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miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010


He had begun to walk uphill cute. Seeing the small houses built of adobe and thatched with straw that was outlined in the highlands in the summer season, when the sun touched our faces and feel the cold wind of them at dawn. It is pleasant to breathe this air hits my temples, the smell of the eucalyptus trees that lined up all the way, seemed to greet me: "follow brother for the way that will draw large Apus, and Amautas since you were right in all your children. " He was still struggling with my feet so steep crossing, found that colla Huaca, the brother who informed me he was working as miners in the area where our beloved Apu Shulcahuanca and that he was a prisoner of the damned from the North mistis the land.

He was always repeating that phrase my brother and his curses mentioned Hildosullu, paulinoasyaq, being employed in mining, they are traitors to their marka. So always ask me: great Mayu Willakuy apu, ruling those traitors to the great wind carried them away. I just smiled, but his intentions I worried about the betrayal of those brothers and all those who demanded his death. But my heart harbored a kind of melancholy, as in other times accompanied my walk on all plateaus and valleys. Because the smell of money had changed his heart, did not understand that the smell of tickets that belonged to our very Pacha Mama, because of her womb mistis blue eyes pierced her belly, there were not my people, but received only a pittance, then the whole being transferred to their nations, but we also had the guilt of being submissive to the Creoles who ruled our nation and especially to a liar and hypocrite that he was still not accepted mofrau and failing that, to the public.
I took leave of the poor Huaca Colla, but before I appreciated their hands jora chichita as food for my path, with all the respect he would give and not to feel less, I received and I started to talk, apart for receive news of the brothers in the whole region. Finishing the last sip returned the mate of my brother and I said goodbye to us, hugging and greeting of my way to reach the summit where the roads divide, one of them leads me to solitude. There the brothers had beaten the misti, blood and fire when they wanted to impose the religion they brought from Spain. This took him around, and they took no notice, made them believe that the Virgin of Solitude was similar in a large rock, where they worshiped his mother HIRC or Moon Goddess Quilla. They told them that they told the Iberian mistis the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in many villages in Spain and Portugal, making them well so that they no longer annoyed with the imposition of their religion.
I followed Retambo over an Indian cemetery, the brothers tell me that at Easter the whole mountain burns like fire and thrown it smells strongly of sulfur, but then the next morning everything is normal and is not evidence there had been any fire. Stop by the place but it felt more calm and great force. Could that ever be a place where offerings to our Apus handed because not understand how the place felt very strongly and followed the road with more haste as if I had ever driven with an inner strength that was beyond my own will.
Reach huacamarcanga, so everything was practically on top and I could make the hill and icchal the pharmacy where he was the oracle of Catequil, who predict that Atahualpa would die in the hands of the bearded mistis. I sat down and I could make all the mirrors of water and over the birds flying all the sounds that gave me the welcome. After walking was first spotted the big hole that Barrick was doing. The hole was huge and out a lot of dust that resembled a gigantic cloud that clouded my vision to see the black in Huaylillas zero through which the road of the Inca. Getting closer to go what prevailed was the smell of sulfur. Arriving in the lagoon of the bull, as you know, I could see the Apu shulcahuanca. I was in the midst of all the holes in the mine. I guess that extinguished the history of nations on that side. Is that none of the brothers claimed by his patron, who wanted to lift all been purchased by misti gringo with his blue eyes entranced him and turned into traitors to their nation. Many also spoke to all the wells would be immense markas to kill our Pacha Mama, you could not do anything because the Creoles who ruled from the protected file and if you got up to complain they could put you in jail and was just wham throughout the maze.
So I realized that others had arrived gringos misti blue-eyed acogiéramos we preach their religion, to save us they said. But we were not saved, it would take away our land, that is our life, our Yacumama were polluting liquids and taking the birds were dying, we did not have fish in our lakes and our rivers are growing the grass was yellow.

It was sad watching our nations are destroying my heavy heart and no longer wanted to look, and was sad because the flames would not run through the meadows and alpacas and military marching in single file and erect as if they were proud to live in puna with the outdoors and tender. The nations that knew were disappearing and nobody noticed.
Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui.

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