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viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011

Gorillas in the Mist

Gorillas in the Mist

As had been coming and the fear is much more evident the guise of leftist gorillas came out the very soul they are made, their essence is revealed much more. It has not mattered to betray the bugs out of their unsuspecting companions and accessories, as did Mr. Chehade has served as a buffer to try to mask the true face of retired military officer who is now in government. This had already been seeing that going to happen when the president Gorilla rid of Mr. Marco Arana and his faithful friends Patria Roja, on the awkward position of sizes was not convenient allies. It is thought that the extreme right will give his blessing, having seen how to use all its economic power from reaching the palace. And as a man without convictions and more like many fears inside and even in his past, his friend Chehade which saved him from the clutches of being convicted of crimes against humanity.

Now we see that his memory is failing and that's very dangerous too: for we began to forget their promises sharper, although I warn you when in his campaign very bitterly critical to education that was implementing the government of Mr. Garcia, and even dared to say that would be consistent with the teachers union, first as harmful to Repeal laws and give the second educational revolution. Now we see that it was not, as his great minister of education has faithfully copied the decrees of the disastrous regime of Garcia to continue implementing in the next school year. But the thrust in education has been that it will continue to implement the nefarious scheme of municipalization of education. There Patria Roja has kept the silence of the catacombs it has promised two things: remove the spills were not teaching and that those who join the new public career teachers will be included in the shed as contributors. Thus we see the silence of the Red Fatherland in the field of education.

Where there can be tweaked, but have joined the bandwagon of the anti mining, as it is called by the extreme right, and it is there, unless they support the demands of the people shall be fully unmasked and revealed his convenience, as has been seen of Javier Diez Canseco and Mocha García Naranjo. Who considered rabid leftists, but once they have risen to power, some children become insufferable capricious and other matrons of society. Are uncovered in all his ego to make us see, as they are in essence, are just a vile opportunist and traffickers. From the first moment I jumped on the bandwagon of the military, which had a very thick dossier of human rights violations, from there it was impossible to believe, or at least have some credibility. That from the point that every choice is only part of the circus mounted with the power to deceive the people, that there is democracy, that lie not always swallow every five years and it seems that people love pill tremendous which should choke.

The people still living who always hopes are betrayed in every government. They promise the change responsibly and only thing that changes is the checkbooks of all the politicking megafauna of the above, which probably changed now dream of living in the suburbs to a mansion on the shores of the northern country. That's what they want. Not otherwise seek. The same miserable pig and individualism.

Now is a time of struggle that has to start now. The awakening of the people must begin and as predicted by Gabriel Condorcanqui, the people scattered into a million pieces, you have to rejoin. Join to curb the destruction of land by the Western world and its way of thinking about development and to understand the true destiny of mankind is to live well or Sumaq Kausay, which is not the same as or Qhapaq Sumaq Nam qañama Servindi a writer, so confused the poor who could not understand many philosophical categories of the Andean world.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
Túpac Isaac II

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