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miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010



Some, like the teacher Cesar Hildebrandt believe that what was said by late Sunday in the prerecorded program by Jaime Bayly in Frecuencia Latina, was a political miscalculation by the enfant terrible of Peruvian television. As in my previous article I referred to where the arrow points to what the child is doing terrible, that leaving aside whether it will be, whether or not a candidate for the presidency of the republic. That is incidental. The important thing is to see and distinguish as freedom of expression used by the media, where many of the journalists hired his pen and lips to power shift that is mediated by the owners of these same means. And that's exactly what Cesar Hildebrandt experienced the same when your program in the same channel was vetoed by the line imposed and the government uncomfortable. Perhaps James was less diplomatic in making it known, but he demonstrated before the same audience that's really the media. They are all complicit in corruption, dictatorships masked media with alleged democracies in every government in power.
No media makes news that happens in many communities that protest and are repressed by the police, claiming a right. For example, Sunday, February 21, all in concert began to speculate on an incident of patricide, some programs around your schedule even began to disseminate the same theme. Only tangentially addressed in some of the problems facing Peruvian society. And tangentially, I say, it does not go to the heart of it and seek to justify, not that he is right if not contrary to everything that is wrong. And whatever you do to push for economic privileges obtained through the form of commercial advertising that gives the state. That is the truth more real and vivid that it takes this time. For real, did not much regard to their psychiatric demons, if not that blurs the national press as it is and like I say that is always at the service system and those in power in the system, which is colludes in order to preserve its economic and social status, but also covers the most atrocious crimes, are of equally corrosive to the judicial system.
The same is true in some provinces. Thus we have the dean of the North, which always seems like government press organ.

Well if it happens otherwise is closed, as happened with the media in the city of Bagua, very truthfully reporting what happened in Turn of the devil, thus earning the suspension of his license to broadcast. This is also done with small stations on smaller sites and places where these if independent media who report truthfully what had happened, challenge the system and the power of the chiefs of the region. For the same reason are demonized and persecuted by the judicial and police systems in the country. So where is the true expression of freedom of expression?
But the problem is not a problem Bayly Freudian, as the teacher wants to show Hildebrandt. Not that, if we believe that going down that road we are very wrong and I suppose that is the first time that the teacher is wrong in this sort of thing. Of course nobody is perfect in these matters to prove that reality, ours shows the appearances of Kafka. More than a reality written in metamorphosis, ours up superiority far beyond what might develop Franz Kafka's novel of metamorphosis, as we discover in this little passage which I transcribe:
"Well, she thought, what if you continue sleeping for a while and I forget all this madness?" But it was not possible because Gregory had a habit of sleeping on the right side, and its current state is not allowed to take such a stance. However much she tried, her back again. He tried in vain this operation many times, closed his eyes to avoid seeing this confused turmoil of legs, but did not end until he felt a pain in the side mild stabbing pain never felt before.
But only a small piece of the author but describes what is happening with Jaime Bayly to describe what happens to our country.

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