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sábado, 13 de febrero de 2010



My grandfather criticizing you, my father, but once having you in front was quiet in all languages and only was fascinated to see his son the most beautiful of all and the heir to the tradition of our nations. I remember that Grandpa is joking with all his brothers and people of his city with the beauty of her son, and the beautiful singing voice, that in Santiago de Chuco knew him as the Nightingale of the Andes. When it was Yupanqui, the son of Mr. Gary was invited on the best houses in the city, only to hear her melodious voice, which many compared her better than other singers Jorge Negrete and Mexicans that were fashionable in those days.

The best and most beautiful Andean women wanted to marry Apu Raptin Sapa, but my grandfather told my father if you marry a Creole disown you, do not give you anything. But He not obeyed and had a daughter in a creole think my sister called Margot, only that his grandfather was a general of the national police who declined to my father for being of indigenous descent. So glad my grandfather when he learned that the union was unsuccessful. So you got two wives, the main one was my mother who had paternal ancestry and Mama Huaca Yahuar Huacac by Paterno and a Native nation Culli. This secondary wife met her and was very humble, but proud for having been the wife of a sacred bloodline of our nations. So far they guard the tomb of my father and are pending that he lacks nothing, she and her siblings.

My grandfather was glad when my father went to herd their animals and take out cows, horses or llamas for sale. His second wife scolded him and claimed him, but my grandfather replied: All I have is of my son. She turned to anger him back to say, but I have perhaps these are not your children. And the angry look she replied: Perhaps not, as perhaps if, but my son is my son is chosen, holy and you are not of my family is my family alone, as they spawn within my race , my people, my Mark, my panaka. And if he comes to take something, is that it is only him. She returned to her fiery cuisine from every pore.

Some mamaconas amautas and talked to me she had called evil sorcerers, and renegades of our race and nations to make him bad witchcraft to stop there. I never believed them, since my father died I thought, so she had heard from the mouth of one of his countrymen. But since that day my grandfather started taking long, his second wife called me on what I was doing for many years. From the day she learned her son died she began to take and nobody could stop him.

When I visited, I was now fourteen years old and I present on their land and said, Father, for you do that, if my father left, I'm here. He told me he had hurt my father had followed that horrible gringo (He was referring to Luis Felipe De la Puente) a Creole who had taken over his people and their land through their fathers, it was not possible to a Creole horrible this over a son of the noblest Panaka. He hated the guerrillas for having taken his most noble son, just as thought so. I first mentioned the many secrets of our people and nations, we used to talk for days and my grandmother sometimes annoyed because she no longer wanted anything from him. I just wanted to make his grandson, so I can not make your child as it suited traditions.

Finally I could convince to take no longer and decided to follow the path at the time was convinced to follow. The convent. For my grandmother believed that this was the way to rescue our people achieve their traditions and their power. I thought so too, but I saw that came to power more pernicious than the power of the natives that were subjugating our people for hundreds years and now my brothers had turned into zombies, not even remembered who they were. Many millions of them and believe whites, Creoles, but betrays his skin, as is the case of the mayor of Trujillo. An Indian net, net as they say, but his face and size gives him away as indigenous Cajamarca.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

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