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jueves, 29 de julio de 2010

Biography of Tupac Isaac II - in RADIO Roots - ARGENTINA


sábado, 17 de julio de 2010


We can see it in action with all his party colleagues, who take as true to the conventions dictated by capitalist society with its neoliberal model, notably authoritarian submission to the dictates that make Alan Garcia and is not criticized none of its followers.

We say they can not justify the trampling of fundamental rights of every human person, such as life and free expression, which are now kept under distress in full force, and many episodes that have tried or exercising Abuse its authority to maintain its many abuses shade to freedom of expression, as for example the closure of several stations in the provinces, by the mere fact of being rebellious to his regime. This is what Theodor Adorno conceptualized as authoritarian aggression, which also can be seen on the criminalization of social protests in the attack on former political prisoners and aggressive crackdown on fundamental rights of the human person, regardless of the side human, if not punished, otherwise everything nice and personal with the imbalance which would be in the lack of insight into their actions, reflection of themselves. Go on with your thinking of rigid categories and are not interchangeable, the APRA party destination and the same Alan Garcia as predestined to be the saviors of Peru, despite all evidence to the contrary. His rough handling of power toward the general population, which is expressed in the endless propaganda spread by the media addicted to his regime and to put through as a sinecure avisaje commercial.

Another feature is its cynicism clearer so obvious to their outrages, as happened with the consideration of appointing teachers, where their co-religionists, many of them without intellectual merit, or even curricula, are named for which we all and logistics elements for such unlawful purposes and the agreement of many directors and corrupted by APRA attache. All of which he projects that if no one agrees with his assessment, is that it is against the whole system and against society itself. The sycophancy of his followers is another of the fascist personality characteristics.

We say that Mr Alan Garcia has very definite characteristics, for which trends can be considered as strong a personality to be a fascist, I argue for its strong ethnocentrism which emerge with regard to indigenous peoples and peasants as people walk backward and unintelligent, while this consideration is re-affirm the political persecution through the ministry of education that makes the former political prisoners. Treating them as objects of their anger and hatred for daring to question society and disrupt the status quo, or it could define the above terms of submission to the social convention that Theodor Adorno pointed out in its definition of authoritarian personalities.
They do not enter logic, and if they want to refer to it as a tool for validation of their position, their arguments are so simplistic easy folding, but which uses sentimentality to feel supported in their statements, such as are done to affirm the nomination of Ms. Keiko Fujimori. I think in essence that the two positions are supported because they need each other to assert its validation in the social consciousness, allowing them to circumvent the electoral campaign and that is where all political organizations, including the opposition have not able to differentiate and put in cars so that people can discriminate the fascist behavior all they do is create a much more acute to repeat one of the bloodiest I happen to be living in the past century of civil war. But we believe that they too are infected with this spirit behaves fascist personality Alan Garcia and his party, so do not expect the opposition to do something to improve the social, political landscape in our country.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

martes, 13 de julio de 2010



The inability to solve the acute problems of Peruvian society and hiding their commitment to the insatiable transnational corporations that are willing to plunder our natural resources with the complicity of the entire political class of our country makes in a clumsy, with the tantrum as which is thought to mask the liver, is what makes them be implementing measures that violate all human rights enshrined in the statement after the French Revolution. Although it is no accident of this type of behavior in government, so much so that the implementation of their death squads, which tested killing common criminals, is a hall that used to do with leaders who do not undergo to its dictates.

These tactics and strategy being implemented, are looking for a pretext to consolidate a fascist state in order to have open letter to hand the country over to the voracity of the friends of the north. You begin to feel its effects, such as the supply of gas, and we delivered, as could also say the gift of our resources to northern countries, the domestic market shortages. The energy and mines minister has tried to lie to the nonsense trying to justify the more evident that the government was doing. For now this shortage is already being felt in the capital of the republic and probably try to weather the storm, but I see impossible without exposing its dealings under the table they were doing and more this government.

We wonder: Why the demonization of those with opposing views and different? Can not meet the sake of free thought and free expression. If they say to defend their democracy, ie they represent. So why are not scrupulous in respecting the freedoms or are considering such as the northern neighbor that sent murder their own countrymen and destroy signs of wealth, only to have a pretext to make war on the world and plunder the wealth of the countries that are different from them. Their need to control their appetites prevail obvious and then discovered his deceptions and lies.

A clear example is the war that broke out against the brotherly country of Iraq, under the usual pretext that Saddam Hussein had biological weapons. What they did the Americans?. Perhaps not to submit to their whims and destroy this country to make oil handling their businesses. In saying that their business is an understatement, because big business has no borders, no country. All we know is that it is a policeman who takes care of their interests. Subsequently, Mr. Bush seemed to him to make war on the Muslim peoples who are in northern Southeast Asia, rich in strategic minerals for nuclear war and what he did?. First to foist these people who were a threat to world peace, the law did adjetivización to the struggles of liberation decried as terrorism and declaring that they were a danger to peace, these same arguments with no logical sense being used in laws of many countries in order to discredit the protests against government abuses.

To this tranche destruction and murder of his own fellow citizens, that's what happened at the Trade Center in New York, which put his side to public opinion in your country to make their desires warmongers. Mercilessly attacked the Afghan people. There are already thousands and thousands of civilian casualties, only in order to maintain power in that part of the east.

These same measures are taking the Lord Alan Garcia and his followers, with the chorus of singers followers genuflectioned a Congress full of defectors or rather agreed and opportunists who are only seeking economic returns but not the real interests of those claim to represent.
Therefore, we have no hope to come more repression and disappearance of free thinkers, and so the social activists who will be missing from their death squads are already preparing to disappear petty criminals. So we are warned.

Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui.
Tupac Isaac II

martes, 6 de julio de 2010


PERU of ALAN GARCIA - Ministry of Education or Inquisition?

In a country where is rewarded all bribe of submission !
In a country where ignorance is justified !
This is the place, where the government has dominion !
This is the place, where the government attacks
and preys on all things that might has, like: resources and natural resources
only to satisfy his ego-feeling of predatory animal.

And the government of Alan Garcia
with his advocates and supporters
which are the great bureaucratic bourgeoisie,
because it is the appendix of the empire.
The government of Alan Garcia with his supporters
is trying to corrupt and is trying
to make idiot the minds of the people,
presenting the discontent and the rebellion as a symptom of insanity.

But what we can say about a leader who ever and ever: lies and lies
trying to justify for example the theft of gas ?
There are the brothers from Southern regions
which are defending the peruvian gas being a national resource !
and most unfair that this resource is selling,
if you can say "sell" because is given away for nothing !

All that gas could generate development of country Peru !
All that gas could generate higher wages !
All that gas could generate more tax to improve teacher salaries,
but the government does not make anything !

Upside down this resource is given away to foreigners
despite the fact that belongs to all Peruvians,
and the government / to cover that injustice fact and other things.../
he makes the most Inquisition's campaign
against the teachers who was rebelled times ago.

Their rebellion maybe was right,
maybe was wrong,
we do not judge them.
Because those teachers believed in a false prophet,
if he was false prophet or not it was so,
we do not judge.

The rebellious teachers, they gained nothing from their rebellion !
The only thing that they won:
was jail and a terminal diseases.
It is necesary to report that in times of Fujimori:
the government was making the scientific experiments with the prisoners !
No one was making the justice sentence to Alan Garcia or to Fujimori yet concerning of those scientific experiments with the prisoners !!

The difference between
the pursued more than 400 teachers and Alan Garcia:
is that they paid for their daring to rebel for the injustices in our country.
But Alan Garcia is a criminal and murderer
who judges from APRA
or justice controlled by APRA
not allowed to purge his misdeeds and send him to the jail.
While those rebellious teachers are the conscience of the country.
and Alan Garcia represents the most rotten of human existence.

Therefore there is more visceral hatred of the extreme right
who are member of the multinationals
that which harry of our natural gifts,
and serve as the pillar of this inhuman order.
But why the government's man is afraid?
Because in the realm of facts,
they can not justify the most horrific inequalities
that are living the people in our country !

So much peruvian people die in hospitals due to lack of medicines !
or lack of physicians who care for them !
or lack of health posts also !
The government are making sterilization campaigns with the peruvian nations to which we have subjected regulary...
thanks to the dictates of their masters - the emperors of big business.

The government gave to the his members teachers on a plate
all keys in the performance tests.
The same made His Minister Chang,
who for only one night took the title of Industrial Engineering at the University of Noah's Ark.
He also got his doctorate there by the same way.
And to makeup theese lies
Minister Chang took his mastery of an American university
and this American university did not offer an MA in education.

And the government still hatred to the 400 because these teachers showed:
they know more than the evaluation committees formed by APRA !
And the government to reject them good work
was had to do the opposite
for despite the evidence.

Those rebels teachers showing that:
they are masters of heart and by conviction !
And the teachers of the peruvian government APRA
- showing that are not masters of heart and are not masters by conviction...

Or is that: because those 400 teachers do not seek profit,
neither they were had the basest instincts of the peruvian rulers.

But the government was hurts most from the fact
that these rebels teachers have shown more professional
from the APRA's teachers wich wanna tell them self "professors"...
Neither from these "masters teachers" from APRA denounced
the marriage between drug trafficking and high places in their APRA government.

Is not it true that the Sánchez Paredes family of drug dealers,
This family is the one that solves all costs to the election campaigns
of the Peruvian political class. Isn't ?.

Despite the farcical trial which has been submitted today.
For in Trujillo can not hide
this kilometric reality truth
which all people are witnesses.

For this reason:
we calls everyone honest people to make campaign
against the persecution made from the government policy of Alan Garcia Perez and his Ministers of State.
A campaign against the persecution of the 400 rebels teachers.
Because the government policy of Alan Garcia Perez want to violate
their rights to work,
their rights to education of their children
and want make their stigmatization eternal.

Please, all labor organizations and Guilds in the world
to get their voice of protest
and make this news a public to their governments
to take action to protest against these inquisition methods of the Peruvian government.

Isaac II Tupac
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

THE COMB from gold of SHIRACKAMPA ( II )

THE COMB from gold of SHIRACKAMPA ( II )

The little Tupac, loved the conversation and carve Oruna always sat on the hill of Mollebamba it to wait in the arrival of his travels. Thus, in one of his travels, came much more tired and showing signs of many troubles that denoted his face sallow and dark. One of the acllas sighted the merchant pays the road and ran to his little Apu Sapa to let you know that came Oruna. He nodded with a shrug of his head and told him to sit on his side to expect and receive the news that it brought. In it he saw flames coming with their very ceremonious and swaying were being approached by the capac yummy in his direction, the came before them and carrying a big lump as they do their brethren nationwide.

Already seeing near the small Tupac, the carving is thin on the ground echo, bouncing his big package before running to his feet and worshiped him and mourn bitterly giving a speech in which breathlessly cried bitterly. He recommended to calm down and ordered her to give him aclla drinking chicha peanut that he always liked, but that alone was reserved for the Capac Kuna, but he always liked to go against the ordinances his father and his lineage, since there was no difference between runes and Capak sicnchis as he was. The aclla, knowing the customs of his little toad apu, whom I respect a lot, agreed, and in one for runes for kero served chicha, reached out and drank one sip the entire contents and already breathing better he said:

Small MI Sapa Apu, you know that I respect and love very much, for being very generous with this poor rune that unfortunate I have to stress on the double, having two families who maintain, not lacking anything. I was planting my fields of sweet potatoes for my land in Chulucanas, being tired when I started to relax a little and drank water, because the Taita Inti embraced us with its intense heat. In this I was very asleep and dreamed that I woke up in a very huge gap in a faraway place, where only apu was filled with water like a stone, as there is in the tops of the apus of Huascaran and Pumapampa. In these waters, were the color of darkness emerged a beautiful woman, but her beauty was different than the busts or acllas serve you. He looked very steadily into my eyes and gave me a lot of fear, stretched out his hand and gave me a very fine comb all of gold, as is the color of Tata Inti and said comb.

I replied, what you want me to comb? I do not wear long hair, only the anti redskins use it, for that is their custom. She again ordered me to take it.

With great fear and did not take what I said and turned out in another time, like a small hummingbird flying around the Tawantisuyu. In it I saw a great procession that was moving Sinchis Caxamarca and many warlords and guardians surrounding Sapa Inka Grand Apu who traveled in his berth for the Grand Capac Yum. He was accompanied by the best warriors of all nations. In its wake were our Sapa Inca and his Whose Ñustas, all dressed in their best clothes and carried in litters. I approached to hear the conversation we had the Sapa Inka with one of his generals, mentioned that they would know they wanted a means rare runes flames mounted very special and had a face full of hair, as the monkeys of the halt redskins. The Sapa Inca, did not seem dangerous these rare runes. But he judged that his general were very dangerous, what the Sapa Inka, mentioned that he had certainly impressed many omens that he had mentioned the sages of Catequil. He recommended not to worry that the sages and uncles living in Samana, near the actual Tambo Tablachaca, had seen the lakes in Cochamarca and had mentioned that was not the time change was not to worry about predictions and Catequil De Lurin. Well said generally that if they believed the Great Sapa Inka, they understand, but those rare runes seemed very dangerous and walked away holding his stole with his coat of chonta and deerskin.

Would walk several hours, as the porters who were chosen from among the strongest, ran down the road, without feeling it the Great Sapa that he was traveling and could see the bathrooms of the ravine, where were the apartments of Capak Kuna. Arriving there, the whole army made their camp surrounding the great Panaka, like a circle of safety. So were all enjoying the benefits of hot water from the Glen.

In this rare runes came face as the water, but smelled of decayed animal and all went away, also came in a rare flame which mounted. They came with some clothes and a few wahoo that seemed rare metals. The frog did not receive them but met with one of the generals, who was in charge of matters dealing with rare runes and was the youngest of them, who had agreed to put them for being so brave and warrior. He told the bearded runes that would give her reason to her lord and to give them a response with a chasqui. He did, then the Sapa Inka decided to accept the invitation to come to see what they had beards Runes by Sinchi to one Francisco Pizarro. That name more rare, their generals smelled weird and bad that name, but he feared them, taking a huge army, winning many battles.

So the date arrived and enlisted all his generals and busts. The Coya not want to see the bearded runes, because he said it smelled bad and did not want to endure such nauseous smells very dirty and untidy people say they come from well beyond the breast cocha. Everyone wore their best clothes and went swimming with the best aromas in the bathrooms, so did the Sapa Inca, for enrostrarles that they were very clean some things that were contrary to those visitors, letting them know it was a bad politeness bathing. Carriers enlisted berthing where would the busts, the generals and very delicately that would transport the Grand Sapa Inca.
The time came and began the great procession, just stayed in the gorge all the main army, it was not the situation of a war but to express the courtesy of nations Tawantisuyu some foreigners who came to this great nation.

To be continued ...

Isaac II Tupac

Here I am...