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lunes, 23 de diciembre de 2013



There are facts that raise incredulity suggests , hiding something. The facts giving reason to go long to where your target is going, they are none other than the protection of their economic interests. It has always been so. So do not cry desgañiten in defending freedom at all costs , the protection of democratic systems . His acolytes say : Our democracies are imperfect so we must resign ourselves to submit to the various outrages and impose no sharpen those who hold economic power and therefore political power.

So we can refer to happened recently in the golden circle of opium and hashish , drug circulating in the countries of this golden circle and the integrated , Afghanistan , Pakistan and other Overseas countries where U.S. interests thrive on way . But what is the purpose to control the trafficking of these drugs in this area. Apparently there is no reason . If any. What USA wants to control and have a door that enters the china, threatening U.S. hegemony. This requires or have control over the sheikhs of the drug, or at least destroy those who hinder them in their interests and focus on one that they can dominate. First they have to destroy their nationalism so that they can be easily managed via the ethnocide and introduce their cultural and social management . Second create a market for their production. This imposes the legal theories of the adjective , which have no logical support , but they are the ideal psychological weapon . With this weapon also justify before world public opinion shares of dispossession in these nations , imposing puppet governments .The issue in these countries were cohesive through their religion , despite having demonized , discredited , have been unable to break ties . The only thing left in his legal theory stigmatize adjective to not submit to its dictates. What has made them prepare their withdrawal is because the friends were in yesterday are now his enemies. It has dominated the ethnic, religious cohesion , before another and allowed them to resist the U.S. military invasion.

The same is happening in our South America and especially Peru, the overnight is becoming the largest U.S. base in the world. With the backing of the same Peruvian Congress and needless to say of the Peruvian military class, as this allows outcast and alienated mancillamiento our country. They use the military class , who are indoctrinated in his former school of the americas, best known as the school of dictators. These people are applying the repressive policies . They have tried to ERASE the stigma of this school and supposedly have closed, but remains open and getting a lot more men who will be the support of the neo-fascist regimes throughout america . Just last year many more elements of the Peruvian military schools bound for this famous school was sent . That 's what they want with it ? Very simply ensure ideological domination of fascism , as this is the position today of the national bourgeoisie . They have to be ideologically prepared elements so that they can continue to sustain their privileges at the expense of sacrificing the welfare of the people living in this geography.

But not only that, also the fascism in the international arena , which is nothing more than capitalism, you are looking to make up their income that are intended to covert actions , openly can not do with their taxpayers' money , for it looking so I was in Asia as the famous Bin Laden , to provide him income by drug trafficking, wanted independence or when leaving the American influence was stigmatized in order to destroy it. This is now happening with the case of the Sanchez Paredes family ends to be a dispossessed landfall to be the kings of Peru . Look around their inconsistencies are obvious : In the 1970s the Peruvian millionaire entrepreneur, business owner and many fish canneries , was Mr. Luis Banchero Rossi, with a multitude of companies throughout the country was facing the main employer employs more than half of the economically active population of Peru . And only generated sixty million dollars . So how can one believe that one of the members of the Sánchez Paredes family has generated more than $ 52 million in its fortunes in the same period , only selling beer in the city of Chimbote and the other brother has generated over sixty million supposedly as a fishing vessel owner , taking only a small sloop . But here is a much bigger problem , according to statistics from the 1981 census , the total population of santa did not reach even the 178 thousand inhabitants in the province . There the incongruity of our political and judicial class now has moved to the U.S. justice system , which we know to trial and dismissed for convenience only sure that drug trafficking is in their hands and therefore in the hands of the Sánchez Paredes family , employees of the Central American Intelligence . Then we wonder who will tell the U.S. Congress endorse the cover of this drug family?

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villaloboshttp://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013

MESTIZOS O acculturated Indians

MESTIZOS O acculturated Indians. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos 

There are tools for analysis and storage of information in the historical sciences that are not taken into account by official bodies and consider what Mincelli Laura discovered that in successive congresses Olympian historical sciences are ignored by the leaders of these institutions , who deny the evidence dictatorial tone that brings it poured soils official manuals reporting of events that can take up the spirit of nations. As the basis for the development of a people is precisely meet their bases of appearance as such, but if it is unknown may not form, shape their future, serve precisely such data and if you can not go wrong that way. This is what happens with some officers known historians such as Peru. The Peru as a nation, as a culture ethnicity or social group does not exist only in the mind of the conquistadors and their descendants claim and hold it in for over five hundred years. But they do it as a mechanism for support of their political and economic power, that's the real reason, because otherwise it would fall all the scaffolding that holds.  

The story is also built according to class interests, to give consistency and presence of its power, it is based, then it is, but not as a clueless mayor of Santiago de Chuco said that: "In the history not lives ". It is so powerful groups are due to deep understanding of historical processes and the construction of an image of history that is favorable and consistency to the management of power in a geographic area. Before going further in these reflections should be clear and sharp for my claims are sustained by the way I'm discovering that is the same way they discovered my ancestors. Knowledge for the Andean world stands on other parameters that led to the balance between man and all elements of the cosmos, no supremacy or dominances of any kind, with the utmost respect over the other, contrary to the logic that underlies Western academic discourse or reflection that is the result of that logic that has as principles of contradiction and its two derivatives on the principle of identity and excluded middle. That is based so as know as science and respect as holy truth. This is last is the basis of the dogmatism of all social, political and even cultural and religious system to finalize. The rationality of the West is one of exclusion, based on a binary logic that values ​​two proposals alone or logical values ​​and choose one against another. Very different from the Andean rationality is stated in the principles of complementarity of opposites and no binary elements if they are crowded, in the simplest scheme two contradictory elements complement one third. His second principle of reciprocity, which is known to love, but not a love transferor, if not the unmodified complementary to the other if not accept it as it is instead the love from a Western perspective is one-dimensional and unidirectional, this leads to dogmatism and affection to the inclusion and swallowing the other. On one hand, the work is not an affront or no effort as conceived by Christian thought that warns man to dominate nature, quite the contrary in the Andean world working for you love and raise work means life. In the West there is no separation mediation if not, which excludes the difference or the difference is the main element of exclusion, so the Western academic discourse is a mechanical reflection unilinear, unidirectional and two-dimensional. Their culture, their social organization, economy and religion is structured in this way, which has allowed to endanger human life itself and the planet's existence. It's different academic discourse IS A REFLECTION Andean CONTEMPLATIVE, which is not bound to any mechanism as is western to its mechanical Newtonian

 Well, I solved this first problem understanding that one of the sources of the story, aside from the manuals conminadas in historical sciences, is precisely contemplative reflection is done communally in all Andean social organizations. From there I'm starting by way of comment, it is hurtful to those who are too acculturated and moving through western paradigms in scientific knowledge. In a recent visit to the campus of vallejianos scholars, throw like a stone to break down myths that are held as breadsticks in a game and it will collapse because the cry that was put beyond the sky and it's like culturado their definitions are static and non-plastic, for example this is what we read in the writings of Ivan Degregori and Portocarrero they imagine the mestizo-that in fact it is, as an individual bitter and under pressure creole state, either by the via social cultural and religious policy, but instead is a very cheerful person, for them is incomprehensible for people developing schizoid traits of abnormality are the torturers and the tortured. So I realized that for the natives was and is necessary for Vallejo is a mongrel and instead a true Indian. The reasons you were told these writers and do it again in a post with the historical basis of the official historiography. 


lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013


We can begin to wonder if this is possible, in this second decade in which we live. It will be possible to do so, when we focused on the crumbs of the system throughout these times, we thought we could do around a caudillo, but it is anti historical, regresionamos to as were the leaders in the current feature feudalism and capitalism . Then we need to clarify two things. The first, if possible the union of the left in Peru. The second really determine what stage capitalism and fight, which had not been done ever since the collapse of the Soviet bloc.
The first thing to do is to refer to the history of the Peruvian left, which as history has followed the itinerary of what happened in the international arena. Our analysis has to be gritty and being as objective as possible, not to take as their own any of the stores that are divided and in which many of us are campaigning sleep with the bag of our youth and strongly believe that our position was the dogma sanctity of absolute truth, but we did not realize we were used by the dinosaurs of opportunism, which only used the incendiary speech to earn revenues in university faculties, then continued his life as a petty bourgeois waiting to climb the ladder of bourgeois society.
Until the death of Amauta left remained united under the shadow of his ideological direction, here we can not consider Haya, knowing their opportunism coupled confessed his megalomania by handling the strings of power. In the world, after the death of Stalin and Khrushchev's rise to power, that comes and can be seen as a major setback for the revolutionary ranks, it still is as its opportunism and delivery of what has been achieved so far created the conditions for the initiation of the counter that ended with the destruction of all vestiges progressive imperialist aspirations may contain Yankees. After a long time the same thing happened in the great Mao China, it leads us to think that the main problem is to keep the development of the great march of the revolution, and that the Great Lenin sensed it when he wrote about revolution and counterrevolution, the latter always acts between racks, so that it can not recognize, focuses on tactics to discredit the revolutionary ranks, the purpose is to undermine the morale and confidence of the people in their advanced progressive.
To this are very good partners opportunism, revisionism that do nothing but thrive peasant working class to express to their masters, that they hold the reins, which therefore have the need to receive their privileges hands of their true masters . In our country did revisionism and opportunism in the workers' ranks climb peddling their interests, but the real drivers of the masses refused to give up and sold expensive defeat, there we have a clear example of Artemio Zavala, who was betrayed by APRA, which festino his arrest, but he APRA-envisioning treason and had traded with the patterns of sugar Cane sugar plantations-all retired to their homeland. This is always the itinerary of those who betray the people in the struggle for the defense of their rights. That stage that opportunism remained loyal to Soviet revisionism is when enlightened the masses decide to take different course, Castro in Cuba looking for support, but also decide to go where the Great Chairman Mao. They decide to start fighting in our country. Just have the moral support of China as Castro decides to support another line akin to them.
There we have Luis Felipe De la Puente Uceda that heroic war starts feudalism in our country. Which was not supported by any man who is hoarse in public squares or in cafes. As always were the revolutionaries of coffee, which once out they forgot, but thrive to continue serving, as always in the interests of the system that has perched on the power to the lumpen bourgeoisie. That was the fate of the famous national left that all he has done is to bomb all the revolutionary experiences that have happened in our country, and now echoes bourgeois ideological theories to assert their power against the people. So like every alliance will be to justify the enthronement of the empire that his labors saciendo destroy what remains of life on the planet. Since the rule is subjecting almost three quarters of the planet to hunger and misery. The functional enslaved omnivores power of capitalism ...

Tupac Isaac IIJuan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

Good morning, brothers slaves!

Good morning, brothers slaves!
A call to the brothers who suffer from capitalist exploitation!
Good morning, brothers slaves!

You work hard to collect 500 soles, no? Also for 200 soles we are doomed to work if the government fascist desire or will the economic oligarchy decides ..

Who knows? maybe not ashamed at all to see: how our children spend over the windows and the windows of department stores - filled with foreign goods, wandering with their old and broken shoes ... Keep working for the crumbs that your employers pay you while you go hungry, disease and poverty .. .

Sleep, oh, people slave! Tilt head sword does not cut it, no!

Sleep, oh, people slave! It is because you have 120 congressmen "immortal friends" lol, to whom we: the 30 million prevalecerles can not, because they are united in stealing the wealth of our pisarnos Pachamama and back, while 30,000,000 us - we each goat by his foot!

Sleep, oh, people slave! For you are "future" only far in strange foreign lands .., away from family and home, away from your elderly mother, away from your children grow miserable you are doomed if your beloved presence, so you can occasional send them another euro ..!

Sleep, oh, people slave! While your grandmother is beaten and raped by a 20 soles! Do not feudal enemy threats as you need your hands to work hard for those 500 suns, no? You need your hands to caress your children, who cry for bread and new shoes, yeah!

Sleep, oh, people slave! I have about 500 years of experience, yes!

Tanyita Yupanqui

miércoles, 17 de julio de 2013

New Cajamaca resistance activities Monday, 15 July 2013 17:12 | Written by Chumpi Jempets

Hello. After the reading of the names other words at summer solstice for Peruvian "Conga Mine" victims I have continued to follow grandfather activist Hugo Blanco's news about effective coalition action to slow mine activity - progress and also attempts by Peru gov and mine management to manipulate international and national opinion about safety, good corporate conduct. (US company Newmont). So Eng transl below for Hugo's most recent news. Our friends at Mining Watch, Kairos, Alternatives, RQGE, etc can't always follow US corporations in South America but if we stay in touch with one another as North Amer Two Row Wampum Treaty obliges us to do (recognized by Chretien fed. gov in 1994) - we can help many - ourselves too. I have been following anti nuclear protest at Tricastin plant- France also in FR papers.
In Peace and Friendship, Stone 

New Cajamaca resistance activities

Monday, 15 July 2013 17:12 | Written by Chumpi Jempets

CUL Agreements and conclusions

Fight Command Unit (CUL) Cajamarca Region was conducted in order to take stock of the activities undertaken between the months of May to July with the participation of the leading voices of their bases; Milton Sanchez Cubas, Edy Leon Benavides Ruiz, Idelso Hernandez and other members as I call Mr. Victor Acosta Defense Front of San Marcos, who socialized acuerdosLos the following events, days of action and the proceedings that took place during the month of May, June and July, the infeasibility of conga, have served to commoners and Celendín ronderos, Hualgayoc-Bamabamarca, Cajamarca regional Celendín and feel strengthened and united, understanding that the struggle is for all the people of Cajamarca and the Peruvian people and see is the symbol of the defense of life water, environment and customary rights of peoples ronderiles community and the region and the country.

In front of the lies the central government, Yanacocha and Newmont have lied to Peru and the world that the mega mining project Conga is paralyzed, over the provocations of every week that ministers take to the media to say that defend the economic model that conga longer exists in the national agenda that will conga in every way, because it guarantees development for the region and the country, if not the Peru conga dies, Yanacocha has to recover confidence of the people and for the state to support, saying that already completed construction of the reservoir and Chaullagon already open, and then start building the reservoir the Perot and now say that was built in the 2014, compared to all these lies, was ratified unit firmly and continue the resistance, and simultaneously strengthen even more so ronderos shifts guardians of the lagoons, with much more vigilance, until definitively abandon yanacocha ancestral territories.

We reject aggression and repression suffered ronderso brothers and LA PIC on July 5 in the District of Cortegana, for the public hearing scheduled Odebrecht Company, to discuss and approve the mega Chadin II, which only made his audience with outsiders, not being considered ronderiles authorities, which do not consider it valid audience for not consulted or given consent, confirming that the company is viable hydropower and to withdraw from the area.

It unmasks, stop and punish them ronderil chain operators yanacocha government and they have unleashed a campaign of defamation against ronderos leaders and environmentalists, which we have sold and that the dam or reservoir that has been built Chailhuagón , which is totally false, when this building was fully imposed State of Emergency, pointing rifles heads of the leaders, but today his trench built to stop water of Lake Chailhuagón, do ask to pass managed by Agrarian Agency Regional Government and serve for life for farming and is not touched for mining or destroyed in the future.

Was ratified, that will not allow the construction of the dam the PEROL, and the destruction of the lagoon the PEROL and gaps in other areas of the territories and communal ronderos Celendín Cajamarca Hualgayoc-Bamabamarca and within it the Quilish as gaps in the other provinces, all costs will defend itself if possible with their own lives.

Tours will be promoted local, national and international to Conga gaps where their safety is ensured by the authorities of the peasant patrols, this in order to promote tourism and meet the existing wonder conga lagoon, the same who are in danger of being destroyed by Yanacocha and NEWMONT.

To the guardians of the lakes patrolmen will be recognized as the most courageous and worthy men who deserve the recognition and respect of all Peruvians and the world, being the defenders of planet earth's fresh water and the environment.

viernes, 14 de junio de 2013


In the territory to which the natives called as Peru there are two legal systems, one standard imposed by the Creoles and the other customary legal system is rooted in the ethics of the Andean peoples. But this ethic of the Andean peoples is based on a philosophy that has principles, perhaps it unknown to ordinary mortals. Indeed its denial by the West not detract from its existence, and that is the engine of daily events of the Andean peoples.
We understand that philosophy is the knowledge of the people in their quest to learn to be, all that exists and everything that moves. While western academic discourse creates, which is none other than discursive reflection, the opposite of Andean man speech is a contemplative reflection. Here just beginning the differences between these two concepts.
The one has been imposed with violence toward the Andean people and argue that the state imposes a concept creole nation which only adhere mestizos, but for the communities there and moves on according to their customs, that I can highlight the amauta Joseph Mattos Sea can assert that the Andean world has been patiently imposing their way of life, seeing things in the capital. But what else can call attention to the amauta Joseph Mattos Mar asserts the existence of a state or social system far superior to Western economic social systems named as the Andean socialism. For now, the academic world does not leave his astonishment and has chosen not to respond, he does not or if course is not yet known.
What we amauta discloses San Marcos, is crucial and gives us time to confirm grip Andean legal system and is also known as peasant Rounds regulations, but that does not come to be more than the legal system of those nations whom the West is to deny its existence. In the south is still preserved with much more fidelity this legal system that regulates all activities of the community. But since the capital city of Lima, the current of the viceroys are horrified, but nevertheless has been applied in some neighborhoods to contain Western barbarity generated neoliberal conception in the minds of the Indians. And that is what generates? Greed and sickly satisfaction need not meet priority needs for human life, or as we call unbridled consumerism that makes Indians become consummate rascals, but also see the reflection of the politicians in power do the same and want to imitate, making the possibility of offending against the poorest, those who are the weakest communities.
There is one thing that the West can not understand, or understand due to their worldview overkill, sadomasochistic. That means that for communities to restore the balance and the corresponding relationship between each one of the community, I mean the punishment they tip the commoner who has transgressed community standards and that it does in every community that has harmed, this point is one that has generated much controversy and confrontation between the ordinary or Western legal system and communities through the rounds. Ordinary justice takes it as kidnapping, which is exploited by criminals to get away with their crimes after making because for the ordinary courts, must be in flagrante and witnesses as ordinary or accesitarios elements of your system such as the police and the prosecution, otherwise you will invalidate the indictment, which the offender can work inpunentemente.
The Andean legal system is much more complete as harmoniously ordered relations between themselves, and with other beings in the cosmos, unlike the ordinary that everything revolves around the anthropocentric view and the many if not preferably has its class label, by more than them-I mean the neo-liberals pretend to deny that its legal system does not protect the helpless and needy, it is only declaratory and not objective reality.
But why collide, even though there is Convention 169 International Labour Organisation. That's the problem we will try to explain in another paper later.
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

jueves, 6 de junio de 2013


Science, in its way of knowing, is what is currently in crisis. But some still assert dogmatically liberal and neo Mr of Aunt Julia, there's no such thing sentenciándose not to recognize the fallacy of their position. Stubbornly persist in their claims, believing that this will be contrasted to what happens today. Perhaps thinking that this will stop the course of matter in its evolutionary path. How are insipid and vain hopes. Well not understand that capitalism and its epistemology are discussed at the most crucial as his tenure as an economic system. Capitalism to continue still in force has had first become a corporate fascism, this in order to continue to maintain the perks and the accumulation of wealth at the expense of the exploitation of the least disadvantaged. The two main elements of democracy have corrupted and currently do not meet the moral purpose for which mankind was created. Sociology and whether all sciences which have their origin in Western philosophy heir to the Hellenistic and Roman thought, are in crisis, as well as capitalism. But why are in crisis? That's the question that in academic circles wonder. Although some dogmatic either side of the extreme right or the other side of the room intending to deny. In that denial mechanism to attempt to establish fascist methods do not give the debate. And if there is no debate, difficult will be to question their findings with the lucid presentation of ideas.

If we assume that science can not understand itself, especially to see the muddy road that has gotten, seeking a way out that will not see their morale dented scientific, to do this you have to resort to metascience, which is not science. What says Miguel MARTINEZ true science and its method is given for external objects but can not itself be known as an object of knowledge. By resorting to metascience, it is to be able to validate, affirm their concepts, but this may vary with evolutionary twists is giving the knowledge that is validated. Here constructs collapse of both the extreme right and those on the other end, they consider knowledge as immutable, not liable to evolve. Both sides believe that knowledge is like the recipe to which must be followed to the letter to get the desired result beforehand or that contained in the document title epistemological. Both ends are very according to the immutability of beings and things, believing that everything remains unchanged in centuries of centuries, we assume that adhere to Francis Fukuyama's assertion that gave order to the social evolution of man , in other words at the end of the historical. The same happens at the other end who believe that only a small part of nature is what can only evolve, the rest, it remains static both in its essence and in form. Even claiming that the guide is like a cookbook which must follow it to the letter and if you deviate to their own knowledge and reflection is demonized and thrown to the diaspora as vile element. This precisely is the classic behavior of corporatist fascism, and reason focuses on the reasoning of the market, what they preach and do as holy neoliberal dogma and clerical immutable. And is that both sides are in their dogmatism that democracy depends on public discussion excess. Therein lies the problem because both coincide maul ends this aspect of city life, since the characteristic of fascism thrives single thought and absence of behavior that are characterized as unfettered debate or any ideological frontier . Only when it is certain that the truth we hold contradictory argument does not resist, we will strive to who holds an argument that shakes or destroy our argument, resort to the disqualification of our adversary, without further argument that sometimes only the represents the argument to be more valid. But when we have the power, either the group or the state, we use that media violence is none other than the demonization of our opponent to have no one to confront the ideological debate.

If we begin to analyze the expressions, both Mr Guzman as Mr Varguitas, which are essentially anarcho fascists on one side of one end as the other. Both are scholars in different fields, but share the same anti-democratic behavior, but were touting as champions of spreading the culture of freedom. But at first glance, begin to recognize his talent discriminatory-I mean Don Marito-which asserts that there are matters of high intellectual level, so we assume then that there is low level, but it brings its origin or who knows and the article will have confirmed that the diary of the republic will be shown, we are not aware. In his article is when alludes trenches that does not correspond to the true reality, it describes a mess of gossips who have taken your own medicine, as neoliberal what they preach, so there is an ideological struggle antagonist if not the carve-up of social privileges.

The same applies to Mr. Guzman, who has become incendiary holder old system even though the champions of freedom, to exploit and murder-not consent to his side, they do not believe he has repented of questioning the rotten system that keep the population from which they call their homeland as Peru. But still with furrowed brow and participate in the electoral exclusion system, in which only those who have earned money and property, and is not a representation of the way Greek or Roman, who was represented by the wisest and most elderly, the mixture of wisdom and experience, virtue that Socrates mentions, but which now is the opposite. Who we represent? Most grained gangland territory, because we all like in a zoo. Here Guzman is a dreamer, as the underworld never want to mix with, for the purposes of Guzman already know and are not equal to those of Creole underworld is in our parliament nor the genocidal acts as President. And only the illusion lies with the metaphysical, we already know.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos


domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

THE neoliberal dogmatism. (I)

THE neoliberal dogmatism. (I)

The dogmatism is based on a tautology. Each statement is self-sustaining. This can be seen in the theology that is the basis of religious dogmatism, whose verification only and is correct only in the sense of the individual soul, to hold a vacuum of scientific knowledge which suffers. Since he human being feels the need to sustain their existential vacuum, so we can confirm that religion is a human cultural creation. Therefore confirmation only feeling that makes the human being to hold their religious beliefs, which is called Faith But this feeling, known as faith, fills the existential void of human beings, in other words resolves a cultural necessity; so far we can say that it has resolved an issue which keeps it firmly dogmatic thinking of religion.If we go to the ideological field: bourgeois thought, holding economic and political thought of the bourgeoisie in its imperial phase, known as Neoliberal generated only exclusion, because in order to stand as a class have to appeal the systemic violence to overpower other and steal their resources, which it euphemistically termed as marketing, which has the same spirit that originated the concept of the market from the Greek peoples.

To go confirming each of the steps that you take the big bourgeoisie to again return to the old times of slavery, though ironically now call the market force that is nothing more than return the slave system, with other tricks , but in the end work is usurpation or removing the labor force to continue accumulating poorest economically to a small class worldwide, and countries to a petty bourgeoisie that behaves like the guardians in favor of the bourgeoisie world. To that end they use for some economic disaster led to introduce social reforms enabling them to take full control of an area or region in the world. Some clueless, such as journalist Cecilia Valenzuela, tells us that we should try it.

The first example of privatization came in the Pinochet dictatorship, but before the big bourgeoisie used to employees of the Central American intelligence to generate a coup in Chile in the government of Salvador Allende. Almost most post coup advisers came from Milton Friedman school or school of the Chicago Boys, who designed the future economic, social facto regime, including a new constitution according to the extent and interests multinationals, such as the dispossession of ancestral lands to indigenous peoples for the benefit of many multinationals that prey ecosystem, which of course have generated climate change was denied for many years because of the same disinformation campaigns of the multinationals. With the design of its policies of dispossession, first we precarizo working conditions to supposedly improve investments at par was privatized all state enterprises, selling them for a price far from its true value, which were multinationals important asset that grew the fortunes of their shareholders.

His greatest prey of course it was social security, thereby grossly swelled their income, which after a few years suffered a debacle, disaster that the state had to take to heal the damage of those affected. His other hand it was the privatization of education has generated enormous educational inside Chile, this has generated in Chile today a new generation of young people who woke up from the slumber that had all the economic political system in Chile that aided by the media, which are also in the hands of those who own the world, generating two different worlds within Chile:

A Chile presented to the world as developing, but there is another Chile who are coming, which are displaced from the wealth generated there. That although there was a small spring called democratic rulers and left, but were still ruling with the dictates imposed by imperialist ideology. It is to understand that imperialism and ideology to continue to maintain their power progressive forces infiltrated to continue staying in power in Chile is called Coalition, here you can Call Patria Roja or Citizens for Change, MAS. They are instructed to divert the just demands of the people, support the system and make impossible any real change. Therefore continue to maintain the system that causes the greatest inequalities that exists in this country and so do here indicated.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos. April - 2013. 


jueves, 4 de abril de 2013


The silence in the room seems to show that he had no soul in it: The great mass of iron and cement, just turn off all lights in the cells, one of the hallways are booths with surveillance.

In the recesses, so called cement pallets are in each of the cells. Every human being is stirred in his miserable bed, trying to sleep. Outside in the gardens surrounding the building, the trees mochados of his best ... leaf stems and the flowers, all the little grass sprouting soil have doubled his body, as if all the suffering that gray mole content moves. Also they feel. I perceive that I feel, suffer in the flesh, seeking freedom prairie, that those souls sometimes never see, or sometimes in a very distant time. For the wrath contained, being the butt of the catharsis of many of those who inflict such cruel pain. So to double its stem, at least for that night, rest a little bit of human rage at the time. In the thinned forest surrounding the mole, get all kinds of birds, representing respect, arrived in silent flight to land on the few branches for the night and was breaking, dawn, stood flight and disappeared in the distance . Many did not return ever. Who knows tell their fellow human drama as enigmatic containing construction? Ironically it was the beginning of a small sandy area, giving the feeling of being a desert, even more, in the evenings you could hear the wind whistling dreary, it increased the sense of fear. Who would have dared at that time, close by. He escarapelado any body.

In his cement bed, covered by a plastic foam mattress lean, still did not sleep, that little body lean, short of stature. With his features of little girl, did not show the almost twenty years, and recent motherhood

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.Tupac Isaac II.http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

martes, 2 de abril de 2013



 Let's look at the world of Sayraskha

 He looked almost finished with the breath, where only sighted the huge stands, living only in the top of the mountain falling on a huge cliff and divides into two, the world of wamanchucos, those runes with their hats on, very long to come up to his waist, it makes them very showy. And the other Beautiful world of llamas, which live in such inhospitable plains of heights, which only grows ichu, queñualesy those huge stands that everyone knows as Puya.

 There is almost no oxygen to breathe in, the wind blows very cold though only sighted in the distance to the Champara Apus, the Huascaran and Puma pampa. The site is very cold, but dry and there Sipakhu Sayraskha lives, the most beautiful vicuña all that pampa surrounding the Apu Wanda. With all his brothers and sisters in the plains and summits Calipuy, they live there. Very thin, almost like the wind, it highlights the long and extensive tuft on his neck, hanging on his chest, which he cherishes the forelegs, when the cold gets worse and she is resting in some small hollows to overcome the harsh cool your home. She looks there, wetland grass grows very green and not have to go far for food, but so does to protect the eyes of the condor, which they say, with only his eyes can attract forever with her charms and take it to their nests to serve as food for their young chondrocytes. The male, Wayna Jainachu Pukara wide awake, staring at all the places, sighting to see if the eye of the mighty condor can envision. Following the tradition of all its ancestors is what made him have that temple. From a very young have to learn to live alone, as all. He learned to see the dangers emanating from the highlands, the Ucumari, cougars that lurk around every time, so your legs should be the most agile to overcome these dangers that are presented.

 Sipakhu Sayraskha Instead, he will live forever in the shadow of the protection of the pack, protected by their parents and the whole family, walk around the forest stands to get more fresh mosses. A Sayraskha likes smaller outbreaks, which are those with fresh and nutritious juice, besides its flavor, which is a treat for all young vicuña are moved when they eat those little present nature gives them. They will leave early with her friends Tanitani, Loma Wayra Tika and Nina to go by the hills wet forest to eat very early in their bodies and feel the mist that makes them feel the cold of the Puna and provides fresh breath for his thick noses. Well into the stand, very funny walk all over him, looking here, there, looking for where the small moss that they like them. From there, all cast in a small circle to talk and tell stories again of their ancestors or even if they see any rune. They ask for the reasons I have done that go to those places in which they lived and only of its kind. Discuss the reasons. Many will come on and want to be right.


 They felt a sharp sound that made them put on alert, looking around to identify the place of origin. We re-unite to get in defense, if they want some enemy or attack stalking. All the expectation of someone waiting for the attack, his legs and his whole body muscles are tense, but also sweating cold so they can pass. But also fear, because they were unprotected against any danger. Moreover if they knew their parents who had escaped from the gully and having bribed the brave achonqhawap, who was guarding the vicuña ayllus from the snares of the roaring Akapanas. Were afraid it was him, he would be known but it was already the day before his death. His fears made them recognize that they had ventured much, just to feel the coolness of the mist on the grounds of the aphus dearest, as was the great Wanda. Suddenly felt an intense roar louder in his voice as if to say:

- Who's there? - The roar of the question was loud, it happened again with another question
- Who's there, who do not respect the chambers of the great Akapana?

 They felt more overwhelmed by the second roar that they bristled all wool body, still sweating cold. There would be those who can deliver from being torn apart by the jaws of the Great Akapana, but now knew his voice, but wanted to know the small Sayraskha emitting image and voice so loud roar. He did not feel any fear and with his neck like the wind, but their eyes were opened more lively, his ears became sensitive, what she wanted was to not only see and hear that powerful voice that all his sisters feared. The wind and fog made flying her tender fleece and temples with the dew made it the most beautiful in all wetlands in this beautiful spot where dwelt the apu immemorially Wanda.

 That heard a mocking smile was akaphana-looking lips smacking snack seen as significant. He, who at his age he had to fight to survive Wanda Aphu throughout his life, since he left their parents to enseñorease as owner of all these places. Now he was going to give a feast with tender meat, which both need to strengthen your body. The other Vicuñas fled terrified, not the small Sayraska surprised watching the great Cougar Calipuy steppe. This puzzled Akapana therefore not show any fear. Right. She kept looking at him with great interest, had heard many stories about him. As one who had that ate all huamanchucos runes in the Chaco's great Apu Capac dare pass through their domain, the only thing that made him tremble was the presence of the small son of the great Capac Aphu, one smaller than the born in blood crying his little eyes, because your eyes are bewitched and as beings that populated runes and all the sacred place of great Aphu Wanda, who surrendered to the feet of the child. So his curiosity to see that great Akapana that scared before the little Aphu Capac. While continuing the great Akapana stupor before the inquisitive small vicuña. At that moment arrived with all males ackonqhawag strong for the daring rescue that dared to challenge the stop with the great Akapana.

 What aroused the wonder of the great Akapana and immobilized, was seeing the small white tufts vicuña speckled with bright yellow rays. It was the sign that she was meant to provide small sacred woolen Aphu Capac was the great hope of banishing the evil white man destroyed the whole of all beings Calipuy. They had news Shulcahuanca Aphu prison by them who had corrupted all pastures and lakes poisoned every color of frogs and now had as water color pukaras, Akapana could no longer take the lakes that were the giving life to aphu Shulcahuanca.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Tupac Isaac II.

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The recent events within the legislature following the executive's proposals, we hinted at a more true and valid what will happen later and in a future administrations. And is that necessarily the rule and need to consolidate their hold on the existing colonies where predation throughout their territory in order to alleviate the economic crisis that every moment is being sharpened. Where does all this lead us? The first thing we see is the loss of sovereignty of states, which depend on the empire politically and legally, that in all their sovereign decisions. Second, is the plundering of resources in order to implement the bailout of the empire. To all need a political class in states that are totally subservient. 

Imperialism when you need to stay current on world domination has to implement its colonies fascist regimes in order to intimidate the progressive forces that at any moment he will resist. It counts with the complicity of the bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie is subject to its dictates. The main thing is to build colonies in an entire legal system to justify the annihilation of the free thinkers, because their fear is that they do arouse the masses to rise up and asleep and look at slavery in which they are, they also have the fear of they do not have to fight them with ideological arguments, but all of that is their greatest fear, because the bourgeois ideological debate is always a defeat for not having arguments and enter a phase of stagnation philosophical. Its thinkers have failed to analyze the story and only have arguments to justify the exploitation life of slavery.

The national bourgeoisie closely follows the arguments of neo-liberal imperialism. Understand that neo-liberalism is the ideological justification of the international bourgeoisie in its domain and enslavement to the world's peoples. For the bourgeoisie as a parasite living resources of the peoples formerly allied with the national bourgeoisie, it is unpatriotic, but above all is subservient to the empire and the new owners of the world that is represented by a small class great international bourgeois.
In our country, we have followed a process that began with the coup of April 5, 1992, given by the first non-Japanese citizen who ruled our country, well in an open-where you try to impose measures to be consistent with the implementation of policies of imperialist domination in the colonial and semi-colonial countries of the world. This was consolidated and developed a constitution that would allow the implementation of much more repressive measures against the people, and from that moment it was intended to plunder the resources of our nation, of course with the national bourgeoisie, which incidentally is complicit of the international bourgeoisie and unpatriotic. Its element is standing in the legal system thus validate any violation of the rights of the masses, but above all legitimize the repression of free thinking, but much worse to not only those who dare raise their voices in protest, but also those who attempt to subvert the order, so be legitimate claims. Here in our part of the story is legitimized death squads, as a way to contain the popular leaders taking their misdeeds impunity in the government of Alan Garcia, what was the Rodrigo Franco squad, and in step Fujimori Colina squad. Again in the second phase government of García Pérez was tested a second version of the death squads, as are the cinnamon group in Cuzco, whose purpose was to intimidate potential opponents of the regime or as anti crime squad Elidio Espinoza criminals who murdered ranked. As you see the empire continued testing. Therefore not neglect that imperialism in its phase of globalization such as Marx, if the old Marx already foresaw. Now at this stage in their colony is implementing all sorts of legal mechanisms, in order to justify their actions. In the first phase that we were addressing was implemented psychological control, mental of all people through the media and through religious sects that induce ordinary villager to break away from their reality for which manipulate entire biblical message. In many cases it has removed many books that encourage people to think about their social, economic and cultural. In others, do not touch many controversial issues that seem to aim for world domination. These are the elements of social control, cultural collapsed with that which was the former Iron Curtain. But they can not contain the atrocities that continues to build this evil system. Epistemological deviation also imposed on countries that were communist sphere, allowing them now remain in the domain of the guardian of the world.
The second stage of domination, is creating the need to convince the population that the class dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, is truly a democracy. Epistemologically invalidate the old Socratic democratic concepts. And the bourgeois dictatorship, distort them feel the need to justify their political, economic, social and academic.
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