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martes, 5 de enero de 2010



The Andean concept of the existence of multiverse, and not just one universe, is being considered by the magazine Scientific American in January 2010 in the number 302 written by Alexander Jenkins and Gilad Perez. Well not if they are taking into account the written and reasoned by Javier Lajo and Guillemot, but is an indication that the brothers are on the right track in the rediscovery of science and its status in pre-Columbian times. Alexander and Gilad and assume the existence of several entities universal existence, with its own physics that has emerged from the primordial moment of the existence of each one, as unity or diversity? It's what we wondered. Then they will ask and put it as the main structure of these universes or multiverse as Javier Lajo defined it in his study of multiculturalism. M Alexander and Gilad also wonder simultaneity and harmony of life in these multiverse, if it was occurring in the same or same instance of time. The comparison that makes the movement of the dynamic structures of each line or living space, which is similar to Holliwood film is a bold assumption, firstly by our physics is based on pragmatic utilitarianism that has marked life Western humanity's scientific, but do not know if it's true physics as conceived in the University, because the Andean world has another idea and another dynamic that is incomprehensible to the Westerner as Yves Guillemot describes in his kuti-psychology new type. The existence of the multiverse and it was assumed since 1980 as supporting the new cosmology, in which our universe would just be a universe of pocket, so many that emerged from the Big Bang. Assuming the law of the dialectic of opposites, these universes (as we say and for better understanding) the physics would not allow the existence of matter, or there may also antimatter as antagonistic or contrary to what known as a material in the classical physics .. But what is the conceptual composition on our lives. Here the constants that apply classical theoretical physics we respond differently, and that such life forms exist in these universes, in similarity to the existence in our universe. Everything fit in discovering alternative sets of laws of physics that allow state or incline to the existence of life, such as if it had the existence of life on Saturn in this work in the chemical periodic table to iron, say an example for better understanding of common logic. This model took as weakless the universe's existence, for it explores the lighter quarks that make up the stellar mass, if possible they can make or exposure in organic chemistry. Well hopefully more affordable for accurate understanding of the universe Sincerely Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui.

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