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miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011



Theoretical capitalism, in implementing its global dominance, especially in the South. Have you tried another way of political subjection, for all their puppets and are very widely discredited. This resort and its famous shapers hired consultants, who have learned too, many of them, from the quarries to the left of the sixties. These are what shape the political behavior of its future policy holders looters in poor countries. These functions are a number of advisers and ministers who are the ones who can claim and sustain a state of things you can not worry about capitalism. In this work we have the example of Carlos Tapia, Rospigliosi and later capitalism had to take a hand to his Nobel Prize in Literature Mario Vargas Llosa, to shape their candidate so as not to jeopardize its policy of pauperization of peoples of Peru.

Capitalism was natural that their candidates had gathered into three factions such as the Lourdes Flores Nano, a native and a former clueless leftist sorry, did not allow for more even though they had put huge amounts of money, with the most prestigious election analysts and psychologists mass, but could not despite the Indian without a college identity that has forced their teachers to work for the campaign for their candidate PPKUY renamed and even then it could strip paint of Creole that was leagues masses disgust indigenous Andean and Amazonian areas.

The same thing happened to the Indian drunk, that of being in a good position as the polls collapsed like a house of cards, it was not your mistake is that he forgot that as governor, did the opposite to what we promised . So everyone's eyes turned to the grandson of farmers, trying to believe it was not a genocide of his own brothers, at least where capitalism had to resort to a Palestinian expert on these avatars too, because the best was already in prison and could not help them, I mean, Vladimiro Montesinos, especially that she was too discredited and have been very obvious intrigue.

Imperialism Ollanta knew and knew him very well by the reports of its Agent Carlos Tapia, so this was his cock covered in the end, but has many, and some came out of the quarries on the left, as some did University huacho their source of income for your family. Then they knew that if they failed all their natural candidates, they had hidden and one was Ollanta, we did not know even though we were not cooking that has been resolved very quickly and confusing measures the positions of Madre Mia for genocide.

So the barking of his spokesman Mario Vargas Llosa to say that Keiko Fujimori and Ollanta were like AIDS and Cancer. The propaganda machinery was set in motion. The empire did not want to be near their daughter putative Ms. Keiko Fujimori was because he was disgusted by the fact the father of this, as today it said a repentant and pardoned by the government of Paniagua, that the Murderer and Thief Fujimori was in prison as a Nazi death camp, and said it was too comparable to what was done in prisons, that the Nazis were a few hotels dungeons of many stars.

And it did, then that reconciliation can speak if only extermination of prisoners by the brave armed forces and police against defenseless prisoners, but that is another matter to write another article later on to specify the crimes against humanity committed the genocide and his cronies, many of them now under grace impunity as the judicial system that is his accomplice.

Why do we say that the Military Ollanta is the last bastion of neoliberalism? The tenth to agree with the principle which is fascism, masked with the pompous title of neoliberalism, which is actually fascist stage of imperialism. Its search merciless plunder and looting of natural resources as a prelude to invasion politically and economically to our country. As we see that natural candidates, as Mr. hitman PPK was unpresentable, could not get anything more than having a third place, his daughter Keiko Fujimori was natural unpresentable in the international community that represents the most cruel and Fascism ruthless history of our Republic.

Fascism creates its own enemies, as in this case it did Ollanta in order that the people believe Mr. Ollanta was the candidate and anti favored for the restoration of the rights of the poor, as are the vast exploited masses of unemployed. But that fell apart at the same time appointed as minister of economy and the Central Bank to elements that were employees of International Banking and gendarmes in the world and it certainly could have a closer and more certain when appointed as Education Minister Patricia Salas who was the creator of our educational system, pro-neoliberal and privatization.

Then and there could be no doubt that Mr. Ollanta had been and is the capping of imperialism Gallo, who had deceived the whole world with their false positions and proposals melancholy. This allows us to think that where we see that the elections in our country are a fantasy, because we choose our enemies to our murderers to rule us.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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