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domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011

A letter from the heart... or : What is life in Peru today?

A letter from the heart... or: What is life in Peru today?

I write background listening to the beautiful song of the Ecuadorian Floklore called "pottery" of our immortal Guayasamin the day of his funeral, the crowd cheered and sang that song you wrote for that day perhaps, is a beautiful song because you know, music is a vital element of human beings, and I live always attached to music because it strengthens our spirit at every moment.

You know, we prepare to attend the fourth regional conference on the fight for environmental protection of the people in La Libertad. I feel happy because some pollution reporting points have been collected in a book published in Lima, and we used to know once more that in La Libertad, Misquichilca Barrick does not bring work and progress with the exploitation gold, but on the contrary, it brings devastation and death, water and air pollution, kill fish and all the flora in our jalcas and force people to migrate to cities where they starve or otherwise turn to crime or prostitution ...
You see my dear sister, Mining a sign of death, especially when not invested consecration of nature and environmental impact studies turn out to be just rhetoric.

On the other hand I'll tell you that this new government has bowed to the Mining and instead of passing a windfall tax on mining has only a lien Revibe on that account to enter the treasury 15 billion suns, when it should be in dollars.
No, this government is a democracy makeup and good intentions, I hope that people realize for himself and takes control of their historical destiny. While working for the enlightenment of the people and intransigence in defense of their rights, so as I said our universal poet Cesar Vallejo: "There are brothers so much to do."

You know we are delighted that Chile is out of the quarries Camila Vallejo youth the leader, the granddaughter of a former militant of the revolutionary left movement, which at the time of the Pinochet dictatorship is wrapped up the organization for returning democracy to Chile and that the only organization that said I'm staying here, no one goes into exile, and had the moral authority to restore calm Chile. Now again, Camila Vallejo, leading a whole generation of young people has exposed the insanity of the Chilean regime and the need for a new vanguard.

Ecuador and Bolivia, are struggling with enthusiasm to overcome the warmth of their governments, you know, allows all asquello imperialism that does not affect them even dress in the garb of the left, has always been so in that way is Uruguay, and Brazil Argtentina. .. Yes, it warms the atmosphere in Latin America, and now I hear another beautiful song that helped us educate ourselves and to sing a lot in Chile when the masses marching against the Pinochet dictatorship, which is: "The people united will never be up, "because it's true, when the people unite and fight, no one can To halt.

You know sister, living in a South American country like ours, is a challenge, many make it easier, go into exile or asylum, but no, we, we go from here, live here and we'll be lucky enough to follow of our people, who want to find a personal comfort or solace to his soul, leaving the boat, but our people demands that all its best sons to join the great legion seeking peace and happiness for all, and that is called socialism, where one day arrive and if not we will see our grandchildren or our tatarnietos.

Do not write in time, so now I take even send these lines, and I do not get tired, but I want to give you an idea of ​​what goes on in our country.

Greetings from my wife and my child, and all friends ...

Farewell my dear sister, your brother hugs

Tanyita Yupanqui

Here I am...