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sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011


For neo-liberals and ultra-conservative right-wing thinkers, democracy is civilized when the people left to enslave, exploit without grumbling or murmuring in any way for any reason, talk of dialogue, which always hold our indigenous brothers who spend their money year after year in claims useless in all political, not to take notice and more officials of yore still mocking the claims of our indigenous brothers, Amazonian and Andean countries, and now trying to subtract the copyright is no longer named as indigenous or native peoples, but that in complicity with the bourgeois sociology have designated the peasants, how ignorant of geography, because there are just fields in Europe, they are flat lands. That's what they are called fields. I've never seen vast plains as presented by the European geography, such as the philosophers would have us believe the far right.
Some people skate or confused or deliberately and his hobby is so obvious that it would be necessary for a charity be housed in the central pavilion of the nonsense Larco Herrera as nonsensical writing, such as the Constitutional Charter of 1979, it was Peru's constitution. All historians know that it was not in use have been de facto repealed once, that's another thing.
That constitutions are not given to individuals, but to the states, some dislike the constitution of the beginning of the republic, which occurred in other stages of the republic, that is irrelevant, but all were and are the was Peru, and only one is effective for the Peruvian and not just for friends of Juan Velasco Alvarado. If so, for example, Mrs. Martha Chavez swore by Alberto Kenya Fujimori Fujimori convicted for crimes of state terrorism, should be processed immediately in defense of crime. For a criminal to swear by, is making a compliment to the offenses for which he was tried and convicted offender and crime are few if not the most despicable that a person may have done.

After the Lord confused the cultivation of coca of drug trafficking and crime are very different things, such as his criticism of the speech by former Military Ollanta Humala without presenting any argument, is that right-wing ideologue uses epithets and nicknames to disqualify the person. What I do not like to talk about the more than 20 congressmen financed by large mining companies and some members of Congress or the star twice financed by drug trafficking and mining companies. That will never speak, nor speak of the money launderers of his buddies in a few large banks. As you can see there is a thorough analysis and logical argument that says the mastermind and international intelligence agent, adviser to the far right who served before the offender Alberto Kenya Fujimori and Navy, and that regardless of how Rospulgoso says, sorry, Rospigliosi is that one is wrong so my neighbors, who have a grandiose name for a European origin, you are immediately given the job and have no conditions writer. As recently devised APRA in the Ministry of Education to enter their carnetizados members for entry into the public career of teaching.

While I disagree with the speech of Mr. Ollanta Humala, I can not prove without presenting a strong case for wanting to lower it and lowering personalities like Mandela, Mariбtegui, Kennedy, whom Mr. Rey de Castro did not not even reach ankles, shows their arguments with which he began his writing in the diary of Mr Aldo.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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