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domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2009



What may be a notice in local newspapers humorous, becomes desperate attitude of a government that makes water so salient to the evidence of corruption throughout the government system. The news of pistachios, with the presentation of the interior minister, then the situation telenovesca spies and intelligence agents, to gild what has recently happened or rather it has discovered the great fortune of a former mayor and former minister of the regime, precisely at the most visible of the world, such as an American airport. However much you try to defend themselves, as journalists say, is inconsistent defense. But we go to the Pisthacos, which is clearly a ploy to try to hide the relationship between the Government and all its members with illegal Alas Peruanas University. All the judiciary under him, and even the Constitutional Court which was infiltrated by corruption, that way yet and is palpable to weaknesses obviously all more clear as unconstitutional, only to encourage corruption. Well there have been taken as an example what has been done by Alan García, which I hope in a gilded exile in order to prescribe crimes and therefore should be prosecuted. What has made the Constitutional Court is to accelerate the process for Fujimori mafia getting ahead of the proven allegations of crimes committed during his rule and reign say, because he did not govern, the opposite was like a personal fiefdom our country. Therefore amnesia seems incongruous that the poorest population is trying to support a candidate like Keiko Fujimori who is heir Corruption late twentieth century and which she has benefited very ostentatiously, not only she his whole family, that is registered by investigative journalists who have published very thoroughly, as done in the republic and the daily blog marita's uterus, with the costs that the congressman has spent in his studies, he mimes that their brothers who have graced the national treasury benefited from the contribution of all Peruvians. So the government is using all tricks in an attempt to cover up the corruption and the judgments that are dismissed for criminal gang Fujimori, but also to cover themselves, although the Fujimori is to return the favors they received in 1992. with the flight of Alan García that should answer for crimes against humanity and outright theft of the treasury. We must also highlight the soap opera of espionage, with which they are a poor sub judging. alternate air force. The talk of treason. First you have to prove that he is betraying his country, where the existence of that crime. Then if they like they say, is to deliver secrets and values of our country, to say they both love, then that may be what is permitted to make a constitution created in the period from one stage of a dictatorial government and validate after having promised in the election campaign to abrogate. There was a promise to the national oligarchy to do so, as this has validated the atrocities against the population and ensuring the exorbitant profits that have this. So who betrays? One who delivers a worthless paper, because with American technology and advice there is nothing confidential in the Peruvian military sector, or who makes the delivery and gift of natural resources to foreign companies, who have all the goodies to plunder they say belongs to all Peruvians. If then it belongs to all Peruvians, that only benefit a cough and how non-Peruvians, if not foreigners, but with the consent of the few Peruvians who serve rulers. That used to hold all psychosocial and having gotten, as is the case of pisthacos, revival of armed organizations, particularly in order to hide the most obvious is that this widespread corruption in government and in the APRA. Therefore it is desirable that the leaders put their beards to soak and guide people through different paths that are not APRA Fujimori corruption. Tupac Isaac II Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui. http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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