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martes, 16 de febrero de 2010


No, if the Lord Renan Quispe is best placed to take the reins of the National Institute of Statistics of Peru, or on the contrary should creársele an institution that is dedicated to mass psychological manipulation, for which if I believe this very qualified. And this from that is dedicated to make up the numbers so that the government can argue that things in Peru are the most ideal and hold up in commercial advertising of all media, we are in the best of all worlds.

I wonder to know: if we are in the best of all worlds because there are many latent social conflicts?. The Ombudsman reports more than 260 social conflicts, of which 170 can be seen as active conflicts, 90 dormant conflicts, of which only five conflicts were resolved in a subdivision to see that we originally socio-environmental conflicts are in the range of 47% or 121 cases, keep 14% of such cases of local governments are in fact problems in 37 different local communities and ending with 11 percent of such labor dispute with 28 cases. In all cases the lack of dialogue is the main feature and that we understand the financial commitments with the multinationals that have different subjects of the government to tie their decisions. To ignore the decisions the government and the mining company made to appear false social mining license agreements, using false assemblies, this occurred with the Organization for the Development of Border Communities of El Cenepa ODECOFROC, which represents about 55 communities and Awajun Wampis precisely the area where the multinational mining claim for mining settle.
This we have been checking with his analysis of our economy specialist Manuel Timothy:
The other day INEI reported that the Peruvian population to June 2009 is 29 million (exactly 29'132, 013) in addition to listen to a doctor in Arequipa province in the Union hospital 18 children are born every day and if you join the provinces nationwide, namely population explosion is a serious and no government has reviewed this, that is the fundamental problem of the Peruvian economic crisis is the "population", as having scarce resources, poor governance and all this bad public policy that the company makes a profit by the bad economic minimum economic distribution in Peru.
And still looking at average wages that the economically active population of our country:
From an economic standpoint, the Peruvian earn a minimum wage of 550 soles ($ 190 U.S. Dollars) to distribute it between 3 to 5 children you have, will be difficult to give a good nutrition and education, which are the minimum requirements, and that this child as an adult has to work and having poor nutrition and poor education that will contribute something to society, that is why there is much social upheaval.
But the most interesting and what we have been spreading are unrealistic figures presented by Mr. Renan Quispe and which boast all Apristas, which I think they mock the poverty they suffer in the moment a majority of the population.

This summarizes what Timothy:
The government is totally wrong to say that poverty has declined and this says that the poverty index in 2008 is 36%, ie out of 100 people 36 are poor. This is information the INEI (National Institute of Statistics and Informatics) institution manipulated by the government in power as ever. In the Fujimori government (Felix Murillo-economist and former professor at my college) in Toledo government (Farid Matuk-Economist) and now in government of Alan García (Renan Quispe-Economist), ie professionals who only report some statistical data to make nice with the person's contract ie the incumbent government. In my opinion a head of INEI must be independent and a good professional. But worst of this is money the government uses propaganda to put people on radio, television and newspapers say they have reduced poverty and that this is something historic. Even if poverty reduction should save that money and use propaganda in social projects.

The government says that under poverty and there are child malnutrition, education level is very low in Peru, the lowest in Latin America. In Peru, every day there is more violence, more criminals on the streets, no terrorism, there is vandalism, is a society without direction. When you see the streets, this impoverished society, is so poor that children are dying PUNO by cold and there are now medical post in PUNO there is only little pills and children are dying each week with pneumonia and all that the government said that poverty was low.
From what I can say that the Lord is Renan Quispe Mass Psychologist, and is working on the population of our territory to be Depersonalize, well that Fujimori also made the thief that took our country by weight and is back with his daughter.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui.

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