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domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2012

the slogans of the ongoing battle by the indigenous Quechua population to say NO! to Newmont Gold (Yanacocha -Conga) mountaintop gold mine expansion in Peru

Conga  No Va!  Agua Si,  Oro NO!  are  the  slogans  of  the  ongoing
battle  by  the  indigenous Quechua  population  to  say  NO!  to
Newmont Gold  (Yanacocha -Conga)  mountaintop gold mine expansion in
Peru  and to  preserve  their  livelihood and  the  precarious
ecosystem  sustaining it!

Open Pit   is a documentary made  in 2010 by Torontonian Gianni
Converso.   In my  opinion it is  still  the   best available exposee
of  this  fundamental  injustice  perpetuated  by  the  global  north
against  the  south.

My short  trip  to Cajamarca and  Ancash  in October  was  a
confirmation  of the  authenticity  of  this  superb  documentary.

Independent  journalist  Roxana  Oliviera   and I  went  -- in  the
wake  of  four deaths in July in the  struggle  to  stop  Conga   and
one  death   in September against Barrick Gold's  Piurina  mining

We  mourned  with the  widows  in  both    killings   and  are  trying
 to  draw   the  attention of  the  public  of  these  latest fruit
of  the  recently  concluded Canada Peru 'Free Trade' agreement.

You  can  livestream  this 72 minute  film by clicking  on the  link  below:-


Let's  remind  ourselves  and  re-energize  for the  ongoing work
during  the  holiday  reprieve.

Feliz Navidad

PS:  Please reference also the inside page  editorial  in Lucha
Indigena #76  sent  out  earlier  this  week  for  an  update on Conga
http://www.luchaindigena.com    (Its  editor Hugo  Blanco  was  kind
enough to chaperone  us   for  the  duration  of  our  15 trip.)

PPS:   NFB  is  distributing  HOLE STORY   Richar d Desjardins'
penetraing  balance  sheet and  evolution  of  Canadian  mining   here
at  home.

Bolivia Continues Fight for Human Survival and Mother Earth

Bolivia Continues Fight for Human Survival and Mother Earth

Dear friends,

Two years ago, the Bolivian government initiated the Cochabamba
conference, where tens of thousands of participants rallied behind a
world plan to defend the rights of Mother Earth and oppose the ravages
of capitalism against our environment. Since then, Bolivia has
continued to advocate this agenda in world diplomatic forums.

In the statement at a world conference in Qatar on global warming
(below), Bolivia strongly reiterates its opposition to profiteering
from the world's forests ("REDD"), an approach which threatens the
rights of indigenous peoples in forest areas.
Bolivia's Proposal: Strengthening Non-market Based Forest Management:
In Qatar, at the UN COP 18, Bolivia continues fight for Mother Earth

During the 18th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change in Doha, Qatar, the Bolivian
delegation reaffirmed its rejection of the use and expansion of the
carbon market as a tool to reduce emissions that cause climate change
in the world and presented a proposal with alternative tools in carbon

The Plurinational State of Bolivia proposed the implementation of a
new mechanism to prevent deforestation and avoid the emission of
millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which will
be funded through the Green Fund of the Convention, by public funds
from developed countries, historical causes of the problem, in line
with the commitments made by these countries for a decade with no
results to date.

The mechanism proposed by Bolivia, different and critical of REDD
represents are real and consistent with the principles of the
Convention, notably with the principles of equity, historical
responsibility and climate debt. This proposal seeks to achieve real
reductions and not speculation about trends, supplemented by actual
reduction actions within industrialized countries, thus avoiding
transfer their responsibilities to developing countries.

Bolivia Presented the Non-Market based Join Mitigation and Adaptation
Mechanism for the Integral and Sustainable Management of Forests

December 1 Bolivian delegation in Doha

The struggle to curb forest carbon markets continues in Doha. Bolivia
has raised in the sessions of the Working Group on "Reducing Emissions
from Deforestation and Forest Degradation" the need to take seriously
into account the document of Rio + 20 "The future we want" in which it
is stated that there are different approaches to achieve sustainable
development and the need for developing holistic and integrated
approaches taking into account harmony with nature.

Bolivia is proposing at Doha the recognition by the Convention of a
"Joint Mitigation and Adaptation Mechanism for the Integral and
Sustainable Management of Forests" as a non-market approach to promote
reduction of emissions in the context of deforestation and forest
degradation, giving continuity to the agreements reached at COP17 in
Durban 2011, when a decision for the development of non-market based
approaches was achieved.

The Bolivian proposal is oriented to establish a mechanism to promote
reduction of deforestation and forest degradation in the context of
the sustainable management of forests which is based in the following
foundations: the non-commercialization of the environmental functions
of forests, the recognition of the multiple and holistic functions of
forests, and the strengthening of local forest governance. Instead of
promoting ex post payments once reduction of carbon stocks are
achieved, the Bolivian proposal calls for ex ante long-term finance
not only to achieve mitigation goals but also adaptation needs in
order to help local communities and local population to facilitate
forest conservation and the transition to better land use through the
development of more sustainable production system (linking agriculture
and forestry).

Also, Bolivia has submitted to the Secretariat a proposal to
incorporate the consideration of the Joint Mitigation and Adaptation
Mechanism in the working group of "various approaches to promote
mitigation", calling also for the halt in the implementation of market
mechanisms in climate change. Bolivia has suggested that any approach
or mechanism oriented to promote mitigation should take into account
the following principles: principles of equity and Common but
Differentiated Responsibilities of the Convention; sustainable
development in harmony and balance with Mother Earth, including
ethical responsibility, and change of unsustainable patterns of
consumption and production; non-commodification and
non-financialization of the environmentally functions of Mother Earth;
and conceptual congruity with the basic science of climate change.
Since only non-market based approaches are able to meet such
principles, those should be promoted as the solution to cope climate


martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012


Mankind not to walk the same path many times, is somehow turning his steps in legends or reviews as a memory element that serves to not re-sign have in the future or it can be your present. But what's the story? To be more accurate we will go to the encyclopedic dictionary Herder. This for some may not tell us we're wrong and if the dictionary was wrong, surely they can make their case to rebut, not to me if not to the scientific community that developed this reference tool.
Let's not etymology, because our partners confundiríamos IICA are now municipal authorities in the province where he was born Cesar Vallejo and Luis de la Puente Uceda, we refer to what our dictionary slogan: "research, science, describe, investigate, in Aristotle (knowledge of the individual) Set of events that happened in the past referable to man (meaning the deeds res) and research and description of these past events themselves (meaning historiam Gestarum rerum). The first meaning refers to the reality of man is developed, as a social individual, in time, refers ultimately to the historicity of human existence. The second refers to the knowledge of this reality, the story of what happens, in this second sense is also given the name of historiography. "In the story I also conceive as parousia, is the harbinger of things to come in future, it gives us clues to what may happen. But it said Mr Mayor. He did it by referring to a group of citizens who oppose the destruction a monument to the solidarity between peoples, a small pediatric wards than necessity became general hospital due to growing demand in the Andean town. The sensible thing would have been to return to the small hospital his condition for which it was built, that is only for the care of infants and pregnant women. But the intention is another, that we know, a people without knowledge of their history, and no history of dictators is grass so can be easily looted. But do not think this is started recently. The Iberians began grabbing our language. I will give an example: the lion would happen if you forget to sign your system and teach him to speak like birds?, Could communicate again with their peers, or with other lions?
Therefore see which is the object of history. The object of this science are man's past deeds (not nature, because in this case it would be only a "natural history", as called in the s. Eighteenth descriptive research on the nature, and not a "human history"), but not any kind of facts, but precisely those deemed socially or politically relevant: the res gestae publicae, not private things, of the first, not the second, the story is built. It is essential to this science being a chronological narrative and objective events, temporality, therefore, of the facts in its linear events, where it is possible to establish cause and effect, and not of mere succession, trying while interpretation and explanation thereof.

Against a historical positivism, however, based on an exclusive focus on the facts and a timeline consisting of objective facts, as far as possible, and in the study of causality that governs them, the "School of the Annals "which owes its origin to the" Annales d'histoire économique et sociale ", founded in 1929 by Lucien Febvre (1878-1956) and Marc Bloch (1886-1944), posed rather the need to address the internal structures society, such as economy, culture, social groups, social relations, etc.., study objects that are more amenable to treatment than simple scientific events. Anyway, even called in as science, particularly by the use of a rigorous methodology for research, history belongs to the type of science called idiographic as opposed to nomothetic, or to all human sciences, Dilthey in expression or human sciences in general. He discussed the possibility of using the assumptions experimentation and prediction of events, but is credited with the ability to understand the consequences of man's temporal power and even capture somehow, "life" human. In fact, historical interpretation, the historical method, is one aspect of hermeneutics.
The type of scientific explanation used in the historical sciences is typical of genetic models and functional or teleological
(Dictionary of Philosophy on CD-ROM. Copyright © 1996. Herder Publishing Company SA, Barcelona. All rights reserved. ISBN 84-254-1991-3. Authors: Jordi Morato and Antoni Martínez Cortés Riu.)
An authority, expressing the opposite, or put it as an argument to oppose his critics, it is undesirable as it would explicitly telling the whims of his mercy, and it only lived in the colony with pongajes, the mills and parcels which by the way happened more than a century and we go to the second we divested of colonialism. What I see is a lack of democratic culture. But beware, it is preached by the mass media, is just the opposite. What they extol is the dictatorship of the big bourgeoisie and its ideology neoliberal phase. Its principles are the very opposite of what democracy is based on Socrates Greek, or in other words the democratic ideal of Socrates, pun intended. Then shout themselves hoarse democracy that our media is not democracy, if not the dictatorship of the media owned by the big bourgeoisie. As Socrates said the democratic ideal that all human means in a public square dirimamos the commonplace, without religion involved in it, the military ideal, which says that our little Greek philosopher and great gods, spirits of our leaders and our money, say their altars outside the square, the agora where we will discuss all issues. This is the paradox of democracy, however simple that even my recent Peruvian students understand me, but minus the local authorities either as national, the latter prefer the cruelest dictatorship. For true democracy is the struggle of ideas in the agora, without imposing the criterion by the will of religion or military law. There is no absolute truth, everything is relative, depending on many criteria or circumstances. So the story serves to show that reality is changing with the elapse of time. Although time is the most referenced on circumstantial because it moves humanity. Therefore esan and rulers should watch history forever.
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012



When it comes to allies, the level of horizontal commitments, but if and when he is seen first ally with the market mechanism of this neoliberal society moves salaried position with no more need to obey. For the first ally not mean you take a good emolument that meet their most vital, but if he wins unless an assistant bricklayer. Then he can be considered as an ally who was treated worse than a simple bricklayer who only need to know the numbers that count in order to know that it is not deceived in salary he receives for his work. If the teacher is considered worse then as it is said to be the best ally of learning.
In a discriminatory society, sectarian and fascist where submission is privileged and monotonous thinking, which is often bombarded with that message in all media. By not allowing dissent in the most absolute. So as you can be critical. Just when she, I mean Mrs. Patricia Salas, when speaking of privileging the game to develop critical thinking, whether society is condemned divergent thinking. This is the greatest contradiction. But there is one more that is the main concerns when they are working for education, not referring to the main work of a master, which is precisely work for the realization of a new company to train future citizens of these nations. But his main slip and vocabulary that betrays its ideological bias is referring to neoliberal economic finish when it comes to quality and quantity referring as a heavy equipment needs to move faster so it is necessary to make it lighter and movable effortlessly. This involves clearly as neoliberal breviary says in cut jobs or reduce costs otherwise. Thus the mechanism of its famous Magisterial Reform Act that aims to more layoffs and rely solely on teachers hired, at least more than half of the public school teachers under the State. For neoliberals, should be reminded that the only state that is used to support the great capital, this small group of oligarchs who takes over the biggest part of the cake, not the people at all the people can benefit, only can be a slave to big business. That is his conception, Ms. Chambers does in his speech betrayed.

The same recipe was printed in Chilean education, with the same philosophy is what is emerging now in our country. There is no change, only the application of a recipe that is imposing multilateral economic, call World Bank or International Monetary Fund, since its vision of economic slavery. Thus has a stamp of class bias and wide application of this recipe to the Government inaugurated Ollanta Humala. I could not do it without first deceiving the people of the urgency of reforms that are based on popular interests. So when looking for allies in a way that has equated interest, and us alone because if we go with everything and let the rest take equally well in hand, appropriating only us all, and there are no allies is the level of subordination, it is no longer subordinate ally if not, this is typical of nineteenth-century mercantilism which opened bases primary ideology of big capital.

If there is a learning society that is conflicting, it is precisely because of the divorce with the establishment of the school. This opposed to the worldview of the population. The national school due to other interests that are not in the community. But why? Why do you want a school uniform, despite the talk of multiculturalism, but not spoken of multinationality, because there already collides with the interests of class and social group.

Mrs. Salas is disguise his speech, but fails and is discovered rather the objectives for which joined the portfolio of education, which were never the discourse of the first stage of Mr. Ollanta if they are targets Peruvian extreme right who cares the interests of big capital, this should be taken very clear and not enchanted with snake charming flutes with which we want to paint not only the teachers but also the people.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2012

Warlordism is not Marxism.

Warlordism is not Marxism.Caudillismo becomes the masking of the bourgeois forces to draw the masses to confusion in order to continue to maintain the status quo of your system therefore the easement in favor of capital accumulation, despite the misery of the masses. But because warlordism arises?. Arises precisely at a time when the masses start desarrapadas aware of their real situation of exploitation and misery, with the need to rebel and to overthrow the bourgeoisie of his power. This is used as a Trojan horse to confuse the people and undermine, destroy insurgent or rebellious forces found within the village. It is the opposite of what I might say Marxism as a theory, but for some pseudo Marxists believe that every revolution engenders leadership. The only kind of leadership is that as an exploited class, marginalized in society who runs the big bourgeoisie, either the buyer or financial and bureaucratic, to sustain his power over the dispossessed.In these times have emerged like wildfire precisely this sort of messianic movements with a garment dye and masked with either Marxism or millenarian Indianism. Both are harmful to nationalist movements seeking his release. First of all we support as a single man, who with his alleged willingness and ability to address the changing times, lengthens its duration, after which there who drive the road to support the change, because it is annular who can emerge as collective leadership that ensures the change in society and its historical development. Is ordered to take decisions only one person, it is believed the only source of knowledge which denies the development and evolution as a fundamental element underlying dialectical and historical materialism, which is his thought Unitarian and Unitarianism is the characteristic of scholastic thought, per se from that of religion and all messianic movements based millenarian leadership .. This can occur both in Marxist movements as fascist movements of the far right, but the feature is given to sustaining the right movements as essentially maintain your system with it, since the purpose of fascism is precisely to corner to slavery dispossessed majorities.The second characteristic of leadership beyond his thought is the sophism Unitarian hold of the absoluteness of its contrast with the truth without actually falling into dogmatism of the absurd. This is where we left the imposing leader of the truth by their supposed authority in which dissent will not accept the directionality imposed by the subject and the states which can not be subject to verification of their claims in light of knowledge and practice. Consequently stands as an uncompromising idealist to justify their theorems of reality that wants to transform without having proven. Wants reality to suit your ideas and does not allow from reality with the theoretical tools we get to the real truth, which is also circumstantial according to the position of the subject, or the development of society itself and history.Third, his conception of history, sociology and anthropology is Manichean detached from reality, as if analyzing trataraa eyes of condor that is if not the tiger, for which it uses the same theory bourgeois without the need to precisely recreate historical materialism to analyze the story, so undone analysis and synthesis thus becomes a Marxist.Many would ask me to them with concrete examples. I would say that we have lots, just to name a few have to Chaves, the entire Latin American left and even Mr. Guzman. All are Marxist, only a few leaders, but anti-historical.Tupac Isaac IIJuan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com



When you walk through the maze of small shantytown Quiruvilca, go along winding streets summary contained human misery, compared with the opulence of the skyscrapers of American and Canadian cities. Meta with which we deceive any upstart snake charmer or others use it as a Trojan horse to continue to maintain the status quo according to neoliberal religion predicament. In these almost more than a century in the small town extractivism, of what he saw and told Cesar Vallejo in his short stories, nothing has changed, everything contrary to human dignity fallen into the abyss more unlikely. Keep alcoholism patent in all or almost all of the miners, and especially the progress of infectious diseases of sexual nature; apart is that occupational diseases specific to mining. It has also resulted in excessive enrichment and offensive whether they felipillos new municipal authorities, leaders ronderos. Here are some that are presented as ronderos leaders do for the sole purpose of negotiating with the enemies of our people. But this is not new because when Hispanics, which was but a horde of cruel genocide, without culture exploited the contradictions within the Tawantisuyu to be plundered, sacked to make way for the emergence of the bourgeoisie as a class taking power and ruling destroyed feudalism. The ragged, illiterate who came to loot our nations are formed what later became the new bourgeoisie in the 18th Brumaire expect to make revolution and to abdicate the monarchy and aristocracy as social class in power.

When I say that nothing has changed or Quiruvilca or Santiago de Chuco. Is that what you saw before, in my childhood and youth, which is what made me a young rebel, with ideals of liberation, none of what I saw before, it has not changed even one iota, but rather has accentuated inequalities . What you do is compete, which is servile and traitor to the interests of his people, in order to please their masters or their representatives. We see from the representatives of a community that many who do not know now Santiago, believe they are the staunch defenders of our people, now become unconditional servants of multinationals who plunder our lands. But not only them but also some young intellectuals who sold his pen or his word to support the traitors, they do it with such vehemence hoping to reward them with a gift so they can survive in the anguish of poverty that unfold. And needless to say of ronderiles leaders, who are behind the big multinationals, or local governments, as beggars for alms. Some have the nerve and have no shame when the perks of his betrayal at the hands.

But what has brought modernity Mining? I only see schools of adobe and furnishings made with the same materials where sit my younger brothers get lessons. Much suffer our teachers receiving the miserable salary of a thousand suns and have to pay a daily allowance twenty-five to thirty soles, quedándoles not just to their tickets to travel to these communities and to work with hunger in their stomachs. The State, the old state that nothing in the biggest corruption in the lower courts reflects what happens in the higher levels, because communities send them incompatible computer systems with the rest of the network, where there is no energy electric or solar panels or even have them shipped containers games robotics course, for which the same teacher has to auto train, if we add that his salary only afford to survive just a week, while some do officials boast outward signs of wealth and not to tell our elected officials to govern small towns, and is taught that our brothers looters, because as in any work, before tithing cobreaban now have increased and charge the thirty percent, fifteen for the main authority and the rest for their rulers wallow some showing their newly purchased vehicles, as

Now if we are telling car, new home and nothing will happen to me. So we have cheated in Santiago with a paved road in the liquid covered with clay and asphalt mesclado to make us believe that it was a new technology. We continue now with our old road widened and that will make more mud, making it even harder for us to use and where is it that seasoned community leader who is very good to be an informer of his brothers not well monitored the construction work of the people of that?

Tupac Isaac IIJuan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

The benevolent capitalism of the opportunist progressivism

The benevolent capitalism of the opportunist progressivism

In our many Hispanic American power structure, which incidentally are temporary, until we make the savage capitalism is taking away their bases, he still maintained, otherwise use your minions to destroy it and thus contributes a number of intellectuals who are seeking the sympathy of the capital of the empire. Progressivism and even some cases of the twentieth century socialists do nothing more than make up capitalism in its imperial phase. They know cackling and taking the classic saying that not everything is bad in the phase of globalization, which we define as expanding ties imperialist colonization. But essentially remain extractive and view nature as an object, its individualistic and anthropocentric definition follows the same perspective and definition that unbridled capitalism has not changed, which is trying to make capitalism less fierce. Capitalism has always believed that history is linear and as such there is a starting point and an end point in that decurso, why Francis Fukuyama's assertion to say that capitalism is the end or culmination of human history. The amazing thing is that now with his sophistry can not sustain the crisis facing the system.

Since they can not sustain the ideologues, and even contain the enormous flood of discontent facing the system worldwide and threatens to destroy the countries that had recent capitalist development at the expense of the enslavement of the masses of ragged, as what happens in India to have its capitalist development had to enslave millions of children to free labor and will increase the coffers of the few great masters of Indian industry and needless to say of China which was raided by the reaction to the death of Chairman Mao, where schoolchildren are on the wheel of the party holding the usurper of the people's decisions. But capitalism is a chameleon, that under all circumstances to continue to maintain the privilege of the class that represents all the mechanisms used to continue maintaining their privileges. So that the hosts have turned to neoliberal dogmatic thinking, which is the copy that use religion to dominate the human race without being able to analyze and thus realize the purpose to which they are put into service, which is why all phraseology that this analysis does not resist taken as a truth that can not be discussed.

The only thought is what metaphysicians used to coerce any possible dissent in any row, call it left and right. For some it is impossible to conceive that all matter can evolve or be able to have all the properties that the rest of it is made obvious through observation, on the right is expressed in order to not be rushed without arguments that rebut the incongruity of their status before the events that intends to handle, for which the legal mechanism used as a tool of intimidation. In eclecticism opportunism summarizes the changes of the two positions. We must clarify that argument suffers when it'll resort to insult who makes you see the poor of his argument. This attitude is also those who cause arguments suffer from any of the political positions but usually exacerbated in those with positions in extremis of both political angles. In the capitalist system is resorted to misinformation of the events, as if most would realize their fallacious arguments they could not continue to have the power. To give one account of what happens in time and space, requires that the data are reliable and takes that are at least comparable to giving a picture of reality in order to give an accurate assessment of things. But if communication is distorted, what happens is you do to keep this in the political and economic system. Another of its resources dedicated to the immobility of human mental space is critical of religion, is that it uses coercive mechanisms that prevent critical development of relations in the world, nature and man, why capitalism through its gendarme in building is doomed through religion an instrument of domination that will detail later.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
http ;/ / juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2012

To those who search for a free world - from Hugo Blanco

To those who search for a free world

In 1994, at the full glorious height of the neoliberal system that oppresses us, a voice of rebellion arose, the Zapatista movement in Chiapas, Mexico.

Naturally Salinas, the then president, launched a bloody military offensive thinking to rapidly crush the rebellion. Not so, the indigenous fighters resisted. The people of Mexico were outraged at the bloodshed and demanded an end to the attack.

The U.S. government was alarmed, because with the number of Mexicans and Chicanos who had been and were being oppressed in their territory, there was a danger that the Zapatista armed uprising might spread to the seat of the empire. Therefore they ordered the Mexican government to stop the attack, an order which, of course, their subject obeyed. The rebels announced that they were obeying the people of Mexico, who were ordering the war to stop, and suspended the armed conflict.

The government offered talks, the Zapatistas accepted. With the democratic spirit they have, they would not wish to be the ones to speak on behalf of the indigenous Mexicans; they called on indigenous and indigenists from across the country to set out the indigenous demands. This task was completed, and their arguments were so convincing that the government commission had to accept many of them. Both parties signed what were called the "San Andrés Accords." As these had to be in the form of a law to be approved by parliament, a commission was appointed with the task of putting them into the appropriate format. The commission completed its work and submitted it to both parties; the Zapatistas accepted, but the government did not. Instead they filed another document, thus betraying the agreements they had signed. The members of the chamber [of deputies] gave in to this outrage and agreed to discuss and approve the government document. Therefore, the Executive, supported by parliament, betrayed the agreement.

The military government made a treacherous attack on the Zapatistas, trying to liquidate the leadership of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN). They failed. But, (whoever is the current president), they do not abandon their intention of making this island of freedom that exists in the world disappear.

Do not forget that the first international gathering of those oppressed by the neoliberal system which is crushing the world was called by the indigenous Zapatistas, and took place in the mud of Chiapas, years before the World Social Forum

Recently the attacks on Zapatista communities have been increasing, the chief and fiercest ones are those being suffered by the Zapatista autonomous community of San Marcos Avilés. The Good Government Junta ‘Towards Hope’ and the Good Government Junta ‘Heart of the Rainbow of Hope’ have also reported attacks.

These attacks and the continued detention of Francisco Sántiz López and Alberto Patishtán Gómez, are the spearhead of the attack to crush the zone liberated from neoliberalism, where the people govern themselves through the Good Government Juntas. This is seen as the great enemy by the transnational corporations (the 1% of humanity that crushes the 99%), as they are a living example of the fact that "Another World is Possible", "A World where Many Worlds Fit".

We hope that the insurgent rebel movement in Mexico, # yosoy132, understands that their essential task is to defend the island of freedom that is in their own country; if they crush the Zapatistas, # yosoy132 will be easily crushed.
Let us fight in the defense of San Marcos Avilés and against other attacks in the area. Let us fight for the freedom of Francisco Sántiz López and Alberto Patishtán Gómez.

It is in the direct interests of humanity to defend the island of freedom that is the Zapatista area.

Hugo Blanco

viernes, 27 de julio de 2012


Teachers in any society are those that allow it lasts, so the rulers know that dominate the teaching sector may dominate the people. This is what every political system used to perpetuate and continue to dominate. We see this every day and with many examples that esclarecerían in a total. For the loss of purchasing power and the loss of all rights of the teachers union was not free and had a purpose, which was to make education a commodity. In the more than two decades that are organized teachers have not fallen so low, as now, about having allowed seven thieves soles school failure endilguen us like we were the only cause.
Is there really a failure at school? What we see is that over fifty percent of population lives in the most degrading misery, as the only beneficiaries of this economic boom is of course as always only a small elite that live in the capital of the republic and it is the dominating all our great nations which have joined us against our will, without respect our culture and values ​​that we have been practicing despite the ideological domain with which we deal. There the teachers make an effort that has allowed the culture still persist, the social structure of our towns and introducing native education in it. The social structure can be distinguished even in the slums or shanty towns where they saturate as migrants of different ethnic groups, there teachers are the link between Westernized hostile world and the structure formed in the new place. Here in this place move is played which existed in his marka or suyu, some modifications were made in order to mask it, with the strategic aim is that we appear before regulatory agencies in Western society. Then the teacher is the bridge between these two worlds that are parallel, which plays without ransom of the world or the official nation.
So always see teachers playing a role more than the simple teacher in our communities, hence the need for official status of murdering a teacher, who at that time was not taking part in the protest practically just the residents of Espinar, what I was doing is giving some fun to the children, at a time when their parents participated in a demonstration to meet disagreement with mining. Here what the teacher is to appeal to the solidarity of all to feed his family, as in a mining area of ​​a thousand suns to win a master contract allows you to afford a week's supply, then we wonder what eats the rest of month? That's why we have to buscársele to survive the rest of the month. That's one reason why a teacher died, the other is that the Other Peru, as called Matos Mar, wanted to give a lesson to all for making use of their right to dissent and how that other Peru defends owners of our resources. The state has lost all sense of sanity, it has become the guardian of the interests of transnational corporations and is going against the interests of the peoples who are defending what is theirs and not foreigners.
He died as a teacher and says Ms. Rocío Silva Santisteban, no one has remembered the dead, will each June only his widow and later his son that he throw his lack of presence. Criollo Our current president has not had the integrity to even worry about this situation that has caused their blunders. We will always remember you brother Master, as happens every June will make us see the poverty in which our families and alms received by the new government as all the natives alone to govern their class and social group.
Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

sábado, 9 de junio de 2012

Mr. President, ELIMINATE THE SHAKERS REQUIEM FOR Ollanta Humala- ABOUT THE SONG OF LUIS Aguile- Mr President

Mr. President, REMOVE THE SHAKERSREQUIEM FOR Ollanta Humala-
ABOUT THE SONG OF LUIS Aguile-SrPresidente
During his election campaign, you promised many things, Mr. Chairman. Even coined a phrase that will help to effect its purposes: social inclusion, although it is a hollow and empty Farse itself, served to nucleate around his candidacy ue votes needed to anoint President, with the money of the empire and reactionary attitude of stubborn right to keep the old way the status quo. So once the empire played his two letters, and see who you might prefer the daughter of the criminal and genocidal Fujimori, if the front was only you and the dance of millions, the servile press, reptile and monotone, honorable exceptions, and the adulation of all sorts of opportunists took office, NOT POWER.
And during his speeches succinct and enclosed places, always reminded us of the Chinese, not Chinese Fujimori, but the Chinese Juan Velasco Alvarado. "Neither capitalist nor communist, but Third" said Velasco, a poor creature, who said of Manuel Scorza, (the military) "only have the head to put on the cap" with a short speech, concise and hurry before target leg, which she did not know the answer, saying "it ask my ministers," they do not like all scoundrels prepared by the rule, out of the quarries of the School of the Americas in Panama - Southern Command-(in time), where you prepare future dictators to rule the empire in Latin America: Augusto Pinochet Ugarte (Chile), Rafael Videla (Argentina), Garrastazú Medeci (Uruguay), Augusto Somoza (Nicaragua), Hugo Banzer Suarez (Bolivia), etc. .
So you Mr. President, promised to govern for the people, cheap gas, tax on mining profits, tax reform, labor reform, limits on the AFP, defense of our natural resources, priority for education and health priority for children, incentives to art and culture, etc, etc. And because of this campaign that the singer Luis Aguilé wrote and released a song titled "Mr. President", which seems written more for you
And all the foreboding message that I am sure you also enjoyed the music and lyrics I completely forgot. Or maybe put plugs in their ears to listen.
And he repeated the story, I would say Karl Marx: "History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, second as farce." And this is how the people of Peru attends one of the coolest farces in its history. For I gave you something to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez books and documents relating to his mentor Juan Velasco Alvarado, the same who in conjunction with Edgardo Mercado Jarrin, Ascarate Aryola Armando, Ernesto Montagne Sánchez, Luis Cisneros Vizquerra, among others, trained by the U.S. Southern Command led the struggle against the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Left Movement, led by Luis de la Puente Uceda.
You did not give the Venezuelan president, the works of our Amauta José Carlos Mariátegui, or Jose Maria Arguedas, or the poems of our immortal Caesar Vallejo, or Javier Heraud, No Giving you the "works" of Velasco you was exposing his true intentions. If gas, elusive, laconic, demagogic, away from his true friends who supported him in his campaign. To leave the arms and who showed no mercy against you
There is his first cabinet. Hybrid, bland, demagogic, tiresome. And how little we still had the decency, the right to demand rather than by the people, you threw it overboard and looked over the precipice. And he surrounded himself with Valdez, the chairman of the cabinet, then a fan of Fujimori, military and you formed to defend the system. And cast out of his fold who will still serve as perones podáin or bishops, or perhaps as queens. And they all do not make one iota to defeat poverty and misery of our people, that 70 to 80% still awaiting prostrate Inkari postponed. Nothing has changed, Mr. Chairman. We remain an exporter of raw materials and importing manufactured goods. Continue depending on the empire through IMF, IDB and modern TLC in the process of globalization, ie internationalization of hunger and misery in the world and the enthronement of the metropolis in their struggle to survive.
You could even go down in history as a President of the Social Inclusion. For that to happen, you must eliminate the social agitators: hunger and misery of the people, their ayayeros around him, his advisers are advisers of the empire and the traditional right. Otherwise the people will place the roll where it really should be. In the cesspool of history.
Patarata, June 2012.Alfredo Chunga VinchalesCounsel of the Central RegionalFrom Peasant RoundsLa Libertad.

sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012




We are writing to you asking for your solidarity and support as today Wednesday 16 May at 14hrs were submitted to the office of the National Urban and Rural BC located at Avenida Juarez # 1 Interior 2 of the downtown neighborhood of Tlaxcala around fifteen individuals (some armed) which were identified verbally (without showing any identification) as agents of the PGR and carried by force and the barrel (hitting a fellow sci firearm) to partner fellow HECTOR MANUEL PERALES Malacara adherent to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle and the Other Campaign and member of UNCAC. In this arrest, these individuals threatened the companion Luz Rivera Martinez, who witnessed the events above narrated, and who to question these individuals because of their actions they said he was hindering the conduct of state and that it would charge the cock and they could do with it what they wanted.

After this, the subjects took the fellow and put him by force to a vehicle which could not be identified.

We ask of you beat, spreading this aggression and demand the immediate presentation of the partner and if that is the PGR who turned the order, that this dependence clarify their legal status or release him if that is not justified his arrest. Of independent bodies for the defense of human rights, we request your intervention, monitoring and reporting of the facts here alleged.


miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Alzheimer's disease of PETER ARMANCANQUI

Those who fought all his life, always keep unchanged its horizon in the fight, but there are some who face the inexorable advance of the years and being near death believe it is appropriate to err on the road enrumbar strength in another direction thinking that that can be remembered. Is the case of Lord Armancanqui, one of the founders of the teachers' struggles, but now in this point is mistaken diametrically their efforts in a government that call for or fascist and corporatist. That's the idea that is being reflected in his speech of May this year.
Your first paragraph mentions a breakthrough campaign promises to fulfill the Great Shift, the problem is living the fantasy Mr. Armancanqui. On mining profits that multinationals have only to cheat again, as there has been environmental liabilities that will have to pay for a hundred years our communities suffered with fatal consequences for its economy, which might not know that the Lord Armancanqui by extracting every ounce of gold left over 49 tons of toxic waste, and this by filling in our territory, if he does not see it, is because surely only such lime and has not come to the land of Vallejo for their eyes to realize how wrong you are, then that land can not intoxicated use is not known how many hundreds of years, since before we have to empower them for a hundred years to maybe be able to use in agriculture. Also discuss progress with the consultation, I will say that is deceiving because the boys were cleared Rounds Olympian to farmers and rural communities and will only be recognized as indigenous and native to the Amazonian area and that have a purpose, for the Amazonian communities are politically more backward communities and can be politically manipulated through large NGOs that invest in these communities for submission to the imperialist yoke. While grass will be politically backward from the intrusion of non-governmental organizations, which are the old instrument of imperialism to subjugate the peoples of the world. Well not going to give anything but for nothing. They have the same example when they reached the land of the Cacique Caonabo, which tried to buy trinkets with this brave son of the original peoples who sold his life dearly with the freedom of our peoples.
I do not understand is that an experienced unionist this stating that welfare policies are those that lead to progress, we do not know if you are about to lose his mind or perhaps as we said in the title is a change occurring due to disease. Well we do not see that also this saying that a new mining policy in multinationals like Barrick and yanacocha using huge amounts of cyanide and mercury to get an ounce of gold which is checkered forty-nine tons of earth, which soil becomes barren u8nos those few centuries and that it takes several processes to make them useful and for which also need billions of dollars to recover the land contaminated, then where is the progress for our peoples, but it is a around the towns of Santiago de Chuco and Angasmarka in the land of Vallejo to see the falseness of their claims. To date none of the mining companies respected the ecology, as in the world and in their countries of origin is prohibited mining with cyanide and mercury, however they do in our territory. For now here already disappeared micro flora and fauna of our rivers, do not know why, because they are in collusion with multinationals and left us unprotected all the authorities on these issues, but rather have bought the silence of their leaders to be extras , Those are the things Mr. Armancanqui and needless to say in his defense of Mrs. Patricia Salas former president of the National Board of Education who begat the new general education law and the new public teaching career is insane delivery.
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012


Following publication of the rules of the law of prior consultation, by DS N ° 01-2012-MC, it is starkly reprehensible that despite validated and expanded the scope of Art. 149 of the Constitution of the State, regarding the peasant patrols, through Agreement No. 1-2009 Plenary of the Supreme Court of the Republic, who have been recognized judicial offices and consolidated through the bill coordination, now at a stroke status is unknown indigenous or native to the peasant patrols, particularly those that do not originate within peasant or native communities.
This position and attitude of government is not casual. They are indigenous, native and peasant patrols, which are so organized and permanent lifting of struggles and environmental protection, most notably in intrepid action against pollution generated by large scale mining. Thus we have as an example, persistent and heroic struggle the people of Tambogrande book-Piura against Manhattan, of the Andean peoples of Ayabaca and Huancabamba in Piura against Majaz project, now Rio Blanco, the town of Lambayeque Canaris against the project, peoples of the Andes liberteño Misquichilca against Barrick and South Lagoons project, the people against Antamina in Ancash, Cajamarca against Yanacocha and special anti Conga project, on the south, we the people of Arequipa and Cuzco against the Majes project Sihuas II, the people convenciano in Cuzco against contamination from the Camisea gas, the town of Puno against pollution of the Rio Ramis, and say the fighting in the now classic miners seats Toquepala, Cuajone, La Oroya Cerro de Pasco, etc. In short, Peru mining has been delivered to the highest bidder by the government lackeys and sellouts of Alan Garcia, Toledo, fujimontesinista mafia, and now by the government of Ollanta Humala, all the recipes using international monetary fund, which economic colonies supported by apparent democratoid regimes, whose traditional institutions (judiciary, legislative, executive and electoral) are only a crude brazzier that hides his horrible rotting body.
It is easy to deduce that if these popular organizations which have been raising their voices against organized capital and its system of exploitation and appeasement, now they intend to remove from the scene of the fight via regulation law. Well worth asking if the poblanos organized peasant patrols, particularly in the north are not descendants of native peoples and the north have the Tallan, the Moche, the Chimu, the caxamarcas, the Chachapoyas, or chucoway huamanchucos etc. that although, at present limited community thrives in such jurisdictions, it is because after the invasion, the settlers in more than five hundred years of subjugation have settled the foundations of our civilization tahuantinsuyana, particularly as regards the social and economic organization. This has not been an obstacle to conserve Tahuantinsuyo tutelary institutions: community spirit in the land use, ayni, minka, the pararaico, the servinacuy, the wuyana etc. spirit that has allowed today to organize in peasant patrols within a concept and design of rural community, above the limiting frameworks of the law itself gives them birth.
This system and particularly the regime that has the structure of civil-military dictatorship, as new tests of dominance in the time that the ailing and discredited democracy, and does not give effective results to counter popular protest. In other words, the maintenance of democratic regimes clothes (only because they arise from outdated electoral fraud) is only possible to satisfy the people into believing that it is still possible mediating these changes aim to electoral fraud, which the popular will is respected, when above all stands the will of the imperialist master: the monster of the north.
The repressive legal shield, which criminalizes public outcry, inherited from previous regimes continuistas as this, and has expanded this regime closes a circle of indiscriminate repression and authoritarian to the empire and its lackeys appeal to stop the momentum of the struggling masses spontaneously and in response to such ignominy and oppression, and that course is looking to build their bodies and cutting edge.
In that sense, the challenge of social organizations, in this historical moment, is to build leaders and leaders in the heat of the class struggle, they must be left behind economism, paternalism, the spontaneity and north of the struggle. As compared to the situation, not fit patches, but a surgical operation, and that means resume the path of true organized struggle, which drag the chariot of the intermediate sectors and backward forward in the struggle against bourgeois and imperialist aspirations domain of the masses through welfare policies, using the media parameterized in a monotone and reptile, and why not say, hiring scabs, traitors and traitors to perpetuate the system.
The people must shake off the cowardly and opportunistic in the direction of their organizations, it is not authoritarianism and personalism in this fight, those leaders of always renting his mind and his pen to the highest bidder to be unmasked. It is time to take the most precious of our historical past, our amautas see us with eyes of wisdom, the apus us the way and amidst chants with pututos and flutes, waving flags and chanting slogans to air, we call loudly to defend the Pachamama. Attacks on Mother Earth that part of the mining companies, with the permission of puppets and puppet governments must cease. This is possible if the front of our organizations to highlight real leaders with a clear mind and a strong unity in action with the masses.
The four vociferously demanded his unit.
With conviction, let us prepare for that moment. Chunga Alfredo Vinchales Counsel of the Central Regional Of Rural La Libertad-PERU Patarata, May 2012.

   Posted by Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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