis by Mr. Suarez, the wrong things that perhaps should be clarified. For the simple reason that his vision of things is very superficial and biased.
Speaking of diagnosis, should be discussed properly. And even more if we refer to education as part of the social sciences. Science and education is its method of analysis that addresses the science of education policy. In this context: Can we get out? I think not, unless we want to do sociology of education, but is also found within the social sciences and therefore share the same paradigm in the understanding of educational phenomenon. What you need to differentiate is that the education system should tend towards a balance, but we can not establish a stable system because the individuals training is evolving, and the body of knowledge is not stable, if not constantly changing is like saying that truth is absolute,

and say that this changes with the turns in the perspective of the beholder. But for this we must recognize as a nation, for the recognition of Peru's recent history is a nation without unprecedented. Can you say that men who belong to other ethnic groups, with cultures diametrically opposed to that minority that governs us, with values also found against it. It will be possible to form a nation?. So what we want to rescue? If this does not exist, or if there is representative of a minority that excludes the vast majority, that is not represented, even by those who claim to represent. As for example. Who made the national educational project? Only a small handful of old men who only know the desk of your home and the street that leads to college, where supposedly are considered wise. They may develop a true analysis of what you want these nations? Or a young gentleman who left his nation, which did not suffer the indignities of the system, you can. Not at all, which does not feel, you can not express it, why do not you know it.

The decision to transform, is when you hold the reins, and as you get the reins, behold the problem that the Reyes writer must solve. For APRA, provided he promised a change to improve the plight of the dispossessed. Have you done?. I do not see. All I see is that it has improved the economic situation of the companions, were poorer than before the undersigned and are now better. It is a fallacy to say that education is the weapon to defeat social inequalities, for which I ask the gentleman writer, Will because his family had to migrate, to Spain? I could answer, by the economic crisis due to terrorism. But I would say and then what happens to Colombia, with an armed conflict up close and at fifty years, which is never resolved, yet is in a better position than ours and that's not discounting that there is a narco-government . Here we are in the process of being, even if it looks that the government is bent on destroying its alliances with them, such as Sánchez Paredes family.

Isaac II Tupac
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

The INDUSTRY - A REGIONAL NEWSPAPER -PERUVIAN IS racist, fascist and xenophobic.

The INDUSTRY - A REGIONAL NEWSPAPER -PERUVIAN IS racist, fascist and xenophobic.

Many years ago in the department of La Libertad where a fascist political party took by assault the city to enrich all their members, and also increase their fortunes in alliance with drug trafficking, or make them public relations for this evil. This body of the local press fell in all languages, to denounce these evils through which he passed the town and rather made a covenant and rubbed elbows with the mob of white-collar and white powder, giving rostrum. The only thing is they do not accept their exclusive club to enter Central, where they meet the rancid, racist Trujillo society.

I have never heard a word of admiration or support for the indigenous masses of the department by the owners of the newspaper, as well as his failure to put on their list of writers who only agree with his ideas Franco Spanish. Well, do not write, because it would receive international condemnation, but no one denies that they are admirers of Benito Mussolini, Hitler, Francisco Franco and assiduous members of the sect Opus Dei and met members of the brotherhood of Jose Maria Escriva.
When Fujimori at the time and the 90 plundered the riches of the Regional Treasury, the newspaper editorialized not budge and the satrap who lived in Lima. But this is not surprising, since it has a path laid out well.
But why, is your phobia? Of these white gentlemen, owners of the press Trujillo? Very simple. The internal conflict experienced by Peru for nearly two decades, was not created in a conciabulo of Whitey, nor did the worshipers of Whitey mestizos. The generated Indian masses who lived and still live the oppression of a system governed by Whitey.
These expressions we can see much more clearly in the city of Trujillo, where the expression of racism by the descendants of the Spanish is very noticeable and Mrs. or Miss Ana María Antonieta Vega Ganoza, writing in the Journal of the North territory is the most conspicuous representative. He believes that the closure of Fujimori, it was not a thief, or she believes to believe, that it was not for it.

It is here in our country, if you're name complicated or White skin and clear eyes and descended from some of the families of Hispanic origin, ie those who invaded our First Nations, they were not going to happen, rather judges and the entire judicial system is designed not to punish their crimes. But if you're poor, you're Indian or SERRANO, as they called us all Indians. So you made a bread, you get sent to jail to life imprisonment. If anything, can be heard in conversations of those who make gatherings in their homes, saying: There, fuchi, fuchi, imagine having to put up with that Indian, fat and ugly of Homer Burgos. Well all is, to preserve what is ours and it will support us.

These expressions are as emblematic across caste, to which belongs the lady or young lady who commented, plant belonging to journalists and opinion writers. So their anger against all who are in great condition abolish their privileges, or have tried. If the reader see who are those who oppose the release of political prisoners unjustly lost their freedom, you see, they're all white boys and live in upper middle class neighborhoods, not to mention the high bourgeoisie. They express their hatred more to those who dared to take away their privileges. Needless to say of those who after a confession of faith, also participate in the many privileges to sustain the status quo of society.

Just know, that never come to protest more than five hundred students from the University of Huancayo who were killed in the government of Fujimori, Military whiteys.

And I say no, they were all Indians, as are Indian, his death is invisible, even to the same human rights organizations worldwide. But I do remember, as they are and will remain my brothers, those poor who aspired to be professionals out of extreme poverty. The only thing left in life is to go to death, to make it around the forum, all to be Indians.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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