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domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

The black MARKET of Cachina AND the MARKET of THE POLICY

The black MARKET of Cachina AND the MARKET of THE POLICY.
In many cities of the country has played in a fast a flea market, selling the recycling, and even won what was done in the traditional way. But the peculiarity of this market is that transactions are illegal, first by what is bought can not ever confirm their origin. Here in this illegal activity, the main feature of this market is entering two particular types of activity behaviors.

On the one hand, the buyer will try to avoid by all means not to be cheated and try to take advantage of the seller to enter into discussions so unrealistic, and secondly the seller who tried to cheat his prospective client with a paraphrase which look peculiar his future victim sinks into his trap.

This kind of market is better known as black market, and is known worldwide, is a market where survival of the players is not guaranteed by any authority and which corresponds to each of the actors. Here they fail all the rules of Adam Smith's free market as supply and demand can not be determined by the needs and production, but rather by the need undercover actors.

Thus we come to the national policy, which has reached the borders of a black market. Many will move the personal interest, the other commercial. With examples we plot many of these cases.

If we meet a distraught lawyer, recently graduated from the National University of Trujillo, born in a high Andean mining town, living in a small shack in the most impoverished sector of Rio Seco in the district of Porvenir. Wandering in each study was attorney for use in some cases and win something you can afford to fill the pot of food.

But he had an ace up his sleeve, was a member of a criminal organization, the darkest that may exist in the country. Call it yet because it has been defunct this horde of criminals who calls himself or whether they APRA, whose founder, was a very repressed homosexual who did not want to make visible their sexual preference in spite of being very evident.

Anyway this young lawyer played was offered by the largest drug trafficking organizations, especially one that was promoted by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). In this we mean a family which is carried on their backs the financing of all campaigns of all parties.

And do not say no, since we as an example to the young lawyer who was promoted by the family to come to parliament and there fiercely defended the interests of the drug, but not just anybody, if large, not small, the coca growers or small amounts transporters known as backpackers, if not those who in their big banks are those who wash dirty money.

That is a part, but there are other products available in the Electoral Cachina, as the family of a certain owner of Universities, that the poor always wrong in their electoral alliances. Although others say the enthusiasm with which it participates and requires the participation of all its officers and employees of their universities is the most laughable and anecdotal, as all do for the favor of having a job to take something home. And indeed founded as a party of folk and mental alienated can call known as the Alliance for Progress, before the seventies was a program implemented by the United States to bring an alleged humanitarian aid to developing countries development, which was nothing more than a form of population control infiltration.

But this assumption within the prevailing party is the family, is a dictatorship of one family and a man, there is the slightest hint of democracy. The only interest is power and economically, this can be seen by the problem of misogyny that have the founder of the university consortium and how far he can go with that obtain power.

With his wife, which were separated by disagreements of power struggle in the university consortium, she chose to obtain their share of power through the electoral organization Lossio Castañeda, National Solidarity, that scandal was learned that Mrs. had contributed more than half a million suns in order to able to count on presidential plate. She has no political background or trade union, as did her husband, nor her children and brothers, yet at the expense of a good political marketing in-law was able to obtain the regional president of Lambayeque, as well as his brother got Freedom the mayor a second time, with the risk of losing it because of the tight margin that have achieved this victory.

How does your organization is not political but rather a commercial organization as well as most political organizations that call themselves and are in the electoral contest that is why I smiled when his son of the Lady of the man of the Alliance for Progress mentioned that he had ideological differences with his mother, gave me a good laugh and I wondered: What is the paradigm of the ideology behind the PPP and what is the national solidarity. The only thing that will sustain are the arguments presented by neoliberalism as a way of seeking social progress.

As seen in Peruvian politics resembles Avenue Cachina Argentina and Trujillo is equal to the passage Albarracin, seeking forgiveness of those who work there and offend them with those who call themselves politicians.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
Túpac Isaac II

sábado, 22 de enero de 2011




Our greatest living narcocracia drama, as a work contained in the large Greek theater. It's a tragedy all could scream. "Tragedy? All the dreamers and those who are captivated by the threads that runs the large theater and who are led like little puppets that we are in an illusion of a republic to live in a supposed democracy. The tragedy becomes more dramatic with the left and right entering the moles of crime, such as lobbyists and the big drug cartels who have hijacked our country and are at their mercy.

Tell them that we are in the best of both worlds with figures of development or as the great puppeteer respond to his words through the wires that will drive us to respond with their words. But who helps justify. O as well as being the support of this great drama is the Nobel Prize questioned.

Or who knows, is one of the great writers of the same work. For the advocates, says it has flaws, but it is the best society we can expect. Not understood. Democracy might be called a society governed by the biggest corruption, many of whom have the audacity to present himself as Albee and pure. In this great work of theater who handles all the threads is the great puppeteer Alan García. No one else can handle these things is a great student of another artist of the same show, as it was Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre.

Both are great strategists to solve the political problems that exist, and given our nation. But there is a vast difference between the two, one died in poverty, only with the satisfaction of being able to handle the nation at will, despite appearances and the other will die in disproportionate wealth, I use the teachings of his master rich.

Your last act we are seeing in these pre-election time 2011. A great act of one who knows how to move the strings of the puppets. Put to a former finance minister as a candidate by his group, with the sole purpose of generating conflict to those who until then were his squires, but had actually been fools macouts their economic moves, or what other earnings call corruption, reveals himself in the interview with journalist Jaime Bayly to mention "that the money comes alone."

This lady has only been the Trojan horse to be stepping up its true intentions. You know very well that his party, almost all to be involved in a series of corruption events are going to be impossible to defend him from the countless processes that will follow in the next Congress, although there are their people of Fujimori and National Solidarity as a natural alliance coludirán because Alan Garcia has shown over and over again as has been advocated for their crimes will be judged.

Thus far has sought to justify the mess they have been involved top leaders being in a congressional list. Them to seek protection against the corruption trials that he will come, anyway wanted to stay in and have tried every means to discredit their opponents or the current of renewal, as is the case of the city of Trujillo that most voters have brought out APRA his animosity by Luis Alva Castro and Elias Rodriguez, one by the constant demonstrations that makes acts of corruption and the second because of its proximity to major drug cartels. The second show that will never come out of poverty through their own initiative and work, all known Trujillo, so in this city's recent economic boom is very questionable.

The same applies to his mentor, but is very different, as they have allies in the bloc to be formed of Keiko Fujimori and the National Solidarity are partners in corruption.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Túpac Isaac II

jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

MAMACONA LOLITA / or Mama Lola /

MAMACONA LOLITA / or Mama Lola /.

It is fresh in the morning when you woke, your white hair and cannelloni with black tips, smile on your skin, making jokes with Don Santos as you told your husband and cousin at the same time, with which you got married and was custom from your ancestors and you do not put Having A despite objections raised in the cloister of nuns as the Indians did Inca descendants.

My tata Noah was referring to you as you told Comadre and uncle and my grandfather only mentioned only as the black cholo. And I in my breaks on long trips I sat beside you to hear your stories of your childhood, like when you had to take the punishment of tata Fortunato to cover up the mischief of the most least of your brothers.

Or when I contast of Tata Basilio, who had more than 15 daughters and three sons. All the more beautiful not only the community but that his fame reached even beyond the borders the tata Basil could have imagined.

Of how the alliance with Apu Sapa Noah, land that was in Santiago de Chuco Marka, he agreed to marry the greatest of all his daughters, the mamacona Ursula, who was very brunette, but that was a specialist in beautiful embroidered blankets, in the kitchen or to say, Basilio tata visits whenever they came Tullpo commissioned him to his daughter Ursula to prepare the most delicious dishes to visitors.

After he repented because he knew it was a very sacred lineage among Indians across the country, who came to visit the largest Mallkus, Yatiris of people who had never known and was afraid that might happen to their offspring if they were known mistis. But Noah Tata reassuring, telling him not to worry, that these legends were not for him, but for some of their children's children, who knows that would not even meet him.

But as you laughed Lola breast, with your laughter thick and firm as any known lineage ñusta give the circumstances. We were saying, Tata Noah as I tell if my friend or uncle, but tell you that we are compadres for their grandson who loves you.

But what I liked most were your rosquetes and your Basit, or when your little kneading bread pan and wait till my son told me that and I will bake the bread to carry where you go and invite them. It is good to go empty handed.

And when they got your Indians as they were called, you gave to all the hospice because you cared and if everyone has breakfast with his cushalito corn and popcorn. But thank them for bringing you all kinds of offerings in their communities.

So regardless of your age, walked very hard for every site, your farm to see if it had stuck your flowers that adorned the Apostle James the Great, who were devout.

Many times you told me my Mercedario. As a child I wanted to be a priest and you and my mother you were happy, they are never going to make the legends that were told in your childhood, your grandparents about the fate of our family. But you saw that was just a little bump in the road, and resign yourself to your most beloved nephew is the stigma of their struggle for his people.

Many times you were with your basket to see and comfort him, because as you said he has no mother and her sister, so I replaced it.

And now as if you remember when you told me: "Son, my debts and I charge you mentioned, so and so owes me so much, so you charge, how can I leave if it will help me to meet my Indian that will lead to my grave my body. And I answered, you are strong aunt still will not die, but rather you'll bury me, but I paid attention and continued lecturing debts charged by many many people and many Indians claiming to Santiago where you've place to raise animals that serve meals in your grave.

Now you're not more, I do not say you want to visit Mollepata to walk through the Yum Kapac you just had cleaned the brothers to feel the force of the ancestors and take the new path. But where you're there remember me as the boy who cried blood and that saved him from death as the omen that both expecting your parents and uncles

Goodbye Mama Lolita.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011

The youth suicide or the youth unscrupulous and unethical

The youth suicide or the youth unscrupulous and unethical

The word ethics comes from the Greek ethic that has the meaning of "character", which is what should be focused on the moral conduct of individuals.

Many wonder why our society has taken the path that we now see, which is the collective suicide, everything is prey and sacadera eyes, as they say are too many grandmothers when incisors to protect individual interests rather than the collective. We wonder why we have become economic predators that we are interested in the possession of the paper it is printed in England or that metal fraction that our famous mint the coin.

We have forgotten the fundamentals on which mankind had to do to preserve the human race. We are more interested in economic animal, no matter if that line hit the other.

Those who are hit with a string of justifications, ranging from rave to no reason, could serve as an example in mining, in which a multinational company, which only said that name is your address somewhere in the north, but yet the owners and holders have no fixed address, or the utilities, the usufruct little people in this country, nor in the wealth they extract.

But they justify that bring a lot of work, a lot of wealth and development to the towns where looting his basement, this will provide many governors and even old leaders that are purchased by this bunch of individuals with the desire to carry out their robbery. Everyone knows that this is a blatant theft, in full view of everyone, but none of our leaders rebelled at such an affront to the very dignity of life and community.

But what do they do? They adjectives, so to justify his position on ethics and truth of things. But right there are developing other attitudes that originated in those great wrongs, as could the small scams do, knowing that they may be prosecuted for their crimes, as he thinks, are minor, the harder it will invest in a process judiciary, which by the way in our country delay postponed indefinitely, that the Greeks apologizing for perhaps insulting.

Suicide is not only killing themselves, it is also when we forget our own principles of care for what is not ours, to maintain honesty in what is said, but there is some part of the youth, who has assumed position of our key leaders to become millionaires without regard to others, because they do not even have honors.

Thus there have to Agustín Mantilla. Who believe that loyalty is to conceal the crimes of the friend, but he also says: "I am your sacrifice but under me money" and so the circle continues to grow more to become a monster of incalculable dimensions.

The problem means that these moral suicide take the example of our authorities, that their attitudes amoral assume that everything is more convenient to make them new men.

This would put the example of an important official of the education sector that addresses a major educational institution, which however is a common drunkard, a part of their teachers are sexually harassed female students and students elsewhere are merchants of all goody, even examinations and tests or examinations that apply, only a minority observes conduct in accordance with rules of morality, which is why students spend a good part about most of his nights to sip alcohol and drugs of various kinds, not just social, but also the derivatives of cocaine and marijuana.

Then we would ask that this director descent if he is the first to be an amoral by pretending to direct a school to be a common strength. The problem is that he does not recognize it and if one tells you names and threatening to strike. Then it is impossible to want to form a moral conscience in young people if their trainers are the opposite.

I therefore striking that many young people engage in fraud, which undermines the spirit and I was furious, is that it is intended to be used to commit such large literature misdeeds.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Túpac Isaac II.

martes, 4 de enero de 2011

"CAN BE one Economic Assassin a PRESIDENT OF the COUNTRY? PPK and the Big Change.

"CAN BE one Economic Sicario a PRESIDENT OF the COUNTRY? PPK and the Big Change.

The word assassin comes from the Latin Sicarium, meaning who is using the dagger, a hired murderer, it began to be used as a term similar to the Roman invasion of Judea.

Today is a murderer who kills for order, planning for it the scene of the murder in order to take another look at the task.

But there is a Sicario not defined in the dictionary of Roman law, and the encyclopedia Wikipedia. How does these murderers, as regards the economic field?. Many of them have high positions in multinational corporations, and its modus operandi or operating environment as the first to recognize a country with vast natural resources such as oil or gold. Having identified the victim country, they have the support of major financial institutions like the World Bank or IMF or the Paris Club etc. and realize a huge loan to that country. But this big loan does not actually arrive in the country to rebuild its productive infrastructure.

Such is the recent case of Haiti, which was arranged a large loan, but only to pay back debt and a loan was more, to pay future interest on that loan was paid recently. Is again a third loan that goes to the poor but a minority, which generally are there to govern the country. Those who should be added to the help of this loan is supplied to large corporations. One example is the bankruptcy of many banks and financial organizations in Peru that had originated in the U.S. financial system and English.

Or is that loans to international financial bodies to cover their mistakes and losses through their misguided financial policies. As debt is supported by the tax system and its contributors, who are the poorest who pay their taxes in everything we consume, especially tax Leos are taxed fuels for reference only, the price gas ball is 15 pounds, paid in the sister republic of Bolivia the amount of 10 Bolivians who come to be almost five soles in Peru paid forty new soles, the difference is the payment must to the user as an indirect tax, that is what is said and of course, but that is a harsh reality for the entire population of our country. But all this has a plan, and like every plan has a purpose. And the goal we have with this plan, the country is the victim is unable to pay its foreign debt, nor may pay the domestic debt, which will be postponed indefinitely just to absorb the debt.

Unable to repay debt on time the country was forced to close their natural riches rock-bottom prices, as is the case that we are giving away our gold at the price of a dozen years ago, before a hundred dollars an ounce and now same price despite this increased to 0:15 times the price of old. What goes along with the installation of military bases as a way to provide its guarantees for the victim to recant his intentions and want their independence. This also is necessary that they start a smear campaign to domestic companies, in order to privatize them and take them into their hands to continue to gouge victim countries. But there is, as demanded by economic hitmen victim countries a euphemism called "QUID PRO QUO" or good government for the interests of large corporations and multinationals, which means this?. Here we might call legal stability element of which is worth to continue keeping your goodies and privileges at the expense of development of the victim. But this does not stop there, with the demonization also that public services should be privatized, for which experience has served as what happened in Chile, Argentina and other countries that have done all this. So its much touted efficiency and meritocracy is the trash, because everything is targeted to be privatized essential services to be used as sources of financing for large capital through corporations and multinationals.
The clearest example we have in Ecuador and Peru, where a series of military coups, put dictators in power that were in favor of the United States.

What happened in Ecuador is a window, much remains to be investigated here, apparently it is much history and a truth, but what happened in Ecuador after many brutal dictatorships, it was decided to promote supposedly democratic elections. They presented Jaime Roldos (1981) who promised that the resources of the Ecuadorian nation would be for all Ecuadorians earning him to win by an overwhelming majority never before seen in South Africa. By assuming the power began to implement relevant policies that would serve all resources would serve to really help Ecuadorians out of poverty, which obviously did not like the world's policeman, America, and is immediately sent John Perkins at that time was serving as an officer of American big business to convince or corrupt, as they often happen and phrases that depict this situation gives better Perkins in his book, "Well, you can become rich, if you and your family play our game, "But if you try to continue with these policies you've promised, will have to leave."

As he persisted in implementing what was promised, was assassinated by the CIA (Central Intelligence). Some say it was an accident. But that's not true, because it set the stage for his death, and that the alleged plane crash that led Ecuadorian President Jaime Roldos, the only ones involved and cordoned off the disaster area were the members of the U.S. base in Manta Ecuador. Some witnesses who contradicted the official version, were mysteriously killed in separate car accidents. So that the rule book for further enslaving nations.

In Peru the same function Kuscinsky PPK and Pedro Pablo, who has the same path as the previous lines described above:

1 .- The son of a Jewish immigrant, a doctor and socialist ideas. Our generous country received him without conditions of any kind. He became a teacher in San Marcos.

2 .- PPK, appears in the political life in the period of President Juan Velasco Alvarado, who took his Peruvian nationality. This had to escape from Tacna, in circumstances similar to Jorge Suchutz.

3 .- It appears as Minister of Energy and Mines during the second government of Belaunde. External debt left by the government and armed forces in two phases amounted to U.S. $ 780 million. When completed Belaunde had grown to over U.S. $ 7.500 million. The manager of this debt was PPK. Once claiming that he had contracted for the construction of hydroelectric plants. What ...?

4 .- After indebtedness, arguing that PPK retired back to his country to "oxygenate of economic resources, because his salary as minister was very little ...." The media reported that he had returned to his position as Director of Wells Fargo Bank.

5.-Toledo brought him to amend the terms of issue of the Camisea gas, which it did. Since then it has been in our country to oversee the operation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, both scheme and the current Toledo.

6 .- unrestricted opening of the Chilean capital investment, in exchange for being considered a junior partner. Chilean investments totaling over U.S. $ 6.500 million.

We judge warned and strong for our position.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
Túpac Isaac II

1.John Perkins. Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Former Chief Economist, Ford Chas. Main T Inc.

domingo, 2 de enero de 2011

THE KAWSAY SUMAQ -Response to Neoliberalism of Vargas Llosa.

THE KAWSAY SUMAQ -Response to Neoliberalism of Vargas Llosa.

The economies of all Andean societies had their search in the fulfillment of human beings in harmony and balance with all elements of life, or everything that exists, quite the contrary, the western development always focused on the individual and which everything that surrounds the human being becomes an object of exploitation and manipulation. In the dominance of the things their arguments to the contrary of its development is based on adjectives rather than the instrumental rationality that shows Horkheimer.

The clearest example we have the term "terrorist" is an adjective and for which there is no definition epistemological theory of law, but nevertheless is used unethically by all courts in contravention of all forms of appropriate processes. Because its sole purpose is to counter the rise of economic liberation movements, political and territorial, many of them in defense of their autonomy and protection of natural resources, to the depredations of transnational protected by the world's policeman and the States are Northern States of America.

They are two different and conflicting views between the neo-liberal thought Vargas Llosa, to be said by his peers awarded the Swedish Academy, and practiced for centuries in the communities of our territory to be specified too, have entrenched the descendants of Hispanics and created their own republic and state, which it called Peru.

In our territory is much higher developed cultures of Western Europe were developed in the fifteenth century onwards, for while the European cultures in search of plunder and destruction of everything that is opposed, so that they can survive, although there to refer to some elements taken from Roman and Greek cultures to try to appear as civilized, but in reality they are not, are the hosts of the Huns who ravaged their territory. At that time was the struggle between two positions with the same identity and ideological essence, Europeans and their civilization, such as the Huns led by Attila civilizations were predatory, predatory and death, Thanatos in Greek mythology. And they fought over the loot they represent many Huns as Europeans. Both were the spoils for the other, and as such were treated, one prevailed over the other or the other to ultimately evicted the other for total extermination of the invaders. What did not happen to us who accept the invaders in a peaceful, that although there was some reluctance, it is precisely because the intentions were shining rapiñescas invaders. Still only sought to cease abuses against the indigenous population. I was free before they came Hispanic and Western. Although we know that some nations were also unhappy with what was introduced by the Incas, who refused to be a confederation, because there was a belief in the decline of his powers to his people did not understand the size of a confederation of nations, which was to be initiated by very quickly Pachakuti benefits, economic and social.

What never happened in Europe, who lived one of its worst economic crisis and production and even health, which killed thousands and thousands of its citizens. All diseases and for having been brought by Westerners.

But what is the Sumaq Kawsay?. Javier Lajo defined as "doing things together and it" everyday, as a result of the balance between thinking well and feeling good or balance and Munay Yachay. But how to apply a republic Kawsay Sumaq Creole is essentially racist and segregationist?. This has to understand the brothers Amazon, which by themselves want to watch the sunset, having no eyes or experience having sailed the centuries of centuries our ancestors did. Leadership, institutions and government are based on principles as stated Javier Lajo: The Kamachiq or obeying the will of the people organized, practiced in each of the communities, on the contrary, for example to our Congress Current republic and his Prime Minister Mr. García Pérez, or inferred as Mr. Vargas Llosa, who believe that government is a minority who are holding military power with which to impose their political and economic interests. We have not seen an official who has been subjected to people's needs, if not the opposite, it was subjected to the interests of big capital, as is the case of his friend Romero has confiscated huge tracts of land to prey and plant oil palm, and say they predated the original forest has been destroyed, with dire consequences to ecosystems. They know but they prefer the personal and group interests to the interests of humanity itself.

The other principle is the confederacy, in which each nationality is autonomous but integrated into a subsidiary authority, which does not exist by the division that made the liberal criollos Bolivar and Sucre, just in case you had not been so prosperous, that had increased the threat to liberalism and ideological conception of the bourgeoisie. Indeed there is a view of the rising bourgeoisie and its ideologues to hinder the social development of peoples, as had been happening for the development of the Andean peoples, was a rising threat to take power by the bourgeoisie in the former colonies in the territory south of the new continent.

The last principle is the parity, which must be applied to other principles, such as a ruler there male and female ruler, an old man and a young man, Javier Lajo what's known as Hanansaya-Hurinsaya ... what summarized in governance apply to the four parities of balance: Balance of parity Society-Individual. Balancing Human-Nature parity. Balance Elite-Periphery parity. Balancing Productive-Reproductive parity.

All of this denies that touts Mr. Vargas Llosa and Western philosophy as we listened to the teacher Antonio Peña Cabrera is monistic and emasculating the human being.

Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui - Tupac Isaac II

The neoliberal bourgeois state is not Democracy. New Year - New Chance!

The neoliberal bourgeois state is not Democracy.
A criminal and a writer

There in my retina a very recent memory, an award-winning writer of purely native origin is hoarse with laughter in receiving their prize. He spoke of the benefits to which wrongly termed as a democracy. But also the daughter of a criminal and genocidal comes under the same to make the people believe he has championed the rights of voters in any circumstances in which it was subjected in the stage play will govern the offender who is her father. They all hide behind the word democracy to justify their crimes and make them less visible, according to them, but all they do is hide for now temporarily. What's worse is the cynicism that has the daughter of the offender, saying that his Father, it is not. So we ask: Who were the perpetrators of thousands of deaths of young women, as those young students of the University that were thrown by soldiers from the helicopters that all the payment of our taxes we pay, the criminals used to enforce the order of their masters, like Alberto Fujimori and Vladimiro Montesinos.

The classical Greeks tell us that democracy is majority rule in public affairs, for which you need precisely in the cities of a space that is empty for the discussion of public affairs, but that means it is empty? The vacuum means or military threat, or religious or economic power. If so. How can we explain the series of legislative decrees that protect the use of military force when a people rose to claim their right to not be contaminated territories. Why are serving unjust sentences, not one but several thousand indigenous community leaders and our country. If we impose our point of view, protected by an army that does not obey the people holding it, if not their masters who are now, then they are not obeying the constitutional mandate to obey the people, if not the occasional tyrant with deceptions of power to usufruct appropriated according to the interests of economic power.

Socrates and saw this horrible distortion of democracy, is what makes Pericles in the government of the city of Athens, although many take it as the role model of how it should be a democracy. But precisely this democracy of Pericles, was the one that condemned Socrates to take the hemlock, for trying to corrupt the youth. But that Socrates was corrupting the youth, either as the Cucufate or Moralists like Cipriani or Cure Trujillo, they may think it as that master of conciabulos Political and collusion, it would as similarities. But I would say that is wrong from beginning to end, because what to the Great Philosopher, was just asking, I was a shoe.

It was a question of apparent ease, but it was not, as this means a lot, for example, when applied to now, it would be. We should ask Mr. Chang Escobedo, as it did to remove the property from a university that represents an investment of millions of money to equip and give prestige to that appropriates without even a penny in his pocket and now enjoying of revenues very pleasantly.

Another question Mr. Del Castillo, who has long sought to buy a television signal, with the value of several hundred million dollars, if the only thing he has had is only the congressional work, and has always lived of that item, at least since I have knowledge. Besides his beloved wife without exerting any profitable activity has many properties. Where does your income? If one is committed to being only housewives.

As also that of our current president, with properties in France, Switzerland and Colombia, which may exceed many times their earnings of the two governments together. And just to have had a one-time advocacy and circumstances to support a high-flying drug dealer. And finally, as some mayors who came from other countries like Bolivia could be with one hand behind and one below, now bearing numerous properties in the cities spring, where previously only a fifth were living in a neighborhood of the city.
That we live in is not a democracy, that would say the great philosopher and insurance if he lived again, in this government would reform the constitution to condemn the death penalty for attempting to corrupt the youth and the award-winning writer would surely was again must die, it was a dirty man who was against democracy, though imperfect, but is the only one that allows freedom, that our great philosopher with the irony that characterize what I would say: If freedom, but not grown with reason, if not one that is grown with political power and money of the rich against the poor.

And is that the Neo liberal, as such, they feel, are not for equal conditions for the development of humanity, if not by the law of the jungle, but not natural and right, if not those predators that come with the advantage of having a bra for your order, as is the state that protects and helps them with his army that the poor pay and many integrate. It's a hoax, they want us to believe that this is democracy and not more than pure dictatorship of big capital and now has his defender a winner writer, who does not defend democratic values, if not the values of his class in power.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Túpac Isaac II.

Here I am...