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lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009


Ollanta DEFEAT IN SECURE Elections 2011.

And some political groups in the growing despair at the impossibility of making people believe that the wheels of mills, especially those mills such as those in Holland are very good for Communion. All if not even the thought that at some point in the right direction, as progressives have missed their way and on course to be desperately discussed further in the mire omnimonioso. There are at fault the whole litany of leaders of good offices in their leaders have not, partly because it was the tail of the van all governments in office since their share in national politics. But the main problem is that we have a trauma center in order to be leader of any organization in national politics, must belong to any strata of social or economic power, which has parameters of any way to defend the interests of class. Here we have belonged to Jorge del Prado one of the leading families had a place in the contemporary history of the nation, whose role in the contemporary scene, but nothing to justify revisionism of the Russians, who became attrition of the movement political advance with the consequent loss. Where found? Only to weaken the labor movement nationally, with all the struggles and sacrifices they had to lift to gain rights and social protest fly platforms. That is not what he said in his epitaph on his scaffold, because that is the game that you play to the social struggles of our country. If we continue with Javier Diez Canseco, is the same path it has followed, which of course is the long term results of their destruction of a progressive alternative in national politics. If we continue with more, and we will not have to reopen old wounds is not the time, if we rather to say that the company is now not want to foist the most convenient, for some very clear reasons to be into account. First you take into account: Ollanta latifundary is the son of a landowner to manage his property or latifundio the feudal system of the Andes, whose effects we saw in many stories it right where their ancestors were responsible for making known to all population. The same road is the conduct of the wife of the candidate who has the air of a Marie Antoinette at the Palace of Versailles, having risen to the clouds beyond the temples where they should not have it. A second brother and a father with an air of renewed fascist, which said that road would lead the future government of a candidate's image and composure. Third having a mentor who is highly discredited in all plots of the true progressive men by their cunning and treachery that can, when you see that the boat has no salvation. Fifth Ollanta know it explains what Mother Mine, despite what happened in the courts which have used all sorts of tricks and closed out of the legal process and the truth. Apart from the huge income that has his wife, which ultimately is nothing more than financing their aspirations by the neofascist Chavez. Is essentially the same picture of who is funding their activities. But the conclusion is that Ollanta not the just aspirations of the people, not only by his past, but also for things that present much to explain, besides being surrounded by very top, and review of the entire hair color, does not present a consistent image for the entire population. Apart because we do not believe that the owners of Peru, let him approach the government, which would be a disaster as a government to monitor the interests of the transnationals and imperialism. As well take care Lossio Castaneda, Lourdes Flores, Keiko Fujimori or the cock of the covered aprismo, who is in case your favorite Keiko Fujimori lost the election. Nor do you a disservice to the pool surrounded by his opportunism as an expression of diversity. With this we are taking a picture of what is and who commit the same mistakes he made in his first time as a candidate, partly because they did not believe in elections, being driven by powerful groups that are entrenched in our country since 1824 , passing several hundred are still sucking the teat, but now with the employee García Pérez, and will continue with its more student Keiko Fujimori. May 2009. Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui Tupak Isaak II Kapak KUNA Chinchaysuyu - Andamarca - HUACAPONGO - TULLPO


An all this going unnoticed by national politicians. May relate to all candidates, but this goes unnoticed, and what I propose in the conjecture, it is perhaps too bold, but what we intend to confirm the positions at the national policy of chess, in which the alternative would be fascism Aprista and has a strong relationship with many facts that the APRA confirmed again is building an alternative to tape back in 2011, which will leave the government with many tons of scandals that now is in some way capeando. We believe that this building which came to ask of knobs in the year 1990. That after the flight of Alan García outrageous without giving much darker view of his government later that he had to wait for power to prescribe crimes and return to appeal to lack of memory of the Peruvian people to rule again in all of complicity sectors, especially the big bourgeois purchasers who MUC for the dollars, then. Now the recipients of the gift of our natural resources are sources of transnational companies, which it certainly would have softened the hand with many millions of euros to live peacefully in his apartment in Paris with their stolen obtained his first government. That construction of a candidacy of an obscure mathematical former rector of a university of Lima, to the intelligence service and military for his own instrument, as was the Rodrigo Franco. To achieve this, placing everyone in his command murderer in key positions, from where they can handle the electoral prospects for the 2011. These henchmen that once belonged governorates are located in areas such as education managers UGELS well as the management of welfare programs, because if you have no option to have a bench that can taparles backs, their efforts are directed to strengthen the candidate that best suits them at the various options they have. If you look at the purported nomination of foreign Keiko Fujimori, has several sides of his candidacy may give disappointment in defeat. Because it will be impossible to account for its spending on university education in the United States, his train of life that does not say of a supposed daughter of a former president down in disgrace, even though it had been assisted by the mother than with their income as Parliamentary and then as an entrepreneur would justify pre-university school for which such income has in recent years. There is not, nor is it a serious candidate Mr. Castaneda as his drag was only in Lima, which has no separate charisma to convey emotions to the voters, his temperament and quiet park will only result in Lima, but not in the rest of the country. But there is one that we are calling attention, and I hope I'm wrong, for the good of the country. I refer to a character who supposedly represents the hardworking FONAVISTAS throughout the republic, in part because it has a far greater than when Fujimori was released as the cock of aprismo covered. The strange thing is that Alan García was able to fix the problem and choose not to rent such a character, but the opposite happened, he has left to go ahead and get that to defeat a referendum, giving a much greater chance to improve their position in politics national solution has been to deliver a bond to each FONAVISTA not have housing, thereby disrupt the organization of the same character, and most did not generate either the referendum proposed by this organization, I had done, but the ministry of economy does not deliver the funds, giving them a much higher floor. The expectation is growing in the group that leads to fonavistas with the suspension of the election, which will give more ground to their leader. Until then you could say that there is an accomplice of parsimony of the APRA party, some even may think they are none to this presidential candidate based on the FONAVISTA, according to own statements. I suspect that having guns is that cornering the managers of this organization, it does not, I think that there is something hidden that much anger unveiling later. As we know these managers have their stronghold at the Universidad Nacional José Faustino Sánchez Carrión, which to date has reported the irregularities committed by them, namely the brothers of the leader of the organization fonavista. The other event that draws attention is surprising that it has come out in much less time to set one of the brothers of the leader of the prison serving a sentence for a political crime, which is expected is that a compromise with the leader to be making the cock of the Aprismo covered by its sinuous path as the former leader of Patria Roja Huacho in college, I hope I'm wrong. May 2009. Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui. TUPAC ISAAC II Kapak KUNA Chinchaysuyu Andamarca HUACAPONGO TULLPO.

viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009


IS THE LIFTING OF INDIGENOUS Huamachuco is not news?

Any media, and that makes this case more violent uprisings Amazon.

The bigger shame that the man can pass, and I refer not to the common people, if not everything, I turn to those who serve as social communicators ominously. Those who efectivisan also his ardent racial discrimination, his most fanatical injection of invisibility so that what happens to any brother who gets to claim their just rights was not taken into account, from his suffering in the most lethal oblivion. But comparing two events of very high importance: The first removal of all the brothers of the Amazon, who face the threat of confiscation, dispossession of ancestral lands, contamination of their territories, all have come together to protest, but also have come to protest, and very strong indeed, by the criminalization of any attempt by any disención leading indigenal or communal, as in subsequent activities that have called have been cheated and then tried, this is the case that the brother Palomino with forged evidence sought to incriminate the brothers to make the coca zones sedan to control the armed forces and police in the business of controlling the drogas.Pero to make their voice heard that you have resorted to taking the oil centers. There were just doing case. First I would like for a ride, as always, and that these will provide the former and now avowed leftist reader and follower of economic neoliberalism, Yehuda Don Simons Munaro; Artera but his trick was not believed by the brothers and now have to reinvindicaciones be resolved as soon as possible, not so much by the Amazonian Delàs claim, if not by the angry demand of the owners of peru living in big cities of the first world. Hence, if the major media have come to the fore, to call for sanity. Of course talk of sanity, as they live their lucrative salaries cheating consciousness, sold by a small dish of lentils that let managers and masters of the world. The second case is our indigenous brothers Huamachuco, tired of so many promises that have been raised indignant at the scourge of corruption that is spilled by all state agencies that are run by the henchmen of the APRA and now again in a rigged contest have chosen to hold their rightwing sect. For the management units maldirigir local education is that they parapet to waste all that money for us to give the Peruvians a state that does not remember us only when we must give our taxes, joins the expense of our own existence and for what?. If you only do it to save companies that were poorly managed by the rich who live always take refuge at the end in their homes and businesses in Miami. But back to the brothers that are no Huamachuco by the pervasive power of the APRA and the big fellow communicators. That sentence, but once more the brothers will realize that in this land who is not defending, and will have to fight like our ancestors did, with courage and boldness to make known to Mistis we are not invisible. At least they already are realizing that they are indigenous and which are segregated by central Lima, the file that is not the Jr of La Union Valdelomar of Abraham, but that is the Lima of Miami, Los Romero Y Los Garcia and of impunity for Gampietri, that being so far ase4sinos not receive any punishment. TUPAK ISAAC II-CAPAK KUNA Chinchaysuyu-Andamarca-TULLPO VILLALOBOS JUAN ESTEBAN Yupanqui 1 MAY 2009.

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