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sábado, 18 de junio de 2011



The principle of implementing its own vision and conception of development is underpinning the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples at the famous right to consultation is only appropriate for those who can declare the same due to be equal peoples, but also rural communities originate, as are the peoples of the Amazon, are different people now in power, because the difference is that we the peoples of the Andean Zone and the Amazon, we are not represented either in the current Congress or the next to be sworn in July 2011 a new period of government, since this representation has arisen a system of government and society with which native peoples are not compatible with its history and form of organization, even in the historical development of the same. It holds the same philosophy that sees the world, so that the organization of our people reflects a philosophy that has developed in our country through centuries of contemplation and harmony with nature, with no nicks, not degrade, no disappear, so do not share the same objectives and the same hopes, except that we respect our lifestyles, our culture, our cultures and to halt the mental colonization that do the same in our territories soldiers from a philosophy has given rise to chaos and misery in the world. For it is the inalienable right of self-determination and therefore the query does not fit here, if not consent, because the query only be if we were equal to those peoples who came to receive hospitality from us, but their children and children their children have taken over our territories mercy as they improve our conditions of poverty and misery.

In recent events that have happened in the city of Puno with our brothers of the Aymara nation, and I say Aymara nation, they are different from other members of any group in this country called Peru territorial demarcation, but only recognized as distinguishing those who come from outside this territory, this referring to their ancestors when it comes to the Aymara nation, they are, they have a language that distinguishes them from others, have a worldview that is different from that of other peoples apart with a spirituality that has resisted all invasions ethnocidal of different religious sects like the Jehovah's Witnesses, Adventists different coats that have come with large luggage even for the most blatant handouts, in order to make its cultural genocide but have not made as if they have achieved in the Andean peoples from the north, where they have been committing their crimes cultural ethnocide.

Then the Aymara people and nation is different, so it is necessary to respect their feelings about anti mining, since there really has not helped anything to solve their problems more serious than even the state has to resort to its coffers to solve the problem of cold spell that occurs in the months of July and August and large mining companies do not give hot water to the communities of Aymara people, then what is the gain for the Aymara people, so they must decide what to do with their land, that other people can not do, since the five centuries of cultural genocide that has permeated the West with its services and philosophy, we have become the pariahs of the world that does not realize anything if they violate many times, the north Indian for example will not say anything, just say that the gringo continues to violate. The Indian and Indian San Román Acuña is a case in point.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

jueves, 16 de junio de 2011


For many years I have been visiting my country, to know and give a sense to my life, and in that journey I have felt the idiosyncrasies of different peoples, its people. As they behave. And it has helped me to conceive and have an idea of ​​how they think and what their true worldview. In the bustle I have found that the more the resistance of a people to the invasion of western alienation and more stubborn resistance. The values ​​that politicians talk so much about education, they remain more intact in the community or people.

When the values ​​are lost as the culture, customs and even the form of social organization, the community loses its horizon and begins to act like a Westerner and installed greed as the main element of social improvement, not in your community if not entry into Western society. But this does not mean that they enter Westernized progress of science, on the contrary, when they enter the values ​​of Western society is when the community loses its identity and gets a new identity that is not theirs and even adopts poses and ideological views and his philosophy of life. In adopting the philosophy that it does to justify the loss of values ​​which he held before when your community was in use in some communities due to the problems raised by the entry of western pathology, makes use of the two paradigms of life, but only to justify his errors and mistakes, as well as to hide behind their lack of commitments in both paradigms. Apparently it does to survive, but not, if you have the image of West as good and that will allow you to move up in a Creole nation where the Western paradigm and its economic and political system can not be changed and you have accept or do not enter and do not enter if you are invisible to the rest. Then we wonder why this spiritual condition? We believe that the mestizo, has a fear of invisibility. For the Indians, are invisible to all the Creole society, never participate in major decisions, even in them relating to their own territory, and if they want to make their own decisions are none, for it even have an army composed by Indians themselves who attack their own brothers, but have also lost their status and identity of indigenous people. In losing their indigenous identity, they lose their relationship with their siblings and see them as enemies, do support the arguments of White or Creole. Also contributes to this religion, as an alienating, that allows you to plot to enslave another.

With this we can put two cases of community relations and behavior that have allowed us to draw conclusions and the basis for taking these few assumptions: The first is my last year stay in the community of Mollepata, where little by little same community was integrating and accepting me. Chosen as one more of their community. The activities were done communally and was always taken into account for all of them and not attend. Such is the case of the communal dining room where food is prepared of the entire community, which had almost an almost symbolic contribution because, as I planted and had no plot, they mentioned that my contribution was symbolic, since only Being in the community and teach their children was more than enough. Community by integrating within it gave me the task of advising on relationships with local state authorities Creole, if if were developed around the inclusion as a member of it. Such is the case, for example if you had to go, they made me to do various assignments in the capital of the province, one after making the assignments, they returned the courtesy by inviting me to their homes forever, either as a picnic lunch or dinner in the evening, as well as keeping me in mind when they killed an animal, was the first to be considered to give myself a serving of meat or sometimes roast in pan. Also at night we would gather every night to talk with the community in long hours of conversation, where they asked, but also related their experiences and communal stories. Needless to say at parties, had a unique respect, as they knew they did not take any kind of liquor to intoxicated knew respect my decision and I never demanded to participate. When I went out to walk the woods and could see someone greeted him and they answered the salute with great courtesy. So much so that when he finished the year with very nostalgic goodbye to me, giving me a number of gifts, food and other goods they make, such as the famous clay pots, made me curious I gave a gift of pure clay pan that I keep with all my love because I gave it the oldest of the settlers who still has the technique of his ancestors.

At the opposite turned out a year after my stay in Mollepata in an indigenous community called the Hospital, but has nothing hospitality. All I see color of money and if a stranger arrives, believe it is a piggy bank to be exploited. As for my advanced state of health I can almost not walk, I have to use proper shoes, asked them to provide me with a mule to carry me, I almost fell down when I was told the price, so choose to move to standing walking nearly three hours to reach a bus stop so we can move to the capital of the province, I do not stay there, as prices for my food is more expensive than in the capital of the department, almost comparable to the price charged for food in the capital of the republic. No member of the community does a disservice, if not payment for services you do. And the sleeping conditions are bad and climate are the gild the pill, but what stands out is that there in this community's religious sects where they have entered with force, destroying all traces of community and values indigenous peoples and this is one reason, to destroy the identity of the community, they have been installed and plunder the riches of our communities. When the villagers have realized they can not respond to attacks because they can not answer, having lost its values ​​and identity. Having all this is impossible to answer, for not having valid arguments that allow them to cohere as a community.

Túpac Isaac II.
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

martes, 7 de junio de 2011


Let the SOL in from Arianne Sved on Vimeo.


Youth in various countries have come to protest the regimes that promote profit, usury and the exploitation of man by man. But the amazing thing is they do not question the system, which is what generates the things in this situation.
And we must ask why young people did not question what the origin and cause of this society is maintained at the crossroads and continue to maintain order as unjust, as their struggles are directed only against the men who implement a state wrong things, they are just pawns used by the system. System that is run by a great international bourgeoisie to continue managing the destiny of the world. The concentration of the economy in a few hands is the purpose of this class globally.

She has no country, so their boundaries are not defined and you can never rely on any corrupt government to defend its interests and when that no longer serve immediately go to another that offers better facilities for holding, but neither should forget having a policeman who watches his interest and offers the largest army in the world. If some could be successful, I mean the U.S. government, that does not matter whether Democrats or Republicans are in control of government has always defended the interests of the great world bourgeoisie against any hint of wanting to blunt the interests of those who rule the world.

Here is the main problem are not young people who rebel in the world who the real masters of the world laugh in a kind of catharsis young people are indignant at such disgrace, plunder of poor countries and exploitation is nothing more than the enslavement of the masses of the world to live well the small circle of those who rule the world, the little club bilderberg. So named because it is the select club that directs the destinies of mankind, that's an assumption, because all they see is their selfish individual interests, not caring about the world or fate.

But young people do not realize it, that have arisen from all the brainwashing that the media were demonizing any rebellion in any part of the world interested in defending their nation, not the gentlemen's club bilderberg, as is done now, since the outrage over a more representative democracy not as the system will change radically, and how they do that? It will be impossible with the intemperate voices, for more angry they are. As the empire, faithful guardian of the Bilderberg, not only in many years or centuries of domination has learned from its mistakes. Then as the Far Right has castrated the ideologically accept everything they propose as a solution, which of course only be a tremendous makeup to gild the pill to be taken of young Spanish people and the world, as they did in Egypt and Morocco .

Look to the right-wing extremism in defense of their interests, when the words do not fit, all you do is get the ball, they did in Iraq, they did and are doing in Afghanistan, and in all countries where it is jeopardize the interests of the members of the Bilderberg, for it has its sheriff, who is none other than United States so long as the protest of the indignant look no change and only bark, and then come to enlist in the system as a faithful dog, there will be no intervention by the system that are well versed in doing what they want, be outraged now part of the catharsis that the system needs and then go full speed and after having spent all wax cease to shine on and off until another time when the world once again become slaves to need some untied the rope on the neck permanently.

We have seen how excited the youth to their claims and as it spreads around the world, but until they arrive there, has no future, as are the spring of catharsis for the rule continue to dominate the world. Catharsis in which dominate the world they say, do your tantrum, total, in the end I continue to govern, they do believe they are rebelling, but it is not true because not mastered anything.

And why I say this?. First, its protest does not have a defined ideology, without any strategy to take power, it has no purpose and will not come to any port. Secondly, as no one objective which is to take power, but seek to change the actors who serve the system model, these will be changed and say: we did what we wanted, so still and there estense end their protest thus give an image to the subsequent generation to rebel against the system does not pay, because the system is in charge.

This happened with previous generations, many of them became revisionists and all they did is to accommodate the system. What was your excuse for ever? There are no conditions for making revolution. And those who wore the pants to do so, labeled them as adventurers, children, but they never risked anything, and so continued his life and now he comes out with this, for Spain is that the Spanish Left has fallen shamefully, because never, after the republic, has been able to articulate a mass movement and are only and are young, some old men who only live for his years of flowers.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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