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sábado, 23 de enero de 2016

HAMPA S.A. in the Congressional list of Cesar ACUÑA

HAMPA S.A. in the Congressional list of Cesar ACUÑA.
By Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

It's been long time we have been doing research on how the Underworld has been monopolizing many positions in Peruvian politics. Especially drug trafficking seeking this alliance at first and then take the reins to be freely available in their illegal business. That comes when politicians like Keiko Fujimori, Alejandro Toledo Alan Garcia Perez, after governments flaunt their ill-gotten money, even more, when they are breaded and validated their thievery by the judiciary. That is undeniable, as we have seen recently that are confirmed for the umpteenth time the statements of one of the biggest drug traffickers in the decades of 80 and 90 where the consent of the political class to drug trafficking syndicates. But now it makes more brazen by the Underworld asking to be in the Congress, I would say well that's what we want, the economic system allows us to do these things and has made viable. Now the mob is about to crown his highest aspiration, as is to fight for the presidency of the Republic, he would have been expected ever since the Fujimori party is a criminal organization covered by laws made for you.

The criminal nature of their activities is a born dictator and imposes its criteria blood and fire, or the money that made his fortune. And he prefers to surround himself with those of his ilk, not to make shade and if someone honest, it made only by appearance. They are a species that are known as sobones, rugs in the criminal slang, they induce to think that he is the highest person that everything he says is true and rightly so, in its sole discretion. Especially when the offender was born in humble beginnings, when he has money, he has an aggressive behavior to those around him, attacking the person who does not agree to his request. The same behavior have their subordinates for those under their command. In short the pipe dream that Pablo Escobar of Colombia will be conducted in Peru; there in Colombia only could become congressman who distributed millions and ingratiating with poor class; here you can become president with the consent and complicity of the Central Intelligence Agency, or maybe the American Congress?

I do not think that the Central Intelligence Agency or the Drug Enforcement Administration have not been able to account for the emergence of the huge machine of the world from a small college preparatory academy, almost no students, who later gave scholarships to right and left become an emporium of higher education with huge economic returns? You do the complicity of these two American companies and the US Congress, of which we make responsible, as was responsible for what he did in the 90s when we were a narco-state and a dictatorship.

But that's not all, the congressional such list that clearly puts its origin is any string without fear of criminals so that they are in Congress. There is his kind and spirit.

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