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sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012




We are writing to you asking for your solidarity and support as today Wednesday 16 May at 14hrs were submitted to the office of the National Urban and Rural BC located at Avenida Juarez # 1 Interior 2 of the downtown neighborhood of Tlaxcala around fifteen individuals (some armed) which were identified verbally (without showing any identification) as agents of the PGR and carried by force and the barrel (hitting a fellow sci firearm) to partner fellow HECTOR MANUEL PERALES Malacara adherent to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle and the Other Campaign and member of UNCAC. In this arrest, these individuals threatened the companion Luz Rivera Martinez, who witnessed the events above narrated, and who to question these individuals because of their actions they said he was hindering the conduct of state and that it would charge the cock and they could do with it what they wanted.

After this, the subjects took the fellow and put him by force to a vehicle which could not be identified.

We ask of you beat, spreading this aggression and demand the immediate presentation of the partner and if that is the PGR who turned the order, that this dependence clarify their legal status or release him if that is not justified his arrest. Of independent bodies for the defense of human rights, we request your intervention, monitoring and reporting of the facts here alleged.


miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Alzheimer's disease of PETER ARMANCANQUI

Those who fought all his life, always keep unchanged its horizon in the fight, but there are some who face the inexorable advance of the years and being near death believe it is appropriate to err on the road enrumbar strength in another direction thinking that that can be remembered. Is the case of Lord Armancanqui, one of the founders of the teachers' struggles, but now in this point is mistaken diametrically their efforts in a government that call for or fascist and corporatist. That's the idea that is being reflected in his speech of May this year.
Your first paragraph mentions a breakthrough campaign promises to fulfill the Great Shift, the problem is living the fantasy Mr. Armancanqui. On mining profits that multinationals have only to cheat again, as there has been environmental liabilities that will have to pay for a hundred years our communities suffered with fatal consequences for its economy, which might not know that the Lord Armancanqui by extracting every ounce of gold left over 49 tons of toxic waste, and this by filling in our territory, if he does not see it, is because surely only such lime and has not come to the land of Vallejo for their eyes to realize how wrong you are, then that land can not intoxicated use is not known how many hundreds of years, since before we have to empower them for a hundred years to maybe be able to use in agriculture. Also discuss progress with the consultation, I will say that is deceiving because the boys were cleared Rounds Olympian to farmers and rural communities and will only be recognized as indigenous and native to the Amazonian area and that have a purpose, for the Amazonian communities are politically more backward communities and can be politically manipulated through large NGOs that invest in these communities for submission to the imperialist yoke. While grass will be politically backward from the intrusion of non-governmental organizations, which are the old instrument of imperialism to subjugate the peoples of the world. Well not going to give anything but for nothing. They have the same example when they reached the land of the Cacique Caonabo, which tried to buy trinkets with this brave son of the original peoples who sold his life dearly with the freedom of our peoples.
I do not understand is that an experienced unionist this stating that welfare policies are those that lead to progress, we do not know if you are about to lose his mind or perhaps as we said in the title is a change occurring due to disease. Well we do not see that also this saying that a new mining policy in multinationals like Barrick and yanacocha using huge amounts of cyanide and mercury to get an ounce of gold which is checkered forty-nine tons of earth, which soil becomes barren u8nos those few centuries and that it takes several processes to make them useful and for which also need billions of dollars to recover the land contaminated, then where is the progress for our peoples, but it is a around the towns of Santiago de Chuco and Angasmarka in the land of Vallejo to see the falseness of their claims. To date none of the mining companies respected the ecology, as in the world and in their countries of origin is prohibited mining with cyanide and mercury, however they do in our territory. For now here already disappeared micro flora and fauna of our rivers, do not know why, because they are in collusion with multinationals and left us unprotected all the authorities on these issues, but rather have bought the silence of their leaders to be extras , Those are the things Mr. Armancanqui and needless to say in his defense of Mrs. Patricia Salas former president of the National Board of Education who begat the new general education law and the new public teaching career is insane delivery.
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012


Following publication of the rules of the law of prior consultation, by DS N ° 01-2012-MC, it is starkly reprehensible that despite validated and expanded the scope of Art. 149 of the Constitution of the State, regarding the peasant patrols, through Agreement No. 1-2009 Plenary of the Supreme Court of the Republic, who have been recognized judicial offices and consolidated through the bill coordination, now at a stroke status is unknown indigenous or native to the peasant patrols, particularly those that do not originate within peasant or native communities.
This position and attitude of government is not casual. They are indigenous, native and peasant patrols, which are so organized and permanent lifting of struggles and environmental protection, most notably in intrepid action against pollution generated by large scale mining. Thus we have as an example, persistent and heroic struggle the people of Tambogrande book-Piura against Manhattan, of the Andean peoples of Ayabaca and Huancabamba in Piura against Majaz project, now Rio Blanco, the town of Lambayeque Canaris against the project, peoples of the Andes liberteño Misquichilca against Barrick and South Lagoons project, the people against Antamina in Ancash, Cajamarca against Yanacocha and special anti Conga project, on the south, we the people of Arequipa and Cuzco against the Majes project Sihuas II, the people convenciano in Cuzco against contamination from the Camisea gas, the town of Puno against pollution of the Rio Ramis, and say the fighting in the now classic miners seats Toquepala, Cuajone, La Oroya Cerro de Pasco, etc. In short, Peru mining has been delivered to the highest bidder by the government lackeys and sellouts of Alan Garcia, Toledo, fujimontesinista mafia, and now by the government of Ollanta Humala, all the recipes using international monetary fund, which economic colonies supported by apparent democratoid regimes, whose traditional institutions (judiciary, legislative, executive and electoral) are only a crude brazzier that hides his horrible rotting body.
It is easy to deduce that if these popular organizations which have been raising their voices against organized capital and its system of exploitation and appeasement, now they intend to remove from the scene of the fight via regulation law. Well worth asking if the poblanos organized peasant patrols, particularly in the north are not descendants of native peoples and the north have the Tallan, the Moche, the Chimu, the caxamarcas, the Chachapoyas, or chucoway huamanchucos etc. that although, at present limited community thrives in such jurisdictions, it is because after the invasion, the settlers in more than five hundred years of subjugation have settled the foundations of our civilization tahuantinsuyana, particularly as regards the social and economic organization. This has not been an obstacle to conserve Tahuantinsuyo tutelary institutions: community spirit in the land use, ayni, minka, the pararaico, the servinacuy, the wuyana etc. spirit that has allowed today to organize in peasant patrols within a concept and design of rural community, above the limiting frameworks of the law itself gives them birth.
This system and particularly the regime that has the structure of civil-military dictatorship, as new tests of dominance in the time that the ailing and discredited democracy, and does not give effective results to counter popular protest. In other words, the maintenance of democratic regimes clothes (only because they arise from outdated electoral fraud) is only possible to satisfy the people into believing that it is still possible mediating these changes aim to electoral fraud, which the popular will is respected, when above all stands the will of the imperialist master: the monster of the north.
The repressive legal shield, which criminalizes public outcry, inherited from previous regimes continuistas as this, and has expanded this regime closes a circle of indiscriminate repression and authoritarian to the empire and its lackeys appeal to stop the momentum of the struggling masses spontaneously and in response to such ignominy and oppression, and that course is looking to build their bodies and cutting edge.
In that sense, the challenge of social organizations, in this historical moment, is to build leaders and leaders in the heat of the class struggle, they must be left behind economism, paternalism, the spontaneity and north of the struggle. As compared to the situation, not fit patches, but a surgical operation, and that means resume the path of true organized struggle, which drag the chariot of the intermediate sectors and backward forward in the struggle against bourgeois and imperialist aspirations domain of the masses through welfare policies, using the media parameterized in a monotone and reptile, and why not say, hiring scabs, traitors and traitors to perpetuate the system.
The people must shake off the cowardly and opportunistic in the direction of their organizations, it is not authoritarianism and personalism in this fight, those leaders of always renting his mind and his pen to the highest bidder to be unmasked. It is time to take the most precious of our historical past, our amautas see us with eyes of wisdom, the apus us the way and amidst chants with pututos and flutes, waving flags and chanting slogans to air, we call loudly to defend the Pachamama. Attacks on Mother Earth that part of the mining companies, with the permission of puppets and puppet governments must cease. This is possible if the front of our organizations to highlight real leaders with a clear mind and a strong unity in action with the masses.
The four vociferously demanded his unit.
With conviction, let us prepare for that moment. Chunga Alfredo Vinchales Counsel of the Central Regional Of Rural La Libertad-PERU Patarata, May 2012.

   Posted by Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012



Almost a majority of members of the DBA, are located in a new stage of national intelligence led by journalist Aldito Mariátegui, who argue that democracy is the absolute imposition on a line of thought, and that those who do not support their position are the opposite of what they call their democracy, and I say so is very particular conception, is not even the Athenian Greek concept, nor finally what he preaches one of the most important intellectuals of the international extreme right. They are so alienated and robotic in his epistemology that confuse all concepts of memory repeat everything spilled by American propaganda, which incidentally was made to justify their atrocities and genocide around the world. Precisely because it can not distinguish things or concepts and justify the unjustifiable, to give an example: This Mr. Otto will justify the firing of rockets into Palestinian kindergartens where children just die just learned to walk and otherwise denounce a immeasurable zeal that some young Palestinians blew themselves to stop the enslavement of their brethren by the occupation troops in its territory. Not see that terrorism is a technique of war, not a doctrine that has been pulled by the hair to adjetivarse liberation struggles of peoples. It's like taking away the justification for this fight and validate the repression, as this would destroy the target is achieved justifiable action.

Talk about rule of law, and I wonder Is there rule of law in the territory called Peru? First, overpowered the constitution of 1979, a former professedly cambiándosela built inside a de facto government in which members are complicit famous democratic Constituent Congress. Since the mechanisms of amendments and additions were covered by the very constitution of 79. Was there need to implement a hit her own according to the interests of the international oligarchy? I had not, what was need was to implement a low-intensity war in violation of all human rights to implement the plundering of natural resources of the country, as U.S. says geopolitical doctrines of world domination.

At any point in history, when the systems have been on the verge of succumbing have sought to justify its continuance, its validation as a phenomenon that should remain, despite already be obsolete to justify their stay in the wheel of history.

Despite rapid technological progress and the creation of needs in order to justify the profit and opulence as core values ​​of this society. The development of mankind has regressed and even religious values ​​is used to from there dominate the minds of the population in order to plunder the country, all accompanied by an air of progress and modernity, yet most people still die in poverty and hunger. Thus we have the fact that only about five hundred multinational companies dominated by a small group called the bilderberg club is dominating the world and concentrates wealth and world income. And it is a class dictatorship and wants to deny it since the wealth is concentrated in few hands and is not distributed in the rest. For more than you want to do philanthropy, this does not solve the serious problem of economic discrimination and rather has digressed to think that slavery is good for the development of mankind and the plunder and spoliation of man by man is the ultimate expression development ethics.

His explanation is so square the circle of the reality of Mr. Otto that attacks the poor teachers who are being enslaved by a paltry salary would call begging tip, this complicity with traitors always called Patria Roja. This man wants the teachers do not claim their misery, and then see the reality experienced by humanity. Is that he does not know that democracy is precisely to be dealt with ideologically, that thought is only dogmatism. Democracy is a struggle of ideas in the square in the center of the polis, the argument, if they did not commit the old Athenian Socrates who was convicted of corrupting the youth, and Why? Just to ask what is a shoe, and so on. The teachers are the new Socrates of this dictatorship Persian military Ollanta King and Queen Nadine Heredia.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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