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viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Conga not going in or the lead will entering in our lungs

Conga not going in or the lead will entering in our lungs

The transnational entrepreneurs believe that we are a banana republic, although they are right, since most of those who inhabit this territory we have forgotten that we were born here, died here and here our ancestors to our children. That here we are different people that should be visible and take charge of their history and tell those once-collar gentlemen with very white skin, which always have power and we have had enough patience to do and undo what is ours by inheritance and by reason, they have to understand that we are the majority and that this territory belongs to us and not the multinationals. If you do not see the example of the brutality that speaks the Master Sandro Mariátegui dishonoring the family name of his grandfather, a defender of the poor and indigenous peoples who believe that the plundering of our territories, we will develop, will reach work and wealth to our people. We have two different conceptions of development, while the West with the exultation of usury, as companies pursue only what is usury, theft of natural resources, enslavement of the workers, if we take the example of workers in Freedom agribusiness companies, who are given a quota of daily work, which have to labor to complete fifteen to eighteen hours of uninterrupted work, but only for the minimum living wage. We believe it is the same as in the feudal stage, in which the work of the peasants was profited by the feudal lord is now called "entrepreneur" semi-feudalism continues. Not to say that in large service companies. Here we must relate what happens in the big mall sales or spaces very spacious and extremely large, where workers have to make sales for a given amount to just have a minimum wage and not to be told what they do not pay any extra type of commission for what is done, which is a serious violation leagues his right to a dignified life and a fair payment for their efforts.
As we see, the analysis is still valid to make the great Amauta of our society, a semi feudal and semi colonial, our bourgeoisie as mentioned in previous articles, it has always been late to the story and what is more comfortable, is made of caboose of large multinationals, for not even protect the employees of our territory where still working to have the most under the pretext of doing development, which is the most convincing lie, all you need are generated that have nothing to do with the life of our brother workers, all I have to do it with the profits of multinationals settled down in our territory. Here also responsible for the organizations that say the left, but during all this time been paid to the class organizations, especially trade unions have been pulverized in this phase of uncertainty. In what is necessary to have a tool to guide the poor class to achieve their interests, we do not have and so that the wanderer fights are conducted in resounding failures can become. Some will say that the progressive forces in Cajamarca have joined, if it is true that there is unity in the struggle for the different shops, some we have seen in the struggle, we have reservations to other not only by focusing revisionism and opportunism political over the years, as being responsible for the dismantling of the accused teacher, for example, all for wanting to continue to maintain a source of income the teacher pours, which makes live very comfortably in their leaders with a range of merchandise is given each other. But we know that people warn of the slips that can commit these revisionists who are seasoned experts in traffic in the interests of the people. But in fact the people should know that Conga is not going, because the fate of the children of our children is at stake, which subsequently lead and just eat the same material to fill your lungs as we now have children of Huancayo and Oroya.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Tupac Isaac II

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