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domingo, 18 de marzo de 2012

What my father's land begins?

What my father's land begins?
From the images of your first lesson ...
Of good and loyal friends
who live next door ...
Or perhaps the country begins
of the lullabies you sang mom ..
Of the memories - that no difficulties
wich can remove them ...

What my father's land begins?
Bank in the door of your home ...
Front of the tree that grows
strong bending in the wind ...
Or perhaps the country begins
sing of spring insects ..
And in this way between the trees
whose end is never in sight.

What my father's land begins?
Windows that glow in the distance
of the old paternal mascaipacha
that in a while your grandfather has to show ..
Or perhaps the country begins
with the wheels off - the police car ...
And the oath that in your youth
your country glorified in your heart!
What country begins?

free interpretation of the text of the Russian song "С чего начинается Родина"
posted by the wife of Juan Esteban

viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012



The amauta José Matos Mar in his recent interview by journalist Rosa Maria Palacios, published on Sunday 11 March 2012, highlights a crucial problem for the existence of the Creole nation as he says this on the edge of a cliff into the water can take the very existence of the Creole nation, although he called the official Peru. It is one of the first social scientists to their responsibility and ethical quality has to say about the existence of another world invisible to the official Peru. Who fear they may lose both their privileges and huge estates, being in the domain of a territory that does not belong.

The problem of amauta, which only recognizes a nation, not the case, is a multitude of nations that share a vision of things. But tells us that coincides with José María Arguedas, which is the Indian Peru, yes, but the Indian is not a uniform mass, comparing his assent in the capital, we will see organized into groups according to where they came from, only noticed his uniform or when in a meeting place where his territory, as they say they are abroad.

The other thing to recognize is that this state from Bolivar and San Martin created it without the help of the Indians, and for them they were the vanguard of the emerging bourgeoisie and therefore broadcasters ideology that held and sustain their new state and thus justify its successive governments.

When the teacher talks to reunite these two systems and I have lived estranged communities have migrated to the capital and have reformulated their organization or have built their social organization as they have been living in the Andes, but they have not wanted to join because, as you'll integrate your tormentor, what you do is who you become a more repressive elements of the world and the native state, as was Mr. Toledo. He transformed the Indian Creole, but genetically was an Indian, but his psyche had moved to another place and another dimension, it will be impossible to understand you and Alan Garcia that much worse is a direct descendant of the oppressors who took the government at the time of the alleged independence. What the ayllus to move to big cities is not only win the war on capitalism, but also make evident its invisibility.

This is what made many Indians, is to defeat the capitalist system Andes to the socialist system, there was by no means the integration, as this means acceptance and cooperation, so there is no at all. What you need is the utter contempt and now there are two worlds that at some point are interrelated, but not joined. What did our brothers go in search of the capitalist world to take advantage, but never copy their way of life, that we have seen in the community or ayllu Aymara, and continue despite the arbitrary division of this nation in a Bolivian side and one Peruvian. They did so with religion where the categories are more permanent Andean spiritual seeking the preservation of life, quite the contrary in the spiritual side opposite is theoretically alienating. It is alienating its merger with Thomistic philosophy that exalts the thanatos, or death instead of life, sees the passage from death into life as a way of exaltation and joy.

The important thing is that it has clarified that another country has not participated in the construction of this state, although the official country wants to impose his birth and identification for all, what has occurred and subsequent rejection of all the other country . Thus analyzing the internal war years when most of the class that is in that other country had the fear of losing their privileges, the strength of the early years of this he thought was what they expected the people of this messianic another country. Guzman took no vision for his analysis wrong, hence the same population of that country turned against him. The same provides Amauta José Matos Mar, that failure to include the union of these two countries the other country will lose their privileges and destroyed in a war far bloodier than what was experienced in the 80 and 90. Then we are warned.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Túpac Isaac II

martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

STATEMENT of CONAIP of 03/12/2012


The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Peru-CONAIP addresses the national and international community to establish position on the policy being implemented by the current government.

The current President of Peru, Ollanta Humala, in his campaign lied to the people with his preaching nationalism, promising to make the "Great Transformation" and defending the interests of the country against the invasion of transnational corporations. However, once he won the election back to the majority, especially the indigenous and peasant communities in the Andes and Amazon, and sided with the more powerful. Again the constant repeats of Peruvian history, where a civil or military leader betrays the interests of the country.

However, the Great Transformation Process should continue, leaving the government that has become the policy of continuity of unpopular policies implemented by the Fujimori, toledismo and APRA, now partners with whom co-govern with cynicism. That is, we are facing an electoral fraud and should be punished morally and politically by all the voters who believed in the preaching nationalism. We say that the Great Transformation Process should continue it, because the vast majority who voted for Ollanta, we must organize to correct and continue the process. We can not give up as defrauded victims and, when traitors are perched in a minority government, we must correct. The fight continued through the Great Transformation, WITHOUT Ollanta and his accomplices!

One of the cases and obvious criollada is the enactment of the Act prior consultation, which contains defects and traps used to circumvent the rights of indigenous peoples as enshrined in ILO Convention 169. The Pirate Act is entirely designed to encourage foreign investors, without respecting the will, interests and rights of indigenous peoples on the territory occupied since time immemorial, and these pre-existing rights to the State. For this reason, we totally reject this law and demand its repeal and / or modification.

Similarly, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Peru-CONAIP, calls to other organizations and leftist parties, determining positions on the Nationalist Party, now that they have come to the ranks of the reactionary right. We believe that silence is a form of complicity that ultimately harms the interests of the people.

Finally, we call the unit to forge people's organizations to confront the brutal onslaught of transnational corporations PAQARINAS AGAINST (or basin headwaters) of the aquifer slopes of the Andes and the total Andean-Amazonian territories; and to PERSIST IN THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION presenting an alternative to real change in the next national elections, regional and local.

Finally we declare that the policy of unity pact of the five indigenous organizations, is an "Exclusionary Unity Pact", because it does not consider or even "invisible" to organizations such as UNCA, CONAIP, CONAP and other so on. by express mandate of the "financial" separating foreign, try to exclude and exterminate the non-genuflexas and are not subject to political pongeaje subservient to the interests of anthropologists and agents who run them. The Unity Pact exclusive and divisive contributes nothing to the UNION of Indigenous Peoples free and self-determined and is the main weakness of the indigenous movement in the struggle for their rights.

The Board of CONAIP

Posted by Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012



The best examples of revolutionary heroism I have not ever had a brain mounted in a library, or a satanic verbiage alienated. Always in my eventful life I have seen in the image of a woman. But I will not talk about my mother or my grandmother, already widely mentioned, I want to talk about that humble working with her husband in tow gave me an example of heroism and courage intact under the principles of seeking a change to your country and their brothers. But with a lack of interest bordering on holiness and not because it was who attended on his deathbed who considered the past of their ancestors and image of his people and his nation. A woman who combined the cultural tradition of his people and fight for the rights of his people, his brothers, this woman should not disappear from an obituary forgotten and gone. But why? It is necessary that women today no longer an instrument of the greed of unbridled capitalism, not just take the attitude of Clara Zetkin, the Mary Eusebia, who did not want recognition for their attitude of defending the rights of its kind , the opposite was the visionary of a future without rich or poor, said loudly enough of exploitation of man by man. They gave their enormous sacrifice in defense of his family, looking for a decent future for their progeny that came from within, from within and therefore felt the need to fight but why do not more exploitation, a class that holds power and the other but also represented by the feudal lord known as landowner.

A Clara Zetkin only met her in my avatar library as an adult, but the other great women I met while we were still very young. Of dark complexion and indigenous in the province of Otuzco, the color was the patient and her husband Don Lino enigmatic. I met them at the recent young people the future they visited all the heroes of the Battle of the eight hours that were fired from large agro industrial Chicama Valley, they had been of the former hacienda Cartavio. There in that house made with the joint efforts of all indigenous people there knew him fired. It was rather short and looked very delicate view, her husband was very strong and short stature. The two united by the same feat, that of asserting their rights as human beings who rent their labor to an employer.

There I met solidarity, because my father had been killed by the police by the illusions that every young person harbors in his youth for a more just society. There in the lap of my grandmother listened as the woman told us what the struggles of all women, wives, mothers and sisters of the workers cañaveleros for the eight hours asking Mr. entrepreneur. This not wanting to give them, sent to the gendarmerie for the repressed and not like now that at least are known to have been arrested, at the time the murdered and his body left to better watch the weather and it was picked up by their families, they were also repressed. What they said and justified by saying that the Indians must learn to respect their masters. So women with their children in the shawl (cloak that is charged to the children) were thrown to the train tracks so they do not take their husbands, brothers or father to be killed and if he was a leader to be locked in dungeons as the island known or pediment, yes was the son of a known person, but if it was indigenous or mountain as they used to call, it disappeared, without further ado. Many died, although the one driving the locomotive was an Indian like us. So when her husband Complete guerrillas in 1932 with his fellow Buffalo Barreto, knew she could not return to work at the hacienda Cartavio were located with all the exiles in the sands of the future. There were organized again and faced the authorities who wanted to evict them from the sand, suffered all kinds of hardships, because for the white boys of the colonial city of Trujillo were rebels or highland Indians who had dared dirty to claim rights.

Much like to tell you sister Maria Eusebia, I just wanted to let the world know what did you take to the release of your brothers operating on the cane farms in the scorching sun tore the harvest for the children of the gringos enjoy in their leisure travel in Europe. I want to give this honor and your name will not be forgotten and thank you for always being supportive to your Johnny even after death.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012


STATEMENT OF CONGRESSMAN Jorge Cabrera Rimarachin.

Congressman Jorge Cabrera Rimarachin addresses the public to express the following:

1. As elected Congressman of the Republic of the Cajamarca region and as a citizen who knows about the problems generated by the mining abusive, predatory and violates human rights of my people, I have expressed my support for militant protest against the town of Cajamarca the Conga mining project, accompanying all his struggles and demands.
2. During the development of the protest of Cajamarca, we have seen the tremendous support that has the Yanacocha mining company in most of the media in the country and who are the powers across different operators make efforts to discredit Cajamarca people's struggle, trying to induce people the idea that the Conga mining project is the panacea to solve the country's problems.
3. In that context, we developed the historic National March for water which ended last February 10 in a historic rally in the Plaza San Martin in Lima with several thousands of Peruvians who claim the protection of water against the threat of the activities extractive mercantilist. In the heat of this debate, I have had a subjective perception by the way they announced the arrest of Artemio terrorist by the media that the most privileged in all the news to overshadow the successful national march of the water, which is a mistake that I recognize and assume.
4. That should highlight the effort made by the government through the police in the process of dismantling of this terrorist group Huallaga remaining to allow peace to the country. However, it should be noted that our police and armed forces not only have their own training capacity and to undertake the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism, being unnecessary the presence of agencies and foreign elements into operational actions.
5. Finally, I declare that the Peruvian Nationalist Party (PNP) has decided to initiate me a disciplinary process to which I have submitted willingly as a militant, because that means that the party should be discrepancies, tolerance, internal debate and trends, all of which must mean Internal Democracy. I hope to be processed under the rules of due process as established by the Political Parties Act and the Statute partisan, so nobody can be occasioned powers or sentencing judge, to decide my separation of the Nationalist Party, let alone the confluence of Peru wins congressional caucus to which I belong, because in the party and Earn Peru has no owners or bosses, but authorities have formal decision after an internal process that is fair and democratic.
Lima, March 2, 2012.

Jorge Cabrera Rimarachin
Thank you for your gentle diffusion.
Phone: 3117678

Posted by Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012



The U.S. central intelligence, in their role of infiltration and imperial domination, in the nineties I think the green plan, aimed to consolidate its strategic point of dominance in South America. Since his executors exceeded permissible and more lines were dedicated to robbery, which repudiated its implementation as a plan for strategic dominance, this impulse a new and supposedly democratic spring and I say alleged, because what followed the path they had no other purpose to consolidate U.S. imperial power. But at the same time distract people or the population as we like to call them, to assume a rebellious attitude frustrates the plans, even more than can be a danger to the supply of raw materials and high profits for global gentry, it had no hesitation in again let a pathological liar and deceiver as Alan Garcia back again to lead what they call their Peru. The great world bourgeoisie was desperate before the fall of Fujimori, as what they had achieved to date, as is the absolute submission to their system of plunder, might collapse.

There was no chance of knowing the legal system created in the Fujimori regime, and had warned that all legislation unlawful ex professedly created around the time of the civil-military dictatorship of Fujimori. Much of the experiment was to delegitimize labor struggles, which were put as a pretext the sign of the violence, but seeing that the state also has violence, only send to fight the Protestant union struggles, if the was right, I mean the state, then why go to protest, is that whenever the state is in favor of those in economic power is converted into an appendix that protects and preserves the economic power of a minority at the expense of all.

The people can not assert their rights, for very simple things, first because the State is the policeman of the status quo and not the legality, always come out in defense of their masters, which is the great international bourgeoisie or national bourgeoisie either the bureaucratic or financial and second that the state cree guardian of the people and therefore decided by the, if it is as convenient for the people it does not matter, what matters is that the interests of the big bourgeoisie are not touched. This can be plotted on what is happening in the conflict in Conga. There the state rather than see the long experience that the people in their relations with mega mining, has chosen to defend the business on the grounds that brings a lot of development for the country, and their arguments are so false that despite the monstrous propaganda, the people are becoming aware and preparing to defend what they believe their interests and lives.

We therefore believe that the government of Ollanta is the second stage of the green plan the Pentagon had planned to sign his power in South America. It is the second stage of fascism that is deployed in South America to be supportive of the plans of plunder of natural resources to further fuel the greed of the multinationals that is but a small group that rules the world, although tries to pass incognito and only shows who are the extras that are the visible face of the international bourgeoisie. Here in Peru represented by the bureaucratic bourgeoisie which is the squire of our financial bourgeoisie, which is known as the DBA (Right achorada gross), then we have the Miro Quezada representing a small minority interest in all branches of domestic production but which in turn are the appendices of international financial bourgeoisie, which has the international body like the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, as the bureaucratic bourgeoisie.

At the national level is represented by the various ministers of state, who are defending the great interests. If it was made Luis Castilla as finance minister? It is not free to impose their views and defend their interests, the vast international bourgeoisie could not act in a bold, for it had to mask their interests, it resorted to revisionism that are faithful allies. And that is what made revisionism, which is the same as opportunism and careerism of a small group that has always confused the people in the fight for their rights, they themselves have been used to again be the figurehead, the Trojan horse for the people again have hope that will resolve their problems, po5 this is the defiance of the DBA, to what the Conga and thus their support for the fascist Prime Minister. Thus reaffirming the status of this government and the collusion between opportunism and extreme right. And this government is only the second phase of the civil-military dictatorship that was implemented in the genocidal government of Alberto Fujimori, now it its second phase.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

The climate manipulation for military purposes - the new weapon of mass destruction U.S.

What is HARRP?

The new weapon of mass destruction U.S.: climate manipulation for military

written by Joseph R. Tyo

The attention the U.S. Defense Department is giving the arsenal of weapons weather is still under discussion by the international public opinion. And if it is true that the firm rejection by the Bush administration to ratify the Protocol Kiot ... or has been criticized around the world, the truth is that the issue of manipulation and weather modification for military purposes has not been sufficiently studied, despite being now a real weapon of mass destruction.

The U.S. Air Force has the ability to manipulate the weather, both peaceful and military purposes. This I included the ability to cause floods, hurricanes and droughts. In recent years the Defense Departamenrto aside large amounts of money for the development and improvement of these systems.

"Weather modification will become part of domestic and international security and may be used unilaterally. The ability to generate precipitation, snow, storms or modify outer space ... or the production of artificial weather, all that is part of a technologies that can increase the technological knowledge, wealth and power of the United States to break his opponents ". (U.S. Air Force, emphasis added. Use Air University of the Air Force, AF 2025 Final Report)

It goes without saying that the subject is taboo. Military analysts and forecasters remain mudos.Se much talk about global warming, but not a word about the major U.S. program of weather warfare: The High Frequency Active Auroral Research pogrom (HAARP) based in Gokona, Alaska , is generated jointly by the Air Force and Navy.

This program has existed since 1992. It is part of a new generation of weapons designed in the field of Strategic Defense Initiative, which is responsible for the Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Drectorate. This is an antenna array capable of creating changes in the ionosphere (the upper level of the atmosphere).
Niccholas Begich, HAARP activist describes it: "It's a technology superpower emission of radioactive gases that raise areas of the ionosphere heats a gas concentrating certain areas ...
Electromagnetic waves break on the ground and affecting all living things or not "(Global Research)

The world-renowned scientist, Dr.: Rosali Berthel. HARRP refers to as a giant heater that can cause major disruptions in the ionosphere. For Richard Williams, a physicist and consultant to the David Sarnoff Laboratory in Princeton, "the HARRP is an act of barbarism, the effects on their use can last for many years ... In addition, the HARRP serves to alter the communications system and enemy radar, can even cause blackouts in entire regions, disrupting the flow of electric current.

The weather manipulation, according to observers, can be a weapon "preventive" par excellence. It can be used both in enemy countries and against friendly countries without their consent. Therefore, whoever controls the technical knowledge (such as an attack "climate") could use that "insider" advantage for economic and financial level.

Author Joseph R. Tyo


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