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miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014



Recent events in which, who was not named by popular vote the audacity to make the decision to decide who stays and who goes in the ministerial team of the current government is made. In a representative democracy the people's power is determined at each election and whoever was elected should represent the popular will, if he does it discredits and consequently their power is weak and only represents personal will, not their constituents . Mr. Ollanta was elected by a majority to represent you , you can not delegate , unless an official of the state, I mean your spouse , in the case of ministers, who have to answer for their bills to parliament national . We wonder to whom notices Mrs. Nadine Heredia , all this reflects the inability of the president to direct the destiny of the country.


If readers let me alone I will draw on our superhighway encyclopedia , Wikipedia I mean , that 's what it says about our democracy encyclopedia :

Democracy is a form of social organization that attaches to the ownership of the whole society . Strictly speaking , democracy is a form of organization of the state in which collective decisions are taken the people by direct or indirect mechanisms of participation that confers legitimacy to their representatives. In a broad sense , democracy is a form of social relationship in which members are free and equal , and social relationships are established pursuant to contractual arrangements.

Democracy is also defined from the classical classification of the forms of government by Plato , first, and Aristotle , then , into three basic types : monarchy (rule by one) , aristocracy (rule " to the top " for Plato, " the least " to Aristotle) ​​, democracy ( government " of the crowd " Plato and " the most " to Aristotle) ​​.1There is indirect or representative democracy where the decision is taken by persons recognized by the people as their representatives. There participatory democracy as a political model that provides citizens the ability to associate and organize in a way that may have a direct influence on public decisions or when the public is given ample plebiscitary mechanisms advisory applies . Finally, direct democracy when the decision is taken directly by members of the village, through binding plebiscites, primary elections , facilitating the legislative initiative and popular voting laws , a concept that includes the liquid democracy. These three forms are not exclusive and are integrated as complementary mechanisms in some political systems , but always seems to be a greater weight of one of the three ways a particular political system.

Taken from : http://es.wikipedia.org/?title=Democracia

The first part refers us to the issue of power . A ruler is entitled , as does the will of those who have delegated . Suppose that over fifty percent of the voters in our country the power delegated to him Mr. Ollanta is allegedly contained in the electoral promises made after the second round , which was developed in the electoral contest . Failure to do so discredits then lied to gain power over their true intentions to the people of what they would do to benefit its much worse if voters and delegates who do not have the status of civil servant , only for him and he has the power to delegate the ability to name who as a public official . If anything should appoint your spouse in the prime minister, but also because there round with the crime of nepotism. But if it refers to power, Lady Nadine Heredia is usurping the power , which is also a crime, usurp a representation that does not come from popular election. But there is also a crime , in this case the minister of economy and finance , the famous Mr. Castilla , who owes respective respect to the Prime Minister , but to get me through to belie the lack of judgmental committed insubordination. Unless authorized by the president , who must have done also know the prime minister. But obviously not the Lord Humala came forward before this crisis, not let bad off your spouse . By not doing so you are giving credibility to your spouse that power emanates from it and therefore can not contradict him. So who has been delegated emanating powers of the people , feels unable to represent that town , which is argument enough to apply for the vacancy of the Presidency of the Republic for permanent disability of the ruler to do what the people delegated to him .

Here there can be no argument that the ruling does what he can do better the people , because if the people chose a program of promises, the ruling to do so took advantage of the people is therefore unable to continue holding the position . Therefore Parliament has to dismiss permanent disability , whether it would be an accomplice to a usurpation of power, in this case, the spouse is doing which he was elected . Here , those in power , which in our case are the international financial institutions, and companies are imposing their rule over our state, will do anything to stop it , as it is shown that the Lord Ollanta Humala and his wife are faithful servers of media power . As noted by former teammate Raúl Winer .

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