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viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011



With recent events in the national political scene, which undermines the struggle of women in advanced making social change, it is imperative to be well clear of its transformative role that quota to both the onset of cultural evolution human, as now apparently this is upsetting and seeing differently, but the way we should see, is not hiding behind the power over the male, if not in power to lead the masses themselves to draw a contrast . For the bourgeois world, that is the situation that gives advantages to continue to maintain its power in the form intact, especially women who make you feel the power in their hands, but in fact it is thus an apparent message of machismo; which is another monster created by the bourgeoisie to make up your system and divert the real struggle.

One of the biggest problems it faces, we refer to women, is the power of the male taboo subject and therefore to the bourgeoisie and its operating system with its consequences of consumerist behavior, have her as their best ally because it diverts the real issue facing society, which is another: the consumer desire to be injecting it through the manipulation of women, this whole system work together and their means of attachment behavior in the way programming of the life of society. It is therefore necessary to dissociate the woman as an instrument of exploitation and ideological support of bourgeois society, which injects consumerism as essentially the entire society.

The taboo is a huge and powerful instrument of subjection of individuals, the production system, without it, can not handle the mass consciousness, for this is that there is sustained power. The more mysterious and far from the reality of nature presents us, the more will its power over the masses. And is that by manipulating the consciousness can be applied to things, the nature of goods and sublime performance category to goodwill, there is also concentrated the application or development concept is none other than irrational plunder of natural resources.

According to the bourgeois conception that is also the condition of women and their role in society. The company and its processes should tend to homogenization, are not having the directionality as the ability of homogenization is broken and rather build this tremendous focus on a single small interest group and gender group. Therein lies the problem.

Let's see how they are used the media to continue to maintain vital and strong taboos in society to keep seeing clearly not the real problem. That it is not interested, we are interested in maintaining the status quo of the system, which is none other than the system of domination of one social group over another and thus bourgeois women bourgeois man.

Homogenization should start in the family in capitalist society is taken as a production unit and the father is around turning the economic and legal activity in the mother and the children emotional behavioral aspect, but the children and women are but linked production centers and conditioned by the parent, no freedom and balanced management responsibilities in the family, so she has jumped through the roof, when Mrs. Nadine Heredia has sent a message to the Minister of Energy mines and the problem of Laguna Paron near Huaraz.

It is not the role of Mrs. Nadine is doing, if not the reason that women in capitalist society it is subordinated to the dictates of men. For the subordination reaches its productive dimension, as is done in the home that is an employee without pay, as it follows that the bourgeois want our country with respect to the attitudes of Mrs. Nadine independence, it does not say that we are in favor of her husband, which we know has sided with large corporations and not like some brothers of the trade unions believe us believe he is kidnapped by them, is like some clueless still believe that Dr. Guzman Peace sign letters, a shameful capitulation and the latter body is generated. That there is no way around it, when away from the principles there is no justification to give a betrayal, well that's another matter that is irrelevant here.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Tupac Isaac II

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