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jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013

MESTIZOS O acculturated Indians

MESTIZOS O acculturated Indians. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos 

There are tools for analysis and storage of information in the historical sciences that are not taken into account by official bodies and consider what Mincelli Laura discovered that in successive congresses Olympian historical sciences are ignored by the leaders of these institutions , who deny the evidence dictatorial tone that brings it poured soils official manuals reporting of events that can take up the spirit of nations. As the basis for the development of a people is precisely meet their bases of appearance as such, but if it is unknown may not form, shape their future, serve precisely such data and if you can not go wrong that way. This is what happens with some officers known historians such as Peru. The Peru as a nation, as a culture ethnicity or social group does not exist only in the mind of the conquistadors and their descendants claim and hold it in for over five hundred years. But they do it as a mechanism for support of their political and economic power, that's the real reason, because otherwise it would fall all the scaffolding that holds.  

The story is also built according to class interests, to give consistency and presence of its power, it is based, then it is, but not as a clueless mayor of Santiago de Chuco said that: "In the history not lives ". It is so powerful groups are due to deep understanding of historical processes and the construction of an image of history that is favorable and consistency to the management of power in a geographic area. Before going further in these reflections should be clear and sharp for my claims are sustained by the way I'm discovering that is the same way they discovered my ancestors. Knowledge for the Andean world stands on other parameters that led to the balance between man and all elements of the cosmos, no supremacy or dominances of any kind, with the utmost respect over the other, contrary to the logic that underlies Western academic discourse or reflection that is the result of that logic that has as principles of contradiction and its two derivatives on the principle of identity and excluded middle. That is based so as know as science and respect as holy truth. This is last is the basis of the dogmatism of all social, political and even cultural and religious system to finalize. The rationality of the West is one of exclusion, based on a binary logic that values ​​two proposals alone or logical values ​​and choose one against another. Very different from the Andean rationality is stated in the principles of complementarity of opposites and no binary elements if they are crowded, in the simplest scheme two contradictory elements complement one third. His second principle of reciprocity, which is known to love, but not a love transferor, if not the unmodified complementary to the other if not accept it as it is instead the love from a Western perspective is one-dimensional and unidirectional, this leads to dogmatism and affection to the inclusion and swallowing the other. On one hand, the work is not an affront or no effort as conceived by Christian thought that warns man to dominate nature, quite the contrary in the Andean world working for you love and raise work means life. In the West there is no separation mediation if not, which excludes the difference or the difference is the main element of exclusion, so the Western academic discourse is a mechanical reflection unilinear, unidirectional and two-dimensional. Their culture, their social organization, economy and religion is structured in this way, which has allowed to endanger human life itself and the planet's existence. It's different academic discourse IS A REFLECTION Andean CONTEMPLATIVE, which is not bound to any mechanism as is western to its mechanical Newtonian

 Well, I solved this first problem understanding that one of the sources of the story, aside from the manuals conminadas in historical sciences, is precisely contemplative reflection is done communally in all Andean social organizations. From there I'm starting by way of comment, it is hurtful to those who are too acculturated and moving through western paradigms in scientific knowledge. In a recent visit to the campus of vallejianos scholars, throw like a stone to break down myths that are held as breadsticks in a game and it will collapse because the cry that was put beyond the sky and it's like culturado their definitions are static and non-plastic, for example this is what we read in the writings of Ivan Degregori and Portocarrero they imagine the mestizo-that in fact it is, as an individual bitter and under pressure creole state, either by the via social cultural and religious policy, but instead is a very cheerful person, for them is incomprehensible for people developing schizoid traits of abnormality are the torturers and the tortured. So I realized that for the natives was and is necessary for Vallejo is a mongrel and instead a true Indian. The reasons you were told these writers and do it again in a post with the historical basis of the official historiography. 


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