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lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

The benevolent capitalism of the opportunist progressivism

The benevolent capitalism of the opportunist progressivism

In our many Hispanic American power structure, which incidentally are temporary, until we make the savage capitalism is taking away their bases, he still maintained, otherwise use your minions to destroy it and thus contributes a number of intellectuals who are seeking the sympathy of the capital of the empire. Progressivism and even some cases of the twentieth century socialists do nothing more than make up capitalism in its imperial phase. They know cackling and taking the classic saying that not everything is bad in the phase of globalization, which we define as expanding ties imperialist colonization. But essentially remain extractive and view nature as an object, its individualistic and anthropocentric definition follows the same perspective and definition that unbridled capitalism has not changed, which is trying to make capitalism less fierce. Capitalism has always believed that history is linear and as such there is a starting point and an end point in that decurso, why Francis Fukuyama's assertion to say that capitalism is the end or culmination of human history. The amazing thing is that now with his sophistry can not sustain the crisis facing the system.

Since they can not sustain the ideologues, and even contain the enormous flood of discontent facing the system worldwide and threatens to destroy the countries that had recent capitalist development at the expense of the enslavement of the masses of ragged, as what happens in India to have its capitalist development had to enslave millions of children to free labor and will increase the coffers of the few great masters of Indian industry and needless to say of China which was raided by the reaction to the death of Chairman Mao, where schoolchildren are on the wheel of the party holding the usurper of the people's decisions. But capitalism is a chameleon, that under all circumstances to continue to maintain the privilege of the class that represents all the mechanisms used to continue maintaining their privileges. So that the hosts have turned to neoliberal dogmatic thinking, which is the copy that use religion to dominate the human race without being able to analyze and thus realize the purpose to which they are put into service, which is why all phraseology that this analysis does not resist taken as a truth that can not be discussed.

The only thought is what metaphysicians used to coerce any possible dissent in any row, call it left and right. For some it is impossible to conceive that all matter can evolve or be able to have all the properties that the rest of it is made obvious through observation, on the right is expressed in order to not be rushed without arguments that rebut the incongruity of their status before the events that intends to handle, for which the legal mechanism used as a tool of intimidation. In eclecticism opportunism summarizes the changes of the two positions. We must clarify that argument suffers when it'll resort to insult who makes you see the poor of his argument. This attitude is also those who cause arguments suffer from any of the political positions but usually exacerbated in those with positions in extremis of both political angles. In the capitalist system is resorted to misinformation of the events, as if most would realize their fallacious arguments they could not continue to have the power. To give one account of what happens in time and space, requires that the data are reliable and takes that are at least comparable to giving a picture of reality in order to give an accurate assessment of things. But if communication is distorted, what happens is you do to keep this in the political and economic system. Another of its resources dedicated to the immobility of human mental space is critical of religion, is that it uses coercive mechanisms that prevent critical development of relations in the world, nature and man, why capitalism through its gendarme in building is doomed through religion an instrument of domination that will detail later.

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