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sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

OPUS DEI took over the Education Sector. We HAVE TO LEAVE TO THE STREETS AND FIGHT

We HAVE TO LEAVE TO THE STREETS AND FIGHT. OPUS DEI took over the Education Sector

The national teachers we do not have to take to the streets, as the cabinet has appointed former military officer Ollanta Humala we are left to go to complain and demand that we take the economic hole that is our education sector and even more who implemented economic policy sector pay as the revisionist Nicolás Lynch, who ran a series of obstacles to the national teaching does not develop as a sector for the development of the people, the masses what they want them is the defense of their interests, their class, not the people, and this understanding that is beyond national teacher of the proletariat, are the new homeless within the state bureaucracy.

As is well known failed to disguise the unpresentable, wanting to appoint Idel Vexler, or Lynch, who are responsible for the prostration of education, as any system that ignores the human factor reaches the other antipode and this is the case of Peruvian education, and now we have a person who served as president of the National Education Project is now discussed:

In the introduction to the National Education Project, it was intended to take the initiative to seek the development of a true state policy in the field of education.

We are an ancient country, but the diagnosis presented by the PEN, not confirmed, so that already confirmed their myopia in the diagnosis of the real educational problems existing in our country, for this national education project, as it always was implemented by the elites who govern our country. The national education project should have begun with a real diagnosis, primarily from About Us, then go find out what we want to be? And how do we achieve?. If we start with these basic principles that have to go on any project, otherwise we would be divorced from the reality presented to us in our territory.

There is talk of a debate in twenty-six regions we do not know in which regions and with whom, as the union's various regions have not felt that we made the query, and even that we have heard, and listening involves being able to appreciate what is proposed as an alternative, but it never ever has been, always verticalism Lima and a minority who believe the elite should govern the domestic destinations, is that it always ends up imposing their point of view. We believe we are one country, multi-national, multicultural, we have different world views, we have different spiritualities despite the imposition of a single spirituality through the centuries of domination and exclusion, so the implementation of objectives that ignore the vision of other peoples of our country is like trying standardized and it has a purpose, which is nothing more than exploitation and continue in the state of misery.

The first policy terms opportunities and equal educational outcomes for all, has never met or will meet, as we have seen in this half of government since it took the PEN, as it has a conception of school that is typed in their policies from the ministry without authentic educational decentralization. Take the case of Educational Freedom in the region, where efforts to develop regional education project, but that's nothing but stay in reporting, as education authorities are only made as a political favor, without any intellectual merit or administrative body from head educational administration, until the last employee bureaucracy that have been imposed by political favoritism despite rigged public bidding for wanting to cover the obvious.

Santiago de Chuco suffer the greatest discrimination in care infrastructure and media, no new textbooks that are distributed to all schools in late May or others that did not even reach the texts, or teachers are hired after spending the month of March, probably to do with the budget savings for other purposes such as supporting congressional candidates. In this we can not be lying here in our province, because we are victims of this always. How teachers can prevent school failure, if you have students who have to go to their places of education to more than three hours away, without breakfast, because the course breakfast that does not always come, just for elementary students but this is of dubious quality breakfast at a glance, which indicates the degree of corruption at all levels of the state, we know why.

Strategic objective number two, is mentioned: students and institutions that achieve quality and relevant learning. Further and how false that is taking place this strategic objective in our region. First, the DCN does not take into account the cultural, multinational, plurisocial of our country, we are a people with one nation, we are different nations that are embedded in a geographic structure. If we see the reactions of many newspapers or television commentators to the problem of Aymara brothers in the department of Puno, where we realize we are not a uniform country. Then as the DCN, which has national national objectives can be printed, if we are diverse.

Everyone must know that we are diverse, we all know how to contact the remainder are mixed. But it does the opposite, it is intended that we lose our Anglophone and linguistic richness, before you learn to communicate with outsiders, we must learn to communicate with people living in our side, who have another culture, another form of social organization another worldview and not try to impose our culture, our own spirituality, whether as theirs is lower and the upper one of us, this is a form of discrimination that still exists even in the PEN and DCN, as only are declarative their intentions are not reflected in the development plans of its objectives in these instruments, all they allow, especially to preserve the culture of our people may say that such instruments are condensed such policies, which is not Indeed, it is a discriminatory and biased document to one culture and the preservation of the state of things.

Strategic objective number three in that: well-prepared teachers teaching professionally engaged. Their analysis only refers to the results of a discriminatory society without economic equality in which the teaching is the only alternative to the lower classes to achieve some recognition in the society. From that perspective is wrong qualified teaching career as promotion on the social scale, for the education center that trains teachers in the schools of social prestige, are very elitist and discriminatory, especially that are private. There is no standardization in our country of higher education and that has to do with the objectives as a society is to trace the higher classes by the economic boom. It will not be able to equity, where there is always social and economic discrimination, primarily because the education budget ever in the life of the republic have improved, this is the main obstacle and the other is the vision that are treated and organize educational development programs on a par with education in some instances not even have a diagnostic research work.

We have seen first hand how for example in Santiago de Chuco CGU do not even know what a PEL otherwise be too bureaucratic to meet only on paper but never taken seriously in education, such as instances and mechanism to pursue development of our peoples.

Second mechanisms of entry into the teaching profession, will always be dark and too partisan to the ruling government at all embarrassed that only those with the ruling party membership card are admitted despite showing inability to perform teaching career.

Strategic Objective Four: a decentralized, democratic, that achieves results and is financed with equity. If we analyze whether this goal is being met, all you have done is give the educational administration of the government without attracting the most skilled human elements. No established competitions for most capable to assume leadership of the destinies of the work and educational performance in these areas. This considering that the old social bonds without geographical, ethnic and cultural been established for regional territorial demarcation, and we need to finish mixed as managing the education of brothers and Wampis Awajun, with whom there is no connection or even cultural, geographic, ethnic, so there are a total divorce and we see more around here in our province, we have a citizen of the coastal region of getting into trouble Andean education, to which only begins to understand why it was by political favor for our province and who has called politically favored to help manage our education and as always are not the most skilled of our province, because the competitions are only a cover to hide what is really done.

Strategic objective five: education funded and administered fairly and efficiently. Such is the irony that most of our budget goes to the work of internal and external national security. It is said to increase the education budget on a regular basis, if before it was close to three percent of GDP, now that figure adjoins two point three, which is a percentage decline very important, is that the scheme is to impose is that say in letters is the privatization of the education sector and before a right is now becoming a service that anger to be in the hands of the market game see what they say about American education, the education model copy Chilean and which now we as students applied, although we are applying the declarative PEN.

Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui
Tupac Isaac II

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