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viernes, 4 de enero de 2013


The recent events within the legislature following the executive's proposals, we hinted at a more true and valid what will happen later and in a future administrations. And is that necessarily the rule and need to consolidate their hold on the existing colonies where predation throughout their territory in order to alleviate the economic crisis that every moment is being sharpened. Where does all this lead us? The first thing we see is the loss of sovereignty of states, which depend on the empire politically and legally, that in all their sovereign decisions. Second, is the plundering of resources in order to implement the bailout of the empire. To all need a political class in states that are totally subservient. 

Imperialism when you need to stay current on world domination has to implement its colonies fascist regimes in order to intimidate the progressive forces that at any moment he will resist. It counts with the complicity of the bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie is subject to its dictates. The main thing is to build colonies in an entire legal system to justify the annihilation of the free thinkers, because their fear is that they do arouse the masses to rise up and asleep and look at slavery in which they are, they also have the fear of they do not have to fight them with ideological arguments, but all of that is their greatest fear, because the bourgeois ideological debate is always a defeat for not having arguments and enter a phase of stagnation philosophical. Its thinkers have failed to analyze the story and only have arguments to justify the exploitation life of slavery.

The national bourgeoisie closely follows the arguments of neo-liberal imperialism. Understand that neo-liberalism is the ideological justification of the international bourgeoisie in its domain and enslavement to the world's peoples. For the bourgeoisie as a parasite living resources of the peoples formerly allied with the national bourgeoisie, it is unpatriotic, but above all is subservient to the empire and the new owners of the world that is represented by a small class great international bourgeois.
In our country, we have followed a process that began with the coup of April 5, 1992, given by the first non-Japanese citizen who ruled our country, well in an open-where you try to impose measures to be consistent with the implementation of policies of imperialist domination in the colonial and semi-colonial countries of the world. This was consolidated and developed a constitution that would allow the implementation of much more repressive measures against the people, and from that moment it was intended to plunder the resources of our nation, of course with the national bourgeoisie, which incidentally is complicit of the international bourgeoisie and unpatriotic. Its element is standing in the legal system thus validate any violation of the rights of the masses, but above all legitimize the repression of free thinking, but much worse to not only those who dare raise their voices in protest, but also those who attempt to subvert the order, so be legitimate claims. Here in our part of the story is legitimized death squads, as a way to contain the popular leaders taking their misdeeds impunity in the government of Alan Garcia, what was the Rodrigo Franco squad, and in step Fujimori Colina squad. Again in the second phase government of García Pérez was tested a second version of the death squads, as are the cinnamon group in Cuzco, whose purpose was to intimidate potential opponents of the regime or as anti crime squad Elidio Espinoza criminals who murdered ranked. As you see the empire continued testing. Therefore not neglect that imperialism in its phase of globalization such as Marx, if the old Marx already foresaw. Now at this stage in their colony is implementing all sorts of legal mechanisms, in order to justify their actions. In the first phase that we were addressing was implemented psychological control, mental of all people through the media and through religious sects that induce ordinary villager to break away from their reality for which manipulate entire biblical message. In many cases it has removed many books that encourage people to think about their social, economic and cultural. In others, do not touch many controversial issues that seem to aim for world domination. These are the elements of social control, cultural collapsed with that which was the former Iron Curtain. But they can not contain the atrocities that continues to build this evil system. Epistemological deviation also imposed on countries that were communist sphere, allowing them now remain in the domain of the guardian of the world.
The second stage of domination, is creating the need to convince the population that the class dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, is truly a democracy. Epistemologically invalidate the old Socratic democratic concepts. And the bourgeois dictatorship, distort them feel the need to justify their political, economic, social and academic.
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villaloboshttp://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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