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lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014


Mg. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

It is subtitled as proposed dialogue, yet alone, it is part of the educational employer that is established directly as a dictatorship, which says the ministerial dictatorship, which makes following the proposals of the World Bank and international global fund. We say it's the second version, but that is the first known published on its website, the ministry of education; formed now a director at the World Bank. In a dialogue, face your face is directly not indirectly, but the presentation of the proposals is live for discussion; but among those? Expected to be among those directly involved in public and private educational activities. But we see that it is not, rather it is trying its oldest and impose their political way, as was the general education law, the law of teacher development and ultimately its new university law. In all been ideologically tax proposal, which have same ideological economic dimension, with a logic that tried to convince the masses, on the idealization of his proposal. The model, the proposed paradigm emerges from the market, the free market. We therefore first example in the liberalization of the education market, held in the Fujimori dictatorship. What were the consequences? Here we see, in any sty, could be the sign of college. In it gorged on as customers continue to call anyone and improvise as teachers with no academic background; the important thing was to win and win, capitalize much again. The same happened and is happening with the basic school, where educational excellence, was presented to all students and teachers as stick a mannequin factory. Some parents were thrilled to see their uniformed children with brighter colors, it looked nice OFFICIALLY a teacher, but ideas, and finally with nothing in his head, knew just say chi or chi chenoya Cheno. Some national schools, have the same dimension. Where the director has become a vigilante fascist stooge.
Promotes dialogue between those who will be affected by the proposals, it is they who have to germinate the new frames as they will unfold. Do not enter the temporary administrators of education. And yet, if they come with an ideological slogan, whose prop confirming the economic system and political dominance over the entire national territory. For there is no neutral between this ideological framework we try to elucidate, if managers are not neutral and try to impose their ideological framework in which they are formed, so their haste in trying to impose, of course helped by the famous educational gurus which are none other than ideological appendages themselves.

Santiago de Chuco - 02/08/2014.


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