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miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011



Many years ago, we opposed the draft Callacuyan, which until then was known as Alto Chicama Project. But we lived in a dictatorship fujimontesinista Narco, where the Narco Jets, narco ships everywhere circulated and the fortunes that have been built in the current judicial system has never condemned by these rich criminals whether they be military or financial guarantee senior officials from Congress or other branches of government. And so we were branded as crazy and subjected to a judicial system that we mercilessly persecuted. Not only that, but it was endorsed by the new bosses or landowners, be they called Juan Gabriel, Pauline and Hilda now serves comparsas officials or elected representatives of the mining that pollutes our lakes.

And I still remember the epithets of social resentment, that he saw that mining is going to address the backlog that was confined to our people. But unfortunately we are still in the backlog, even with much more verve and vigor. Only built white elephants, which have no utility, no doubt with that dark interests, which are opposite to those in our communities.
We had to make several strikes in order to build a road that we see now of dubious quality, it will be like Otuzco diversion road, Shorey that only lasted barely a year and now looks more like a log carriages.

Spill incident was already happily fuel was only near Motil, which pollutes the river Moche in the upper part of its course, but to date there is no exemplary punishment for the company that contracted the services of half transport, as always the line broke down on the weaker side.

But that is only a small pearl in the long list, since all that has happened is that the cost of living, with the advent of mining rises to the heavens and for example we pay teachers with the more miserable we can not survive, if for example a teacher works in the vicinity of the mine, you will pay as the price of your daily diet the amount of twenty sols a day, which makes staying in the community costs the sum of one hundred suns week. To which we must add the carriage with a cost of thirty soles at a time, sixty soles week. What amounts to approximately six hundred and soles, which comes to represent more than half the salary of a teacher hired.

We wonder where the development and good life, for farmers to bring their produce to consume, they must bring in small towns where the supply, which is compounded by high prices they must pay. That is development that has brought the exploitation and plunder of our wealth.
But the last thing is the last straw on responsible mining, we do not see anywhere, as we have evidence that it is not, as so pompously proclaims Mr. Military Ollanta Humala, if you do not see the link below to see that there treatment:

http://www.youtube.com/user/HUAMANPUKa # p/u/8/2Ec62quS5ow

There you corroborate what my words. And it is this memory task to me what is said in many of his lectures from the previous environment minister, when he had no political power and had not been purchased by the power of mining, but in university classrooms mentioned, that there was responsible mining, because the mere fact modify the course of the waters and if natural concatenation, and it was an attack against nature and that the damage was irreversible. After trying to disprove you, we understand their need to make money to leave their offspring to inherit. We are therefore disappointed after what was said in the classroom and in his lectures.

But what is most striking to us is the passivity of the Andean peasant patrols Libertad. Passivity is huge, it is known of the serious problems we are putting into evidence, but nobody does anything. They are as invisible and put a number of excuses, as we also know of many employees and new landowners who receive crumbs from Barrick to serve as a defense of the great interests of imperialism. Pollution does not only advances, but also to destroy other lagoons such as Laguna del Toro and others. But this outrage has not only gone there, but it has dared to Barrick to file an action under that has been accepted by a judge who is in our province, to the peasant Rounds will allow such an affront? Or do they live off the crumbs that gives them or some of its Barrick Felipillo are transmission belts?

Such is the passivity that has become an ordinance to the extent of the transnational, from which is already a betrayal of the people, but not only that, some communities have mercenerizado to support him in his follies. You expect the people of Santiago de Chuco? That within a few years the whole territory is turned into a desert filled with holes and toxic that you can not develop any agricultural activity, where will they go? Men become the new Octopus or criminal gangs or to be?

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.



Theoretical capitalism, in implementing its global dominance, especially in the South. Have you tried another way of political subjection, for all their puppets and are very widely discredited. This resort and its famous shapers hired consultants, who have learned too, many of them, from the quarries to the left of the sixties. These are what shape the political behavior of its future policy holders looters in poor countries. These functions are a number of advisers and ministers who are the ones who can claim and sustain a state of things you can not worry about capitalism. In this work we have the example of Carlos Tapia, Rospigliosi and later capitalism had to take a hand to his Nobel Prize in Literature Mario Vargas Llosa, to shape their candidate so as not to jeopardize its policy of pauperization of peoples of Peru.

Capitalism was natural that their candidates had gathered into three factions such as the Lourdes Flores Nano, a native and a former clueless leftist sorry, did not allow for more even though they had put huge amounts of money, with the most prestigious election analysts and psychologists mass, but could not despite the Indian without a college identity that has forced their teachers to work for the campaign for their candidate PPKUY renamed and even then it could strip paint of Creole that was leagues masses disgust indigenous Andean and Amazonian areas.

The same thing happened to the Indian drunk, that of being in a good position as the polls collapsed like a house of cards, it was not your mistake is that he forgot that as governor, did the opposite to what we promised . So everyone's eyes turned to the grandson of farmers, trying to believe it was not a genocide of his own brothers, at least where capitalism had to resort to a Palestinian expert on these avatars too, because the best was already in prison and could not help them, I mean, Vladimiro Montesinos, especially that she was too discredited and have been very obvious intrigue.

Imperialism Ollanta knew and knew him very well by the reports of its Agent Carlos Tapia, so this was his cock covered in the end, but has many, and some came out of the quarries on the left, as some did University huacho their source of income for your family. Then they knew that if they failed all their natural candidates, they had hidden and one was Ollanta, we did not know even though we were not cooking that has been resolved very quickly and confusing measures the positions of Madre Mia for genocide.

So the barking of his spokesman Mario Vargas Llosa to say that Keiko Fujimori and Ollanta were like AIDS and Cancer. The propaganda machinery was set in motion. The empire did not want to be near their daughter putative Ms. Keiko Fujimori was because he was disgusted by the fact the father of this, as today it said a repentant and pardoned by the government of Paniagua, that the Murderer and Thief Fujimori was in prison as a Nazi death camp, and said it was too comparable to what was done in prisons, that the Nazis were a few hotels dungeons of many stars.

And it did, then that reconciliation can speak if only extermination of prisoners by the brave armed forces and police against defenseless prisoners, but that is another matter to write another article later on to specify the crimes against humanity committed the genocide and his cronies, many of them now under grace impunity as the judicial system that is his accomplice.

Why do we say that the Military Ollanta is the last bastion of neoliberalism? The tenth to agree with the principle which is fascism, masked with the pompous title of neoliberalism, which is actually fascist stage of imperialism. Its search merciless plunder and looting of natural resources as a prelude to invasion politically and economically to our country. As we see that natural candidates, as Mr. hitman PPK was unpresentable, could not get anything more than having a third place, his daughter Keiko Fujimori was natural unpresentable in the international community that represents the most cruel and Fascism ruthless history of our Republic.

Fascism creates its own enemies, as in this case it did Ollanta in order that the people believe Mr. Ollanta was the candidate and anti favored for the restoration of the rights of the poor, as are the vast exploited masses of unemployed. But that fell apart at the same time appointed as minister of economy and the Central Bank to elements that were employees of International Banking and gendarmes in the world and it certainly could have a closer and more certain when appointed as Education Minister Patricia Salas who was the creator of our educational system, pro-neoliberal and privatization.

Then and there could be no doubt that Mr. Ollanta had been and is the capping of imperialism Gallo, who had deceived the whole world with their false positions and proposals melancholy. This allows us to think that where we see that the elections in our country are a fantasy, because we choose our enemies to our murderers to rule us.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011



With recent events in the national political scene, which undermines the struggle of women in advanced making social change, it is imperative to be well clear of its transformative role that quota to both the onset of cultural evolution human, as now apparently this is upsetting and seeing differently, but the way we should see, is not hiding behind the power over the male, if not in power to lead the masses themselves to draw a contrast . For the bourgeois world, that is the situation that gives advantages to continue to maintain its power in the form intact, especially women who make you feel the power in their hands, but in fact it is thus an apparent message of machismo; which is another monster created by the bourgeoisie to make up your system and divert the real struggle.

One of the biggest problems it faces, we refer to women, is the power of the male taboo subject and therefore to the bourgeoisie and its operating system with its consequences of consumerist behavior, have her as their best ally because it diverts the real issue facing society, which is another: the consumer desire to be injecting it through the manipulation of women, this whole system work together and their means of attachment behavior in the way programming of the life of society. It is therefore necessary to dissociate the woman as an instrument of exploitation and ideological support of bourgeois society, which injects consumerism as essentially the entire society.

The taboo is a huge and powerful instrument of subjection of individuals, the production system, without it, can not handle the mass consciousness, for this is that there is sustained power. The more mysterious and far from the reality of nature presents us, the more will its power over the masses. And is that by manipulating the consciousness can be applied to things, the nature of goods and sublime performance category to goodwill, there is also concentrated the application or development concept is none other than irrational plunder of natural resources.

According to the bourgeois conception that is also the condition of women and their role in society. The company and its processes should tend to homogenization, are not having the directionality as the ability of homogenization is broken and rather build this tremendous focus on a single small interest group and gender group. Therein lies the problem.

Let's see how they are used the media to continue to maintain vital and strong taboos in society to keep seeing clearly not the real problem. That it is not interested, we are interested in maintaining the status quo of the system, which is none other than the system of domination of one social group over another and thus bourgeois women bourgeois man.

Homogenization should start in the family in capitalist society is taken as a production unit and the father is around turning the economic and legal activity in the mother and the children emotional behavioral aspect, but the children and women are but linked production centers and conditioned by the parent, no freedom and balanced management responsibilities in the family, so she has jumped through the roof, when Mrs. Nadine Heredia has sent a message to the Minister of Energy mines and the problem of Laguna Paron near Huaraz.

It is not the role of Mrs. Nadine is doing, if not the reason that women in capitalist society it is subordinated to the dictates of men. For the subordination reaches its productive dimension, as is done in the home that is an employee without pay, as it follows that the bourgeois want our country with respect to the attitudes of Mrs. Nadine independence, it does not say that we are in favor of her husband, which we know has sided with large corporations and not like some brothers of the trade unions believe us believe he is kidnapped by them, is like some clueless still believe that Dr. Guzman Peace sign letters, a shameful capitulation and the latter body is generated. That there is no way around it, when away from the principles there is no justification to give a betrayal, well that's another matter that is irrelevant here.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Tupac Isaac II

Gorillas in the Mist

Gorillas in the Mist

As had been coming and the fear is much more evident the guise of leftist gorillas came out the very soul they are made, their essence is revealed much more. It has not mattered to betray the bugs out of their unsuspecting companions and accessories, as did Mr. Chehade has served as a buffer to try to mask the true face of retired military officer who is now in government. This had already been seeing that going to happen when the president Gorilla rid of Mr. Marco Arana and his faithful friends Patria Roja, on the awkward position of sizes was not convenient allies. It is thought that the extreme right will give his blessing, having seen how to use all its economic power from reaching the palace. And as a man without convictions and more like many fears inside and even in his past, his friend Chehade which saved him from the clutches of being convicted of crimes against humanity.

Now we see that his memory is failing and that's very dangerous too: for we began to forget their promises sharper, although I warn you when in his campaign very bitterly critical to education that was implementing the government of Mr. Garcia, and even dared to say that would be consistent with the teachers union, first as harmful to Repeal laws and give the second educational revolution. Now we see that it was not, as his great minister of education has faithfully copied the decrees of the disastrous regime of Garcia to continue implementing in the next school year. But the thrust in education has been that it will continue to implement the nefarious scheme of municipalization of education. There Patria Roja has kept the silence of the catacombs it has promised two things: remove the spills were not teaching and that those who join the new public career teachers will be included in the shed as contributors. Thus we see the silence of the Red Fatherland in the field of education.

Where there can be tweaked, but have joined the bandwagon of the anti mining, as it is called by the extreme right, and it is there, unless they support the demands of the people shall be fully unmasked and revealed his convenience, as has been seen of Javier Diez Canseco and Mocha García Naranjo. Who considered rabid leftists, but once they have risen to power, some children become insufferable capricious and other matrons of society. Are uncovered in all his ego to make us see, as they are in essence, are just a vile opportunist and traffickers. From the first moment I jumped on the bandwagon of the military, which had a very thick dossier of human rights violations, from there it was impossible to believe, or at least have some credibility. That from the point that every choice is only part of the circus mounted with the power to deceive the people, that there is democracy, that lie not always swallow every five years and it seems that people love pill tremendous which should choke.

The people still living who always hopes are betrayed in every government. They promise the change responsibly and only thing that changes is the checkbooks of all the politicking megafauna of the above, which probably changed now dream of living in the suburbs to a mansion on the shores of the northern country. That's what they want. Not otherwise seek. The same miserable pig and individualism.

Now is a time of struggle that has to start now. The awakening of the people must begin and as predicted by Gabriel Condorcanqui, the people scattered into a million pieces, you have to rejoin. Join to curb the destruction of land by the Western world and its way of thinking about development and to understand the true destiny of mankind is to live well or Sumaq Kausay, which is not the same as or Qhapaq Sumaq Nam qañama Servindi a writer, so confused the poor who could not understand many philosophical categories of the Andean world.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
Túpac Isaac II

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