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viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010

Equal treatment for all prisoners.

Equal treatment for all prisoners.

Many years ago. A political prisoner, recluse in one of Peru's concentration camps, witch name can be: Castro Castro, Chayapalca or Yanamayo, / isn't is important the name because all peruvian jails are the same /... He had suffered a stroke or heart attack. The other political prisoners made the efforts to call the Emergency but can not make anything, He dying within hours of the mishap occurred. The principal man of this jail, neither wanted, to warn his family to give their died familiar a Christian burial. The died political prisoner was on the jail's clink / of political prisoners / for three days after He die; and just after there a delegate from the International Red Cross through is able to notify about the mishap occurred to His family . When the gendarmerie knew about this information, they bother and calls the doctors and the nurses, but the man had been dead several days. I didn't understand: what all the fuss ? if our brother had already died.

That's only a few part from the lawlessness in Peruvian prisons, many political prisoners have died from lack of medical care, the list is so long. There was the real scientific experiments to infect everyone prisoners with different diseases. It is the case of a political prisoner who was infected with HIV. Well as you can understand that someone who is imprisoned for more than ten years from, and He never had sex in all that time. Besides a political prisoner has are sacred life, because of their political position and vision, He hasn't a promiscuous life; like has it, all of the criminal mеn in the jail.

In another case, a political prisoner in a jail in the north, his parents died in a traffic accident, leaving the orphan. Permission was requested for the prisoner to attend the funeral of their loved ones. But the authorities refused to grant permission for this prisoner to attend the funeral of his parents.

I wonder: there is equal treatment for all prisoners?

There are political prisoners who have fought for what they believe right. But there are too: a common prisoners, who have robed from the country everything as they could. They are a persons which have emptied all the fiscal money and have also committed crimes against humanity but they are not treated with the same yardstick for everyone. Although some would say that there is equality, and that's not true. For example: while a prisoner of genocide that were made a looting of the state coffers and now He is educating their children in the best universities in the world and He is living like a king in the north country. Others fought for their ideas, whether they were right or wrong, history will say later, for now there is much passion and that's bad because anyone cann't make a critical look and to examine the historical processes without error. Not as a legislator from the city Trujillo who mention that history is malleable or elastic. She certainly is trying creat a new critical paradigm of history, poor She ! She is so confused trying to justify the route of her unfortunate leader and founder of her party.

But let's go again to the problem is that equal treatment should be given to all prisoners, isn't is important if they have been presidents of the republic or a simple barracks cooks, there can not be any kind of different privileges. Although we can mention fro example: a pardon to Crousillat from the State government of APRA , who became so sick and was given Him a humanitarian pardon, but later He appeared in a party time - very alive and kicking.
Is this a equal treatment for all prisoners ? I am asking for !"

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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