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martes, 12 de enero de 2010

opportunism of antonio Ñique de la Puente


It's called opportunism to that which uses all the colorful activities to engage other but not engaging with the purpose of that if that person does not succeed right away aside as organizing them so no one was that the protagonist of such facts. But this has its origin in the current anti-Marxist who became Marxists but only to enter the struggle within Marxism foot inside to destroy it. The ideas of opportunists like all ideas, "do not fall from heaven but are reflected in social practice in the brain opportunist. Hence opportunism is a social product, and as such inevitable as long as class divisions in society. The mobile depths of opportunism is in their interest to participate and gain privileges at the expense of the goodwill generated by the workers. This interest has a definite stamp of class: it is a bourgeois interest. Thus, opportunism is defined social base: the small landowner, the petty bourgeoisie and small bourgeoisie, the bureaucracy, the intelligentsia and the workers labor aristocracy privileged or as we call the classics. That's where the Lord nique lowered their flags when hundreds of young people launched into an adventure that is then disappeared, leaving all engaged in an adventure that could not sustain, but that's not enough, the view in its directive board Law School file to defense counsel as a mass murderer Humberto Carranza Valdivieso and still the secretary of Human Rights, the most insulting is to see the swearing in that genocide was present at the ceremony of swearing in the box is more preferential that of ambassadors. Then we expect the Lord nique de la Puente, do the opposite of what his uncle, the great Luis Felipe De la Puente. And is that opportunism has undergone a metamorphosis-shape changes required by changes movement's goals. Sometimes the opportunism has appeared with the face "in the extreme" revolutionary, ignoring or bypassing the conditions of the real movement, ignoring the specific situation-awareness of the labor movement, bypassing stages in the development of society and aim to raise movement tasks, objectives and forms of struggle that does not correspond to the needs of society or the revolution. This form of opportunism, it is known as "far left" or "extreme leftism", which in the end, so too is to divert the working class from its historic mission, instilling in workers the scorn for their organization and lack of role of the masses in history to replace the illusion in the adventure of a "handful of heroes" desperate and dedicated people "liberate" the masses from oppression and exploitation. After that face "ultrarevolucionaria" left opportunism, in fact (independent of their subjective desire) deflects the labor movement of the proletarian revolution, of class struggle and proletarian dictatorship. The other side is kind of opportunism "rightist" movement opposed to progress, curator of bourgeois institutions, respectful of its legality, credulous as "democracy, squeegee the wheel of history back to the historic mission scary the proletariat. While both the opportunism of the "left" as the right identified in essence, opposing the historic mission of the proletariat and reduced to impotence, it was the right opportunism of the most used by the bourgeoisie to enter, disarm and divert the labor movement. We therefore believe that the role of Antonio nique From the bridge will be to be in such a vile opportunist as he always has done both in San Marcos as the Bar Association, its essence is that, for his appetite and his staff ego, but will never go beyond, because it defends the system, just having this the Xenocide and Thief Mantilla in his swearing says it all and to be responsible for human rights to advocate genocide, and paints it entire body. Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui. http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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