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lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011



It seems that the Creole world trying to impose all the negative values ​​of indigenous culture such as greed, individualism and other aberrations that are contrary to the spirit of our nations that were in this territory before the coming of the Europeans Spanish etnogenocidas .
Let us take the first example the title of discoverer genovйs genocidal embarked licensed by the Catholic Monarchs and came to our fate, 12 October, destroying all indigenous communities in what is now home to the island republic and Haiti, poblбndola originating entirely from the African continent, so did with what is now Isla de Cuba. In Cuba there are no more original than were the inhabitants of these islands.

This does not matter who was who discovered whether it was a landowner or a thief abroad, but the submission that we continue in our nations by the culture of consumerism in our communities because there is still a ruthless mбs poverty and misery, the other is the low self-esteem that we have been having as a nation, we crawl those comprising the Creole nation and currently remain in power, that we esteem, as this is true, if not look that Hiram Bingham is quiйn , is it not an adventurer who came to Peru in search of the golden citadel of gold, as always urban legends were woven in the bars north of amйrica. It is the same as garbage recyclers of Spain heard of a continent where there was gold in abundance, they decided to go in search and earn a little something to change your life miserable. The same is happening now, when the Creoles were those Spanish children born in the new continent were so despised by those born in the peninsula and decided ibйrica independence of their homeland, they did not consider at all. Liberals sought to undertake such a task, there we Bolivar and San Martin who destroyed the confederation of nations that existed when the Spanish arrived, but the Lady Liberty gave the coup de grace with the founding of Ecuador and Bolivia are limbs of a confederation for five hundred years could resist the colonial invaders ethnocide spanishman.

Everything is incongruous, because as we celebrate who has raped your mother, your daughter, your wife. I'll give many honors for the atrocities. It is inconceivable that attitude.

One hundred years of what ? That we are a scoundrel stole the legacy of our ancestors to trade with other merchants, take for example the statement by Jesus of Nazareth, the merchants who were stationed in the courtyard of the temple of the LORD was furious and threw them out those miserable traders, who are now appointing businessmen, who are the descendants of those who were miserable in the temple courtyard of selling and marketing Jerusalйn people's beliefs are the same now commercializing the heritage of the peoples of Abya Yala .

But as we explain the huge numbers of tourists to Machu Picchu, the poor Indians are the last to benefit in this endeavor. And is that as an employer is outside the country, we believe it is better not return to work as our ancestors did, we're consumed by consumerism. Йste is the biggest problem facing humanity and that is bringing its consequences for the planet and if we stop to think of everything, such as to celebrate one hundred years of dispossession and misery that is what happened with this gentleman the north.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Túpac Isaac II

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