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martes, 14 de abril de 2009


Tupac Amaru II, Tupac Katari and Bartolina Sisa AND RELEASE Who liberated?

We must be clear that things that we must free ourselves. These are premises that are clear and to undertake not to the tomb and tombs as the last given by the professor of philosophy at the University of Huamanga which eventually accept and deny what is flying in a few decades earlier. May become suspicious and even evasive responses that can give to my sayings, but it is now up to this vision of things. What I remember and restore the historical memory of the first cries of Gabriel Condorcanqui libertarians of the Apaza Quispe, who has escaped into the folk memory of this part of the navel of the world's great Abya Yala. 228 years of efforts are never completed until the child makes of the Condor revive the real hope for our nations under the yoke of Mistis living and dying by being stolen every neighbor's son came from beyond the sea or those who cross the Rivers of Colorado. To do that we must rescue what is left out who our mother, where we generated. Of those who arrived in the big lake where the sun is born who are our true ancestors. But not only that, we must realize that we can not separate release, the signal given by the Mistis to execute and Gabriel Quispe is instructive, and they said it ran beautifully for the minds of Mistis was what made the Creole Bolivar. Separate the body parts to make it very difficult to liberate and create scabs mentally, hitherto atosigan and we are a tremendous burden that has prevented us from moving forward. To re-assemble the large body of Gabriel Quispe and Apaza and we have to destroy what we did that Creole was releasing that deception if freeing a yoke to fall into much worse than another remains to date. If we understand this will join the great body to restore the great nation of Abya Yala. Are we ready to recognize the separate bodies this problem and find the union of the body to direct the true path of our liberation? It is a question we must answer honestly who have been separated. Because the scabs that have been imposed have created a barrier that is not indestructible, if we destroy it and restart the historical path of return to our true essence which is the essence of our people. The justification for such encroachment is in our minds, that the colonizers conquered mentally, so we have ended by accepting as true, but we need to know that one off body can not function independently of each, all have to participate in the execution of the movements of life. Then it is necessary to join the parts of the body to exercise the great liberation movement of nations that comprise the great nation of our heart and our soul originates. We know that history comes to underestimate the true role of the true heroes of our independence, which does not yet, but it must come if we do not offer, such nonsense we see in their texts. But that was a process iconización in the first stage in the fascist government of the military of the 70s in the last century, which has served to make it harmless and even opportunistic mercenaries took him as an emblem, such elements were purpose, which is nothing but harmless and do sterile minds of all Indians. With Quispe and the Apaza, has been more difficult because the memory is sitting in their people and their nations, that this living hope, which can also be passed on to all the space that belonged to our ancestors. So what to do. Quitémonos all the scabs and return to the stage where we came genocidal invader and to restore our nations, the real, not imposed by the invader who acted after freedom. Túpac Isaac II Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui Kuna-Chinchaysuyu Kapak Andamarca-Huacapongo-Tullpo


WHY THIS Evo Morales playing bow down before oppressive EL MISTI

Cree well as you can fool the old mole, who starts again broken through the earth to find the shadow to emerge again in a new stage of the emerging continental movement, to say the new wave world. We can not contain the efforts of imperialism brought to the theater you want to discredit the claims of more than half the world population is torn between hunger and misery. It is no coincidence that the crisis of the capitalist system in this overwhelming and walk later than never though it is to deceive the old mole, all operated with a stridency that ensordársela throughout the world. But you can not llevársele out with champions of reform, as now presented. Many of them are made to face blurred, or does not have the vision of the new man and only shelter on the advice of those who do not have the appropriate perspective on what lives in the present world in its present. Or as I mentioned the Great Lenin, many shelter behind the cloak of the new just to try to thrive and benefit from, are like puppets of their own selfish whims and interests of individuals who do not think about the future of humanity, if not all Otherwise they are the world, and after them there is infinitely more than them and there is only your ego. In this line is its action. Every day we see it, and it's called Mauricio Funes, Daniel Ortega, Fernando Lugo, Cristina Kirchner or Lula D'Silva; all have the same current, the same horizon, not to say Evo, who are suffering the biggest disappointment. Chavez can not talk because it belongs to the line of fascism with the patchwork of U.S. Trotskyism in salad pro. But what with Evo Morales is the theatrical pose that this assumption in the Congress to declare a hunger strike, in order according to their position on it, trying to convince the representatives of white oligarchs to power in Bolivia to a law to allow new elections in the highlands, which is so brought their hair, that was the way to try and change a picture when we know that revisionism and opportunism have been frozen to the marrow in his government. This is being done the important representatives of these sects to discredit the historical anti progressive positions of all the Bolivian political left. Which has had to leave to start infiltrating the government of Evo Morales, who has not seen the problem in its general or particular aspects of those who accompanied him in his government, much of who was his principal adviser that belonged to the military mercenarism pro-fascist, who fled this part of geography in order not to be in the contest for the suns that had usurped them as to make changes in this part, but were not more than in the pockets of personal and their families. That was his contention, the agency proceeds from its mercenary bandit. His misconception so specified, could go no further, because its origins and what they say point. Thus we see how wrong the way Evo, if that was really the spirit of change for my brothers from beyond these individuals. So far walk aimlessly in the tomb and the tomb, which is digging its own grave, not only our people but also to mislead our people who are looking for an outlet to the hopes of improving their status life. Therefore it is necessary to give a strong and convincing parallels to the lords of the oligarchy who are trying to undermine the fight, like those in your environment that you like birds Ominous clouds the view to see things. Is that they try to mislead in order to give access to the gentlemen of the lowland owners believe that a country that is not theirs, they belong to other sites and that they should return whence they came, they and their ancestors. First q ue for the territories that they want to become owners, they did so in bad gear parents looting the nations from which we originate, of which we have inherited and that therefore they did not belong and should and return them back where they came razed plagued our nation's Abya Yala, who are our only and our future and the heirs of the invaders, and genocidal looters throughout coat. Túpac Isaac II Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

sábado, 11 de abril de 2009

Mario Vargas Llosa and the Museum of desmemoria and insult to Uchurajay

Mario Vargas Llosa and the Museum of Desmemoria an insult to UCHURAJAY

Two events are presented in the cabinet of Peruvian politics: One of them is the conviction of twenty-five years abroad which usurped power in the nation of Peru Creole being subject to another nation. The most heinous crimes allegedly committed in their fight against the rebels in arms, led him to give directives to the irrationality of murder against defenseless citizens and college students. Being apart millionaire sums for which appropriated and in which their children were educated in the best American universities with which they are shareholders of countless businesses, not even counting the money they have placed their hands on the criminals of all tax the world. The second story is more desfachatada and that has no name and that is who is also a criminal punishment, the fascist Alan García named as responsible for organizing and running the museum in memory where outlining developments in the decades of internal war that we live in our country, who has been designated in history has had a black paper. We refer to the novelist Mario Vargas Llosa. His appointment is an insult to journalists who are serious and price consistent with the truth in the country. Well this guy, I mean subject, such as the adjective that you can foist, who desfachatadamente masked the crimes they committed the intelligence Ronderos or in collusion with drug traffickers in the heights of Uchurujay. To be more precise, the journalists who were traveling, including many major newspapers in the city of Lima, to clarify many obscure facts that are attached to the police or armed forces, which were known in the city of Huamanga. The place was known by some of the journalists who lived in the same Huamanga and therefore they knew the art to which it played. It was public knowledge that they were undertaking since it was his presence anywhere. Thus, went to that location, but unfortunately there were executed, which have made it clear that those were the paramilitary forces that were hidden in the indigenous community, which is quechua speaker. Only wise to blame poor indigenous brothers who did not know that they were prisoners, they were silent not to betray the presence of paramilitaries in the community and who were the executors of a policy that would place a greater push Alan García genocidal your Rodrigo Franco Command, which later was polished and taken to its ultimate expression of the dictator Alberto Fujimori Fujimori or Kenya. Vargas Llosa was appointed a commission to investigate the events, but the only thing he is hiding all the evidence that incriminated the real culprits, that part of the truth could not hide was the bravery of many journalists who are not shy to Military power handling at whim of the ruler Belaunde, a cautious course in military power. The scenario that was put together for that purpose and for which few innocent natives of that community were found guilty, they died in prison away from their community, in foreign lands. I had the opportunity to converse with them in their original language and the sincerity with which all the facts told me made me see the black paper tube to play the cover for such a crime novelist. So I think that it has named the genocide as head of the foundation and creation of the Museum of Memory. In memory of the more than twenty years of civil war that our nation lived, not for us to want to insult every nation that is in this territory, particularly the apparent disregard for this man who make up these great nations heirs a larger, that of our ancestors. Therefore, if we believe we have the right to reject not only those who appointed him, but also who was chosen as they represent the black history. Túpac Isaac II Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui Kapak Kuna Chinchaysuyu Andamarca-Huacapongo-Tullpo.

martes, 7 de abril de 2009

That is the phantom ancian topo deception


The ghost that travels throughout Latin America and some countries of Asia, pretendendiendonos to believe that the same scheme failed so many times is giving good results in the past when it came down to the same contradictions in his scheme, not to be the banished to the needs of the world's most dispossessed. Until our own wisdom to believe that has broken through the militaristic fascism can get into the top of the proletarian glory, taking as mentors to those who continue the tradition of rejecting imperialism and collaboration should not only be the well-worn Trotskyism. But do not think that is the old bullet in the dark of night you want to keep the broken land needs, it is quite the opposite, who are perched is the gown of our emblem of the revolution, there is crouching old imperialism who is always looking to hide in a mask to deceive the hopes of the hungry that populate the world. Thus we have, in pooling the power of the Indian republic Creole brother Evo Morales as comparsa being designed to serve the hopes of those who knock down claims to represent. If we can not interpret, and we are not referring to the uprisings of the south led by the extreme right thinks that the time has come to settle a bitter blow to our brothers who have awakened to the power of taxation in the Evo. We refer to the chagrin of the indigenous communities that are seeing their hopes broken with the intrusion of the white Creoles in power behind him. For many government decisions in Latin America were able to real confrontation with imperialism, but later on all the concessions given to the gentlemen who are in the region of Beni came the feeling that we were on a path that we had already traveled to Salvador Allende. It is impossible to reach the path of reconciliation with the enemies of class in any area it is going to take advantage of being safe and then give us zarpazo devastated, not only to us, if not what was built. And it continues this way Fernando Lugo in Paraguay or otherwise who believed in us becomes our sworn enemy as Lula in Brazil. There, all the organizations in meeting the landless are feeling betrayal in the flesh of those who at some time or was found buried in their ranks not knowing their true intentions. The same can think of the recent elections in which a former militant of the Frente Farabundo Martí traverse the same path, Mauricio Funes, I mean, that despite the claims to have created the danger by putting on their lips to a ruler flattering Obama, the same mask that we tighten the noose when necessary. Needless to say the disillusionment is that the brothers have suffered in the nation of Ecuador Creole. How frustrated in their legislature, at first excited to run under the old electoral form to try to vindicate the rights of all indigenous communities, what happened has been the worst deception that they suffered in the flesh for which they in some time supported. Therefore when a journalist raised his voice and social communicators who belonged to the ranks of Correa, establish support for the entire line correista I felt more sane as possible and claimed by the fighting that had raised in the forum where he was bourgeois, that their work had been the most sterile which she conceived. But then what is the purpose to gain electorally supposedly moderate progressive lines throughout Latin America? It is very simple: if the economic imperialism, aims to corner the real line progressive so that your coverage is discredited by the masses, and so are their efforts are in vain to raise the flags of the just claims of the indigenous peasants and the proletariat as a whole. We also experiment with other solutions such as those exercised in republiquita or narcocracia Peruvian criolla, where a energúmeno makes us believe that the crisis does not involve the wave bringing tears and hunger for the people, but its structure is more evident legal moves in the direction to execute those who dare stand up against the empire. To put this to the key post as the most distinguished corporate fascism as minister of the Interior has my rogue as a minister of education. Tupac Isaac II Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

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