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martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011



In the literature of our people, which is told as an oral source, is the drama of Ollanta. It recounts the episode of heart between the daughter of the Great Pachakuti and Rune Ollanta, which I think moving to today but without the princess Cusi Coyllor or she will be the people, which has been disappointed in their aspirations by a candidate who has broken his promises again. I paint very colorful landscape, despite the lyrical songs of the far right embodied in Vargas Llosa, that peeked through the doorway to burn again to the door of the oven, the bread contained the aspirations of centuries only a small handful of words.

Many avizorábamos it was not so true so beautifully, there was something that did not fit into our consciousness despite all urged us to support this candidate. Did not believe it right, there were many signs that gave us a reason we could not explain. There was a history that began to discover the pseudonym of Captain Carlos, a murderer of his brothers in the civil war, but not a murderer either, but it was being protected seems up to the U.S. state agency. What followed is that this brave soldier to kill defenseless prisoners had been a very diligent student of the School of the Americas in North America, where they make worst dictators and murderers of its kind in the world. What in fact we had not noticed that in all well-developed program by the Central Intelligence Agency to take over territories and nations of the world, was seeping through the armed forces of each country. And therefore we can say that what happened in Locumba can be a great farce, in which the Friend Antauro have to deny the facts and determine with his brother, but this boundary must be certain and transparent as done with traitors to the fatherland, to our true homeland

The true face and intentions it is already proving true in all its breadth, so there is no reason to fight for, it is obvious that all this time has been and will continue to deceive the people. There he is showing his true essence of Misti, an enemy of all who are the Indians, one that is ignorant and worthless, just like them, we mistis qualify. Were mock his supposed paternal feelings and sympathy for the Indian masses that we are more than eighty percent, among those who should be added to those who think mestizos, but his face betrays that are like ours. Therefore they have no diplomatic or chutzpah to be conservative in their behavior, as evidenced by the attitudes of discretion that has his wife in political activities
But there is a clique of alleged leftist intellectuals who want to climb to the illusion, or is climbing to the illusion of brothers with whom we have destroyed our nations for five hundred years and give a series of explanations that have the need to have done so by Ollanta to stop the waves of protest against the mining operations or rather call it theft of multinationals to our resources, the basin headwaters are like a table with four legs, which are holding the board in the level top and said no amount that can be cut and the four legs to serve to fuel the fire, it will remain the board table and may support a higher level things, only to be done carefully so as not to leave the board level
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
Tupac Isaac II

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