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martes, 16 de mayo de 2017


By: Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

Many colleagues of the trade union route, believe very enthusiastically that only their figure is sufficient enough to obtain a victory in the present stage of economic struggle in which the country is facing. Struggles that do not see that one faces against the owners of the destinies of our nations, they do not see in depth how the threads are handled and they believe that very sincerely they arrive because they are the less corrupted that can have in the field, which constitutes an attitude Metaphysics believing in the existence of the supernatural of which there is much to expect, are the illusions of always.

The other day I heard of the election in a professional college, where a former lawyer very revolutionary was in the last place, the same happened to him in the elections to tempt a seat in the national parliament of Peru. It is not enough to have been the master of many future professionals, that without giving them neither politics nor ideology, the anomist electorally gets the anomism for the one who holds it and is where this lawyer consulted with his adviser, it is one thing to put together a Electoral lid having all the elements of our hand to sing the victory, but that is built is not voluntarism rambling, as what have been doing these young ex-revolutionaries. Without expressing insists the state of things in society and without criticizing conscientiously those who wanted to win electorally, without that technique can not do anything, without organizing them politically and make them change is impossible and will be swallows to look for any place to rest. This is what has happened to the young lawyer who has not done organizational work holding on to cronyism, but without even previous ideological work, his results will be minor or a null case.

But this white-headed young man and his adviser did not do a technique that was taught in the revolutionary schools, known as the expression of grievances, in this a retired police officer and mayoral candidate half learned, but beyond can not go as These young people already retired from the revolution; That at first his adviser opted to send them to the guillotine, the one by the movement of the French lady who guarantees the entrance of the foreign troops in Peruvian territory and the other one in a sui generis group, that apparently raised electorally, but that Without being pitonazo is going to absolute failure and we say here to be seated that the group of MAS DEMOCRACY, is destined to absolute failure, not to say later that I never told them. I am saying it and I said that tools are used for electoral successes, but that well as they do not know apply do not win in any moment.

This is not because one wants to aguarles the electoral moment, it is first they do not know with whom to go and they do not know how to generate an electoral sympathy, knowing that they do not have economy to pay their expenses to improve their image, since the one that they have does not serve for the voters . I will not be guilty of delusion, but their schemes of work, are very outdated and do not have the scientific perfection to do their analyzes, everything they do in an improvised way, the results will then be like currency thrown to the brim.

It is understood that for many people it is their desperation to improve their social and economic status, as in the case of a former mayor of Santiago de chuco, who, helped by the evangelical movement, left the mayor, without being able to be, only has the capacity for deceit and Robbery, another merit does not have this gentleman and so I say that there are among the candidates in Santiago de chuco. As well as in the bar of lawyers and other schools.

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