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lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013


We can begin to wonder if this is possible, in this second decade in which we live. It will be possible to do so, when we focused on the crumbs of the system throughout these times, we thought we could do around a caudillo, but it is anti historical, regresionamos to as were the leaders in the current feature feudalism and capitalism . Then we need to clarify two things. The first, if possible the union of the left in Peru. The second really determine what stage capitalism and fight, which had not been done ever since the collapse of the Soviet bloc.
The first thing to do is to refer to the history of the Peruvian left, which as history has followed the itinerary of what happened in the international arena. Our analysis has to be gritty and being as objective as possible, not to take as their own any of the stores that are divided and in which many of us are campaigning sleep with the bag of our youth and strongly believe that our position was the dogma sanctity of absolute truth, but we did not realize we were used by the dinosaurs of opportunism, which only used the incendiary speech to earn revenues in university faculties, then continued his life as a petty bourgeois waiting to climb the ladder of bourgeois society.
Until the death of Amauta left remained united under the shadow of his ideological direction, here we can not consider Haya, knowing their opportunism coupled confessed his megalomania by handling the strings of power. In the world, after the death of Stalin and Khrushchev's rise to power, that comes and can be seen as a major setback for the revolutionary ranks, it still is as its opportunism and delivery of what has been achieved so far created the conditions for the initiation of the counter that ended with the destruction of all vestiges progressive imperialist aspirations may contain Yankees. After a long time the same thing happened in the great Mao China, it leads us to think that the main problem is to keep the development of the great march of the revolution, and that the Great Lenin sensed it when he wrote about revolution and counterrevolution, the latter always acts between racks, so that it can not recognize, focuses on tactics to discredit the revolutionary ranks, the purpose is to undermine the morale and confidence of the people in their advanced progressive.
To this are very good partners opportunism, revisionism that do nothing but thrive peasant working class to express to their masters, that they hold the reins, which therefore have the need to receive their privileges hands of their true masters . In our country did revisionism and opportunism in the workers' ranks climb peddling their interests, but the real drivers of the masses refused to give up and sold expensive defeat, there we have a clear example of Artemio Zavala, who was betrayed by APRA, which festino his arrest, but he APRA-envisioning treason and had traded with the patterns of sugar Cane sugar plantations-all retired to their homeland. This is always the itinerary of those who betray the people in the struggle for the defense of their rights. That stage that opportunism remained loyal to Soviet revisionism is when enlightened the masses decide to take different course, Castro in Cuba looking for support, but also decide to go where the Great Chairman Mao. They decide to start fighting in our country. Just have the moral support of China as Castro decides to support another line akin to them.
There we have Luis Felipe De la Puente Uceda that heroic war starts feudalism in our country. Which was not supported by any man who is hoarse in public squares or in cafes. As always were the revolutionaries of coffee, which once out they forgot, but thrive to continue serving, as always in the interests of the system that has perched on the power to the lumpen bourgeoisie. That was the fate of the famous national left that all he has done is to bomb all the revolutionary experiences that have happened in our country, and now echoes bourgeois ideological theories to assert their power against the people. So like every alliance will be to justify the enthronement of the empire that his labors saciendo destroy what remains of life on the planet. Since the rule is subjecting almost three quarters of the planet to hunger and misery. The functional enslaved omnivores power of capitalism ...

Tupac Isaac IIJuan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

Good morning, brothers slaves!

Good morning, brothers slaves!
A call to the brothers who suffer from capitalist exploitation!
Good morning, brothers slaves!

You work hard to collect 500 soles, no? Also for 200 soles we are doomed to work if the government fascist desire or will the economic oligarchy decides ..

Who knows? maybe not ashamed at all to see: how our children spend over the windows and the windows of department stores - filled with foreign goods, wandering with their old and broken shoes ... Keep working for the crumbs that your employers pay you while you go hungry, disease and poverty .. .

Sleep, oh, people slave! Tilt head sword does not cut it, no!

Sleep, oh, people slave! It is because you have 120 congressmen "immortal friends" lol, to whom we: the 30 million prevalecerles can not, because they are united in stealing the wealth of our pisarnos Pachamama and back, while 30,000,000 us - we each goat by his foot!

Sleep, oh, people slave! For you are "future" only far in strange foreign lands .., away from family and home, away from your elderly mother, away from your children grow miserable you are doomed if your beloved presence, so you can occasional send them another euro ..!

Sleep, oh, people slave! While your grandmother is beaten and raped by a 20 soles! Do not feudal enemy threats as you need your hands to work hard for those 500 suns, no? You need your hands to caress your children, who cry for bread and new shoes, yeah!

Sleep, oh, people slave! I have about 500 years of experience, yes!

Tanyita Yupanqui

Here I am...