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lunes, 30 de enero de 2012



For many, who have not read or analyzed depth highlighted by the Commission of Truth and National Reconciliation, on the causes that gave rise to the war that our country lived and in which it appears that as we are the minority that identifies with the always rule, we do not understand.

This comes to arise from an article in the highly regarded journalist with the daily La Republica, in the person of Patricia Del Rio and she puts her article as a slogan to the problem of indifference and is contradictory to continue judging and pejorative epithets strength of legal doctrine without what happened in the years of political violence. For the motivations that gave rise have not been cleared or even reduced, much worse have increased and clarified that I think in a few years back with much more radical. For that minority still rules to back the interests of those who are the majority and what is worse, deceiving, we live the best of worlds, we have advanced, is only a matter of solving little things and following the worst thing that has entered govern a man who promised change of directions of the system, but nevertheless is doing quite the opposite and this ruling with the same as they did since the arrival of Hispanics to our people.

But what is the problem. If a genuine democratic system, to make consensus has to receive the views of those who are up against the same system, so it must be demonstrated to be superior to the questions of those who do not want to live in the system. But if you have fear and above all do not have arguments to contradict or falsify what the other states, so we took the attitude of dialogue and even deny participation to another opponent. They chose to ignore the fascist attitude and condemn the opponent, because we could expose our arguments can not even convince us which makes us say that fear is our argument, to disguise that we attach adjectives vilifying the enemy and show how great is our weakness of position and conviction that we have the truth. We therefore believe that the attitude taken many journalists are based in adjectives without analyzing the truth and this has to do with the right adjectives to consent to enslavement and criticism of the systems have become supporters of practices exclusion and exploitation. This is about much more than near vision that we have to live events in the history of mankind. Our eyes, much of the time we have a very small space and we see the breadth of the landscape that surrounds us or maybe we are more comfortable seeing our limited vision, which is short-sighted and nearby, which is not projected and no more than a few scopes horizon.

Our area where we are, as I said and I repeat systems have been enthroned Condic lived historical development of social organizations. Destroyed the European invasion and consolidated a system condice the same human condition. The local bourgeoisie living a delusion that is their territory and that all should obey him without any hint of dissent. They do not recognize, which primarily are usurping a territory that does not belong, and which sustain the strength of an army that defends their interests. So is the fear that the arguments have before de Guzman, despite Guzman's thinking is too idealistic, there is no evidence anywhere that the truth is contrasted with reality. Would be a long discussion with Guzmán, especially its methodological errors that have fallen by their inability to see the whole of our reality and to analyze what happens to the history of our country. Second, what is living in these territories, which some want to make up as liberal democracy, which is not so, if not more than the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and a return to feudalism worldwide. Democracy is the government of a powerful class over the other, if not consensus, even the government of the majority over the minority, which is an old concept of Aristotelian logic to believe that it is always better and as the bank ideological salvation for our good looks.

Patricia del Rio seems to not understand things and think through the logic of television ads that have created a mistaken view of the real problems which we live. The first thing is we have to demystify that no nation, Peru, even Ecuador, Bolivia or Chile. This illusion is wrong to think like they do originate from a nation that does not exist, that ghosts have been imposed as heroes, as in the case of Andres Avelino Caceres was a large landholder, come as a peacemaker in a non-existent invasion of the nation Chilean. They deserve a thorough investigation to put into sharp focus the reality of the Lord, what was your attitude in a war.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

WAY to Ollanta's FASCISM

WAY to Ollanta's FASCISM

Many political analysts as read, including those who were within Ollanta armies, they can not or will not be aware that their leader is just a Trojan Horse at this stage of consolidation of U.S. semi-colony. Since the creation of the United States as a nation, which consolidated liberal political-economic model, principles that had not been able to consolidate feudal nation in Europe, so it had to be outside, so it is born United States in North America.

Knew that the ideologues of the liberal state, there is need for them to consolidate a nation state where carrying out their plans for world hegemony, but in a class, in this case of the bourgeoisie and its ideology sustained by the principles of liberalism .

First you see in the historical process as it consolidates the bourgeoisie as a class that takes power. For them it was impossible to stay in power, first by the defection of some militants who restored many times the feudal system. There we have to Napoleon Bonaparte to restore feudalism in France. And he wants to colony throughout Europe in competition with English colonialism.

Here we must see the particularity of the transaction between the bourgeoisie and the feudal class. What happens is that the bourgeoisie had economic power by the beginning of industrialization. It is there that the bourgeoisie began to form their political cadres that they will spread their influence throughout the Americas, because it would be impossible to shake off the yoke of feudal Europe.

The bourgeoisie knew that to defeat the feudal class had to be a strong and powerful. And he did, for what became the United States, where to seat the bourgeois state had to commit genocide against all peoples, would not otherwise be able to consolidate their intention to have a strong bourgeois state that allows you to conquer dominate the world and to make the bourgeoisie and powerful ruling class.

Migrants or Puritans were the legitimate representatives of the emerging bourgeoisie had not been able to take power in Europe, so that in territory north of Yala Abya up his first thirteen colonies and strengthen ideological and political independence when they get their independence headquarters is none other than the big island where England ..

But this one make the couple more sacrilegious robbery of the First Nations, called the Constitution that are incurred now the United States is but a crude copy of the Constitution of the Iroquois confederated nations. Just as the ideas outlined in the declaration of human rights registered with the French Revolution, is it not because of the influence of the writings of Garcilaso de la Vega, who greatly influenced the liberal intelligentsia on Europe?

We wondered, would it not the ideas contained in the Books of Garcilaso, which were feeding the minds of the bourgeoisie, a class that was also exploited by the feudal society and from there was still hope of having his own utopia, but what disturbed them that they wanted to copy as it is the feudal society, as its economic and social theory as to copy and transforms feudal scheme for which only the name has changed and has been called capitalism.

If we see today that role is to meet the Company, and not just small business if big business, monopolies now converted into enclaves of operations without any mercy in sweatshops workers, which has been added technology that allows the vast accumulation of surpluses generated by the production and sale of these to the same masses that produced it.

But here we must clarify that the company is an understatement as it represents the large property as feudal lord's fields, then there develops the work of slaves, which only as a tool for generating wealth, labor force, which is used by the feudal lord is now called an entrepreneur, the ways in which it uses to appropriate the labor of the workers, are numerous and companies such as asparagus, in which only a small group has managed to accumulate huge tracts of land that are huge in comparison with which Mr. Squire had at the time of the boom years of the sugar plantations.

They are exploited more than in the era of sugar, at least at the time of the sugar planters masses had a bit of food to stay and even a hovel to shelter from the inclemency of the seasons.

Now this operation is more refined, so the task is much more productive for business but more exhausting for the workers, a task that cover much of the time have to work beyond 12 hours, which has already become a custom in all agribusinesses planting and harvesting of asparagus, here's something to note that poor workers have to move from their huts built by themselves as the settlements of Rio dry up in the same Trujillo Alto plant, which takes you in about three hours a day, added to twelve hours at least they do for the employer, will consume almost an average of fifteen hours.

So when supposedly roamed the current freedom in America, we wonder who were commanded? Were not the elements of the bourgeoisie emerged, then they put the projects and the ideological schemes of social class, hence they had to divide the nations with a common origin, so that they could not give jurisdiction to the Grand National cobijaría that the great power of it.

First of them, we refer to the bourgeoisie, which in America was represented by the sons of the conquerors or new feudal lords who lived despised by the Spanish metropolis. The only thing that happens in the emancipation, which is the emancipation of the Indians, or the blacks or the Amazonian communities, which at that time were treated much worse than if they were invisible, did not exist for our bourgeois class and Creoles, as we call it here.

Another thing is that the Indians used to make war, while they sit comfortably to watch the sport they had created with this so-called war of independence.

And then sets them up as heroes and tombs of the heroes do, now that's the last straw of shame, a shame for us Indians. Would have us believe that we have released, being the only ones who have benefited from this, a minority that is heir to the Spanish empire.

Therefore all we add a large indigenous majority and here we must add a falsehood that happened in our country which is the biggest lie that has made us believe, very few cases of crossbreeding occurred in some places not is not even five percent of all people, what happened is the psychological phenomenon of misogyny in much of the population, which has been done in a social and ideological control in all northern communities.

Here I venture to confirm from experience that such things were not so. What really happened was that the various ecclesiastical bells with excisions of idolatry that many indigenous people were not almost entire communities, were baptized and registered in the baptismal records with the name of protecting the community.

In this regard, refer to a family very upset with our surname, I wanted to switch to Paredes, to make inquiries in the baptismal books of the period. What I found was that in the years after the conquest of one of the most beautiful daughters of the Huascar Panaka Mitma what he was like in the provinces of Santiago de Chuco Otuzco and called Florencia de Mora had married a Spanish captain, who at death left him all power to his beloved wife, is left intact and Mollepata Tullpo ranch, where his relatives lived. These are governed alone and traded with other communities, but it did so to continue saving their beliefs of their ancestors.

To continue to review the documentation parish, which was then deposited in the archives archbishop of Trujillo, who because of persecution by removing many of the panaka idolatries were baptized with the names of Paredes and Reyes, it was not well seen that inbreeding practiced the Panakas and above all that was in Tullpo and Mollepata.

But here we see as the ideological apparatus of the conquest had permeated many of those who belonged to the Panaka, and even to hate their own name, but it is curious that this family some ancient customs still doing it, which tells us that despite all there was resistance to this work which made the colony, and has remained in the Republic Creole.

So here we argue that in our country there is only a tiny percentage of mestizaje, that what is the problem of misogyny in every one of the inhabitants of the territory was dismembered by the independence that is none other than the start of the Creole Republic, ostensibly neoliberal, but it was not, since the purpose of the criollo was to continue to manage the land and its riches for their own benefit, plus it gives much more power to the fledgling nation that represents the economic liberalism.

There need to dismember the Tawantisuyu?
If you look, there was not.

But if for the Spanish, who had not made progress in the social sciences, were a people and is not to say that all Europe was culturally backward town, although you can tell me I'm wrong. But I'm not. Now, Europe was able to solve the problem of hunger and new diseases? He was not, nor is today and that has happened five hundred years and we have contributed greatly to this problem which is the main problem of the states.

Since they could not handle such large territories had to divide them, first to implement the Spanish colony and then the big (with irony) "liberators" of our great country (follow the irony).

The current countries of Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru, born of fiction of the liberators and the interests of the colonialists, who at that time were seeking their detachment from the metropolis. Here was the need to divide the territory of what was the Tawantisuyu, but later by a sense of what he did intend to join Bolivar, which had split in practice: it is that men are necessarily fed to the appetites of the development of history.

There we have the reason why our country has been divided. There has also intervened to keep us divided colonialism, using the alleged Atawalpa nationality, which some historians have managed to stir up and strengthen the division of our great nation.

Why it is necessary to initiate a process of integration, it will not be possible without our liberation, nor the true development, but not the development offers the consumerist capitalist society today. Which like it or not, has a crisis in all the paradigms that underpin it, as mentioned earlier when imposing a vision of development that is incompatible with inclusive human development.

If we speak of human development we go to support the primary premise, which is the satisfaction of human needs and not a small part, if not the opposite of all of it. If it were done only a part, then this can not be validated as true or even be appreciated as a response to human need.

But this must be related to the respect for nature. It is essential that can not be created from the consumption needs of technology and that this does not respect the respectful relationship with nature. The problem is that Western society is based on the destruction of the habitat where they live,

for it has to be transformed, but his turn means destroying the harmony to create a technology and that this necessarily implies the emergence of new needs that must be satisfied with the consumption of this new technology. Now we see that consumption of this new technology involves many of the individual satisfaction sometimes to the detriment of the collective.

Now we have to see how we began the debacle of the development of our countries and territories, and it begins with how to conceive of the West?

If we determine as a conquest, our thinking is a romantic idealist.

If we conceive as ethnocide, in part we are right, but she is missing is that we have to determine, it was not only the physical and cultural murder of many nations, if not the continuity of these forms of crime that are followed going on for hundreds of years by the same uneducated men from Europe.

Europe had a conception of culture and development is transferred to this continent, but this conception is due to their way of conceiving things as well to justify their behavior. Just to justify their genocide and ethnocide is wanting to say that their culture was superior and put in evidence ideographic representation of concepts or known as writing.

Here we can say that Western culture was more primitive, for it was only in 1995 made some progress in the biological sciences with the discovery in gene cloning of cells. This problem was solved by science developed in the Tawantisuyu over five hundred years ago, because if we see his development with more than five thousand varieties of potatoes, which were designed in laboratories natives. Not this represents a step higher in genetic engineering?

Europe at that time was melting in famines and deaths from recurrent endemic diseases. Here on this side of the world breathed abundance. It must also be understood that the Confederacy was not yet consolidated and therefore had some interests of some nations, as evidenced by some accounts.

Why do I say this? For reading the book Antauro Humala, who is the mentor of his brother Ollanta, he says that the Western invasion was a military ethnic Company religious, which is not true, that alone was the justification, if not say that thieves ethnic businesses are military, religious and not true, what they did in the West was nothing but criminal action.

It's like making the criminals in our society to commit their misdeeds that are entrusted to Sarita Colonia, they have it as patron of thieves. Such was the coming of the Westerners, simple and plain criminals. It was a clash of civilizations are to be justified. We were more highly civilized society and developed a social structure that had solved many of the old problems and is still enjoyed in Western society that has passed. Recently, with the discoveries made by the archaeologist Laura Laurencich, which certainly would not be admitted to the academies of history, has a stain not only ethnic and political domination of one class over another.

She shows that our official story is riddled with the biggest lies, so the true occupiers from their ancestors of these territories should again rewrite our history.

And we have to rewrite our history?
Firstly that Hispanics were only a few offenders who entered its territory to loot what we had to deconstruct our society, which for them was a utopia that may never able to reach, as well as apparently are the only ones in our planetary system that there is life and our civilization and culture is the only one who could live with having solved the major problems not resolved the Western European culture.

Although we have not developed under Greek democracy. We have developed another form of democracy in which no government of the majority, if not the rule of consensus, the balance between all the elements of nature, dismissing the individual interest in favor of collective interest, but understanding this group as the relationship between human society and the organization of the remaining elements of nature or known as reciprocity.

This is not understood by Western civilization is based on the robbery offense and even to sustain their arguments, the support of his arguments are tautological, we can now give examples to respect the right to freedom and liberty of the law which argue that those who do not think unilinear like them, are liable to benefit from the supposed benefits of their economic system.

The thing to note is that the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and the big bourgeoisie, not here speak of the middle bourgeoisie which is the ideological supporter of the big bourgeoisie nor the petty bourgeoisie is a class to suit their interests, group even if not very dilettante individual and, as mentioned by Lenin:
She holds a dictatorial system to continue to maintain their power and reversed the values ​​of humanity, for without them is unjustifiable state of affairs that intends to continue holding.

And let's see what this means true democracy in which there can be no classes, no power or enslaved.

Just look at the composition of the Peruvian parliament. We see that there there is no representative of the people and if there is immediately overwhelmed by the system to not intervene in the interests of the large minority or a large national or global bourgeoisie.

If there were such a situation, it would be impossible to sustain its economic monopoly slaving system and as a class.

Let's say if you diversify ownership of the shares of the American Broadcasting Company News and editorial control in the hands were not only family and editorialists Miroquezada were diversified among a large majority of shareholders at which the property was in all kind of hands, ie among the most humble and most powerful current.

What would happen is that the Lords could not do propaganda Miroquezada by his friends and the corporations that prey on the country, if not the news would be more objective and a more diversified so that the truth becomes clearer and view all angles.

And if we also we can refer to the problem of agribusiness, which is a return to medieval estates. Here must be added such as all cosmetics companies employ the same system but much more pernicious and with the euphemism, paid according to your effort.

Precisely here lies the deception, because the sellers have to work long hours at the same time to do your chores, with which is much more effort, and what they earn, it is only a pittance of the profits cosmetics company takes all weight, Lock-it no longer has to pay overtime, fringe benefits, retirement. Saving the company is liquid because it has slaves without payment.

But what we mean and we have shown that what they call Democracy is nothing more than the dictatorship of one class over another. The most cruel is that they do not want to let you equality or equal distribution of wealth, they care more about his person, the individual at the expense of the other presidential candidates and whether they are fit to live with the system, there is the case of Ollanta Humala, but left after a process that came to define him. If we lift the assumption Locumba. At what point emerge? Was it not when the Fujimori regime was crumbling and only time but days when Fujimori's dictatorial regime to crumble. The moment came Locumba slapstick, the regime was struggling to hide the evidence of their crimes, to keep dirty money.

It was when Mr. Fujimori, desperate raided the home of one of the women of Montesinos, to search for incriminating evidence, not only by the looting of state coffers, if not their close links with drug trafficking and under the drug trafficking by the CIA (Central Intelligence), if not explain the thousands of flights of aircraft of the armed forces charged with cocaine, were not kilos, if not tons, was not it a mole was found tons on Air Force and several frigates of the Navy of Peru?.

But there is little if we review the accounts and leisure travel many high-ranking military, we will find not only a surprise, if not they will be endless, summer houses in Miami, Cancun and other resorts, it is not surprising as their source of income is the protection of drug trafficking gangs. The most emblematic is the protection not only of political power, but also a well-judicial brazen drug gang as it was and more than likely still is the Sánchez Paredes family.

This was discovered after the videos were viewed and kept still keeps the Peruvian political class, which shields the weapons to continue staying in power.

Thus we see that Locumba was only a disguise for the Fascists emerged Ollanta Humala, if you used your brother, do not know, only they know, but the evidence is clearer every day and will have a clearer picture of what that is the way and the falsity of that honesty makes a difference.

January 2012
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

domingo, 15 de enero de 2012

Calls for the National Police to arrest the criminals

Population Cachicadan calls for the National Police to arrest the criminals ...

Since 10 am on day 14 of January of this year, Victor Vallejos unknown Tinoco Rondero an alleged leader in charge of criminals hired guns fitted with long range that we know are only fired at close range military leaders Front to defend the interests and Ronderos Cachicadan district bases. Inside the mob of criminals was to identify workers of the district council staff of Mayor Pedro intimate setting Casamayor Dinner recognizing the following individuals: Serafin Rodriguez Zavala, Llajamango Edilberto Rodriguez and Luis Garcia and Garcia Wilder.

One of the injured at the time of this press release is the Chairman of defense against the interests of Mr. Hipólito Skilled Cachicadan Quispe, with two bullets caliber gunshot, not knowing when their health status guarded prognosis according to the hospital's medical board found Cesar Vallejos an hour the place of the events. People baffled by the incident called authorities to report alleged criminally responsible as District Mayor.

The City is calling on the National Police to arrest the criminals who have tried to create unrest and chaos in the quiet resort Andes.
It is noteworthy that only the leader of the Front to defend the interest of the district of Cachicadan denounced a series of acts of corruption by the Lord Mayor District, occurred the attempt on his life not go on in front of the allegations for corruption and revocation of this authority that deserve the rejection of the entire population.

ID No. 07219680.
Central Union of Rural
OF PROV. Santiago de Chuco.


viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

Say NO to Congа's mines in Cajamarca

Say NO to Congа's mines in Cajamarca
- the indigenous peoples are betrayed once again from the white people !

History repeats itself again:
descendants of Pizarro and his foreign allies plunder Cajamarca,
leaving behind only destruction!
the environment ...
leaders of the Indian ...
dry land ...
contaminated water ...
unfit for breathing air ...

Cover by Jym Amaru.

posted by the wife of Juan Esteban

Here I am...