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lunes, 23 de diciembre de 2013



There are facts that raise incredulity suggests , hiding something. The facts giving reason to go long to where your target is going, they are none other than the protection of their economic interests. It has always been so. So do not cry desgañiten in defending freedom at all costs , the protection of democratic systems . His acolytes say : Our democracies are imperfect so we must resign ourselves to submit to the various outrages and impose no sharpen those who hold economic power and therefore political power.

So we can refer to happened recently in the golden circle of opium and hashish , drug circulating in the countries of this golden circle and the integrated , Afghanistan , Pakistan and other Overseas countries where U.S. interests thrive on way . But what is the purpose to control the trafficking of these drugs in this area. Apparently there is no reason . If any. What USA wants to control and have a door that enters the china, threatening U.S. hegemony. This requires or have control over the sheikhs of the drug, or at least destroy those who hinder them in their interests and focus on one that they can dominate. First they have to destroy their nationalism so that they can be easily managed via the ethnocide and introduce their cultural and social management . Second create a market for their production. This imposes the legal theories of the adjective , which have no logical support , but they are the ideal psychological weapon . With this weapon also justify before world public opinion shares of dispossession in these nations , imposing puppet governments .The issue in these countries were cohesive through their religion , despite having demonized , discredited , have been unable to break ties . The only thing left in his legal theory stigmatize adjective to not submit to its dictates. What has made them prepare their withdrawal is because the friends were in yesterday are now his enemies. It has dominated the ethnic, religious cohesion , before another and allowed them to resist the U.S. military invasion.

The same is happening in our South America and especially Peru, the overnight is becoming the largest U.S. base in the world. With the backing of the same Peruvian Congress and needless to say of the Peruvian military class, as this allows outcast and alienated mancillamiento our country. They use the military class , who are indoctrinated in his former school of the americas, best known as the school of dictators. These people are applying the repressive policies . They have tried to ERASE the stigma of this school and supposedly have closed, but remains open and getting a lot more men who will be the support of the neo-fascist regimes throughout america . Just last year many more elements of the Peruvian military schools bound for this famous school was sent . That 's what they want with it ? Very simply ensure ideological domination of fascism , as this is the position today of the national bourgeoisie . They have to be ideologically prepared elements so that they can continue to sustain their privileges at the expense of sacrificing the welfare of the people living in this geography.

But not only that, also the fascism in the international arena , which is nothing more than capitalism, you are looking to make up their income that are intended to covert actions , openly can not do with their taxpayers' money , for it looking so I was in Asia as the famous Bin Laden , to provide him income by drug trafficking, wanted independence or when leaving the American influence was stigmatized in order to destroy it. This is now happening with the case of the Sanchez Paredes family ends to be a dispossessed landfall to be the kings of Peru . Look around their inconsistencies are obvious : In the 1970s the Peruvian millionaire entrepreneur, business owner and many fish canneries , was Mr. Luis Banchero Rossi, with a multitude of companies throughout the country was facing the main employer employs more than half of the economically active population of Peru . And only generated sixty million dollars . So how can one believe that one of the members of the Sánchez Paredes family has generated more than $ 52 million in its fortunes in the same period , only selling beer in the city of Chimbote and the other brother has generated over sixty million supposedly as a fishing vessel owner , taking only a small sloop . But here is a much bigger problem , according to statistics from the 1981 census , the total population of santa did not reach even the 178 thousand inhabitants in the province . There the incongruity of our political and judicial class now has moved to the U.S. justice system , which we know to trial and dismissed for convenience only sure that drug trafficking is in their hands and therefore in the hands of the Sánchez Paredes family , employees of the Central American Intelligence . Then we wonder who will tell the U.S. Congress endorse the cover of this drug family?

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villaloboshttp://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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