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viernes, 27 de julio de 2012


Teachers in any society are those that allow it lasts, so the rulers know that dominate the teaching sector may dominate the people. This is what every political system used to perpetuate and continue to dominate. We see this every day and with many examples that esclarecerían in a total. For the loss of purchasing power and the loss of all rights of the teachers union was not free and had a purpose, which was to make education a commodity. In the more than two decades that are organized teachers have not fallen so low, as now, about having allowed seven thieves soles school failure endilguen us like we were the only cause.
Is there really a failure at school? What we see is that over fifty percent of population lives in the most degrading misery, as the only beneficiaries of this economic boom is of course as always only a small elite that live in the capital of the republic and it is the dominating all our great nations which have joined us against our will, without respect our culture and values ​​that we have been practicing despite the ideological domain with which we deal. There the teachers make an effort that has allowed the culture still persist, the social structure of our towns and introducing native education in it. The social structure can be distinguished even in the slums or shanty towns where they saturate as migrants of different ethnic groups, there teachers are the link between Westernized hostile world and the structure formed in the new place. Here in this place move is played which existed in his marka or suyu, some modifications were made in order to mask it, with the strategic aim is that we appear before regulatory agencies in Western society. Then the teacher is the bridge between these two worlds that are parallel, which plays without ransom of the world or the official nation.
So always see teachers playing a role more than the simple teacher in our communities, hence the need for official status of murdering a teacher, who at that time was not taking part in the protest practically just the residents of Espinar, what I was doing is giving some fun to the children, at a time when their parents participated in a demonstration to meet disagreement with mining. Here what the teacher is to appeal to the solidarity of all to feed his family, as in a mining area of ​​a thousand suns to win a master contract allows you to afford a week's supply, then we wonder what eats the rest of month? That's why we have to buscársele to survive the rest of the month. That's one reason why a teacher died, the other is that the Other Peru, as called Matos Mar, wanted to give a lesson to all for making use of their right to dissent and how that other Peru defends owners of our resources. The state has lost all sense of sanity, it has become the guardian of the interests of transnational corporations and is going against the interests of the peoples who are defending what is theirs and not foreigners.
He died as a teacher and says Ms. Rocío Silva Santisteban, no one has remembered the dead, will each June only his widow and later his son that he throw his lack of presence. Criollo Our current president has not had the integrity to even worry about this situation that has caused their blunders. We will always remember you brother Master, as happens every June will make us see the poverty in which our families and alms received by the new government as all the natives alone to govern their class and social group.
Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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