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jueves, 18 de febrero de 2010

MARIA MAGDALENA your tresses made from sun

MARIA MAGDALENA your tresses made from sun
Mary, petite with tiny waist and pronounced breasts. Your sallow complexion sunburnt our puna, her hands hardened by frost every morning in which hurried out to leave their flocks want to want, so I said to her sheep, llamas with which left very early to take cool water from the pools of water surrounding the house in the great prairie where from above the sky looked very blue and clean.

He ran with all your strength to overtake the dew that fell in the morning mist as sweet tender caress your cheeks. We only stopped to open your arms and that the haze will lull your body and caress you young and full of virtue. In your llamas and sheep that looked at you chewing on your teeth that freedom, they lowered their eyes to see the green grass growing where the condors with white scarf around his neck to look at the top looking peaks that look like white garb to worship your feet llama herder of elk that lodges in the village.
So do not understand why you sold your old pampas to the Yankees, said he gave a lot of money. They took all their things, which things, if only the pampas had and their sheep and llamas, but they also sold to the gringos tata those colored fur snow. You were very sad, for your llamas and sheep, many were pregnant and you would not see the flames for carneritos and lift them and take them into your lap. But it really bothers you with your Tata. Did not sleep much on those nights you did not know when the gringos and their pampas botarían them, and looked at the sad look of your llamas and sheep the day with what little they had left the coast, as you said Tata. They told the Americans that was to progress. Philemon, you have to be progressive, the spoils will progress, there will be hunger in your town, you have many channels and with the money you have you can buy a house in Trujillo and all your people will respect you, as you will home in the coast. Terrucos not be like those who do not want progress and oppose. Do not look to the Lord Mayor supports us and we also support. Your people will have many roads, many good schools, internet, cars and paraded them around Santiago.
In your old Trujillo was cheated by fellow Peruvian APRA, who told him they would sell land to build his house and he still would be to sell. But what they did is sell vacant lots, only sands and wastelands, who occupy the police evicted and have been imprisoned for usurping state land. They brought what little they have spent it on lawyers, was useless to tell the truth. For the judges who were also APRA and could not convict his fellow party members, so that your old man ended up with their bones to jail for the crime of others.
Without money, live with your mom where some peasants went to tata them shelter until they leave prison. They had no money to eat. So your compatriot, I mentioned that if non have anything to sell, as she also did, sell their land to Barrick, which alone was enough to buy the hut with their mats and bricks to keep out the cold and garua. Even as her friend the same mayor who was a fat man, who later learned that he received bribes from the mining, deception him to sell his land and now in the city of Trujillo with nothing, and knows no more than llamas and alpacas graze has had to resort to the oldest job in the world to sell their meat to the highest bidder in the Plaza Bolivar, where sometimes many of your countrymen to come and she's embarrassing. Just think if he had heeded the Professor to defend their land, but she was one of the first to betray his brother, who was the son of the Sun only seen in her eyes in deep sorrow and was deposited in I look every night its bad conscience. Just as it also follow your path.
Now that has passed and your body is in a bed-ridden. You could get your father out of prison, but your illness and you withdraw from life and you no longer to be with your llamas and Alpaquita.

It is the disease known as plague Rosa, you did not know how you got, but now it no longer matters, what you want it back time and go with the Apu Sapa, as I said your friend to accompany you to protect your land and pampas gringo invader. Your eyes will lose light, but you clearly see the smile of Sapa Apu, sister says you're here with the Apus and Tata Wilka who will protect you. See your hair with some snow-colored hair flying and that his body is transformed into the color starts to fly.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

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