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sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011


"WAR GAMES with the sons of bitches" from ALDO MARIATEGUI

In its analysis of the electoral problem in the time line stretching from the country's accession course to the democratic path, it suffers from many supporters who are not important and is seen to be a situational analysis of things without seeing all the scheme was developed, the events that occurred behind the scenes. And the term coined in the title refers to what a former U.S. president said in reference to Manuel Antonio Noriega a character to establish a dictatorship in Panama, with the consent of the U.S. Government, which made him its agent Central Intelligence . Here is how little known but highly controversial because this character was beginning to be trouble for the Americans, is that it was becoming a drug dealer and criminal cartels link many Colombians. Voceada was active, and the American president at that time mentioned: "It's a bastard, but he's our son of a bitch" (George HW Bush) and thus settle the questions of governments around the world, but was it took it out of the presidency, because as he himself later said the man in Panama had gotten out of control. And that was out of control? Not that it related to Colombian criminal cartels, but because he began to do business without being of taxes to the CIA. Everyone knows you have visited Afghanistan for example, there is the U.S. army, is for control of hashish, has no interest in Osama Bin Laden, his interest is cornering the funding source is the Middle East and Of course the control of drug trafficking in the Middle East, which allows you to fund their private wars without informing the U.S. Congress. Noriega participated in the assassination of Omar Torrijos was a nationalist military was against the U.S. plunder of natural resources of Panama, so the CIA had to plotting to disappear, is the same as was done in Ecuador with Jaime Roldos. So what does the young Aldo analysis Mariátegui if not take into account the constraints of politics in America, knowing that here the Americans have to give a blessing for someone to take power in a country. Analysis is designed with the liver and bile, is the grandson of Major José Carlos Mariategui

For everything that was going to Peru in the late 80's and the same social conditions that gave and the beginning of a widespread insurrection and gave the possibility that the guerrillas then took power, was a possibility that Americans Rosette skin them, then decide to condition after Alan Garcia to rejoin the national policy had to become the American bastard, as it was after Fujimori. It is therefore possible that the engineer of work honesty (with irony) assume the leadership of the country helped by one of the spies who were in our country that was none other than Vladimiro Montesinos. Together they also were the sons of bitches Americans and as such for a decade to establish a dictatorship that was supported not only by the U.S., but also by the plutocratic class of our country, during which greatly enriched. And when it comes to the elections of 1995. We're just talking about the largest electoral pantomime, in which many candidates were offered to integrate the circus that was the election, and adjectives are not free, because at the time that program was accurate and balanced journalism, if all were ayayeros of Fujimori dictatorship, there was no exception only journalist Cesar Hildebrant battling alone against the whole system prevailing in our country. Then all were silent, including Mr. Aldo Mariátegui, which was his most faithful follower. Then you can not talk that only got over 50 percent of preference was the dictator Fujimori, knowing how to steer in such circumstances the electoral authorities was very worse than being handled now.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011


The decision by the new Mayor of the city of Lima has been given to the citizen Susana Villaran, the decision to appoint her to the curators of the various police stations in the district of Lima seems very successful. This I agree although I have never agreed that the state has interference with local security are clearly for the sole purpose of being able to keep the population subject to its dictates. For police work should be under the auspices of the community that uses their services and should sort it as sovereign. That does not mean that there is a law enforcement agency-wide selective and clear above all the political work of a section of the police or the police is an agency policy of persecution of free thinkers and the way of future rivals of dictatorships masked, which is the present. As in the communities would establish the same mission to the Andean peasant patrols, which given the inaction and vilification of the police organization have had to resort to their organizations to address the various problems affecting the safety of communities.

To be police work in the hands of the Commune, this will be monitored to fulfill his duty, as should be for all bodies interfere in the affairs of the community, for if the opposite is true, it will become in an institution that tends to be manipulated by successive governments as it does now with the label of the adjectives to the attitudes of free-thinkers, it is used to maintain the status quo, and this is against the true community interests. Therefore arise ronderiles organizations throughout the northern part of our country.

If we ask ourselves why the peasant patrols emerged? We give you the surprise that Andean communities, or communities of Andean indigenous peoples resorted to this mechanism because Western organizations emerged as corrupt entities that is not conducive to the truth, if not rather than from the side of who holds the economic power and can buy a court ruling or for a corrupt police.

Take the case in a high Andean province of Liberty as a commissioner spent almost two decades as rising from a single commissioner to lieutenant commander in the same police station, turning the province into no man's land, having the highest rate crime than the rest of the provinces in the same region, here the rounds were organized and began to tackle crime, but they are also persecuted by the judicial system, because it will burn the cake to receive the perks of organized gangs . Liked nor lowering customers of lawyers and do not have many customers who gouge in collusion with judges and prosecutors.

The last example we have of the moral police is a major Benedicto Jiménez Baca, chief of police units Peruvian politics, which, in conjunction with others dedicated to defraud, the same way the Lord has Ketin Vidal in a weekly report of his ground Hildebrant has verified that this gentleman has erased the history of drug trafficking one of the members of the Sánchez Paredes family are now processing for money laundering from drug trafficking. But that's small for many years had almost the entire staff of the national police for drug trafficking processes immersed in one of these is the Villa case in which the main Coca involved together with the gang leader was the chief of police and other politicians of diverse political groups. So if the community takes as his own in the appointment of commissioners, it will be judged on their professional, as they do now the peasant patrols.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011


I think the statements of the son of Orlando Sanchez Paredes is not being taken very seriously by the public, even by the ecclesiastical sector inclusive. It seems that it was a very trivial thing it does not matter, the most paradoxical is that a story at the bottom in the whole body is portraying what is this country of contrasts and mysterious reputation. I called the republic in the name of the father and son refers to the states on behalf of the father. There are two aspects that characterize this republic ruled from Spain's entry to Europe for them that since they found and invaded our territory and wanted to wipe out everything that belongs to us has been sinking in the most execrable filth that characterizes this territory .

And, is that as is typical of Mr. Alan Garcia Perez - the money comes alone, Alan Garcia on the request of the Central Intelligence Agency wanted to get out of an uncomfortable ally for both the APRA and for Americans. Well, as is known the family that are now under investigation for money laundering, is suspicious their rapid wealth. In our little world as Santiago de Chuco, everyone knows each other and always see the steps you take and can not tell tall tales, making them appear as stories Andes. In the small community of indigenous Indians and I say it in Tullpo, the estate which included indigenous stays and Lacabamba Mollepata Mollebamba and belonged to a community Mitman, all taken to have a main occupation, many of which have been forgotten as precious fabrics to those belonging to the Kuna Kapac. From there came a few characters before they were married with the descendants of some administrators of the estate of Surname Alayo, in the indigenous world was not anybody, just were Yanas and served Curakas and Sinchis lords living in Mollepata. But unfortunately they also had other habits so they had to flee the father and eldest son and the family suffer the consequences of flight and the stigma of his father. Story is well known throughout the elderly population, as the youth and known only as Mr Don so and so, not as they were before.

The Fujimori government made much show of their power in government. All came up to them to ask favors of all sorts. The same happened with the current governing party and you can see its importance and power leagues in the same Mollebamba. A small district with almost no population, but nevertheless has a high school as a whole province, a small hospital in the provincial building and envy him, that's bit was making a small concrete runway that are no more than two hundred meters in which it is taking almost a year, surely it will justify precisely what is being investigated. But the cake is browning the Higher Institute of technology, in which the student population must be moved to distant places, and as mentioned above Mollebamba population is sparse, to say that almost non-existent.

And you can see its influence as all district educational institutions should be reordered to other places where there are greater demands, but did not because there is fear in the heads of the intermediate levels of education sector and justify it: "You go to complain, Don Manuel, Don Wilmer regional President and me out and I live? ". Then the headline that the newspaper today puts the Republic is more than true, because all the national political class owes favors to the family whose fortune is very dark. Then to go to elections if everything is dominated by narcocracia, everyone have a tail of straw, even those who create very pure as the responsible left, one that is stuck in its principles to which every step has been broken and really just look for the economic arrangement, nothing more, so they are and so will everyone.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011



On a hot morning and cloudy in my city after I read the article by Mr. Ivan Slocovich Pardo who has the last name associated with the Peruvian oligarchy, the most abject traitors from the war with Chile, but not with adjectives can refute another position, it makes those who have no arguments with which to refute the opposite position and say to Mr. Ivan, which is what DEMOCRACY:

The government of the majority and our Andean tradition is that of consensus.

But that's hard to understand who has no roots here in this territory, because you have not lived, not out of any Andean or Amazonian community to understand this dimension, it comes as a dog that barks at the obvious risk of eviction something that is not yours, because if you have to be balanced and impartial would be against the criminal gang promoted and sponsored by another band that is in power. Sorry, there are two other bands is comunicore Castañeda and strength is the screen 2011 that drug trafficking and other outrages that are groups Alana favorite band and company, supposedly now divided by narrow interest.

To do this you must remember the Lord Ivan Slocovich the thousands of women from the Andes that were sterilized in medical centers without even saying anything and so we'll give you a small example you should see and do remind the nation as is the small town of Mollepata whose women were deluded if not operated no longer going to get the largess of the program is now called "PROGRAM TOGETHER."

Today Mollepata suffers a major problem throughout the province and which has the largest elderly population and young people rarely or of childbearing age, has an estimated Mr highest negative rate of birth. You will see the elderly living alone in this great nation that once was the natural port for most of the interior beyond.

What I speak is a crime against humanity for which a conviction sentenced has not purged, or your daughter who has now very coolly took to the presidential race, but that's little he never explained to the people of our country which were their revenues to pay his studies of her and her brothers in the most expensive universities in the United States if the house who tried to justify the payment was sold after it was formed and I was doing a postgraduate course.

Needless to say the candidate is of great change, to be finance minister in the government of Toledo in his office or former office there is no file on the Camisea gas business, so there is no strategic plan for negotiations, not There is economic report which led to the comptroller of the republic in the confidential report No. 240 makes us see that the Camisea contract was a fraud and a scam for our beloved country. Needless to say the case is Comunicore in which the judicial machinery has stopped research APRA not to affect the darling of Alan Alibaba our Peruvian politics.

Nor is less talk about the many death squads, Rodrigo Franco Command spoke with Alan Mantilla in the lead, or command headed up Hill is Mr. Kenya Alberto Fujimori and his staff what was the lawyer Vladimiro Montesinos.

If this is so the organization Mr. Ivan FORCE 2011, is the figurehead of the terrorist organization that planned and is still working to do the will of Sentenced Alberto Fujimori, and then by his logic Mr. Ivan particular because it allows you to participate in the electoral contest present? Would not you agree that all those registered in 2011 will force them to prosecute and sentence for advocacy of terrorism and Mrs. Keiko to life imprisonment for being the accomplice of his Father convicted of yore?

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Túpac Isaac II

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