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sábado, 2 de enero de 2010

INDICATOR REPORT BAGUA government ethics-ugly (I)

INDICATOR REPORT BAGUA government ethics-ugly (I)

We're used to, at least many of the indicators we teach that government has lack of scruples, who wants to look as despicable as the right thing. It is not just some like to pretend to believe Mrs. Olga Cribilleros Congressman for Freedom, are all and I'll give an example that is common knowledge throughout the Andean zone of Freedom: Your congressman younger companion meets Freedom APRA militants and authorities in the district of Quiruvilca, I mean the District Governor Cachicadan the Andean Coordinator of ANTA (National Association of Workers Education Apristas) don: Santos Garcia Quispe (called the Nobel Prize of St. James by the Miracle made it, being a perfect ass and then have passed a test with high marks, having earned before notes below zero) and Congressman Elijah Rodriguez from the ranks of APRA. Until then, there is no novelty, as each Congressman could meet with his supporters when they please, which they did not know that an employee of the house where they met would witness the infamy with which APRA has pursued throughout and this is just a sample, which consisted of handing the keys to teaching assessment test that was taken at national level. Until the day of the test nothing was known despite Mr. Santos Garcia Quispe together showed off his skills as a merchant and sold the same to his best, especially those who wanted to be complicit in his evil doing, some claim to be made fortune then offered it to the right and left around Trujillo days before it. The offense has been known throughout the Andean zone of Trujillo and Liberty, but no prosecutor has taken the case and made a blind eye. But the most shameful is that this guy had the nerve to appear in the capital of poetry, I refer to Santiago de Chuco, never mind the gossip. And Apristas of this place who know the subject of the place have not done anything for the values he has broken this individual. This is a sample that is Mrs. Olga Cribilleros others say the rest. Therefore we are not surprised that four of the members of the commission of Bagua are related and overlapping many of them members of APRA, as the blog of Marcus Smith is appointed: ◦ Pilar Mazzetti, the former minister of the patrol ◦ Susana Pinilla, a former minister and lifelong companion ◦ Manuel Bernales Alvarado, called representative of the regional governments but Conam former president of this regime and, as we reveal the magazine, former consultant of the Minera Majaz ◦ Walter Gutierrez Camacho, who was dean of the CAL in its directive Loayza Michael Guillen, the general secretary Indepa unlucky to be devoted to ship-from his public position as Chairman of the Electoral APRA in internal committees of his party, instead of monitoring the Amazon problem exploding. There have been so delicate lords of the government, so people have infiltrated your environment, with the sole purpose of exonerate, to do what they did with the Case of Fronton, where Mr. Garcia is also a great responsibility. This committee composed of their government proxies, without independence of mind have written the report in order to hold harmless those who truly were such as Mr. James Perez and Mercedes Cabanillas Interior Minister who shall proceed once enjuiciárseles government over this genocide, falsification and obstruction of justice. Since they led the slaughter with their misguided policies to quell some peoples and nations who only seek their existence as they have been doing for centuries. Well to name who should see the problem of what happened in Bagua. First, be persons of irreproachable conduct and to be fair, have not had any relationship with either group, in this case the nation called Peru and western nations and Wampis Awajun. For all are brothers believe that we belong to the same nation, there's going wrong where the vision of the commissioners. We hope to appoint an independent commission to light the real truth of what happened in the curve of the devil in poultry burned in Bagua. Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui. http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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