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jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011



There is a criminal organization, not only enriched and made all kinds of abuse and everything is back to usufruct bourgeois parliament that gives it the perks. But now I want to see is the answer to a reader who remains clueless light in their eyes, so I refer you to go to Congress and ask the office No 994-CI-VMT/AFF/CR-2002 , there are naked to the Thief Lord Alberto Fujimori who emptied the treasury and all the national treasury in a series of misdeeds, but for the confused reader to transcribe only the titles of the report refers to such office of the chairman of the committee researcher, research quotes and financial reports recognized, then it does not come with the question I have stolen, which may be said that this villain has stolen.

You can read the chapter on the accounts of the delinquent tax havens Vladimiro Montesinos Torres, Alberto Kenya Fujimori foreign citizens and their environment has not been able to repatriate some funds, that is another thing because we have such treaties with any of tax havens in Southeast Asia, including Japan.

Confused reader is agreed that the Lord Fujimori lived in a luxurious apartment, first in a five star hotel. Imagine all the time he was there and further its relations with the mafia Nippon, especially Yacuses. That's not free Lord confused reader.

But according to the report, you have all the chapter on human rights violations, him and all his company. That has not caught and shot, is not the issue, the main thing is that the promoted and organized human rights violations. Did Al Capone, fired it, had been mentally ill for not realizing the legal consequences, had to send to someone to make its provisions.

The report goes on as the Lord Fujimori and his cronies including those victorious generals bribes in the bidding and procurement. But collusion with drug trafficking and money laundering.

Well if the Lord does not want to read, there is no best answer. For the other on what he calls Terrorism is just a legal euphemism which took the doctrine of security implemented by the U.S. Secretary of State as part of its plan of world domination, but even for the American people but the opposite for a turn known as the Bilderberg Club.

To see the problem which means the reader clueless, is to teach the theory of law and its evolution, political theories and their evolution, but if, on its own will do. Then we are ready to discuss. It was the euphemism used by the U.S. to justify wars of invasion in Iraq and elsewhere.

For example in Iraq, control of the entire oil field was in the hands of the state. If they used it for the benefit of a few and were not distributed to the entire population by the dictator, that was another problem, that the Iraqi people themselves, without intervention of any foreign power should. But there was the ambition of the American pros companies, is also a U.S. say they are shareholders or owners as not known to what country they belong.

Well what they wanted and ambition was to become the property of the Iraqi oil. And they have done then there were those intentions, but makeup all. That the Iraqi dictator hiding people from Al Qaeda, he had weapons of mass destruction, which had chemical weapons factories. But that was discovered long after the U.S. invaded Iraq, have hijacked the country and have set in motion the expropriation of American companies for business pros.

The same has happened in Afghanistan where the U.S. wants control of hashish, a drug that consumes the majority of Chinese, imagine you have a captive market, but they do, to get fresh money which does not appear to use the money from its budget in CIA covert actions, and would remain so with many factual arguments made palpable to discover all things.

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