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domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

Santiago de Chuco disappears

Santiago de Chuco disappears.
Is there Sanguino, then I do in this unknown land?
In a recent controversy in the city of Santiago de Chuco, the birthplace of the greatest poet Cesar Vallejo was a point of order as the insult made against us by a master poet of universities that usurps its name, which unnerved the populace by abandoned and sold ridiculous aspirations to see if that was placing on the table, which brought up to state their views of those who believed locals and respected the memory of our greatest poet to the enervated body said that not more interested in all this affront to his memory and check their work.

Although different in mind emissions and radio interview I said I made my rejection and my solidarity with the older brother, it seems that nobody takes it personally, bypassing this affront inconceivable. Despite appeals to the sense of Santiago to the populace to rule against the insult that had already released countless times, as I return to say, everyone wanted and did not give up their purpose not saw this affront, or flinch even the proponents of the controversial election.

As if it were the most important propositions beardless trivial candidates, who by the way in the form desornada and unscientific, whimsical proposed tasks unreal and extraordinary adventure want to do for our homeland. I had to show his inability to lead the destinies of our people, only one candidate showed rationality, actually comes from the quarries on the left which is headed by a woman, who also took to the electoral arena in the capital. The other candidates are supremely ignorant in this area and only go in search of personal economic favoritism, as his career, proves it. Many organizations representing right-wing fascist dye, such as clusters Force Exchange 2011 and ninety others are adventurers, some were not presented to avoid the embarrassment of being caught in the wrong intentions and are supported by drug trafficking organizations . Well, boasting the economic waste in their campaigns.
But back to the subject of my uneasiness. As there is no spirit to rescue the historic values of the literature of those who have given luster to our hometown, as I said earlier, that there Santiago them resent. So 'I do on this earth? It is better to go and my efforts for the love of my country girl and should disappear and the pain of my heart go where I really appreciate it, For in the place that there is capacity for indignation. In that place to combat the most powerful forces against the most irresponsible mining pollution and plundering our wealth, very smilingly received the affront to the Mayor's brother, we can expect from this mob. Best is to leave and never come back, as was also the desire of Cesar Vallejo.

And I'm going. Because I have been struggling alone in a desert where there is not even sand or stone that can reflect the sun. Is more abrupt and sad loneliness that may exist. That in the great land of Vallejo and Luis Felipe De la Puente Uceda, prefer to choose a mediocre teacher that geography does not even know they are contour lines, believing that the lines are drawn to the level of the builders civilians, or to appreciate a candidate or candidates who are the caboose of the drug. They are right that many mollebambinos intend to change the name of his people of Arequipa, because they say it is the capital of the white city. It is the irony of life, gentlemen, so I prefer to be in an inhabited place, as with anything you can not fight, you can only die. For many prefer the crumbs of drug trafficking, austere and decent life often offers poverty.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

Colonization as a process political - ideological in the Lands of South

Colonization as a process political - ideological in the Lands of South
When I mention "South Land", I refer to the territories of existing native republics of South America. I do not mean by the term Abya Yala as it has many strengths in different aboriginal nations as not to hurt their septibilidades just call it "Land of the South" in speaking of the invaders of our territories and nations.

This process of colonization political - ideological developed because the process of consolidation of the Confederation was not completed due to the Spanish invasion in the Southlands. At the time of the invasion process of consolidation of the Confederation accused Inka strong leadership crisis due to fight or dispute between factions who felt entitled to propose who should assume command throughout the Confederation. In other words, who should have the maiscaipacha or power over all aboriginal nations. Incident is known in history as the fight between the brothers Atahualpa and Huascar is not the rivalry between the factions or factions of the above and below - the hurin and hanan. And this because Huayna Capac not completed the process for a possible transfer of power to the fittest who govern after him. Some historians talk about the death of two Inka Raptin of the same disease as Apu Inka Sapa, this is not diluciodaremos as it is in the field of forensic history of these events, which does not interest us now.
Taking an overview and see how the European invasion or Hispanic is a quite easy to harvest only for his political and military dominance is strengthened by the support and consent of nations that were in the confederation.
But they saw an opportunity for independence of the Confederacy and seek their own historical development as nations huanca, Cullie, caxamarcas huamanchucos and who were the decisive factor in the Southlands be invaded almost without any resistance, well, that what some historians say, but the truth is that there was a confrontation between different nationalities. Confrontation commissioned million deaths, since about defending the Confederacy and others trying to find their becoming independent - which later changed scenario when they developed the true intentions of the Spanish invasion, they were just intent of looting and deprivation of the wealth of South Land - a fact that culminates in a first stage with the Insurrection of Tupac Amaru Segundo. The second stage of this release is a step unconsolidated undefined because the process of colonization has occurred not only in the political, military, ideological, but also cultural, social and economic development.

Sprayed in the economic structures of production and consumption that had resolved the problems of hunger and misery, which met the basic needs of the population.
Instead Europe was an economic structure that had not resolved their problems which they - as the Northern European peoples who had invaded Rome to solve their problems of hunger, for which they had to destroy the Greek Roman culture. A culture past due - in the barbaric stage of evolution forward - to solve their problems of existence have to invade and take over those existing in a nation more civilized than her.

In the social: The Confederation Tawantinsuyo society had an order that had emerged from the very vision that the Andean people have about things, about life, about family, and relationships as they should be there.
Principles were based on the philosophy Yanantin parity, reciprocity we call philosophical principles that describe very well what Javier Lajo, Eugenia Choque, and Walker Amauta the Andes.

Culturally, Hispanics did not bring anything because we already had advanced several hundred years in different areas of knowledge: for example in genetic engineering as it developed thousands of varieties of different species from plant foods are harmful to the human consumption. Hydraulic engineering principles were known capillarity and osmosis to transport water up rivers. So we were the most educated people that the European peoples. But Europeans told us that they knew we were writing or the wheel, to which I answer: that the forms of memory are different in the script is one of them, or is that writing is one of them, we have the tocapus and quipus. The phonemic representations tocapus are the author's thought. Quipus of which there are 2 types: the single-colored colorful and their use is not only for accounting systems but also for entering phonetic information using the search binary or other number systems that are currently used in computer to do what our ancestors did.

But we did believe until now that we are a people ARREARS uneducated and without development, which are the foundations of mental colonization also known as misogenia or loss of identity.
As is the case of the mayor of the city of Trujillo Cesar Acuña indigenous or ex-president Alejandro Toledo with life and vision schemes Western which is very inconsistent. It's like watching an Australian kangaroo trying to put on the back of a turtle. And always live in it.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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