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sábado, 9 de junio de 2012

Mr. President, ELIMINATE THE SHAKERS REQUIEM FOR Ollanta Humala- ABOUT THE SONG OF LUIS Aguile- Mr President

Mr. President, REMOVE THE SHAKERSREQUIEM FOR Ollanta Humala-
ABOUT THE SONG OF LUIS Aguile-SrPresidente
During his election campaign, you promised many things, Mr. Chairman. Even coined a phrase that will help to effect its purposes: social inclusion, although it is a hollow and empty Farse itself, served to nucleate around his candidacy ue votes needed to anoint President, with the money of the empire and reactionary attitude of stubborn right to keep the old way the status quo. So once the empire played his two letters, and see who you might prefer the daughter of the criminal and genocidal Fujimori, if the front was only you and the dance of millions, the servile press, reptile and monotone, honorable exceptions, and the adulation of all sorts of opportunists took office, NOT POWER.
And during his speeches succinct and enclosed places, always reminded us of the Chinese, not Chinese Fujimori, but the Chinese Juan Velasco Alvarado. "Neither capitalist nor communist, but Third" said Velasco, a poor creature, who said of Manuel Scorza, (the military) "only have the head to put on the cap" with a short speech, concise and hurry before target leg, which she did not know the answer, saying "it ask my ministers," they do not like all scoundrels prepared by the rule, out of the quarries of the School of the Americas in Panama - Southern Command-(in time), where you prepare future dictators to rule the empire in Latin America: Augusto Pinochet Ugarte (Chile), Rafael Videla (Argentina), Garrastazú Medeci (Uruguay), Augusto Somoza (Nicaragua), Hugo Banzer Suarez (Bolivia), etc. .
So you Mr. President, promised to govern for the people, cheap gas, tax on mining profits, tax reform, labor reform, limits on the AFP, defense of our natural resources, priority for education and health priority for children, incentives to art and culture, etc, etc. And because of this campaign that the singer Luis Aguilé wrote and released a song titled "Mr. President", which seems written more for you
And all the foreboding message that I am sure you also enjoyed the music and lyrics I completely forgot. Or maybe put plugs in their ears to listen.
And he repeated the story, I would say Karl Marx: "History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, second as farce." And this is how the people of Peru attends one of the coolest farces in its history. For I gave you something to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez books and documents relating to his mentor Juan Velasco Alvarado, the same who in conjunction with Edgardo Mercado Jarrin, Ascarate Aryola Armando, Ernesto Montagne Sánchez, Luis Cisneros Vizquerra, among others, trained by the U.S. Southern Command led the struggle against the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Left Movement, led by Luis de la Puente Uceda.
You did not give the Venezuelan president, the works of our Amauta José Carlos Mariátegui, or Jose Maria Arguedas, or the poems of our immortal Caesar Vallejo, or Javier Heraud, No Giving you the "works" of Velasco you was exposing his true intentions. If gas, elusive, laconic, demagogic, away from his true friends who supported him in his campaign. To leave the arms and who showed no mercy against you
There is his first cabinet. Hybrid, bland, demagogic, tiresome. And how little we still had the decency, the right to demand rather than by the people, you threw it overboard and looked over the precipice. And he surrounded himself with Valdez, the chairman of the cabinet, then a fan of Fujimori, military and you formed to defend the system. And cast out of his fold who will still serve as perones podáin or bishops, or perhaps as queens. And they all do not make one iota to defeat poverty and misery of our people, that 70 to 80% still awaiting prostrate Inkari postponed. Nothing has changed, Mr. Chairman. We remain an exporter of raw materials and importing manufactured goods. Continue depending on the empire through IMF, IDB and modern TLC in the process of globalization, ie internationalization of hunger and misery in the world and the enthronement of the metropolis in their struggle to survive.
You could even go down in history as a President of the Social Inclusion. For that to happen, you must eliminate the social agitators: hunger and misery of the people, their ayayeros around him, his advisers are advisers of the empire and the traditional right. Otherwise the people will place the roll where it really should be. In the cesspool of history.
Patarata, June 2012.Alfredo Chunga VinchalesCounsel of the Central RegionalFrom Peasant RoundsLa Libertad.

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