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miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010



This is a comment and review the letter from Sarah Simpson who returns to the charge to confirm the origin of the continents as part of a process which had much to see the downfall of asteroids in the juvenile stage of the earth. Sarah begins to base on four scenarios in the violent formation of the continents. Here it is stated that there were so many collisions, which are not yet recognized by geologists Arque. She also founded that not all rocks that fell on earth could have contained elements of destruction, some of them would have had elements of life. As grew, as change is the scientific debate on them now and the heretical idea that somehow the asteroids have had much to do in the formation of the continents as the central idea that exposes Sarah. But that happened 3.5 million years ago in the archaic era when life was beginning to flourish, especially in small glimpses of Oceana. Taking that formed the modern era of the continents and the consistency of the crust. Among the scientists who travel the study of ancient rocks that Professor Andrew Y. Glikson of the National University of Canberra in Australia who is convinced of the hypothesis, taking as evidence the traces found in ancient ice in southern Africa and western Australia, for which he had to use the simulation of impacts through a computer program, which has been able to corroborate the views obtained from space probes in all the forms taken by the earth and its continents. The earth's crust has taken about 200 million years to form and can not sink into the magma plasma found in the earth. This crust composed mainly of iron and a lesser amount of granite rocks that have appeared about four million years. The training has not been uniform or consistent manner, including a period of rest and there among them a part of the cortex arose due to high temperatures in the crust sailing then also cooled. And, therefore dragging the ancient crust that had formed in the early stages. Do not forget the volcanoes in the midst of this situation of magma movement that sought to destroy the nascent bark, spitting on the air less dense minerals, acid rains which also had its contribution to this process. Here in this process can include the step of formation of granite that comes from the fusion of materials in a biased and separation process conducted 140 million years ago compared to the zircon crystals, another component of granite formation begins ago approximately 4.4 million years. These traces of granite that were foreshadowed in Scientific American, October 2005 in which the writer John W. Valley in his article "The early heat of the earth", explains this early evidence of the formation of granite as evidence the formation of the crust. At first it was little to excel in most continents, but little by little they were merging and gaining in thickness at the same time the magma covered by the existing process and ensured that more of the same thickness. The continent has its primary indicators in geological similarities exist in different parts as southern Africa and the Western Australian area specified in the cratons From Pilbara craton and the Kaapvaal Craton South African Landscapes Barberton studies conducted by geologist Bruce M. Simonson of Oberlin College who says bluntly that: I am a firm believer that Barberton and Pilbara are a continent that is divided in two. " Where to find the evidence to indicate the conditions under which the earth's crust was formed? Apart from the ice in eastern South Africa and Western Australia, we have to volcanic activity occurring in the tectonic plates which results in green belts of rocks that often form at the bottom plate that sub. duction is being introduced into the location of the magma. In America the evidence is located in the Sierra Nevada in the United States in the Pacific Ocean have the latest evidence the islands plate. Hopefully more studies. Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui. http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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