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jueves, 22 de abril de 2010



He was born almost in the hands of his Yusaac Mama, Mother of cussi Rampi. Revenue furtive love between the maiden of the most respectable Panaka and was the manager of the farms in the region Inkas of Uchus, and Spanish that came with Francisco Pizarro. Vivian in the Yungas of Samana, rich in fruit and where real Kapak passed Yum. This Spanish stayed behind at the community of Uchus to take the gold that drew Quiruvilca and which had to give the commander of Pizarro.

The Spanish Name Juan De Dios, was a former student of Augustinian priests could not continue his studies, his family being very humble and limited economic resources so chose shipped from Spain to the company announcing the Pizarros . Although his family did not have good references of them are illiterate, uneducated, lazy and quarrelsome, drunken customary.

Augustinian priests arrived to keep at bay the successive uprisings were doing Orejones against invasion, but they were protected in Cajamarca communities, its allies, which stopped the stalking to living in these regions. Rampi cussi lived in Samana, daughter of Amaru Yupanqui, Tupac Yupanqui's brother and uncle and Atawalpa Wascar, who by resentment of the two factions were fighting over the hem of Tawantisuyu. It was the most beautiful flower, many Sinchis the intended, but she has none left to hope for his claims. She and her family always had to have fringe list when he passed the brother who was in charge of government Tawantisuyu also tocapus embroidery on all matters on its way through those lands which were dominated by the fierce culli or chukus.

The small Makyac Cuchac, was born with best wishes from the stars, that he was surprised to Amauta of Catequil, believing that taking also into his blood of the white Wiracocha should be ominous, but what he saw led him she would hope to the world of the Andes. He had a mole under the nose, which was the main Panaka seal and said of his direct lineage Pachakuti. He continued to chew coca to keep watching what should be the way to the young daughter of a woman panaka of the Incas, and saw that she was the mother of the new child of the Condor, which was the basis for the birth of the Taki small Onkoy or Kuntur Puka. The rebirth of the new Andes, to the delight of all the runes of our world.
The small Makyac Cuchac was very beautiful, but for their grandparents, seeing her so beautiful, destined to lead herds of Alpacas and Llamas for Retambo herds, to avoid being seen by any rune and can fall in love. She jumped a foot when he was told to carry the animals to pasture. It was on Retambo beyond, to the Apu of Shulcahuanca, where he began to play with the rainbow, who adorned his head with the most beautiful colors, and small cars honked their waters to make the music more beautiful and see the little dance Makyac Cuchac. All alpacas looked overjoyed at the little girl, when he gave his tricks and scratching in unison on the floor, in supporting the lakes to integrate more sounds which make the small continue dancing, they softened their small hands, her plump legs All the color of our earth, but its the most beautiful face, that when they returned to the fold, all very quickly followed her on her journey. Many rhythmic their steps along the road. You could hear the pace settled their hooves along the: Ton, ton, ton, the measured pace and his lips emitted the crack of happiness. They wanted their little star of the day, as he embraced with great tenderness and I wondered what happened to them, them with their big eyes looking at him with great tenderness and winked one by one, for the happiness of the little girl who always sang her sweet voice. When she sang, they would like to fly over the hills and see how the river flows its waters, as fish are fluttering in the sea on their way to find more food. View as big mountains are born in the most beautiful flowers and smell them in the fields of smell and are transported to the Tata beyond Wilka.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

sábado, 17 de abril de 2010


My enemies have killed you

As a tiny ball of flesh, so I had you in his arms, with your eyes bulging and your Hociquito cool looking with joy that in those days I so desperately needed. Duchess I to remind the faithful companion of my Usha, daughter of Nero myself or the eternal love that was found on the trip. As always barking in your childhood cradle you with such emotion, for always being faithful companion. It is still fresh your trips to your old home near the tomb of Pope, to look at that mound of earth where I rested my thoughts always wanted to be there, perhaps I do not forget the legacy he left me, he looked at the height of my forehead, all those poor men that populate the high Trujillo, their miseries and their needs.
Mobius short tail, when we walked the sand. With my hear the claims of all those swarthy faces in the sand of the big city wandering. As if also understand it. Tenderly as my eyes looked to those families who lost children in hunger in my hands sought relief from the evil of the world. And the same thing you cast to see the misery in the world to subdue the world. We returned home with the burden of all the brothers, to rack our brains to be able to help. With the same enthusiasm every day you returned Sunday to their meetings to present needs and their strategies to fight, but especially in looking at your older brother, speak to them of the need to unite to face the ignominy of the world to which the world itself had come down.
Now that my enemies, not if you have taken their lives, or taken away from me. I will listen to the barking that put us all to wake up in the morning of my arrival? I no longer listen to you, being far away your presence. As rightly could never refute my arguments, what remains is all I can, is to put the weapons, when they have no arguments to deal with my ideas.
With her as my constant companion on my daily walks and visits to communities, where it always was ahead to spot if someone was expecting me to give me a helmet. Always pay and ready, as my faithful guardian at each step. Perhaps my enemies think that with that I have checked out, so that I can be removed without risk of life, without any witness who might betray them. As are their crimes, whether they are called APRA or Fujimori, whether they are using their command Canela predecessor Rodrigo Franco Command, to which union leaders murdered or protest leaders. All his crimes do so crudely as that in which they wanted to appoint their brethren in the posts of teachers to pack all teachers instance, for the sole purpose of giving final blow to the union that was driven by careerism dunghill of Patria Roja , his faithful partner and Fujimorismo Aprismo.

Yes, I'll never be faithful companion, your frolic in my skirts, for cruel enemies can not hurt me, by their cowardice, have been merciless with you vilely. Not hear your barking for joy every time he came to my humble abode, nor see your baby so much joy to my stay. That eagerness to bite my shoes on to test its hardness or perhaps annoying smile of his smell. Now to me you are my hero of the battles always happy in my way as I have always done in my life and where the power system and tried to get me away for not suit their interests. Goodbye friend, sincere and faithful companion of my destiny in the life of my people and my struggle for justice is always elusive to have face west and face the enemy of truth.

Kapak Ñam, Tambo de Tablachaca; 15 de abril de 2010

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010


Being a teacher in Peru is the most dangerous and thankless profession in Peru. He faces a series of events that arrive at slaughter. It is always white by all successive governments of the greatest indignities and humiliations that might exist, but also teachers who are complicit in the conviction of selfish individualism of the personal perks are leveled against the tyrants to denigrate the teaching profession. Thus the true masters live harassed, humiliated and vilified by everyone passing through the palace of Francisco Pizarro. None to rescue the noble mission that has touched, as is to form the new citizens of these territories beyond us play live.

Therefore, in Holy Week is known as the sacrifice of Jesus of Nazareth, we must also recognize the sacrifice and the light of two revolutionaries of Santiago de Chuco, who at this time born in the village originally from the great nation culli. Born to two different locations and two different geographical locations. For while Vallejo, the Vallejo cholo was a product of the children left behind by Spanish priests in indigenous sisters, which speaks of the greatness of our nation to this poet who remembers our territory. The other, born in a cradle of gold, but that the needs of nature made him reflect on bare table after offering to give his people where he was born and wanted as brothers. As for the likeness of Francis of Assisi, gave all that he inherited from Spanish art as property, but actually belonged to the villages where the farm was his Father.

No more than these two great masters of which we drank from their quarries youth from our childhood, not just in school and university classrooms, but also within the home. So it hurts in the soul's betrayal, the ignominy of being brothers in the same pen or whatever you want to define side, sold for a bit of money that will last them until they left and later as a dog who bit the hand of his master to return to the community for support. All the damage they have done they will be forgiven, but it shall remain in the heart of all these brothers spine for a base metal had the conscience to sell his own mother and let her in cold blood of the enemies of our people. So now we live an ordeal in our communities with the government and white jaquis are in the capital that they call their homeland, while selling what it cost us to always keep all generations of the world as nature's legacy for that man still exists in it.

We also teachers we are food for the shame and humiliation, we cut salaries, even more recruits have been merciless, yet we do our duty, because the main thing is to banish the blinders of our students has sunk in that the consumer society and the wonders of individualism that becomes depersonalized and people opposed to the historical development of their communities. Therefore it is in our hands again to reconstruct our society based on the principles that our ancestors left us and had the aim of having a society free from poverty, ignorance and neglect. A caring society for all and to all who follow the path to infinity of humanity, that is the society that we build and is left as homework.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

martes, 6 de abril de 2010


Small Mollepata walkers.
He had lost sight of the smile of children when they come of their herds to school. Smile that expresses the joy of going to school, with the hope of perhaps want to be like the teacher. His hands hardened by the cold and the water they have to wash to go to school early. Many of these children walk long distances, only to walk, stop to get to their schools. The higher the lead to minors, despite the time difference in accessing their respective levels. Since going to higher secondary level and children are usually found at the primary level. School buildings constructed of adobe or in some cases with stone and mud, thatched or tiled.

Here in Mollepata at least had passed this stage and has a good infrastructure for the issuance of classes.

I got up early on my first day of school. I had stayed at the house of the director, who received me with great enthusiasm since my arrival on the bus that brought me to this indigenous community which is the capital of a district. As is the custom Cushalito had prepared me a lot of potato soup with mint and melted quesito, which is accompanied by his court - roasted corn callana. We ate and headed for school premises, for it bears my small backpack with the most essential thing that you must have a teacher. We arrived at the main office where you submit the document with which could support the award of the plaza as a teacher in the area of civic citizenship education, history, geography and economics. As the minutes passed also made their appearance the other teachers, with whom the director was presenting to me and making the usual greeting. At the same time the students arrived. We left the yard all, to witness the ceremony earlier in the week of Studies, and thank the apus protectors of the community for the new week and thank the Tata wilka by the light that illuminates all the days of the Indians. At the end of which addressing them with loud, I did know they had this year a new teacher to which they should be estimated to have had the courtesy to come to this humble community of Runes Uchus apus living near the Tablachaca Amaru that winds from Conchucos apus, and other Tzuultaq'as Pelagatos like Consus where Mistis Jakis and belonging to the Spanish family of Malaga. Many years ago this family had been murdered for refusing to pierce Runes hill to take tungsten, vanadium and other minerals, for he had great respect to the hill and who considered their protector. Thus is the curse of the family apu Málaga most of its members dies with his tongue hanging out, unable to shake her body in Parkinson's.

The students greeted me with a handshake, then go to the classroom, with his backpack containing his notebook and stiff with which eat at noon. At that point he had already received my class schedule, so after receiving the greeting I went to the third year, the extent to which class would that morning. By entering all stood up and saluted with Apu Hello Sapa Inka, to which I replied with thanks Tata Wilka and advise them on that occasion and I only recognize the following as a professor. So what would the next days, but retained a respect, very different from young people in the larger towns, where Western culture had stalled. Copy all of its vices and no virtue, because I believe that come to light the virtues of Western culture. That day we had the theme of the history of the French Revolution and its main ideologues such as Voltaire and Rousseau.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

sábado, 3 de abril de 2010

My arrival at Mollepata

My arrival at Mollepata
Heir Uchus indigenous communities, is located at an altitude of 2800 meters in the spurs of the Andes on its western side, which form the crux of Mollepata. It comes through one of the most rugged roads, which in truth is worth taking the soul in his hand. When we look at their cliffs with the neighboring towns of Pampas, Conchucos and others that belong to the department of Ancash, but are at the same altitude, but Tablachaca divided by the river, a tributary of the majestic River Main St..
The journey takes about six hours of travel. I left my native Santiago de Chuco at three in the afternoon, passing Cachicadan communities, where we find the thermal baths that were used by the Sapa Inca in its purification to climb to the shrine in Icchal Catequil, is still touring the Cochapampa communities, Algallama, then crowned in Cullizcanra community. There, the cold is intense, only grows and is ichu graze in the distance some sheep and alpacas that sustain the communities that are pastoralists,

but despite these difficulties have also been devoted to agriculture, planting a variety potato that resists frost and altitude, and which is nearly 4 300 meters above sea level. Once many years ago, I had the opportunity to experience the chill of the community, not its people, if not the environment. The temperature this time under almost five degrees below zero, but the lack of oxygen at altitude, the cold makes you feel even the bones. Until then the road does not present major problems and even when broken down the apples, which is at the back of the large rock that looks great Angasmarca, very little to do the bus to go down to the river of the same name, which currently takes building materials to the mining town, is what has become the population once milk and cheese, in its previous fame before the war that our country lived.
Already Angasmarca the bus stopped so that more passengers go up to move deeper into our province. Some with their fit-so tells the load to be carried back, usually rural women-which also overlapped in their arms to their small children, who looked like they were already accustomed to these chores. They got some small candy and sweets offered us to continue our journey, many of these are products of the small mining town and the prosmiscuinidad runaway in which the population is involved, that many young indigenous people are the solution to economic problems are delivered into the arms of young adult workers or miners, many of them are not these places, who promise them the moon and the stars, and as their jobs are sporadic, and leave out the problem with indigenous women these areas, who send their children to show mercy to produce and bus passengers who pass through there. When one sees for the first time, you eat one's heart, knowing that they carry a little money for their large families to feed.

After seeing the picture started in the direction of our destiny, we border some small streets that travel to the just left the vehicle, until we could win and the road to the interior. No sooner would travel half an hour we stopped the farmers of several communities that had blocked the road for the death of a brother indigenous patrolman in the hands of special police had taken possession to protect the entrance to an open pit mine. This mine as well versions belonging to drug dealers confirmed that they are protected by the Government of Mr. Alan Garcia Perez. The same that have made the town of Mollebamba their particular ghetto, where they are dominion and rule in all matters. We talked to the brothers and many knew me as some indigenous teachers were unemployed in the last review that the government committed a huge fraud, they could not enter the teaching profession. I also had been in the same situation, but it seems the government did not dare to face that is more openly unmasked despite their slogans were made to curb my soul a bit rebellious. And when it was evening We went through the land of my ancestors, which stood until recent years, the MITM Panaka my Ethnicity and nation. Look at how far the land where horses frolicked llamas and alpacas and many rejoiced that my childhood often spoiled child and cocky for my entire family. Finally we reached a small hill where they could see the villages and distant Mollebamba Pallasca and Pampas. There he fell some teachers. The town looked like a city under stress, had no great joy, we breathed a spirit of danger, many of the passengers do not dare even talk, remained very quiet. It is the capital of the family is not respected, feared and despised just for what it represents for many people and for the country.
We continued our journey and already in a depression could see the lights of Mollepata, as I remarked a friend of Pampas with whom we were talking in my native Santiago de Chuco. We would not have advanced or fifteen minutes we came to a fork in the road, one going to the stud, which is a hamlet of Mollepata, and another that goes directly to the district. The car will fly first to the stud, there is also another way for the district, where we arrived with a slight drizzle and misty sky. There rose a nun of the Sisters of Charity with five girls, all very worried about their luggage, pulled their heads every time you open the trunk of the bus. Hastily commented that always watch over you will not swipe your stuff. I thought that girls who do not know if they stop here for a needle in the middle of the street, no one takes and rather ask for the owner until you find him and tell him where to find what was lost. Finally finished downloading all the parcels and will fly back to our final destination. Seen as the driver maneuvers was most unlikely to weather the narrowness of the road. If you looked down you could see the lights of the district. Until finally we Mollepata, and also there I was waiting for the director of the school, and went to his house where pernoctaría that night and who knows more.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

viernes, 2 de abril de 2010

Chucorampi. The kingdom of piglets

The kingdom of piglets
Once upon a people very different from the others, at first glance might not have noticed all the details that a watchful eye if he had noticed. They would have noticed streets all well put the carved stone. Their houses all inhabited. They were developing all Chucorampi runes they had a nickname very particular and very long. The bar door guard donkeys Chiclayo and steals on the roof. The paradox described the naivete of his character and his parsimony to do things. They liked to entertain the chickens running entering their yards, but not to kill, but to frighten them away. But an event occurred that put hands and feet all having received the curse of Catequil, for having an affront to the Sapa Inca who was born in its territory, preferring to one they called deer, having much luck in that his wife go to another and brought him, begging him to return home. Therefore Catequil reason and knowledge given to all animals of the region, displacing the runes in the government of Chucorampi.
All animals living in Chucorampi once took reason and knowledge, the government decided to take his small town, so much so that the sheep named as members of the board to chair the elections. Some suggested that they called rune deer also be named as a member but opposed unison, for they saw that it was very goofy and weeping. But all the kids called for it, they said that its board had appreciated the runes of deer to make the offense Apu Grand Sapa Inka and thus all animals now had the power to have the people's government. For there came a pig Huayatan also came out in his defense, but in his mind he had the intentions of handling it, because his ambition was to have filled an entire chanchitas swineherd, only for him. He was the most luxurious, but also the most skilled. He even had a joke to fool the fox who lived by the Cahuide. As had the consent of the sheep, at last election committee appointed in the deer.
Arrival elections, the candidates offered the Moor gold, some grass offered throughout the year, that they would reach her home, to not have to walk to the fields to pick or eat, as they avoided wear down their feet and hooves. Offered to another candidate under Chucorampi the biggest cave in when it rains everyone guarezcan and are also not freezing cold in the cold. The candidate who was posing as the friend of all proclaimed that if given the government of the people would give them hot water every day so you do not catch cold in the icy winters. And so on, all candidates seeking to improve their presentation, whether to the fox, which is the animal most cunning thief, who had been launched of the people by being a thief along with his brothers, had returned to town very smug and intended to govern the community. But the pig did not, as had been anticipated and had as its spokesman and campaign manager by the way the deer had been favored by foxes in many robberies, but now betrayed them more money for giving his new protector. Another candidate was spreading throughout the region and salt grass, and giving more fodder to the animals most tender, with the promise that the major parties would consider them to give them many gifts and presents.
Well the end came the awaited day, and all candidates posted at the polling station looked at each of the voters, until the fox approached the polling station, with the belief that animals will always vote for the star of foxes like animals and were always ready to make a star and why he thought he could win, because if you put a cow as a candidate under the banner of the star of foxes, she would win. So when they had won the election, without knowing how to read or write, but very good at stealing. She felt very wicked fox winner.
Nightfall, the term universal suffrage Chucorampi animals and began to count the votes. At first, almost none of the candidates got enough votes to be the winner. That's what he reported to his friends Piglet inside the voting room, but also the fox had his cronies as the rune deer had been purchased as a mason in a community that grew cob leaves of a plant that just fucking eat it animals were dying, why the gentiles living area only smelly and violent, almost primitive, so they were not regarded runes, if not the opposite of Runes. Some were related to animals, were abominable beings. The same deer is related to a pig, as their huarmi every time he left her alone is paired with a rune or with an animal that was passing. Finally finished the count and left members of the table. At the head was the deer and the sheep at his side as members of the polling, with the paper they had counted the votes for each candidate. On the table was named the deer rune as president, for several reasons, it was very good at deceiving the powerful. Then went ahead with the paper to read the election results. With a powerful voice began to give results that they agreed with the sheep, for while Fox won its star, the Pig offered more money and declared as the winner Huayatan Pig. This in turn excited his two feet as a ballet dancer very plump, he called his little pig who was so skinny, but so thin you could see the bones in your tummy, but do not think that was the only pigs that had our friend Cerdin, he had more, but thought the stallion and bristle pig that he saw made him the eye and she had piglets.
Then came the imposition of the municipal band to Piggy, who to date had completed all the barley to appear more fat porker. All for the admiration of gilts. It was appropriate preparations so that the party is not tarnished by the Municipal Cebon. So the party a great event in the whole region and even the Mayor Fox who is the chief of all thieves known as Gabriel was in fun, mostly to see if she could take some of that community for their personal bag.

After the party, remained problems, as the garbage that had made all the guests. She thought, but he also had the problem that needed food for their gilts and piglets that were born recently. So I thought!, I'll fix this issue once, commissioned to make some oxidation ponds foxes to process all the garbage there. Then came the ducks. Geese, because they needed a place to take off their long journeys. That if I was a little difficult to solve, but think of the solution ...

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

jueves, 1 de abril de 2010


Report by the first of April.

Many decades ago imperialism danced on one foot, when a wall collapsed supposedly they called Berlin. But the date on which proclaims the end of ideologies and attitudes towards the disadvantaged; imperialism so far can not resolve the serious problem of the daily death of thousands and perhaps millions of hungry and starving people the world .

Army of ghosts who travel the world for a crust of bread, while billions of the world's wealth is still concentrated in few hands and have a policeman who has become the policeman of the world to teach what the real thinking and what is false thinking with adjectives and tick all his enemies as the only way to justify the abuse, conquest, plunder of the nations that do not match the global policeman. Besides you have to limit their germ warfare carried out with the sole purpose of reducing the population is in a state of economic crisis. Policy that are conducted without any world leader joke or claimed by such monstrous genocidal policy that is carrying out the imperialism against the peoples of the world. You have to have half a brain to realize, how the pandemic alone, and are affecting ethnic or social minorities in the imperialist countries and attacking as a pandemic sweeping the few developed countries without a future.

And not to say of the huge debts that are involved in our countries as a form of economic subordination, with the intention of economic and political intervention as seen already in our countries of South America.
Throughout the world stage, adding our own vision of things in our territory, and permanent force emerges heroic and courageous thinking of one of the most lucid and integrity he has and will have all men dispossessed and enslaved by the system, I refer to the Commander Luis Felipe De la Puente Uceda, who remains in force in man's memory of this territory. Their struggle was frank and determined to give his life for his people as demonstrated in Mesa Pelada in the hidden department of Cuzco. Prefaced the story before the person as an individual was due to the revolution and the imminent threat of death does not hesitate to compromise the principles by which arose. With his life and example, is the paradigm for the new men in their quest for liberation must take all. I do not seek power for himself, if not the opposite, I look to others, especially for those who are most deprived. But the main thing was not like those dirigentillos be created with absolute truth, do not want to be wrong to question their positions, believing that their words describe the truth in all its dimensions. To pay homage at every turn, are the clay idols of the problem agree with the enemies of the people to preserve their filthy life, as if this is the main thing. We all owe the people and our life does not matter if she does not agree to the interests of our beloved people.

Today more than ever, honor and glory to fight, our brother, our friend, despite his death, shows us the way and there is no lameness at any time. Only the sacrifice of principles to see our people free from the yoke of imperialism and even more so now that you dishonor your people with the most valuable to have a people. As is to continue encysted in all sorts of thieves who thrive on what little unfair given that the bourgeois state. We do are your heirs. Know that hurts you in the heart within your family follow the contrary, the principles it flies. Perhaps because our blood runs through your blood, but if it goes through your principles and example, which is the shame you have now with your children that you gave birth, but now that you forget that new children are born in men who accompanied you in Your ways to follow the path you drew a day in your life. Like you also hurt in your soul, what happens in your dear beloved people where corruption has dominion led by the party that your report as the most corrupt and manipulative for the wealthy and now is tarnishing the streets the people loved, but we promise it will change, to be your rightful heirs.
Farewell Luis commander
Always Until Victory
Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
First of April 2010

Here I am...