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domingo, 3 de enero de 2010



The surprise comes from a word of a person who is the architect of many teachers of the Lima elite as the PUCP. His first mistake is to name the community of Peruvians. Is there a community of Peruvians? The question itself into question the core of a statement which is inconsistent. Peruvian culture birthplace, where the land area was developed tawantisuyu Peruvian culture, what was your system of government. Request the Luis Jaime Cisneros teacher's name and I support it. Because to date no meeting in the history of this territory to answer this question. What I see is that the Spanish domination in Viceroyalties organize their feud and that one of them called Peru. Oh then there comes the mess that now want to foist upon all people of many nations with tradition, culture, ancestral form of government that have succeeded and are now expressed in the forms of government that exists throughout the Andean region. What the teacher does not understand that among the Andean nations, the genocidal dictatorship Hispanic and native republic no continuity. Andean nations and the Creole have existed in the social cosmos living two parallel stories. That while one is in written form as if it were true that part of a community did, that does not exist, not living if not two separate entities. The problem of understanding means to get in the side that is not ours to feel as he feels the other or as it affects what we think is right, but that hurts the other. Coming into the side of another means having the same world view of things. Do not expose our flaws ideological Western philosophy is a unilateral appreciation of the world, which is our vision, but not viewing the other., For this quote philosopher Yves Guillemot has taken up the study from the question of meeting of two worlds : Western man has so far dominated the planet with his blasphemous ideas and manic and if it continues and will destroy it. Deep in his mind "mono-causal" and "monopolistic" there is no alternative, no way out. He is his own political axiom: there is no alternative!, Viva la Muerte! Therefore the Master says Cisneros and strengthened in this thought, as part of there to support their claims with what he concludes in his misunderstanding of what happened in Bagua and also in the internal war in Peru, although the so-called Peru, because only a space for less than 5 percent of people of this geography. And is that because the teacher must re Guillemot rationalize otherwise to understand the rest which is more than noventaycinco percent of the population of this territory, which neither could understand siquira Guzman hence the failure of his war: The control and command of my brain, was questioned for the feelings and emotions. In the course of an extended learning process took shape alignment of rational thought and the ability to feel, giving up simultaneously in part with pain, itching for a range of lovingly ingrained in me for education, research and you might call general tradition. All these fears arising during this process increasingly in warm feelings and internal harmony offering a view upside down: what was considered to be normal was uncovered by me as crazy. So I learned that all the prospects for changing the behavior of dominant man's life come from a "beyond civilization" and a "beyond thoughts and concepts of the dominant traditions. And why not psychology, science or other "traditional" dominant system have satisfactory answers to current challenges. It is therefore important alternative proposals for intercultural true peer, we can try with the Kuti-Yves psychology. However, this "beyond" or "outside" the destiny of modernity, to me means a natural area that really exists simultaneously in the same space and real, political, social and environmental. This "to not" while the "inside" each of us. The vitality comes from there. Vitality stems from the dynamic interconnectedness of contrasts. It has its roots in the concepts and dominant patriarchal violence because they are just provided to morbidity. Happily, and above all, there are non-violent alternatives. There is possibility of egalitarian, horizontal dialogue between a diversity of inspiration. There is sympathy. There is love: the interconnectedness of all creative joint system. Being not able, he can never kill parity, and risk of killing himself, and if he does, being kills everything. There is a treasure of recognition and defense of human extended family - the community - and its junction with the natural environment and cosmic. Understandably, as they do not acknowledge among which included the teacher Cisneros, this can not be seen. Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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