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lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2008

THE SHAME AND THE irony of a political short-sightedness.

THE SHAME AND THE irony of a political short-sightedness.
The masses of contention such as sand are the thermometer that can make us see how close we are or how much of the truth is that this mistake in our way. That is why we depend on whether rightly or we realize we persist in our error. They said Mao Ste Tung, that if we are on the right path, we will not have everything or nothing. Of these thoughts and these gentlemen of the Fatherland have been forgotten recently, and blow after blow not assimilated into the errors that are found. Their departures are so large that doing harm to the movement to trade union movements, are removing the opportunity to be able to have any hope of the masses which can be grasped and regain the lost by the unstoppable advance by imperialism in the implementation of the neo-liberal ideology , With which seeks to enslave a large majority. Which by now have cancerberos unmistakable as the current government. But those who are lords of fatherland Red?. They are the greatest opportunists of the Peruvian political history who have always lived with the reactionary parties for the sole purpose of using and laze with the goose that lays the golden eggs of the Magisterial spilled. Well, many years ago they did not occupy his post of teachers in schools maintained by the village to train their descendants. Since they have no real contact with the masses is the subject of ridicule when they are presented to them. Is that the masses are wise and they know who can guide them to distinguish by a different path. Their yearning for many off the yoke of exploitation and misery. But as also places its hopes on those who do not know, with the single do not die so that he finally left. His sense of maybe see a new light which giving encouragement to aspire to another situation where all be forged to the similarity of the manifesto of Paris. But the most dramatic is what has been happening in their desperate effort to remain in force in the interior of the bourgeois political system. Some stubborn provincial leaders making a camp at the gates of the palaces of the majestic city of spring; disque with the aim of favor with a signature to register his party. Everything there were not more than a strip of lunatics like those presented when election fever begins, many of them dreaming drawn in the lottery election as the new Fujimori of this century. The problem is that they do not want to see. Many of the times its eternal candidate for the bourgeois congress, which was passed as a patrolman, when they convene their congresses ghosts, there is, the same could happen professor of SUTEP, or installed in departmental organizations that do not know with whom they have summoned, but at least they do become important, that is for those who do not know. Well, it is not that grassroots organizations has formed his famous Fredell. As masses of orphans who are in a joint mobilization of several guilds, when perched on the proscenium to launch her peroration hence, the masses into a single bloc withdrew leaving them so alone, that these are in the fight for industrial University students, but they were not aware of the warning and continued their monserga. But this has exceeded the ridiculous is its famous sit-in the main square, with just the same guests who are and do everything, but they are nothing. And this has been reflected at the meeting in protest for allegedly receiving the arrival of the genocidal George Bush. Two of the plaza in May alone there were policemen before demonstrators. Had wanted it to be otherwise, but the personal views of this event gives a demonstration to the electoral opportunism of this organization is giving its last sighs and later will notice much, precisely because they took the course since its inception and more even today that its molding system is more than everything very clearly. But because this rejection of the masses towards the left-wing parties, but are not such, it is precisely fitted into the wave rebel, but I hope would be to guide the path of change, on the contrary, to do with this phenomenon Tranz perks with their employers. They have always done, with the result that all the unions in which they are perched, these orphans are increasingly mass. Perhaps it was not allowing Red Patria is perched on the Chinese government and Fujimori dictatorship, with all the sambenito to prevent entry of Vargas Llosa and the government did the same in the rise of Yanqui Toledo. So much despair because the masses are ignorant? Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com http://huamanpuka.bubok.com

Chavez Arrogance

Arrogance can not win the whole political leader in self, that, if it wants to survive the vicissitudes of the same. The same can be said of those who say they are left as those on the right. For the progressive thinking, are two clear distinctions, some of the upkeep of the system, but gaining alguito and the other as sons of a biological system that is crumbling and that is not recognized by those who hold it themselves. Or is progressive or reactionary, there is no distinction intermediate though some argue that it is the best summary of the positions, to ensure a coherent perspective. This does not think so, because in their opposing views there can be no middle ground, and this much is at stake when the life of mankind. What happens is that the warm-hearted as saying Christians; take the gollerías want a system, but complaints to be seen as advancing, not so. Here in our community we have many examples of these. Any change, which comes from the thought of a single bright warlord, is just an attempt to reformism and the matter goes far beyond, as it aims to discredit the true path of the manifesto which spoke of Paris. That is the way in which this crossing the Venezuelan ruler, for it combines a continental level with someone who has any whiff of progressive change so that it will serve as a screen for their black purposes. That is the result of the progress that has been in Venezuela with the advance of opposition to his government, which is the group of those who wield power preceding it. There is some reason for saying this, and that is precisely the progressive thinking stems from the collective thought that while must have a direction, this must be collective, because if we are the only savior of all, we can fall into dogmatism and in the worship of one person, which will have dire consequences apparatus any progressive movement, limiting their vision of things and drawings that will be, are limited and trimmed, and that not everything can be concentrated into one unit absolute, that if conceive a dialectic as the foundation of our reason of things. The clear example of what we have throughout South America, believing he had seen the full reality, where I have to, just the cliff, this by his ideological inconsistency and limitations they possess. What more premium is the individual, thereby creating mechanisms that allow us to sustain us forever in the right direction and not letting it take collectively sequentially and others, are going under the historical circumstances that are not immutable, eternal and unchanging, which same changes must be inpermanentes, but they should be, because if is not given, time constraints will be built and what they will perish. This is what starts to happen in Venezuela, apart from its alliances with Trotskyism, an expert on what Reversing walked in and give up any flag as long as economically enjoy their privileged position to wield. But besides having been an informer for many centuries by all the intelligence systems of imperialism, and of it being an appendage with which any attempt to discredit the people to liberate themselves. It is good to remember the betrayal of some movements that were in the decade from 65 of the last century, as happened with Luis Felipe De la Puente Uceda that he was betrayed by all Peruvians Trotskyites and delivered to the reactionary force of Governments of the time. And is that Trotskyism is a mercenary ideology that lends itself to the highest bidder, and that has a purpose, precisely to discredit those who want change in location for large majorities. The list is long for the counting of this. Many refused for the purpose of hiding its essence and destiny that created them. That is the sad end to Venezuela, which for the vast majority will see buried their hopes of improving their situation of poverty, destitution and marginalization. But what of all these ideological mercenaries are training young Bolivians in their misery ideological or preparing them for treason, as well as to continue to perpetuate their nefarious actions. For this reason has no future reformist government of Chavez, nor will it if continues like that of Evo Morales. That created a great expectation, but as these will be walking away from the real objectives for which they are asking the support of the majority he needs breathing space and improvement of their situation of slavery. And that is who should lead the fight exactly are these majorities, not thinkers recycled or mercenaries that are rented at a better price across lid progressive. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos http:juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com http:huamanpuka.bubok.com

sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2008

The Confederation Of Peru Campesina

Hugo Blanco
The CPC was founded by John H. Peves 1947, originally formed by Yanaconas and commoners, fruit, among others, of long talks with Peves Jose Carlos Mariategui. I remember fondly the "farewell festival of life" that organized John H. Peves, to which we were invited Andres Vargas Moon and I, which tells us his story of struggle. I link to your address the year 1958, it had no room, sitting in a room provided shred of Amazonas. Secretary-General was John H. Peves, Secretary of Organization was Quispe Ernesto Ledesma, who until now still in the fight as a lawyer in the province of La Convention, Cusco. When he had to travel by the CCP to the interior of the country, I was named sub-secretary of organization because there was much work to do, among other tasks, I went to be in a strike by farm workers in Calera and then finances at a meeting of Yanaconas . Since its inception the CCP had a lot of participation in the peasant struggles of the country, Yanaconas, farm workers, servants and commoners of finance. It was as members of the Peasant Confederation of Peru in the Convention made the first land reform in the country. The bases of the CPC, as the peasants Bridal Canchis in Pampa, shed their blood in the struggle for land. Where before the shaking of the field, Velasco took power, of course the CPC supported the dissolution of the estates decreed by him, but maintained its independence since peasant reflected the sentiment for the speed of the process and the repudiation of the supercooperativas, (Agricultural Society Social Interest (SAIS) and others), bureaucratized, defending the right of communities to recover their usurped lands and not by the landowners, but by the SAIS. At that whatever the CCP was the founding of the National Agrarian Confederation (CNA) by Velasco. The CCP was present at the courageous struggles of Andahuaylas in the time of Velasco. He made the recovery of land in the hands of the SAIS by the communities in the province of Anta, Cusco, as leader of the CCP was present in the struggles of the community of Puno who recovered one million 250 thousand hectares of SAIS during the first government by Alan García, in fighting against government repression and Sendero Luminoso who murdered brave defenders of the land reclamation as Porfirio Suni. He was also a leader of the CCP that I was about to die in the bloody suppression of Pucallpa during the previous government of Alan García. The CCP has lost valuable leaders in various parts of the country as a product of the dirty war, killed by the state and Sendero Luminoso. He has been in the forefront with protracted mass marches in the process of removal of the dictator Fujimori. It was from the balconies of their local opposition to the dictator was expressed during the march of the 4 yours. This was and is against the onslaught that neoliberalism across government directed against the indigenous communities and the entire peasantry. The CCP has an impeccable history unit of the peasant movement. Serves twinned with other organizations such as CNA, CONACAMI, irrigators and committees as called. INFRINGEMENT OF THE NAME The enemy sees that it is impossible to crush by force the peasant organization's oldest country, rooted in the deep sense unit, collectivist and love and protection of water and the earth's national peasantry. For that reason he opted for the division. Sees that it can not make it from the inside, because despite the different views within the CCP, we are all aware that the exchange of ideas must be done to maintain the unit. Therefore serving fabricating an alleged CCP led by Armando Flores Rye The government and other defenders of the rich do not respect that our organization is officially recognized and so rob and galvanize our legal name to the usurper and to use it to confuse the bases quite rightly respected our behalf. We warn all the national peasant, a peasant organizations sisters, the entire social movement, this new maneuver of the enemy to weaken our organization and its consequent struggle for the rights of the peasantry. The General Secretariat Collegiate elected at our last congress is composed of: Jorge Prado, Roberto Lopez, Marcelina Vargas and Melchor Lima. Mr Armando Centeno has not been elected by any event peasant, are the servants of big business who have chosen to divide the oldest peasant organization in the country, which has a history of struggle, and the result of work of the unit that is proud. Unmasks this new maneuver by the enemies of the peasantry. Defend the unity of the CPC and the peasant and indigenous movement.

miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2008

Killed by mayor of cyanide spill in minin barrick golden


The news of the death of Mayor Choropampa, Don Vincent Zarate Minchan, with symptoms characteristic of poisoning from mercury. Alerted the irresponsible mining companies in the Management of PAMA. We are more alert that there is the background of the company Minera Barrick in different places. But before we see their actions and their accomplices in these crimes, so we put as accessories to the mayors of which is extracted and contaminates their projects in the Andean region of Freedom: 1. A report by Corpwatch, a research organization and denunciation of human rights violations and environmental crimes produced by large corporations, is looking carefully at the world's largest gold, the Barrick Gold. The study explains how this company pollutes the air and water, and emphasizes community as a victory what happened in La Rioja, where citizens' assemblies of Famatina managed to stop the exploration. 2. BARRICK THREATENS JOURNALISTS: Author: Dr. Roco OLAVARRIA.Comentario. Raul Montenegro and FUNAM President of the Alternative Nobel Prize 2004, reported nationally and internationally that journalists in this province "received death threats because they say the truth about the environmental impact of Canadian mining Barrick Gold" .- added that other journalists' suffering Prior censorship or are displaced from news programs so they do not tell the truth. " 3. Indigenous leaders denounce in Montreal, the activities of the mining Barrick Gold Corporation. Indigenous leaders from Australia, Chile and Papua New Guinea are currently in Canada with the purpose of engaging in parallel to the general assembly of shareholders of the company Barrick Gold Corporation. Indian leaders have come to present their deep concerns from the impacts of mining activities of this company and to denounce the current critical situation facing this kind of exploitation in their territories. Barrick conducts various mining projects in indigenous ancestral lands in those countries, without respecting the rights to self-determination, autonomy and free and informed consent of those communities. In addition, it becomes obvious imbalance of the ecosystem by pollution of soil, air and water pollution caused by mining activities. The quality of life, health, the right to water, access to a water quality and local economic activities are threatened. 4. Since the year 1997, Barrick Gold Corporation entered into Chilean territory with the intention of buying acres to exploit raw materials, the atmosphere enrareció. Already this season opponents have been adding to this initiative called Project Pascualama, "both for their environmental achievements, which would end, according to studies by two-thousand glaciers, as it would be mortgaging one of the largest reserves of water in the world. However, today are the other duties that keep busy at the transnational level. Indeed, lawyers Hernan Montealegre and Monica Madariaga, reported yesterday in the palace court, which was installed corruption in the judiciary. The former Minister of Justice and Education of Pinochet, told Radio Universidad de Chile, there are a minister of the Court of Appeal and two in the Supreme Court, who would be using its influence to prevent the trial of Rodolfo Villar maintains against the Barrick Gold, comes to an end. According to Madariaga, substantial evidence exists that spell serious irregularities in the process giving to think of how badly things were handled in the judiciary. Basically, the lawyers allege an illegal lobbying of advocates of Barrick: Gabriel Caceres, Dario Calderon, Gonzalo Nieto Valdes and the study "Vergara Labarca and Concha," maintained ties with the minister of the room account of the Court of Appeals, Juan Mera Munoz. He is accused of improperly modifying a resolution aimed at adding a final appeal to the ruling that favored the interests of the plaintiffs. The rule of law, warns Madariaga, was established only through the intervention of the president of the Santiago Court of Appeals, Gabriela Perez, who saw the incident and ordered the normal handling of the case. Nevertheless, the ever-called "iron woman" reported that lawyers lobbystas of Barrick, moved to the second floor of the Courts, to exert their influence on the Supreme Court. According to Madariaga, at least 2 ministers of the Supreme Court - whose names wanted to keep hold-mining shady ties with the Canadian, whose directory includes, among other notorious, Father George Bush. The same Barrick's lawyers had warned during the process, several ministers of the Supreme shareholders would be "new partners" of the company. To check the veracity of these, Montealegre and Madariaga, made the complaint to the chairman of the High Court, Enrique Tapia, who should bring a decision if it passes the full background to the Ethics Tribunal of the Judiciary. Both lawyers have a case against the Barrick since 2001, representing the Engineer Rodolfo Villar, who says having been a victim of a scam by the American company which, through a widget, it would have made of Current Pascualama land by the derisory sum of 10 pesos. Here are a few selected at random to illustrate the intentions of the Barrick mining, and warned the population throughout the Andes liberteño of the serious consequences that will have the activities of the Minera Barrick also suspicious of the complicity of many mayors and Leaders in the same holiday. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos. http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2008

Foglia di Coca

Foglia di coca-


Un PORPOSITO dei rapporti peruviano americano La foglia di coca è tradizionalmente utilizzato da tutti le comunità indigene che costante del continente Abya Yala, il Creoles che lo conoscono come passanti-Sud America. Ci accingiamo a fare riferimento al suo contenuto alimentare che può essere versato solo con l'azione di coqueo masticati o, come egli è conosciuto. I dati forniti dalla Istituzione di cedro, è che per ogni 100 grammi della sacra foglia existenpor ogni foglia contenente 100g, 18.9g di proteine, carboidrati 46.2g, 5 g di grassi. Oltre a vitamine A, C, B6, B12, tiamina, riboflavina, niacina, alfa tocoferolo, acido folico, biotina e acido pantotenico. Elementi: calcio, ferro, iodio, fosforo, magnesio, zinco, rame, sodio, potassio, alluminio, bario, cromo e il manganese; umidità e calorie (calcolato a partire dai carboidrati e grassi, proteine). Il suo alto contenuto di calcio è necessario per molte delle funzioni di esseri umani non sono stati stabiliti affidabile, in modo che si possa anche concludere che non siamo sicuri di quale sia il grado di assorbimento di questa sostanza nutritiva per l'essere umano da salivazione. In diversi esperimenti, e Adriana Cordero nel 2002, per ottenere il dottorato in farmacia e biochimica, che ha fatto il suo lavoro con esperienze nei ratti e con proteine di latte bovino. Coloro che consuma i prodotti lattiero-caseari aumento di peso molto rapidamente, al contrario con il potere derivato da coca, l'aumento è stato molto leggero, questo uncharacteristic concentrare gli alcaloidi. Per ciò che stiamo vedendo, non vi è un mito del consumo di coca come un complemento alimentare, ma qui viene il ma questo è solo uno studio è stato fatto, che è complementare alla relazione presso l'Università di Harvard, da cui si allude, ma molti non citare molto convenientemente. Ma ha anche i suoi detrattori della tesi di Harvard e il dottor Cordero, che si riferiscono allo studio del Dr Zavaleta condotto presso l'Università Cayetano Heredia, che viene a mettere in discussione la metodologia da parte del precedente studio in cui si afferma che nessun impianto è completo come un integratore alimentare. La sfida proviene da l'isolamento di tutti gli alcaloidi di proteine e micronutrienti, vitamine e minerali da la foglia di coca per la trasformazione metabolica nei ratti di laboratorio, che non sono cruciali per prendere in considerazione il trattamento dei dati. Ed è la cosa principale, perché se guardiamo a ciò, il tasso di mortalità era elevato in alto andina zone, che possono confermare che la teoria del dottor cade da solo. Che cosa succede se si tiene conto del fatto che non è chiaro ciò che il reale valore nutritivo e l'assorbimento di sostanze nutritive della sacra foglia, e questo è stato confermato lo stesso contraddittorio volantini rilasciato dalla ONG cedro. Quindi, qui si può anche derivare la politica di intenti di molte delle relazioni CEDRO, proprio a causa della costrizione di fondi da cui per finanziare le loro attività. Se questi non sono stati finanziati in particolare da parte dei paesi dove il consumo è elevato alcaloidi illegali e che alimentano l'industria illecito di stupefacenti. Qui dobbiamo semper commento su questo thread, come è sintomatico è rotto dal lato più deboli, che sono DELA produttori di foglia di coca, da agricoltura. Gli effetti della erbicidi sparsi in tutta aeromobili polverizzatori, hanno deforested grandi aree di produzione, che sono diventate sterili, anche per l'attività di pascolo del bestiame. Tutto ciò riduce la capacità degli agricoltori di coca in zone di coltivazione. Per quanto riguarda, abbiamo concluso che il trattamento non è fatto da parte della rete economica di questa attività, e invece è che se esso è necessario per il lavoro e l'influenza di fronte produttrici di aree diventare improduttivi nel portare portato alla migrazione delle popolazioni Intere aree di ulteriore gonfiore delle cinture di miseria nelle capitali delle regioni e la capitale della nazione

Coca leaf

Peruvian American The coca leaf is used traditionally by all indigenous communities who settled the continent's Abya Yala, the Creoles who know him as passers-Sud America. We are going to refer to its contents foodstuff which may be paid only with the action of coqueo chewed or, as he is known. The data provided by the Institution of CEDAR, is that for every 100 grams of the sacred leaf existenpor each leaf containing 100g, 18.9g protein, 46.2g carbohydrates, 5g fat. Besides vitamins A, C, B6, B12, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, alpha tocopherol, folic acid, biotin and pantothenic acid. Elements: calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper, sodium, potassium, aluminum, barium, chromium and manganese; moisture and calories (calculated from carbohydrates and fats, proteins). Its high content of calcium is needed for many of the functions of human beings have not been reliably established, so that we can also concluded that we are not sure what the extent of absorption of this nutrient for the human being from salivation. In different experiments, and Adriana Cordero in 2002, to obtain his doctorate in pharmacy and biochemistry, who did his job with experience in rats and with proteins from bovine milk. Those who consumed the dairy increased weight very quickly, quite the contrary with the power derived from coca, the increase was very slight, this uncharacteristic concentrate alkaloids. For what we are seeing, there is a myth in the consumption of coca as a food supplement, but here comes the but that is only one study has been done that is complementary to the report from Harvard University, from which you allude but many did not cite very conveniently. But it also has its detractors of the thesis of Harvard and Dr. Cordero, which we refer to the study of Dr. Zavaleta conducted at the University Cayetano Heredia, who comes to question the methodology made by the previous study which states that no plant is complete as a food supplement. The challenge comes from the isolation of all alkaloids of protein and micronutrients, vitamins and minerals from the coca leaf for processing metabolic in laboratory rats, which are not crucial to take into account the processing of data. And it's the main thing, because if we look at this, mortality was high in the high Andean zones, which can confirm that the theory of Dr. falls by itself. What if we take into account that it is not clear what the actual nutritional value and nutrient absorption of the sacred leaf, and this was confirmed the same contradictory leaflets issued by the NGO CEDAR. So here we can also derive the policy intent of many of the reports issued CEDRO, precisely because of the duress of funds from which to finance their activities. If these were not specifically funded by the countries where consumption is high alkaloids illegal and that fuel the illicit drug industry. Here we must always comment on that thread, as is symptomatic is broken by the weakest side, which are dela producers of coca leaf, from agriculture. The effects of the herbicides scattered across aircraft sprayers, have deforested large producing areas, which have become infertile, including for the activity of grazing cattle. All this reduces the capacity of farmers in coca-growing areas. As far as we concluded that the treatment is not done by the economic network of this business, and rather it is that's where it is necessary to work and influence of the opposite-producing areas will become unproductive in bringing resulted in the migration of populations Entire areas to further swelling of the belts of misery in the capitals of regions and the nation's capital

domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2008

Con tu fuego
en el tiempo
con tu luz
sin el agua
del rio
que se atesora
en una esquina
Como ves?
en tu esquina
doblada por la cerviz
de tu miseria
de tu roido envejecimiento
que se sale de oidas en tu ignominia
y hacendosa traicion
de veterano trajin
de delaciones
que tu vipera lengua
toda ella escupe.
A donde es el camino
que se detiene
en mi hombro
con los escudos miserables
que escondemos
con el sonido
de los guerreros
que en el ayer
todos ellos
Ya se
es un blason
de todos los opresores
que con guitarras
no escuchan
el sonido
de mi plegaria
en el alma
sin mi victoria
como calambre
en mi pierna
toda ella dormida
¡Ah, ya se!
he dormitado
en el hombro
de toda mi vida
y hoy me siento
muy junto a mi fuente
de solidez tiempo
que se acerca en mi vida
con el arpa de los solfeos.
Trujillo noviembre 2008
tupac Isaac II

Induction to analytic social thought

The main concern of the population in Peru is the path that has taken the latter stages of education in history. It is believed that this escalation of the problem of quality, the lack of it in all areas. Do we really will have bottomed out? Or just be a misunderstanding of it, as can also be the case that we are judging a wrong way. If our analysis aims to standardize the entire educational development, we disagree with it, it's like to pretend to believe that the development of humankind was in a uniform manner, which is not true. The main thing is that this is taking as true, something that should not happen, and I say this not by revenge, or any other feeling, I say with certainty that this was done with much improvisation as always, for in The ministry of education have been screwed apoltronado or certain class of officials who do not meet the academic requirements sufficient to conduct the Peruvian education system. For that I say this. Very simple. Is the case with the conclusions reached to say very happily after the results of the review of teacher assessment for admission to the public teaching career. They speak for themselves. But only been taken by the side of the results, they have not been questioned its validity. But the midfield is here, if you analyze the capacity of discrimination of social events for young adolescents, this latent or disappeared, by the enormous capacity of the print and television, which has made this a great job. Cancel or sections of the analytical thinking of them. They have been castrated, any possibility of analysis. That reflects a slogan, which is in the making between those who hold power in the world. The box silly, it is not just a euphemism; this by allowing complete control of the minds of young people by giving them other values, other forms of social life, making them believe that the path is guided along this path, this has enabled the excessive growth of the problem of gangs. Since young people to lose their identity and their autonomy rather than any thought, the body itself have to cope with the ravages invasive that do not allow you to cope with the dilemmas of society and be critical of it. The fact is that television and mass media will sell a range of schemes that are impossible to attain their economic levels. This frustrates the young, who have to dip into the street violence as a means of catharsis for his misfortune. If the box was more critical and silly permeable to the events of society and present them without makeup, also the subliminal propaganda, to encourage the unbridled consumption of items that are not essential for life, walk in another direction and at least would restrict the collapse of the juvenile mind. In the gang find recognition or acceptance. At the same school they want to be recognized and if they are not taken into account, there arises the first rejection to the education system, which is also a rather Analytical castrating. It has been propagandizado that success in life, as an individual, it is vital to the young. To do this they have to become a consumerist removed. The more consuming, but it will be well regarded in the small feudal society of Peru, will be rejected if not, very few exceptions. I recently had a similar experience, but rather seen as ghetto. The concept is of ghetto and this is giving the most that will also address the dysfunctionality of the Youth sector. The case is to apply for a grant by the Ford Foundation, where supposedly there are many filters, but obviously the filter in Peru, do not work and is known to choose, without any notable academic relationship. Perhaps more that belongs more to my group of maladjusted former group, so to speak. I believe that we are opening a new topic for analysis and criticism, from another perspective to make known the views on this subject that is becoming untenable in our society. As I said before, we have to be plain and honest and accept the origin of this problem comes from the loss of identity and the castration of analytical thinking of the young people of our homeland. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos Tupac Isaac II Huamanpuka

Celestina of the World

CELESTINA of the world, unite. Many times we wonder: What is the role that exercise all the opportunist factions in the world? Do not fall for Celestina nothing but a broken old system, which is the Neo liberalism. That is what is happening throughout Europe and South America together. Some very festive garb, but it has a useful role to serve as replacement for the old and outdated it was agazapa far right at every level. Deny, but at the end of the day are so Celestina for the old and outdated doctrine Neoliberal becomes the new makeup, or maybe surgery to change his old face and presented as fresh and Lozana it is not. But those who claim to be heirs of socialism renewed makeup, could not generate anything? Leave the tomb at the tomb and from failure to failure in over several centuries could not give a coherent answer to the problem of society. The only thing consistent is the inordinate ambition to overcome his destiny of the most needy and to join in which at the time their lackeys are perishable. Although not created, at times you can believe that they are retreating into their meager intentions. It is puerile and our hopes that the shadow of the stark reality shows us our misguided ambition. Why then the doubt, we should be more than disappointed. The point of the skein is that we must bear in mind that the vestiges of opportunism had their origin in the appropriation of workers' struggles anarchists carried out by the thugs who carried out the APRA in the sugarcane workers in the image of those made in the textile unions. What is this? Many years ago talking with a former union leader from the former sugarcane farm Rome to which we must bring to the memory and rescue from oblivion is Ms Eusebio Linares, with whom I learned from my games of the social struggles made by the Great fighter. Its delivery and its integrity, despite the years watched with excitement and pride that has been done for her. For their courage and surrender in each movement agreed in the fight for the eight hours of work in conjunction with the textile workers. Fondly recount their prowess, the same as that of the epic 32 in conjunction with Buffalo Barreto and which unfortunately have now stigmatized by the first opportunistic. Until Manuel Arevalo always believed that it was necessary to do what he did because it was their destiny to power the track that had been planned, but nevertheless that they now call themselves the Aprista betrayed. Never recovered from this betrayal. Thus the children of Buffalo Barreto always shouted to the four winds of such treachery and especially that of Celestina always exploits the figure of his father for dealing with the heroism and fortitude of this great worker originally from Liberteño walk. Dona Maria Eusebio followed with his story with that worker cañavelero are hidden in the Presidio hill where the author also step many years of his childhood with his father. This worker and hero of the resistance of the parapet 32 is as sniper and then kept the offensive-government troops. I know his name said only that she was withdrawing after knowing the betrayal of the people of Haya de la Torre and the same; toward the Andean sites, from where it is not known who took destiny. Just take your bitterness and disappointment after another. That she feels in their own flesh in the decade of 85 with the novel and harum-scarum Garcia Perez. From that moment his silence told me a lot. She knew a lot of my ideological positions, but no more dealings with me the adjective of radish, corn and callus and only concerned me, with the diminutive of all time. But the sadness in their eyes and the left in their old age and the bitterness contained. Only he did smile when you mention of my adventures and dreams to sow compañeros or cigars for my Platonic love of Perpetua, muchic the most beautiful lady with her style of dress at school that my feverish six years contemplated. Or coconut envelopes you that the young musician youth village that gradually was based on what today is the Porvenir. O Brother Armando its Indigenous Youth who are reluctant to enter this society now is that consumption and betrayal of the values of our ancestors. But there is another Celestina much more recent that I was aware of a few and had been operating for many years when I met a couple of simple little word that the flag of revolution made us believe that this was already in the corner. I mean Breña Pantoja when we visited still beardless enrolled high school. It seems that for many decades and decades, so it is. Because there is no denying it. It knew that the word easy, if not accompanied by the direct application of what is being said. It's hard to be believe what he was talking about. And always wondering when and responded: There are no conditions!. It was his favorite answer to everything when you do not dare to lead a battle that was crucial. And always be fighting for something that was not achieved even 20 per cent of what was requested. It was always like that. Even in the best of times with many leaders like Horace or Bazan. Then I would realize that it was to drive shares power with employers is planned so that the struggles and since there was a marriage buried with APRA. Well, in regions where they dominated the APRA, provided the gullibility or silence calls for the act from the Aprista. A clear example is in the region De la Libertad. Here are committed a litany of irregularities and The Lords of Homeland Red never take for granted in question. The most recent development in the contest for directors or UGEL Education Management Local units of the various constituencies of the Department or Region, where he desperately wanted to impose and have imposed a candidate prone to APRA without merit that having a friend Aprista or militant. This was the union ruled by the opportunism of Red Fatherland, at least not felt at all for anything and the irregularities came to light as is the case of a director who has the title of educator very challenged, including me is known for his lack of intellectual solvency but nevertheless as a godmother who was then left uncovered in his misdeeds, his godson entered into disgrace but not so much as it wished, but in a way brazen. But the contunde response from the majority that feels itself a lie, is destroying this marriage between opportunism more sinister in the history of the struggles between the union group of Red Fatherland or more well known as Yellow Patria, although that color blush Such affront to so with the claudicante trafficker and the interests that appropriates struggles of others as was the APRA in its history. Today has been broken throughout the Creole republiqueta known as Peru this natural union between these two monstrosities sons of the great international bourgeoisie. It is necessary to say that the people will understand as it is and as the masses have managed wisely directed to the correct path. That although this path is a path of sacrifice and total dedication to the cause of the poor wants the renunciation or denial of ourselves so that this will culminate in the purposes to which we have Track. Quite the contrary leads us to the fullest of the failures. And they say the real protagonists have learned to drive on the right of the roads despite the revisionism has wanted back to the real interests that defends itself, but as always, every day are becoming more lonely and its partners as well as genocide, sells homelands and fascists are stripping the APRA as they are, and without shields have been more open as they are in their essence: The biggest enemies of the people. That all his cheap talk that they are unnecessary, because it smells as this feeling people. It smells a cemetery with the dead discovered a flower of land, in open decomposition with the excitement of doom black birds of death that some poetry has been in the attic of our consciences. We see nothing at face desencajado most of the more rabid of the journalist who is a staunch enemy of all teachers, and that his lips distills so much anger that if a teacher saw in his front would be able to attack with the held by the hand or in scope. It is understandable for its failures love with men who did not want to put their whims, one is with an enemy that is well known but at least respected their independence in analyzing things realistically, the other was a veteran of the rebel Weapons, to which she frequently and with which it was when it belonged to the lists of a magazine known. So it can not be expected to be objective in their analysis, because it makes breathing by the wound sentimental, and there we see as a force want to legitimize a force which lost its validity as a progressive force that capitulated to its principles if it is which had the force of the credibility it had in many years that at least remained at the helm of the leadership of the agency association. Today, although able to faithful to his habit of trying to manipulate some bases are addicted to it in some way has been to become a majority. And that very clearly their tricks to manipulate have been exceeded by disappointment, frustration of thousands of teachers, who have today taken the decision not to succumb to the outrage of the spurious of a decision by those who supposedly represent us in a body so discredited, which only governs and favors a minority that thrives on the most deprived. But in the case to accept a truce or lifting of the strike and will be the beginning of the demise of the political map of Patria Roja, but from the beginning that APRA already started many years ago. It can determine when it started to remove the mask in its alliance with the extreme right as is the group of National Unity and lumpenes followers of the thief and genocidal Fujimori. There was what was his true entails. Can no longer hide behind anything and what it proposes to expedite the stage for a larger problem that is looming later in new times. Perhaps this is not the same as demonstrating against the citizens in Mexico, NAFTA has created a much bigger bag of dispossessed and what we have today tried to impose as is ever made to privatize education becoming further two problems that in the long run is already undermining the very heart in the Mexican state Creole. One is the problem Latent Side of the Zapatistas who have a part of the territory liberated in the form of intrusion of the federal state. The other thing is the problem of teachers in Oaxaca. As here is giving this occurred in the latter republic, and was in Argentina, and was in Chile. But let us in a position that the suspension of the National Indefinite Strike. What is going to entail? If we have a clear background of the failure of repeated promises by the State Criollo and his government. The same journalist Rosa Maria Palacios gave recognition to Jorge Del Castillo, asked that very Olympic avoided, but it enrostró? The promise of thirty soles who allegedly held loa assessment census group. That certainly has not so far complied, despite that only takes a small budget for those who gave the assessment dichosa census. Met, did not. To believe them then they're disqualified. But the fact that it is looking Patria Red rebuild this marriage that always had with APRA and now therefore ask the enjoyment of the privileges conferred power. That's all you're looking for, nothing more. Well if you do not have long since been disconnected from its gold mine as it is to spill MAGISTERIAL where Red Patria is entrenched until the marrow and defends it tooth and nail, because there continue to suck vegging and continue smuggling interests the teaching profession. Because if they had not allowed a vote of a teacher. That really terrified. Seria inconsistent with its purposes. For one shows signs that it is necessary to relate happened in the election of the provincial committee. As they knew and Palpa that not only were most cited some bases that had problems and they handled through the APRA but it was also agent all former militants who have some college related, all with the aim of able to handle the event. So what did they ap0arecieron teachers from other bases immediately closed the entries for the assembly and put to vote until the dog guardianship order to continue arguing. And are so sectarian that does not allow dissident voices to speak. Not because they would discover as is its essence. In the last thing we have used is po9ner commanded a traitor and topped repented of the rebel groups. This was already described in its essence as they are. Trujillo July 19 2007. Tupac Isaac

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